Chapter 139: COVID Chronicles

December 14, 2020

By Karen

Day 275

South Dakota Can Suck It & So Can Salt Lake City

South Dakota has been running absurd tourism promos featuring Mount Rushmore (surprisingly, WITHOUT Trump’s face superimposed on it), with carefree vacationers exploring the state’s vast wilderness with nary a mask in sight. The taglines are: When you’re ready to travel. Great places are waiting. Explore them responsibly.

First of all, with 41% testing positive and roughly 11% of the state’s population infected with COVID (as of today), it’s a stretch to call South Dakota a “great place.” Unless your perfect vacation involves sickness and death.

And with Governor Kristi Noem one of Trump’s biggest fangirls who mocks Biden’s efforts to control the spread and does NOTHING to protect her constituents, you have to laugh off their advice to “explore responsibly.”

Here’s the South Dakota Coronavirus Map and Case Count from The New York Times.

While I’m in that part of the country, Bravo recently expanded the Real Housewives franchise into Salt Lake City, so I had to check it out…

It confirmed my suspicion that the concept is decaying. Aspiring housewives have been watching the show and get cast thinking they have certain expectations to fulfill. Apparently influenced by the Mormon belief that perfection is attainable, this Salt Lake City bunch succeeded in jumping the shark right out of the gate. (Mixed metaphor?)

First, there’s the inescapable Mormon thing. Some of them embrace it, some reject it, some feel conflicted. If you like your housewives ruminating on a cultish religion that’s heavy on secret rites and has a sketchy backstory, this is your franchise.

For example, Mary is married to her step-grandfather. Yes, you read that right. Jen converted to Islam, and she blows great gobs of money, spitefully, just because she can, so ostentatiously, she makes the New Jersey housewives’ Italian gaudiness seem the epitome of understated elegance.

At the other end of the spectrum, two of the SLC housewives (Lisa and Meredith) are virtually personality-free and indistinguishable from each other.

These women behave badly at parties, wear dresses without underwear, swear like longshoremen, and get crazy-drunk (I think I may be remembering only Jen scenes here — she reminds me of early Danielle Staub, but less classy). It’s as if they’re on a mission to disgrace and offend every Mormon in Utah.

From the first episode, most of them already hated each other and jumped straight from introductions to catfights.

I tried to give any of them a fair chance grow on me by watching three episodes, but it never got better and I dropped it. It won’t surprise me if there’s so much righteous indignation in Salt Lake City that this dog of a show gets put down after one season.

So, I bid a not-so-fond farewell to Utah, another place you’ll never catch me visiting. I’ll just stick with my battle-tested, well-seasoned housewives from New York and New Jersey, thank you.

Now that I’m back on the East Coast, I’ve been binging Maine Cabin Masters.

Who knew the Maine woods are oozing “camps,” as their owners call them, usually beside gorgeous lakes? The Cabin Masters are Chase (foreman/architect, center), his sister Ashley (interior/exterior designer), her husband Ryan (muscle/brain, 2nd from right) and the crew.

I love them because they remind me of the relatives I had growing up in Massachusetts. If living in Ohio hadn’t taught me to pronounce “R’s,” I’d probably talk like them to this day. (I’ve been resisting a Southern drawl for 47 years now and counting.)

Anyway, the gang renovates these extremely rickety, nasty camps into lovely, functioning homes, some with even two bathrooms. The décor is heavy on paneled walls and ceilings to retain that camp feel, but always cozy and charming.

In my evenings, rather than upset myself watching MSNBC blather nonsense about Trump’s increasingly nonexistent future in politics, I’d rather watch brawny, laid-back construction workers in blue jeans and flannel shirts build beautiful escapes in the Maine woods. Wouldn’t you?

Chapter 138: COVID Chronicles

December 10, 2020

By Karen

Day 271

Quick Update — Things Are Looking Up

If you’ll remember, I was feeling low on Monday, and it got even better worse. After I finished that post, I went out to get the mail and found a summons for jury duty for January 22.

