Instead of Accountability, Committees and Investigations

August 6, 2021

By Karen

So we have yet another example of yet another powerful politician — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo — investigated by the state’s attorney general and found to have “violated federal and state” laws against sexual harassment.

Cuomo denies all of it and remains governor while the state legislature conducts ANOTHER investigation before impeaching him.

If you or I “violated federal AND state law,” we could scream our innocence until our lungs burst while we were thrown in jail to await trial, with the certainty of a guilty verdict.

But if you’re an old white guy who wears ties, it’s OK to commit felonies willy-nilly. The only consequences you’ll face are a harsh speech and some hand-wringing while the so-called “authorities” form a new committee to confirm their already-completed investigation into the misdeeds the world already knows you committed because you yourself left a complete, bloody trail of video and audio we’ve all seen, as well as written evidence and a queue of witnesses eager to rat you out.

What I’d like to know is, who kidnapped accountability, and how do we get it back?

Five members of Trump’s Cabinet were referred to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution, yet they all walked away unscathed with their fresh taxpayer-funded fortunes to write their lying memoirs.

Despite being suspended from practicing law, raided and having his electronic devices seized weeks ago, Rudy Giuliani is still blathering threats on TV that anybody who dares to hold him accountable for any of his myriad crimes — for Trump and side gigs purely for profit — is a liar and will pay for it in heaven, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

While the Trump Organization itself and its chief financial officer Alan Weisselberg are under indictment, life goes grifting along for the other culpable executives, Trump’s demon spawn, Junior, Eric and Ivanka.

And Trump himself, the most hardcore, inept crook ever to befoul the Oval Office, has proven every day, on multimedia, beyond all doubt, that he’s a thief, cheat, mass murder, seditionist and traitor. Yet nearly seven months out of office, he’s still being treated like a monarch who answers to no law.

So, Trump merrily plots Phase 3 of his coup. Phase 1 was to overturn the election. Phase 2 was to dispatch his crazed MAGA cult to kill Congress.

This dementia patient is going around proclaiming himself our once and future dictator, and what accountability does he face? State, federal and congressional committees and investigations grinding at a pace to make even snails lose their shit.

Meanwhile, the halls of Congress reek from the stench of Republican vermin who commit daily treason by lying and aiding Trump’s coup attempts when they should be rotting in cells for engaging in sedition.

The only conclusions I can draw from all this stonewalling and inaction are:

1. Prosecutors (I’m looking at you, Merrick “Molasses” Garland) intend to foot-drag until statutes of limitations kick in and render certain crimes moot.

2. Prosecutors are waiting for the perps to die of natural causes before they’re brought to trial so nobody has to be the one to blame them for anything.

In the meantime, while Trump Republicans foment chaos and anarchy, Biden, bless his heart, ignores it and gaslights us with happy talk about bipartisanship and what a great country we are.

You know what would REALLY make this country great? The swift and safe return of accountability.

Biden’s Trip Makes Everyone Feel Better

June 18, 2021

By Karen

For starters, while Biden was in Europe, it was great that we saw no pictures of world leaders wrinkling their noses behind his back because he’d crapped his pants. Or of Biden throwing a fit at a state dinner because he wasn’t served burnt steak with ketchup. Or of Biden declaring war in a speech on some country whose leader took offense at Biden shoving him during a photo op.

No, Biden navigated the G7, tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace, a NATO summit, and a side trip to Geneva to rendezvous with Putin without heaping any more humiliation on us.

Remember Trump’s big meeting with Putin back in 2018 in Helsinki? They talked for several hours alone about God-knows-what, and we still don’t know. But this is how Trump looked after their tête-à-tête…

The only thing missing from this photo is Trump’s studded dog collar and leash.

