Let’s Compare COVID-19 Notes

March 28, 2020

By Karen

I’ll start… I have no symptoms except a pollen cough, but I’ve been home since March 12, leaving only twice for provisions. With 12 rolls of Wegman’s toilet paper that usually last six weeks or more, I’m feeling pretty well-stocked.

As a freelancer who’s worked at home since 2002, I confess it feels like the world has come down to my level. I can easily go six days without leaving the house. Last year, squirrels took advantage of this to leisurely chew my Saturn’s fuel line to bits.

But even with abnormally high tolerance for solitude, I’m thankful for the cats. Roc’s the only one who’s been acting a little off, more clingy than usual. He’ll meow like a maniac if I’m out of his sight too long.

Tony at nearly 10 months old has taken up the hobby of bannister-walking. Here he is, high above my head, strolling along the balcony that overlooks  my living room.

Last weekend I tried to order dinner from China Taste, my nearest takeout, but for the first time ever, they were closed. Was it because our Racist-in-Chief was whining about the “Chinese Virus” and they feared backlash?

Yesterday I hit my limit with what I’ll take from Trump. The vile sight and sound of that subhuman creature makes my blood boil, so his daily victory laps/lie marathons will no longer air in this house. Besides, it scares the cats when I scream obscenities at the TV.

That also goes for all political pundits who ask what Trump “meant,” or why he “contradicted” himself. All future discussion of the verbal diarrhea spewing from Trump’s mouth and Twitter feed needs to focus on his rotting mind and the need to remove and permanently silence him. Period.

Trump untethered is on track to kill a good chunk of the population. I’m thankful that my governor, Ralph Northam, is a Democrat and a physician. Trump won’t bully Virginia into doing anything stupid.

Do you ever wonder what Anthony Bourdain would be doing if he were still with us? I think he’d probably be holed up in New York to be near his daughter, but going stir-crazy. Parts Unknown would have become Future Unknown.

I like to think he’d keep busy writing. Maybe finish that novel he started years ago. Essays. Blogs. Another graphic novel about Jiro. Edit some manuscripts for his Ecco imprint.

This would have forever changed Bourdain’s globetrotting career, and perhaps ended it. He might be fine with that, even welcome the reason to stop, since it seemed he had lost the thrill of travel.

Speaking of travel hosts, Andrew Zimmern has moved to MSNBC with a new show, What’s Eating America. He’s trying really, really hard to fill Tony’s shoes and I give him an A for effort, but there will never be another Bourdain.

I just binge-watched two seasons of the Netflix series, The Kominsky Method, with Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. If you like Curb Your Enthusiasm, you’ll love it. I laughed out loud many times.

Reading on my iPad, I’m nearly through Rick Wilson’s Running Against the Devil (previous book, Everything Trump Touches Dies). It’s an often hilarious, but serious, user manual for Democrats on how to beat Trump, but coronavirus has called off all bets. With “luck,” Trump shoveling the U.S. into its worst recession with the highest preventable death toll in history will doom that bastard in November.

Next on my reading list is Woody Allen’s new memoir, Apropos of Nothing. I’ve always been a Woody fan, always will.

So tell me, what have you been doing to cope during this nightmare? Let’s keep in touch here since we’re all in this together.

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