The website offered a deferral option for COVID, wording it in a way that made it virtually impossible to refuse, which then precluded me from applying for full disqualification, which I deserve because I’m self-employed and my business would cease to operate if I’m stuck on a jury.

After a phone call to the court clerk, I got the COVID deferral waived so I could apply for full disqualification, which, thankfully, was accepted. So, no jury duty next year. Yippee!!

On Tuesday, I ventured to Target and got my second dose of the pneumonia vaccine. Then I traipsed over to Aldi for much needed groceries, so I’m eating fresh spinach again.

I also did a little online Christmas shopping and got some fabulous deals, which I can’t give spoilers about.

On Wednesday, the Saturn passed inspection with flying colors and Roc got his FDRC shot at the vet, who also discovered a dab of dirt and yeast in his ears, which he’s given not the slightest hint about. The diagnosis and drops added an unexpected $54 to the tab, natch.

The vet’s protocol is still to wait in the car while your pet is seen. I must say, Roc was totally chill both before and after, even after having his ears probed and getting a mani-pedi. I passed the time by starting Obama’s new book, A Promised Land, on my phone. I’m still in the early years, but I’m really enjoying it.

I noticed I was the only pet owner in the parking lot who wore a mask when the vet techs (masked) came out to see us. I don’t know if the other owners (dog people, all but one) thought outdoors was safe or if they’re Trumpers.

Speaking of Trump, it occurred to me that since Trump is feeling so victimized and spiteful, it’s a prime moment to unveil his fabulous new health care plan he’s been promising so he can rub all our noses in what we’ll never have.

Oh, right. It never existed. Nor will a Supreme Court that agrees to throw out every state’s votes for Biden so Trump can claim victory in all 50 and declare himself dictator for life. If he keeps babbling about how he “won” after the Electoral College votes on the 14th, I hope they get out the straitjacket because it’s long past time.

My latest TV obsession…

I stumbled on this British show that just started on HGTV called Escape to the Chateau

It’s about an English couple who buy, for roughly $372,000 in today’s money, a beautiful, yet crumbling, 19th century 40-room chateau on 12 acres in France to renovate. Angel and Dick are an eccentric pair, with two young children. The show started in 2018, but episode 1 aired here just last week. I’m loving it!

BONUS: Fifty Ways to Leave the White House by Don Caron…

Chapter 137: COVID Chronicles

December 7, 2020

By Karen

Day 268

All I Want for Christmas — To Skip Christmas

I didn’t think the prediction was right, but we did wake up today to a light dusting of snow…

It stuck in the backyard but not in the front. (That black blob in the chair is Roc in his new favorite spot since the tree went up.)

On the good news beat, did you hear that Rudy Giuliani has the ‘rona? He apparently checked himself into a D.C.-area hospital yesterday. I assume he expects to get whatever drug cocktail they gave Trump that allegedly cured him in a few days.

Rudy’s been sweating and looking sick for weeks. God knows how long he’s had it and been powering through, infecting everyone in his wake. That Trump’s finally admitting it and Rudy’s hospitalized would seem his condition is more than “mild.”

If I made this next statement in a tweet, it would get me suspended from Twitter, but from the comfort of my own blog I can wish Rudy all the misery and pain every COVID victim has suffered, as well as the worst possible outcome. The sooner his machinations to keep Trump in the White House end, the better. If it takes a ventilator down his throat or a refrigerated morgue truck to silence him, fine. The world has had enough of him.

Meanwhile, the best part of my days is when I’m asleep. Even when I’m in bed for 10 hours, I wake up exhausted, and I don’t think it’s from Tony kneading me like bread dough half the night.

I’m procrastinating on going to the grocery store again, but as long as my Oreos and ramen noodles last, I’m good. And there’s always Chinese takeout.

The car needs inspection and the oil was last changed in June 2019 (although I’ve driven less than 3,000 miles since then), and Roc needs a shot, so I scheduled both appointments for Wednesday.

After sacrificing spring, summer and fall, the still-rising COVID cases and deaths make it all seem for nothing. If I could get away with it, what would do me a world of good would be to take a baseball bat to any rando maskless Trump cultist who crosses my path. THEY are the ones dragging this out. When they get sick, every hospital should have a green light to kick their asses to the curb and let them die in the gutter. They’ve earned it.