At their joint press conference later, Putin may have been shaking Trump’s hand, but he was mentally twisting Trump’s balls into a knot…

Photo: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Fast-forward to two days ago when Putin faced off with President Biden. Instead of cowering under the threat of a pee-pee tape premier or massive debts to Russian oligarchs suddenly coming due, Biden showed up armed with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and plenty of other American witnesses to take notes…

Photo: Patrick Semansky/AP

The difference in Putin’s demeanor with Biden is stark. While Biden sat straight, looking confident and collected, Putin slouched like an insolent slob. He knew that even with all his manspreading, nobody was wondering who swung the biggest dick.

Speaking of dicks, Putin also for once didn’t try his signature passive-aggression of keeping Biden waiting, as he’s done with Obama and many others…

After the summit, Biden wisely skipped the joint press conference and denied Putin the opportunity to preen and pretend to be an equal. Instead, they met with reporters separately, and Putin seemed to deeply miss playing with his Trump puppet. He told a reporter

“In life there is no happiness; only the specter of it. There is only a mirage on the horizon. So cherish that.”


Before his face-off with Putin, Biden mended fences with our former allies so they could unclench their sphincters, relieved at not being forced to kowtow to another arrogantly American abject moron.

But the world still needs irrefutable proof that Trump was only an aberration. Biden needs to encourage all law enforcement agencies to start kicking ass and flush Trump’s treasonous scum out of our government at every level.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is clearly not up to the task. I KNEW Biden should have put Sally Yates over the Justice Department. By now, she’d have Trump neck-deep in federal indictments, instead of letting him wander freely around Manhattan like a dementia patient on a day trip, trying to remember why people are staring at him…

You still think Trump isn’t too far gone? Get a load of him calling in to Sean Hannity and admitting, very clearly, “We didn’t win.” (0:35)…

Adjusting to Normal Feeling Normal Again

January 21, 2021

By Karen

It only took 25,000 National Guard troops to ensure that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ inauguration went off without a hitch. No one got beaten with an American flagpole in the name of “patriotism.” No doors were smashed. No one got shot. As far as we know, no one peed or took a shit in any corner of the Capitol.

Trump, his skanky spawn and Melania enjoyed their last Air Force One flight to Mar-a-Lago. Before he left D.C., Trump ordered Secret Service protection costing millions to be extended for another six months to his four worthless adult children and their spouses, even though only Melania and Barron are entitled to it by law.

Photo: Getty Images

Trump’s that guy who dumps the whole bowl of mints at a restaurant’s register into his pocket as he leaves. Billionaire, my ass. He’s robbing taxpayers for every last penny he can grab.

Trump had delusional fans dancing in the streets to welcome him in Florida, which he totally appreciated. We’ll see how long his neighbors put up with that.

But what goes around is coming around. Trump did everything he could to wipe out every shred of progress Obama had accomplished by reversing, repealing or bastardizing it.

Now Trump gets to see what that feels like.

Biden went right to work with a high stack of executive orders to sign.

Photo: Politico

He put a stop to the stupid wall, got us back into the Paris climate accord, canned the 1776 Commission whose purpose was to promote more racist-friendly history of our county, canceled the Keystone pipeline, kept us in the World Health Organization and lifted the Muslim travel ban, to name just a few.

Meanwhile, the riots Trump’s mob threatened in all 50 states failed to materialize. Now that Trump is unable to vent, lie and incite the cult to violence on social media, it’s a beast with no head.

Once the proud boys see the most prominent Capitol rioters go on trial and get the prison sentences they’ve earned, any incentive to continue fighting to install now-toothless, impotent Trump as dictator should evaporate.

We’ll still have racists and seditionists, but without Trump to personify their ignorance, they can either come over to the light or find themselves shunned back under the rocks they crawled out from. It’s no longer fashionable to be stupid and hateful.

Hopefully, Biden’s determination to undo Trump’s damage as quickly and efficiently as possible will have a trickle-down effect, and the Trump elements now permeating and sabotaging our government will be flushed out soon.

