O’Reilly May Thank Trump for Getting Him Fired

April 20, 2017

By Karen

Fox News bravely cut loose its darling douchebag, Bill O’Reilly, after more than 80 advertisers stampeded for the exits upon hearing O’Reilly’s despicable behavior toward women goes back many years and has cost him and the network $13 million in hush money.

O’Reilly’s ratings actually rose during all this, thanks to the loyalty of staunch family-values fans who love wallowing in depravity they pretend to abhor.

I think O’Reilly could have weathered this scandal if Donald Trump had kept his mouth shut. But you know Trump. If he sees an opportunity to slither onto someone else’s headline, he doesn’t hesitate.

Having the Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief  say he didn’t think O’Reilly’s long history of boorish, threatening behavior constituted “anything wrong” was probably the last straw for many women. They turned out in droves to vent their rage at all such behavior and call for O’Reilly’s head on a platter, because it’s the only head available on the menu at the moment.

Now, when just desserts seem to be in extremely short supply, it was highly satisfying to wake up this morning to the news that O’Reilly got the axe while vacationing in Italy and shaking hands with the Pope. His display of piety proved to be too little, too late.

I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of Bill O’Reilly. He’s one of those guys who will feel world events aren’t complete without his particular spin on them, and he’ll turn up somewhere, on talk shows, radio, or online.

What’s impossible to tell is if O’Reilly’s departure will have any lasting impact on the culture of demeaning women that’s apparently ingrained at Fox. Having one less pompous blowhole there can only be an improvement.

BONUS: I’m not alone in feeling the Trump effect. While researching this post, I found this commentary by AOL’s editors.

BONUS 2: Here’s another one from Huffington Post.

You Might be a Religious Extremist if…

July 28, 2011

By Cole

Boob-tube buffoon Bill O’Reilly got his tail in a fluff when the New York Times labeled Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik a “Christian” extremist. O’Reilly absurdly accuses the media of routinely lumping fundamentalist Christians in with Muslim jihadists to make them look bad — like they need any help.

It doesn’t matter what stripe you are. Extreme is extreme. Here’s a little test:

You might be a religious extremist if…

  • Your belief system comes from a book written eons ago, whose purpose and authorship cannot be verified, and whose wording can be twisted to mean whatever you want it to mean.
  • You think everyone who doesn’t share your belief system should be 1) Oppressed, 2) Denied basic civil liberties, 3) Killed, or 4) All of the above.
  • You are proud you belong to a group that needs some earthly cheerleader telling you how to think and act. You may even be willing to donate large amounts of time and money — or even your life — to this group.

Glenn Beck had the gall to imply that the kids who were mowed down in Norway were like Hitler youth, as if they had it coming.

If he had any idea how totally offensive that must be to Norwegians who know or remember how Hitler treated Norway during WWII, he’d keep his ignorant cake-hole shut.

Fundamentalist Christians have been responsible for enough bloody chapters in history and violent right-wing nut groups (KKK, anyone?) to stand toe-to-toe with anything Muslims have ever done.

You don’t see liberals and atheists screaming for more guns so they have the option of shooting abortion doctors, gays, or political opponents. No, they’re free-thinkers who don’t need the whole world to share their beliefs, and they’re harder to herd and brainwash than cats.

So, O’Reilly and Beck, if you don’t like having the gun-toting bigots you call fans lumped in with a gun-toting bigot who decided everyone in Europe who isn’t like him needs to die, too bad.

If the shoe fits…

Will Sarah Palin Out-Fox Fox?

January 13, 2010

By Adele

Since quitting her pesky governor’s job, Sarah Palin has used Twitter to stay in touch with her base, publishing lots of incoherent criticism with no solutions.

So Fox Network thinks she’s qualified to be a crackerjack news analyst. Apparently, they’re unaware that her post-election strategy for dealing with the news media has been to bash it or hide from it.

On the other hand, Fox’s target audience hates current events tainted by truth or facts, so hiring Palin may just work — until she gets into a snit or receives a better offer and quits.

Palin made her official Fox debut last night on The O’Reilly Factor. While backhandedly fawning, Bill O’Reilly didn’t press for any facts, called his own questions “foolish,” and fed her insatiable ego by declaring, in his fair and balanced “no-spin” way, that other commentators are “pinheads” for doubting her abilities.

Palin came off more as a candidate than a pundit, refusing to take a good swing at any of the softballs O’Reilly kept lobbing at her.

She’s reputedly signed a multi-year contract, but her role is vague, possibly due to her tendency to go all mavericky when anyone tries to pin her down — like by electing her to govern Alaska.

In addition to spewing her down-home-style fluff wrapped in clichés, she’ll also host an “occasional” series called Real American Stories.

Hmmm… “Real” would imply fact. Sounds like Houston already has a problem.

And since Palin says very little these days that’s not straight from her book, the repository of every thought she’s ever had (she referred O’Reilly to it several times), don’t expect anything original out of her — unless you count lies. Like her never-ending insistence that Obama plans death panels (see 12/22/09 10:29 a.m. tweet). It was selected the biggest political whopper of 2009 by voters on the St. Petersburg Times’ non-partisan fact-checking site, PolitiFact.

I’m guessing Palin cagily negotiated with Fox a hefty non-refundable salary to be paid up-front, so when she bails mid-contract — and you know she will — she can just take the money and run.

What’s Wrong with Bill O’Reilly?

January 7, 2008

By Yul

I think Bill O’Reilly’s spinning out of control.


Back in October, he sent goons to disrupt Rosie O’Donnell’s book signing. You may like Rosie or hate her, but she got my respect for not shredding those jokers on the spot.

On January 5, O’Reilly himself turned up at Merrimack High School in Penacook, NH, to steal Hillary Clinton’s thunder. He got to her rally first to ask people why they supported her and what they knew about her positions, blatantly fishing for signs of stupidity he could pounce on. When he was pointed out to Hillary, he got booed, but Hillary gave him credit for having the courage to show his face after what he’s said about the Clintons.

Later that day, he went to Nashua North High School for the Obama rally. Apparently, O’Reilly expected all obstacles between him and Obama to fall before him and his cameraman. When they didn’t, he walked around the barricade and tried to push Obama’s 6’8” personal aide out of the way. It took the Secret Service to get him back in line. When asked about the confrontation later, O’Reilly’s memory grew conveniently fuzzy on whether he’d called the aide an SOB, but he said, “No one on this earth is going to block a shot on The O’Reilly Factor.”

Who the hell does he think he is? If some other journalist pulled such stunts with Republican candidates, O’Reilly would be bemoaning the end of civilization as we know it.

But why is he getting in everyone’s face? Doesn’t he realize the word is out that he’s a biased gas bag that anyone with half a brain should avoid like a dead skunk?

Mr. No Spin seems pathetic and lonely these days, like a stray dog. Someone at Fox should throw a few Frisbees for him.

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