Yesterday my sister sent the family an email full of Christmas gift ideas and my eyeballs almost exploded. The LAST thing I can bring myself to think about is presents. I don’t even feeling like shopping online. Even writing this blog feels like too much, especially when most posts seem to go into the internet’s vast black hole of silence. I have to assume everyone else feels as listless and unmotivated to engage as I do.

Bottom line: I’m not having a good day. I’ve actually wondered if it could be COVID, not that I have a clue where I could get tested to find out. On the other hand, I haven’t left the freaking house in 12 fucking days!

I’m fine with having the tree and the decorations around here for a little sparkle, but could somebody please, PLEASE take ALL the other meaningless bullshit we’ve buried Christmas under and STUFF IT, just for this year? PLEASE???!!!

Time for the Orange Clown to Get Lost

November 12, 2020

By Karen

Trump needs to leave Washington — now. He’s doing nothing but sulking, watching TV, rage-tweeting, and apparently binging on junk food. He could do all of that at Mar-a-Lago without risking the White House staff’s health.

God takes a whiz on Trump on Veterans Day (Photo: Bloomberg, Chris Keponis)

Among the latest beneficiaries of Trump’s refusal to acknowledge COVID are his chief of staff Mark Meadows; HUD Secretary Ben Carson, a DOCTOR who should have known better; and Trump’s floater, Cory Lewandowski. (I wonder if Cory’s sleeping with Hope Hicks again. She was infected at the same time Trump allegedly was.)

They all attended the unprotected ‘do held at the White House on Election Night. Another guy there named Bossie also caught it, but at this point, I’m ignoring any new people in Trump’s orbit because they’ll be history in a few weeks.

The White House staff has been told if they’re caught looking for another job, they’ll be fired. After four years of putting up with Trump’s tantrums and keeping mum about it, they now realize he not only doesn’t care if he gives them COVID and kills them, but he doesn’t care if they ever earn a living again.

That’s gratitude, Trump-style.

One bright spot is that the border wall will be swept out with the rest of Trump’s harebrained ideas. While he did repair or reenforce several hundred miles of existing fencing and walls, Trump only lengthened the thing by about 12 miles — and Mexico didn’t pay a penny for it.

Instead of twiddling while Trump pretends he’s the king of the world and entitled to destroy it, I’d like to see Congress support President-Elect Biden more. For starters, instead of writing her a mean letter, they could drag in that Trump-appointed cultist Emily Murphy from the GSA by her pearls to testify about why she’s ignoring Biden’s election and refusing to fund his transition.

Emily Murphy (Photo:

Republicans in Congress, led by Moscow Mitch McConnell, are so far humoring Trump, letting him do whatever because they think they need his supporters. If that’s true, they need to take a hard look at themselves.

Any political party whose survival depends the loyalty of poorly educated racists who believe everything they see on Fox is a party already more decomposed than Mitch’s blackened hands.

Instead of letting Trump fill his last days with futile, wasteful lawsuits, give him one last ride on Air Force One to Florida where he can fritter away the remainder of his term as he’s always done — playing golf. He’s never been productive, so no need to drag this out.

Pence can play placeholder for five minutes while Biden and Harris start pulling things together so we can get past this nightmare. Enough’s enough. Let’s move on.

2020 Election: Happy and Ashamed

November 5, 2020

By Karen

Let’s establish this: This election is a protracted clusterfuck with no clear winner only because of Trump’s incompetence and interference.

Trump’s signature double hand-job gesture. He thinks it makes him look cool.

If Trump hadn’t welcomed untold illness and death from COVID, we wouldn’t have millions of mail-in ballots to count. And probably hundreds of thousands still lying around post offices that might have changed many down-ballot elections if they’d been delivered and counted.

I’ll start with the good news (any figures I cite are accurate as of this minute)…

My Congresswoman, Democrat Abigail Spanberger, narrowly beat by just over 1 point a Trump-wannabe punk named Nick Freitas. Also, Biden won my county by a hair, even though it’s always been red and went with Trump in 2016.

