Congress Makes Health Insurers’ Christmas Merry

December 18, 2009

By Yul

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) tried to introduce a bill for single-payer healthcare to Congress, only 700 pages, compared to that 2,000-page monstrosity Harry Reid loves.

Why so short? Because Sanders omitted 1,300 pages of loopholes to protect drugmakers, insurers, and every other leech feeding off the healthcare system.

Republicans killed Sanders’ bill by calling for all 700 pages to be read before debate began. Nobody could sit through it, not even Sanders. In his withdrawal speech, he ripped everybody a new one.

And whiny Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) became the tail that wagged the dog to protect his insurance cronies, single-handedly killing the chances of Medicare or an affordable public option for people 55-64.

Merry Christmas, Hartford insurers! Keep those bribes coming!

And some joker named Ben Nelson from Nebraska is trying to make it all about abortion to keep women barefoot and pregnant.

At every turn, Reid and Obama just cave and say, “OK, we’ll just cross out whatever you don’t like.”

So far, nobody’s screamed to cut perks for the industries that created this mess. In fact, drugmakers just got the ban on foreign imports continued so the sky’s the limit on drug prices.

Merry Christmas, Eli Lilly!

Have you noticed how quiet the insurance lobby has been lately? That’s the sound of gloating. Insurers will find 30+ million new customers to bilk under their Christmas tree. And as fast as Congress can backpedal to prohibit insurers’ heinous discriminatory practices that will kill and financially ruin more Americans than ever, insurers will stay one step ahead with new ones. They always do.

The only way to fix people’s insurance problems is to eliminate insurers. Until Obama and Congress admit it, there’s no fix for healthcare.


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