BONUS: Stephen Colbert presented Melania’s swan song (brilliantly performed by Laura Benanti)…

DOUBLE BONUS: This song from Rent may be Randy Rainbow’s final, bittersweet, parody of the Trumpian nightmare…

TRIPLE BONUS: If you missed 22-year-old Amanda Gorman, the country’s first National Youth Poet Laureate, reciting her poem, “The Hill We Climb,” at the inauguration, watch this. Her talent is beyond incredible…

Time for the Orange Clown to Get Lost

November 12, 2020

By Karen

Trump needs to leave Washington — now. He’s doing nothing but sulking, watching TV, rage-tweeting, and apparently binging on junk food. He could do all of that at Mar-a-Lago without risking the White House staff’s health.

God takes a whiz on Trump on Veterans Day (Photo: Bloomberg, Chris Keponis)

Among the latest beneficiaries of Trump’s refusal to acknowledge COVID are his chief of staff Mark Meadows; HUD Secretary Ben Carson, a DOCTOR who should have known better; and Trump’s floater, Cory Lewandowski. (I wonder if Cory’s sleeping with Hope Hicks again. She was infected at the same time Trump allegedly was.)

They all attended the unprotected ‘do held at the White House on Election Night. Another guy there named Bossie also caught it, but at this point, I’m ignoring any new people in Trump’s orbit because they’ll be history in a few weeks.

The White House staff has been told if they’re caught looking for another job, they’ll be fired. After four years of putting up with Trump’s tantrums and keeping mum about it, they now realize he not only doesn’t care if he gives them COVID and kills them, but he doesn’t care if they ever earn a living again.

That’s gratitude, Trump-style.

One bright spot is that the border wall will be swept out with the rest of Trump’s harebrained ideas. While he did repair or reenforce several hundred miles of existing fencing and walls, Trump only lengthened the thing by about 12 miles — and Mexico didn’t pay a penny for it.

Instead of twiddling while Trump pretends he’s the king of the world and entitled to destroy it, I’d like to see Congress support President-Elect Biden more. For starters, instead of writing her a mean letter, they could drag in that Trump-appointed cultist Emily Murphy from the GSA by her pearls to testify about why she’s ignoring Biden’s election and refusing to fund his transition.

Emily Murphy (Photo:

Republicans in Congress, led by Moscow Mitch McConnell, are so far humoring Trump, letting him do whatever because they think they need his supporters. If that’s true, they need to take a hard look at themselves.

Any political party whose survival depends the loyalty of poorly educated racists who believe everything they see on Fox is a party already more decomposed than Mitch’s blackened hands.

Instead of letting Trump fill his last days with futile, wasteful lawsuits, give him one last ride on Air Force One to Florida where he can fritter away the remainder of his term as he’s always done — playing golf. He’s never been productive, so no need to drag this out.

Pence can play placeholder for five minutes while Biden and Harris start pulling things together so we can get past this nightmare. Enough’s enough. Let’s move on.

2020 Election: Doing a 180 on the Shame

November 9, 2020

By Karen

If you missed Kamala Harris’ and Joe Biden’s victory speeches Saturday night, you missed history being made…

They restored us to a time when leaders speak in full, coherent sentences, don’t incessantly boast, exaggerate and lie about themselves, and actually want to help the country, not rip it off for all they can grab.

Last week while the vote-counting dragged on, failing to deliver the definitive stomping Trump needed, I said that I felt ashamed to be an American. Well, I’ve had time to process things a bit more, and this article, “He’s Fired,” by Tim Miller in The Bulwark reshaped my perception.

True, if our country had only informed voters with the ability to reason and think critically, Trump would have lost all 50 states hands down. But that’s not what we have.

Fortunately, those among us who ARE capable of smelling a rat stepped forward and handed Trump the best defeat we could — by 4.5 million votes (as of this minute; mail-in and provisional ballot-counting continues in many states).