That makes me feel better about the people who live around me.

Statewide in Virginia, incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Warner beat his Republican challenger by about 11 points. Virginia itself went for Biden by about 9 points and gave him 13 electoral votes.

Now, the bigger picture…

With counting still in progress, Trump is already throwing around baseless and premature lawsuits like an ape flinging feces. Biden is within whiskers of the 270 damn Electoral College votes needed to win. He’s already ahead of Trump (at 68M) by nearly 4 MILLION votes (72M). Biden also set the all-time record of votes for ANY presidential election.

In 2016, Trump got 62M. That means he’s gained 6M in spite of four years of corrupting the government and killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Bottom line: Of the country’s 153M registered voters (as of 2018), about 41% went for Trump and 47% for Biden. The rest either sat it out, voted for some kook, or their ballots are still at the post office.

The total U.S. population is estimated at 331M. That means Trumpers comprise just 21% of us, but their despicable behavior makes us ALL look very, very bad.

I think Trump’s number should be around 17%. That’s his most hardcore crazies who would drink Kool-Aid with cyanide for him. (He may tell them to before January).

The United States will never live down that the election was this close. If I ever travel abroad again, I’ll never be able to admit being American without extreme embarrassment.

Politicians, including Biden, have been saying, “This is not who we are.”

Well, it turns out this is EXACTLY who too many of us are. Trumpers want…

  • Destruction of the U.S. Postal Service.
  • People unable to get medical care and forced into bankruptcy due to illness.
  • Nepotism in the highest ranks; a “ruling family” that behaves like monarchs.
  • Betrayal of our allies, with closer ties to brutal, corrupt dictators.
  • Persecution of immigrants; caging children, sending asylum seekers back to near-certain death.
  • Millions more sickened, potentially killed, by a raging, unchecked pandemic.
  • Corrupt politicians robbing the government blind to enrich themselves.
  • Environmental devastation; filthy air and water; more wildfire, floods, hurricanes.
  • People working full-time yet living in poverty.
  • Armed self-appointed “militias” roaming the streets to enforce their own notions of “law and order.”

I could go on and on.

It’s a relief that Biden probably will win, but it only sidelines Trump when he needs to be silenced. He’ll rant and tweet to his goons with guns whom he’s emboldened to keep threatening the rest of us.

If Republicans hold onto the Senate, Biden’s term could be Obama Redux. Thanks to the unfathomable Kentucky morons who must think a seventh term will be the charm and make Mitch McConnell give a tiny shit about them, he’ll still be able to block any progress we could make. He’ll be supported by Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins, the dirtbag and the ditz.

I’ve stopped watching “news” shows. I can’t hear another fucking word until all the results are final. I’d like to drive a stake through any pundit who opines about Trump running again in 2024. They also speculate Trump will start a propaganda network or take over Rush Limbaugh’s radio show when lung cancer finally finishes him.

If there’s any silver lining, it’s that if Biden does win, Trump’s humiliation will likely eat what’s left of his brain like battery acid. His father’s voice will echo…

“You were IN!. You could have been bigger than Putin or Kim for another four years. But you BLEW IT, just like the fortune I gave you. YOU’RE THE WORLD’S BIGGEST LOSER!”

When federal investigations into his corruption get underway and New York prosecutors move in, there will be no time to plan his next big business venture. The rest of Trump’s miserable life will be focused on not having his assets seized and staying out of prison.

But Trump may be beyond caring by the time his empire crumbles. He’s headed straight for a final physical breakdown. He’s on track to end his days a babbling, drooling invalid in a wheelchair in some nursing home his kids and Melania never visit.

Thoughts on the VP Debate

October 8, 2020

By Karen

Instead of composing a post on the VP debate last night, I’m sharing my raw notes, which I’ve cleaned up for clarity:

WTF with stage? They want everyone catching COVID? Chairs too close, Plexiglas too small. Unprotected moderator within spewing distance.

Pence is a bot. Defends Trump no matter what or how nonsensical. When asked to answer for Trump’s atrocities, deflects & projects.

Pence runs FAR over time to spout lies on COVID questions.

