Cat Helped Create World’s Ugliest Dog

June 24, 2008

By Adele

Some feisty tomcat in Gus’ past cost him an eye, but it worked in Gus’ favor at the 20th annual World’s Ugliest Dog competition at the Sonoma-Marin Fair held in Petaluma, Calif. on June 21.

Gus is a pedigreed hairless Chinese Crested – which means he’s hideous even on a good day. Being also one-eyed, three-legged, and suffering from skin cancer helped him beat all the other ugly contestants, including Sam, a truly horrifying Chinese Crested who’d won 3 years straight from 2003-2005.

Gus traveled from Florida with his owners, Jeanenne and Janey Teed, who rescued him from life in a crate in someone’s garage. Now he’s on national TV and a guest on CBS This Morning.

In addition to being visually repugnant, Gus is hardly Mr. Personality. He slept through most of the competition, but when he’s awake, he bites.

The cat world has few such events because ugly cats are rare. Well, some look like they smashed into a wall face-first, but their gorgeous fur still makes them favorites at cat shows.

Most cat owners would never exploit our diseases and deformities for 15 minutes of fame because it’s just not worth sleeping on urine-soaked pillows. Payback is hell.

There’s a sad Web site looking for “ugly cats,” but it mostly features cats wearing ugly facial expressions, especially when they’re sopping wet. One owner exposes her poor cat Sticky’s cleft palate. Shame on her!

Animal Planet airs the World’s Ugliest Dog competition in October. If you watch it, don’t be eating.


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