We accomplished this in spite of Trump sabotaging the USPS to keep mail-in ballots, which he claims are all fraudulent, from being delivered. And in spite of Republican legislators, wherever they could, closing voting precincts, limiting early voting in spite of the pandemic, imposing new conditions on voters to vote or have their votes accepted, and spreading lies and distortions about Biden and Harris.

It’s funny that Trump and Republicans aren’t complaining one bit about the Congressional races, where their darlings McConnell, Graham, Collins and others got to dance off the hook for enabling Trump’s never-ending atrocities. They’re only claiming the votes for Biden — on the very same ballots — are fraudulent.

It’s gaslighting that jumps the shark for absurdity. Yet they intend to waste time and money in court, only to make themselves look like even bigger crooks and fools in the end.

What we must remember is that, although he’s spent four years in the White House selling us out to Putin, Trump actually lost BOTH elections. Hillary got nearly 3 million more votes in 2016, and Biden now 4.5 million more and counting.

The Electoral College bears the blame for Trump, which is why it needs to go. Without it, we could know the winner as soon as all votes are counted. And there’s no reason whatsoever for the vote of some rube in a landlocked state with more cows than people to carry three times the clout of a vote from someone living on the coast.

But it does, and that’s why Republicans keep sliming their way into the White House even though Democrats abhor most of Republicans’ beliefs and outnumber them by MILLIONS.

But this time, Trump and everything he stands for proved so repugnant to so many decent Americans, we overcame EVERY obstacle to hand him irrefutable defeat. Sure, he and his kids and Rudy Giuliani can scream the election was “stolen” with “massive fraud,” but they’ve been able to prove none of it because it simply doesn’t exist.

For the first time in his cheating, lying life, the entitled man-baby who’s been shaking our world like a rattle has to face that he’s reviled as a disgusting, incompetent, pathetic excuse for a human being, and that his cult failed him.

The loser orange man-baby as close to tears as we’ve ever seen him. (Photo: AP/Evan Vucci)

Trump’s head must be in danger of exploding because he can’t deal with it.

On second thought, being one of the voters who shoved reality in Trump’s face makes me very proud.

2020 Election: Happy and Ashamed

November 5, 2020

By Karen

Let’s establish this: This election is a protracted clusterfuck with no clear winner only because of Trump’s incompetence and interference.

Trump’s signature double hand-job gesture. He thinks it makes him look cool.

If Trump hadn’t welcomed untold illness and death from COVID, we wouldn’t have millions of mail-in ballots to count. And probably hundreds of thousands still lying around post offices that might have changed many down-ballot elections if they’d been delivered and counted.

I’ll start with the good news (any figures I cite are accurate as of this minute)…

My Congresswoman, Democrat Abigail Spanberger, narrowly beat by just over 1 point a Trump-wannabe punk named Nick Freitas. Also, Biden won my county by a hair, even though it’s always been red and went with Trump in 2016.

That makes me feel better about the people who live around me.

Statewide in Virginia, incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Warner beat his Republican challenger by about 11 points. Virginia itself went for Biden by about 9 points and gave him 13 electoral votes.

Now, the bigger picture…

With counting still in progress, Trump is already throwing around baseless and premature lawsuits like an ape flinging feces. Biden is within whiskers of the 270 damn Electoral College votes needed to win. He’s already ahead of Trump (at 68M) by nearly 4 MILLION votes (72M). Biden also set the all-time record of votes for ANY presidential election.

In 2016, Trump got 62M. That means he’s gained 6M in spite of four years of corrupting the government and killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Bottom line: Of the country’s 153M registered voters (as of 2018), about 41% went for Trump and 47% for Biden. The rest either sat it out, voted for some kook, or their ballots are still at the post office.

The total U.S. population is estimated at 331M. That means Trumpers comprise just 21% of us, but their despicable behavior makes us ALL look very, very bad.

I think Trump’s number should be around 17%. That’s his most hardcore crazies who would drink Kool-Aid with cyanide for him. (He may tell them to before January).