Harris finally warms up, but pulls a punch not asking Pence, “If your management of virus has been so great, why did Trump catch it?”

Pence to Harris on vaccine: “Stop playing politics with people’s lives.” Hypocrite!

Pence, asked about VP’s role, answers with more COVID BS, then veers into swine flu. Claims Obama left Trump a “depleted stockpile” (of what?).

Pence: “The American people have a right to know about the health and well-being of the president” & Trump’s doctors will “continue their transparency.” Translation: more lies coming.

Harris answers question about president’s health with Trump’s taxes. Not good.

Pence recites Fox fan fiction about Trump’s integrity.

On economic recovery, Pence recites a list of lies about Biden’s plans. When Harris alludes to Pence lying, he interrupts to debate that & persists until she finally shuts him down.

Pence: “President Trump and I have a plan to improve health care.” Response should be: Why has nobody ever seen it?

Instead of answering questions, both too intent on getting in rehearsed facts and digs, even if totally off-topic.

Pence claims under Trump we have the cleanest air and water ever. Gets no push-back.

Pence fixated on fracking and fossil fuels. Claims Biden will abolish both.

Harris says Trump took words “science” and “climate change” off the website. Fact. Pence just shakes his head.

Pence: “The climate is changing, we’ll follow the science,” then veers off into taxes. And again with the fucking fracking! Keeps harping on Green New Deal & invokes AOC. Dog whistle to the base.

Harris does a good job of speaking directly to voters.

Pence: “Biden has been a cheerleader for China over the past several decades.” Also says to Harris several times, like he’s so clever, “You’re entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts.”

Pence defends Trump’s USMCA (was NAFTA), but question was about China.

Pence blames China for COVID & repeats China travel ban AGAIN as Trump’s shining moment.

Harris: Obama-Biden had an office on pandemics & sent people to China, but Trump abolished all of it. Pence gives sad head shake, his go-to response to all facts.

Finally, Harris mentions Russia. Trump “embracing dictators” and “unilateral approach to foreign policy and isolationism.” Trump “doesn’t understand what it means to be honest.”

Can hear Pence’s every breath. COVID maybe?

Pence not interrupting as much as Trump, but he runs past his time a LOT & Mod lets him.

Harris says Trump called troops’ brain injuries “headaches.” Pence’s head tilts left with vaguely pained poker face. He’s feeling his ass getting handed to him.

Pence responds to “absurd slanders” against Trump with whopper: “President Trump not only respects, but reveres, all of those who serve in our armed forces, and any other suggestion is ridiculous.”

Mod reminds Pence his campaign agreed to debate rules, and that he’s taking more time than Harris.

Pence dodges every new question by babbling more on previous question. Will not, cannot, stay on topic because he’s got nothing.

Pence’s eyes are really red. He’s about to test positive.

Harris’ “happy warrior” demeanor amazing. She should have bitch-slapped that lying bastard senseless by now.

Pence brings up “separation of powers” on SCOTUS. Desperately insists Harris answer whether Dems will “pack the court,” as if the fucking Republicans haven’t already done that by STEALING two seats.

When they show Pence at just the right angle, he has bat ears.

Black speck on Pence’s hair? Was it there before? [Back up DVR] No. A fly!

Photo: Newsweek

Pence denies Trump refused to condemn white supremacists in first debate.

After several minutes, fly leaves. Bored? Can’t Pence feel it?

Pence invokes Trump’s Jewish grandkids as proof Trump condemns white supremacists. WTF?

Disappointed with Harris. She didn’t always answer questions & could have squashed Pence much more with direct, factual put-downs.

Pence devolved into Trump, lying, babbling, talking overtime, interrupting, trying to dominate.

Pence’s closing statement: “I believe in all my heart that President Donald Trump is going to be elected for 4 more years.” He knows they’re losing. More lies about Obama spying on Trump. Poor Trump, “No obstruction, no collusion, case closed.” They “tried” to impeach Trump “over a phone call.” Mail-in voter fraud. Accuses Biden of trying to “change the rules” of elections (projection). Assorted bat-shit nonsense.

