I Feel Dizzy, Oh, So Dizzy….

December 30, 2010

By Yul

We’re having a weird week at Cats Working. I’ll tell you about it in case it ever happens to you so you won’t freak out.

Christmas was perfectly fine, but sometime the night of December 26, I lost my sense of balance. The ramp I usually take to and from Karen’s bed seemed to sway with a tide and kept throwing me off.

By morning, I felt totally dazed and kept trying to do a 360 with my head, like that evil kid in The Exorcist. Karen thought I’d had a stroke and almost got us both killed on the icy road driving me to the vet’s.

The vet said I have “vestibular disease,” a quirky condition that suddenly makes kitties lose touch with gravity. The vet kept me almost all day to make sure it wasn’t a stroke and shot me (damn him!) with the antibiotic Covenia and Cerenia for nausea, just in case.

I kept my breakfast down, my eyes never ping-ponged in their sockets, and I wasn’t falling over or walking in circles, so they let me come home. Once back on my turf I figured, “What the hell,” and played the invalid card by pretending I was too weak to eat Fancy Feast.

Karen fell for it with vanilla yogurt and Gerber baby food. My delicious scheme backfired when I developed the “shizzly drits.” So Adele “graciously” donated her Royal Canin duck & pea (to get rid of it because she’s thoroughly sick of it). I don’t know what her problem is — it’s YUMMY!

It’s now Day 4 and I’m still not right, although last night I conducted a full inspection while Karen slept. I got her started on undecorating the Christmas tree, and paid a visit to Cole’s private man cave upstairs, although the steps wobbled like a fun house.

(BTW, Cole has been my constant companion throughout this ordeal. I owe him one.)

Now we’re just waiting and hoping I recover fully and soon. Karen keeps me supplied with hot water bottles to cuddle while I recuperate on her bed. The more time I spend sleeping, the less time I feel dizzy.

But right now, I look just like this cat.

In hindsight, this shouldn’t have blindsided us. I get respiratory infections regularly (it’s this virus I can never shake). One of them once ruptured both my eardrums. Recently, my right ear was bugging me and I scratched at it until my head was scabby, but Karen ignored it. Now this balance problem seems to be mainly in that ear. Could the vet have prevented it? I suspect not.

Otherwise, I feel fine, but I’m dictating this post to Karen because it’s a bitch to type on a moving keyboard. Please bear with us and stay tuned…

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