The United States will never live down that the election was this close. If I ever travel abroad again, I’ll never be able to admit being American without extreme embarrassment.

Politicians, including Biden, have been saying, “This is not who we are.”

Well, it turns out this is EXACTLY who too many of us are. Trumpers want…

  • Destruction of the U.S. Postal Service.
  • People unable to get medical care and forced into bankruptcy due to illness.
  • Nepotism in the highest ranks; a “ruling family” that behaves like monarchs.
  • Betrayal of our allies, with closer ties to brutal, corrupt dictators.
  • Persecution of immigrants; caging children, sending asylum seekers back to near-certain death.
  • Millions more sickened, potentially killed, by a raging, unchecked pandemic.
  • Corrupt politicians robbing the government blind to enrich themselves.
  • Environmental devastation; filthy air and water; more wildfire, floods, hurricanes.
  • People working full-time yet living in poverty.
  • Armed self-appointed “militias” roaming the streets to enforce their own notions of “law and order.”

I could go on and on.

It’s a relief that Biden probably will win, but it only sidelines Trump when he needs to be silenced. He’ll rant and tweet to his goons with guns whom he’s emboldened to keep threatening the rest of us.

If Republicans hold onto the Senate, Biden’s term could be Obama Redux. Thanks to the unfathomable Kentucky morons who must think a seventh term will be the charm and make Mitch McConnell give a tiny shit about them, he’ll still be able to block any progress we could make. He’ll be supported by Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins, the dirtbag and the ditz.

I’ve stopped watching “news” shows. I can’t hear another fucking word until all the results are final. I’d like to drive a stake through any pundit who opines about Trump running again in 2024. They also speculate Trump will start a propaganda network or take over Rush Limbaugh’s radio show when lung cancer finally finishes him.

If there’s any silver lining, it’s that if Biden does win, Trump’s humiliation will likely eat what’s left of his brain like battery acid. His father’s voice will echo…

“You were IN!. You could have been bigger than Putin or Kim for another four years. But you BLEW IT, just like the fortune I gave you. YOU’RE THE WORLD’S BIGGEST LOSER!”

When federal investigations into his corruption get underway and New York prosecutors move in, there will be no time to plan his next big business venture. The rest of Trump’s miserable life will be focused on not having his assets seized and staying out of prison.

But Trump may be beyond caring by the time his empire crumbles. He’s headed straight for a final physical breakdown. He’s on track to end his days a babbling, drooling invalid in a wheelchair in some nursing home his kids and Melania never visit.

Chapter 133: COVID Chronicles

November 2, 2020

By Karen

Day 233

Election Day Eve & I Relent (a Tad) on Football

Today Trump is jetting around the country spreading COVID, ranting, insulting and likely killing off some of his voters.

I’ve stopped listening to polls. Biden’s ahead nationwide, but infuriatingly tied with Trump in some crucial states. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?

This makes me despair for the country, no matter how the election turns out. These Trump supporters see, as the world does, the same evil, greedy, corrupt, lying prick who values no one’s life but his own. Yet they think, “Yup, we need four more years of THAT!”

These hordes of mouth-breathing, toothless, knuckle-dragging, racist, maskless morons have been harassing Biden’s campaign buses and causing traffic jams with their pickup truck caravans, screaming and waving their guns like crazed hillbillies, trying to scare the rest of us into not voting.

If I didn’t hate these Trump supporters’ fucking guts so much, I could perhaps pity such pathetic losers. They’re so ignorant, they’ll sacrifice what little health and livelihood they’ve got to egg on Putin’s puppet so he can sell the country out to Russia. As it stands, I wish them only eternal damnation as traitors.

Tomorrow will be unbelievably stressful, but it’s just the beginning. Today, Trump’s building another wall around the White House and has National Guard on standby. He’s intent on dragging out his demise while lawyers try to disenfranchise millions of voters again to eke out another travesty in the Electoral College.

But, you’re probably wondering about my softening on football, which I unloaded on last week.