Post-debate: Mother joins Pence on stage sans mask. They can share a ventilator.

BONUS: It didn’t seem possible, but Randy Rainbow has upped his game, teaming up with Patti LuPone on this amazing number from Gypsy that makes me giddy at the prospect…

DOUBLE BONUS: When Trump sprang himself from the hospital, The Lincoln Project turned his “Il Douchebag” balcony scene into “Covita”!…

Trump Thinks He’s the COVID Miracle Boy

October 5, 2020

By Karen

For weeks, Trump’s been looking sweaty and pale under his orange paint. I suspect he caught COVID from his peeps — Hope Hicks, Kellyanne Conway and Chris Christie — who tested positive last week. They’d been huddling unmasked together doing debate prep.

Or perhaps they all caught COVID from Trump, who caught it at rallies. Including Melania, who flew with him to and from the Cleveland debate on September 29.

After Trump admitted testing positive on October 2, it’s been one evasion or lie after another. Nobody knows what to believe, nor if Trump really even has it.

Bottom line: I believe Trump has COVID. He also has dementia. The White House staff’s paramount concern (particularly after his cuckoo debate) — which has been relayed to Trump’s doctors — is, screw COVID. Job One is to conceal the dementia. So they’re doing and saying whatever it takes to keep Trump happy and calm.

He wants photos of himself working, looking healthy? Fine, take some pictures…

He wants a joy ride around Walter Reed to wave to his fans? Sure, warm up the car…

He’s bored and he wants to be discharged? Great, the sooner the better.

They’re implying that Trump’s miraculous turn from positive result to full recovery within 48 hours — with virtually no downtime actually sick — is due to shooting him full of every drug therapy out there. Every one, that is, except those Trump himself touts: hydroxychloroquine, Clorox, Lysol and laser light.

Within hours of Trump’s positive result, he got an experimental “antibody cocktail” from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals that’s in Phase 3 trials and not FDA-approved, because the president of the United States should be used as a drug trial guinea pig.

In the hospital, Trump got remdesivir and dexamethasone, the latter of which is typically used only on serious cases, according to competent doctors.

From what anyone could piece together from the conflicting statements, omissions and dodges by Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley, DO, (an osteopath, not an infectious disease specialist) over the weekend, it seemed safe to assume Trump was much worse off than they were admitting. But shortly thereafter, Trump was in out the street, toodling around the hospital.

So Trump’s belief apparently remains intact that COVID is some little 24-hour bug you can shake off with a good night’s sleep.

However, no one Trump’s age, with his weight and preexisting conditions, recovers from COVID in a weekend. If Trump shows up at the White House this week no worse for wear, he’ll prove it’s all been a lie. He’ll make a mockery of the 214,000 people who have died, using them for the sole purpose of distracting us from his taxes and his terrible debate performance. And we fell for it.

He also had no qualms about wasting precious resources at Walter Reed and destroying its doctors’ credibility (à la Dr. Birx) by forcing them to dupe us all, including Biden, who pulled his attack ads thinking Trump was ill.

If Trump gets discharged and is allowed to immediately jet off to a big rally in some red state with spiking COVID cases and he doesn’t drop dead on stage, he’ll double down on the “Democrat hoax” and dismiss COVID’s deadliness. And we’re all screwed in hoping for some national response going into fall and winter when it’s supposed to get even worse.

Trump dreams of showing the world what a perfect specimen of god-like immortality he is. But every person whom COVID has sickened, or who knows anyone who died from it, will hate his fucking guts even more.

As Trump talks hospital discharge, he’s entering COVID’s most dangerous days and he could go downhill fast. Fingers crossed he does. I’m not going to be hypocritical about that. Trump has caused the deaths of enough immigrants, U.S. soldiers and everyday Americans to forfeit all “Wishes for a speedy recovery.”

COVID can have him. The sooner, the better.

Chapter 127: COVID Chronicles

October 2, 2020

By Tony

Day 205

RAL Calendar Update & My Preakness Picks

Karen’s letting me do a special post today because I’ve got news to report (making Roc and Max look like total slugs in this blogging business).

