We Need to Take Notes from Brexit

July 5, 2016

By Karen

Uninformed, nonthinking British voters’ bigotry was stoked by sleazy politicians. Next thing you know, they’ve tanked their economy, shredded their standing as a trusted, responsible ally, and sent worldwide stock markets into a tailspin.

That’s what happens when a country tries to make itself “great again” by being more unpredictable.

If Great Britain’s catastrophic Brexit from the European Union did nothing else, let it teach us some lessons before November so we don’t follow it down the crapper. We should learn…

A fact-challenged buffoon with a bad haircut isn’t your best source of information.

BorisJohnsonFormer London Mayor Boris Johnson (who could play “Dumb” to Trump’s “Dumber”) was a Brexit cheerleader, appealing to racism and selfishness. His personal agenda was apparently to oust current Prime Minister David Cameron (which he did) so he could have the job himself.

Google your homework BEFORE you vote.

When Brits woke up after their Brexit celebration, their money was worth less and their stock market in free-fall, with recession predicted to follow. THAT’S what made them Google, “What does it mean to leave the EU?” and “What is the EU?”

The answers made them start a petition for a do-over.

When the situation unravels, don’t expect the buffoon to clean up his mess.

Once Great Britain’s economy and trade deals were reduced to rubble and other EU members want to kick the UK out on its arrogant arse pronto, Boris Johnson decided he didn’t want the PM job after all. So, buh-bye to any promises he made to halt immigration, save jobs, and replace all that ails England with “something terrific.”

Our own carrot-faced loudmouth is on track to tank our economy and revive massive unemployment when the many nations he’s already alienated tell him to stick his “art of the deal” on trade renegotiations straight up his ass. And perhaps, just for fun, he’ll drag our southern border states into a pointless war with Mexico over paying for a stupid wall.

And what will he do? He’ll blame Congress for everything and quit, if he’s not impeached first. And so will the hapless schmuck who ends up being his VP.

Don’t expect your so-called friends to stick around, either.

Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain in the EU, but England and Wales dragged them out, so they may secede from the UK. Against France, Germany, and 25 other EU countries, a diminished UK will have all the clout of Rhode Island as a voice in Europe’s destiny.

Never underestimate the power of ignorance.

Trump is cultivating an unthinking, fully-armed militia to do his bidding with violence. We’ve already seen it at his rallies. For example, if he decrees that Hispanics or Muslims belong in internment camps so they can be watched (like Roosevelt did to Japanese Americans during WWII), he’d just have to say the word. His supporters would gleefully put on their bedsheets, grab the ammunition, and kill more than they capture in the name of patriotism.

Britain has cut its own throat and may never recover. If we don’t stop Trump, the AmerExit he’s planning could easily turn into a bloodbath.

Brits Think We’re Being Too Tough on BP

June 11, 2010

By Yul

England’s Prime Minister David Cameron has come to BP’s defense, now that Obama finally took a couple of swings by telling Matt Lauer on The Today Show he’s finding out how “whose ass to kick” and that he wouldn’t have BP’s tactless CEO, Tony Hayward, working for him.

It’s easy to cry for BP from across the pond, so let’s help England cultivate a little empathy. How about we dump a few million gallons of BP’s oil into your Channel so it can coat everything with gooey slime and kill off tourism and every plant and living creature it touches — with slow suffocation?

Let’s fry some of your delicious fish and chips in crude. And how about a nice hot cup of “Texas Tea” with those scones?

Think you’ll still be feeling all warm and fuzzy toward BP after that?

This mess has nothing to do with BP’s home base or the execs’ accents, but everything to do with incompetence.

BP deliberately duped the American government (shame on us!) with 582 pages of a bogus Gulf contingency plan that included disconnected phone numbers, dead scientists, inactive Web sites, and concern for animals that don’t even live in the Gulf, like walruses and otters.

Thanks to the gross stupidity of everyone who was supposed to know what they were doing, it’s going to take the foot of God to stomp out that gusher because BP sure doesn’t seem up to the job.

And if I see Tony Hayward’s mug on TV one more time, claiming that BP has launched the “most massive cleanup in history,” he’s going to get a hairball right in the kisser.

Of COURSE you have! You’ve created the one of biggest MESSES in history!

Investors worry that BP will be forced into bankruptcy. I’m OK with that, after every last penny is squeezed out to make amends. Dissolution of the company would be a fitting punishment and keep it from committing another disaster.

Unfortunately, BP nor anybody anyone else has enough money to undo this mess, and the Gulf Coast may never fully recover.


The next time talking heads start throwing around barrels and gallons interchangeably so you can’t get a good handle on how much oil is out there, a barrel = 42 gallons. Now you can do the math.

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