I actually do like ONE — former — football player. In fact, I love him. His name is Terry Bradshaw.

Don’t’ ask me what team he played for, what position he played (except he says he threw the ball), nor anything else about his career. I never saw him play a game and I have no clue.

But I have been watching his reality series on E! called The Bradshaw Bunch. It takes place mostly on his beautiful, sprawling Texas ranch and stars him, his wife and three grown daughters (all platinum blondes), their husbands, and Terry’s two grandchildren. His scenes with his granddaughter Zurie are comedy gold.

Terry Bradshaw is hilarious. In one episode, he considered taking a lucrative gig as a spokesman for Viagra…

If you can find it on E!, on NBC, or online, do. I laugh a lot every episode.

But Bradshaw first crossed my radar several years ago when he starred with Henry Winkler, William Shatner and George Foreman on this travel series for two seasons on NBC called Better Late Than Never.

Imagine Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert in their 70s traveling for the first time to exotic lands. Well, they could never be as culturally unsophisticated as this foursome, but the needling banter and pranks would be on par. Here’s a montage of just a few of the group’s crazy moments…

This show always had me rolling on the floor and made me a Terry Bradshaw fangirl. If you need some good laughs and can find this one, go for it.

BONUS: Randy Rainbow was inspired by the Disney movie Enchanted to ask, “How Will You Vote?”…

Let’s Talk SCOTUS

October 15, 2020

By Karen

Over three days of questions, Amy Coney Barrett cynically tried to convince us she’s a woman of no opinion. Even matters proscribed by ironclad laws (which were read to her) could be argued. By bending over backward to seem 100% impartial, she came off as 100% for sale to the highest bidder.

She also would have us believe that Trump didn’t make her swear to overturn Roe v. Wade, abolish the ACA, and ensure that he remains president if the election goes to the Supreme Court, even though Trump has been clear that those are his SCOTUS pick benchmarks.

No, those topics never came up in their conversations. As if Donald “Quid Pro Quo” Trump wouldn’t go there, after he’s been twisting arms left and right to get staff, doctors, and Congress to lie and crime for him since Moscow Mitch blessed Trump’s attempt to blackmail Ukraine by not removing him from office.

To top it off, Trump tells voters, “You’ll get a big stimulus check after the election — if you make me win it.”

“You’ll have much better and cheaper health care because I have a plan — which I’ll tell you about after you give me another four years.”

Kamala Harris may have scored the only point in Barrett’s farcical hearing by getting Barrett to concede that smoking causes cancer. But Barrett only copped to that by citing the warning on cigarette packages as her reason.

There seems to be no way Democrats can stop this skank from using Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s coffin as a step up to her cushy eternal job where, by all indications from her past, she intends to gleefully set women’s rights back 100 years.

But the Democrats could still fix this.

Republicans’ panties are in a wad now because Biden and Harris won’t say whether they’ll “pack the court” with Democratic judges by expanding it once they’re in office. (Question: If Republicans are so sure Trump’s winning, why do they even care about this? It should be moot.)

My suggestion: The Democrats should UNPACK the court. Just as there’s no law against adding justices, I don’t think there’s a law against rightsizing. Go ahead and take that bloated sucker down to seven members. And while you’re at it, impose term limits. Fuck this “justice for life” bullshit. Why do we treat them like demigods?

How does Congress decide who gets kicked off? Easy-peasy. Corporate America rationalizes layoffs all the time with LIFO — Last In, First Out.

That means Barrett and Kavanaugh take a hike. And don’t let those big, heavy doors hit your asses on the way down the SCOTUS steps.

That leaves Gorsuch as the only Trump plant. Of the three, I find him the least ignorant and offensive, and he did help protect the LGBTQ community’s workplace rights, so he’s not totally hopeless.

That puts John Roberts back in the driver’s seat as the deciding vote, restoring some fairness and normalcy to the third branch of government once Democrats regain the presidency and the Senate.