I still don’t know what month I got, but here’s the photo they’re using…

Karen took this of me on my big photo shoot day after the photographer left and I came out of hiding. But the photographer did clean up the tatty corner of my perch.

Karen also wrote the blurb about me that’s going with it, but I’ll save that as a surprise for anyone who orders the calendar, which you can do from the Richmond Animal League website (no pressure, I get no credit for that).

On the sports beat, the third and final race of Triple Crown season is the Preakness Stakes this Saturday. It will be on NBC and post time is 5:45 p.m. ET.

Only 11 horses are running. Tiz the Law, who won the Belmont and came in second to Authentic in the Kentucky Derby, is taking a pass to rest up for the Breeder’s Cup Classic in November.

Authentic, who won the Kentucky Derby in September, is back as the favorite (odds 9-5) to try for two out of three. He’s running from post position 9. I hope he’s third.

Max Player is the only horse who’s shown up for all three races. He’s starting right next to Authentic in pp 8. Even though his odds are 15-1, I’m rooting for Maxy to win this one because he came in third at Belmont, fifth in the Derby, and his persistence and can-do attitude deserves a win.

And for second place? My pick is in memory of the big sister I never met, Adele. She would have put all her treats on Swiss Skydiver (pp 4, 6-1) because SHE’S A FILLY.

The last girl to win the Preakness was Rachel Alexandra in 2009, a race covered by our late Fred. Then Adele got this exclusive interview with “Alexandra the Great” when she was named Horse of the Year. She’s one tough broad.

BONUS: Karen was poking around the web and asked me to include this delightful montage of show tunes she found (Attn Anita in CA: Moulin Rouge is in here!). It’s delightful and matches her mood after learning that Trump and Melania finally get to experience the joys of COVID. It’s a little long, but it goes fast if you like this stuff…

Chapter 125: COVID Chronicles

September 17, 2020

By Karen

Day 190

Feeling in a Funk & Tony Gets Ready for His Close-up

Every Thursday, I’ve been wearing a hot-pink T-shirt to honor Adele because she died on a Thursday and her collar was pink and she looked fabulous in it.

This morning when I was putting on the T-shirt, I realized I had completely forgotten that September 12 marked the one-year anniversary of Adele’s death.

It just goes to show how meaningless time has become. Seasons, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, what do they matter when you’re stuck alone in the house, trying not to get sick or die?

I hate waking up every morning. If the cats didn’t insist I do my thing and take care of them, I wouldn’t.

My biggest thrill this week was making a run to Food Lion to stock up on ice cream and chips. And the heat has let up, at least for now, so we’ve been able to open windows.

On the other hand, walking to the car I noticed that something has chewed away the bottom corner of my chimney, so a new maintenance project to deal with.

Every time I turn on the TV, the West Coast is in flames, with so much smoke it’s fuzzing up the sun and moon in Virginia. Fortunately, it’s high enough not to affect our air quality — yet.

Of course, here comes another hurricane. When we run out of alphabet to name them, they’re going to start using the Greek alphabet.

And as if caging kids weren’t depraved enough, some immigrant women Trump has trapped are having their reproductive organs pulled out without permission. You know this is just disgusting Republican perverts indulging themselves. If they were really going for population control, they’d do mass vasectomies.

With the never-ending senseless shootings, it’ like we’re in Ray Bradbury’s Farhenheit 451. Trump urges police to commit crimes rather than solve them. He’s got a flunky ordering the Post Office to dump mail, not deliver it. And if Trump ever picked up a book, no doubt he’d be having them all burned because they offend him.

(BTW, working on Bob Woodward’s book Rage now. Slow going, nothing really new so far.)

Speaking of Trump, he’s dumped so much verbal sewage on us, we should treat him like that tree falling in the woods. If we don’t listen, he doesn’t make a sound.

Not to forget the pandemic. Trump now admits he wants COVID to do its worst. I think he’s trying to break Hitler’s record. He calls it “herd mentality.” If it works, he’ll kill more than 6 million Americans.

