Bourdain Moonlighting on MasterChef?

June 6, 2011

By Karen

This is confusing…

While Anthony Bourdain was at the Sydney Writers’ Festival in mid-May, Digital Spy reported that he and Marco Pierre White filmed guest spots on the Australian version of the amateur cooking competition, MasterChef. That show was inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s original show in the U.K. Ramsay also does an American version, and Season 2 happens to premiere tonight on Fox at 8 p.m. (ET).

Australia’s Herald Sun reported that Bourdain will appear as a “mentor” on a NYC episode of the Aussie MasterChef when they fly some contestants to the Big Apple for a week. No air date was given. 

Now back in November, Hollywood Reporter asked Bourdain his opinion of MasterChef and Tony called Ramsay’s U.S. version “dreadful,” citing Top Chef as the “benchmark” for assessing such shows.

Yikes! If any show where Padma Lakshmi’s “expert” opinion counts for anything is where Tony sets the bar, how could anyone else possibly crawl any lower?

Also while in Australia, Bourdain did a Quick Fire interview with Not Quite Nigella where he seems to be going off the idea of someday moving to Italy, and Ottavia apparently has a lot to do with that.

He also gave an extensive interview to SBSfood and rattled off a quick recipe for pork rillettes.

If you follow the Bourdains on Twitter, you probably know that on the evening of May 24, Ottavia worked on the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck parked at 17th St. and Broadway in NYC for a few hours to raise money for Doctors Without Borders (Tony promised to match whatever she raised), and Tony showed up before his book-signing at a nearby Barnes &Noble to watch his better half sling a few cones. has many video clips of the Q&A Tony did later at B&N.

Travel Channel posts video of Tony chatting with ZPZ producer Tracy Gudwin about flipping underwear in a pinch on the road. She’s the woman who had to have a leech pulled off her ass in Malaysia. ranked the top 25 Most Successful Chefs in America, and Bourdain made the list at No. 18, one notch above Emeril Lagasse. But from what I could gather from the story, this ranking was based on no facts and much wildly irrelevant conjecture (like the annual sales of Les Halles).

Eater continues to post scenes from Treme that Tony wrote. This one stars Eric Ripert.

Bourdain blogs on Inside Treme about the “real” Le Bernardin.

Art imitates life in Bourdain’s Treme connection. Janette, the character he’s writing for, will be working in a NYC David Chang-inspired restaurant called Lucky Peach, which is the name of Chang’s new real-life magazine.


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