The U.N. just released a special report on Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro, detailing his “crimes against humanity.” According to the AP story

“Under Article 7 of the U.N. treaty that established the International Criminal Court, a crime against humanity is defined as an act committed as part of a ‘widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population.’”

If that doesn’t describe Trump’s strategy with COVID, what does?

Nothing would do this country more good than at 12:01 on January 20, 2021, after Biden is sworn in, to see Trump shackled and frog-marched to a plane headed for the Hague where he will go on trial for American genocide.

Meanwhile, I hope the Nobel Committee has a good laugh over Trump’s nomination for the Peace Prize by some right-wing racist wacko politician from (I’m sorry to say) Norway. Trump’s competing against 317 other nominees, so there should be someone more deserving.

To end on a cheerier note, Tony’s photo-shoot for the RAL 2021 calendar is tomorrow. I have no idea how he’ll behave with two masked women chasing him around the house. His mysterious fascination with the bathtub continues…

Chapter 124: COVID Chronicles

September 10, 2020

By Karen

Day 183

Trump’s On the Ropes & Some Candid Tony

Today marks my half-year in isolation. I gave up all of spring and summer, and now they’re saying fall may be the worst yet. So much sacrifice because our government is so fucked up, we can’t eject a cold-blooded killer from the White House.

I’m reading Michael Cohen’s book, Disloyal, now and will review it next week. This is the second damning Trump book to come out in two weeks, after Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s Melania & Me. If you only have time to read one, make it Cohen’s. That’s all I’ll say for now.

So Watergate superstar Bob Woodward is following up his first Trump book, Fear, with a sequel on September 15, Rage.

Trump was pissed Woodward didn’t consult him on Fear, so he gave Woodward 18 interviews for Rage. Former senator Claire McCaskill holds back nothing about the wisdom of that…

Woodward’s website says he also got his hands on 25 letters Trump and Kim Jong Un have exchanged. Wonder if naked selfies were attached?

So, right after we learn that Trump has repeatedly called anyone who serves in the military a loser and a sucker, Woodward leaks audio of Trump saying he understands how dangerous coronavirus is and how it’s transmitted, yet deliberately downplays it. He even schemes to sabotage the response while approximately 6.6 million get sick and 196,000 die.

I hope we see Trump’s poll numbers fall into the 20s, an indication he’s finally pissing off his most ignorant racist supporters. They’re most likely to be veterans or have kids in the service. In poor red states with lousy educational systems, the military is the only decent career path they may have.

Or perhaps now that COVID is infiltrating Trump country and they’re getting sick or losing family members, maybe it’s dawning on them that Trump thinks they’re suckers and doesn’t give a shit if they die.

What I find surprising is everybody’s agitation over these two latest “revelations.” Trump is the most evil, depraved, corrupt narcissist since Hitler. The vilest insults and lies come out of his mouth and Twitter account every day. This is all totally in character for him.

As damning as this first audio leak is, Bob Woodward’s got a book to sell and may be holding the other shoe to drop.

We’ve heard Trump insult Blacks, Muslims, women, soldiers, other politicians and celebrities. What we HAVEN’T heard is what he says about his base. That seems to be missing from Michael Cohen’s book or someone would have reported on it. Cohen does verify Trump’s utter disdain for evangelicals.

Maybe Woodward has that missing piece. When the toothless, knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers who cheer at Trump’s rallies hear Trump in his own voice call them exactly that, then what? Can Fox convince them to ignore their lying ears?

To wrap the week on a cheerier note, here’s Tony this morning…

“Does this pose make me look fat?”

He clearly didn’t appreciate me keeping that first shot, because he went all diva on my iPhone…

Then he adjourned in a huff to “Tony’s Dream House,” his Chewy box with brown paper. The paper’s tatty, so he’ll be thrilled when our next Chewy shipment shows up any minute now…

I always seem to get the best candid shots of him on the blue perch…

Tony’s photo shoot for the RAL Calendar is scheduled here for September 18. I don’t expect a lot of cooperation from Tony on his home turf with a masked stranger chasing him around with a camera, but maybe he’ll surprise us.

And here’s one more. As I’m writing this, Roc’s watching me from the printer…

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