BONUS: Since Trump chickened out of a virtual format for a town hall debate against Biden tonight, Biden scheduled his own town hall in Pennsylvania, airing at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. So, copycat Trump got NBC to give him one at the same time in Miami, complete with powder-puff moderator Savannah Guthrie.

Joke’s on Trump. It’s outside, and he’ll be competing with the traffic on the MacArthur Causeway (Biden had one in the same venue October 5, and it was deafening). As Trump strains to emote, I hope it brings on a choking fit. I won’t see it; I’ll be watching Biden.

Here’s Trump at his rally in Des Moines, Iowa, last night. He gloated over Bruce Ohr, who’s currently as newsworthy as Hillary’s emails (look him up). No one noticed when Trump called Ohr’s wife Molly. Her name is Nellie.

Right after that, trashing Hunter Biden, Trump failed three times to say “Burisma,” finally proclaiming his mangled fourth attempt how “they” pronounce it…

Thoughts on the VP Debate

October 8, 2020

By Karen

Instead of composing a post on the VP debate last night, I’m sharing my raw notes, which I’ve cleaned up for clarity:

WTF with stage? They want everyone catching COVID? Chairs too close, Plexiglas too small. Unprotected moderator within spewing distance.

Pence is a bot. Defends Trump no matter what or how nonsensical. When asked to answer for Trump’s atrocities, deflects & projects.

Pence runs FAR over time to spout lies on COVID questions.

Harris finally warms up, but pulls a punch not asking Pence, “If your management of virus has been so great, why did Trump catch it?”

Pence to Harris on vaccine: “Stop playing politics with people’s lives.” Hypocrite!

Pence, asked about VP’s role, answers with more COVID BS, then veers into swine flu. Claims Obama left Trump a “depleted stockpile” (of what?).

Pence: “The American people have a right to know about the health and well-being of the president” & Trump’s doctors will “continue their transparency.” Translation: more lies coming.

Harris answers question about president’s health with Trump’s taxes. Not good.

Pence recites Fox fan fiction about Trump’s integrity.

On economic recovery, Pence recites a list of lies about Biden’s plans. When Harris alludes to Pence lying, he interrupts to debate that & persists until she finally shuts him down.

Pence: “President Trump and I have a plan to improve health care.” Response should be: Why has nobody ever seen it?

Instead of answering questions, both too intent on getting in rehearsed facts and digs, even if totally off-topic.

Pence claims under Trump we have the cleanest air and water ever. Gets no push-back.

Pence fixated on fracking and fossil fuels. Claims Biden will abolish both.

Harris says Trump took words “science” and “climate change” off the website. Fact. Pence just shakes his head.

Pence: “The climate is changing, we’ll follow the science,” then veers off into taxes. And again with the fucking fracking! Keeps harping on Green New Deal & invokes AOC. Dog whistle to the base.

Harris does a good job of speaking directly to voters.

Pence: “Biden has been a cheerleader for China over the past several decades.” Also says to Harris several times, like he’s so clever, “You’re entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts.”

Pence defends Trump’s USMCA (was NAFTA), but question was about China.

Pence blames China for COVID & repeats China travel ban AGAIN as Trump’s shining moment.

Harris: Obama-Biden had an office on pandemics & sent people to China, but Trump abolished all of it. Pence gives sad head shake, his go-to response to all facts.

Finally, Harris mentions Russia. Trump “embracing dictators” and “unilateral approach to foreign policy and isolationism.” Trump “doesn’t understand what it means to be honest.”

Can hear Pence’s every breath. COVID maybe?

Pence not interrupting as much as Trump, but he runs past his time a LOT & Mod lets him.

Harris says Trump called troops’ brain injuries “headaches.” Pence’s head tilts left with vaguely pained poker face. He’s feeling his ass getting handed to him.

Pence responds to “absurd slanders” against Trump with whopper: “President Trump not only respects, but reveres, all of those who serve in our armed forces, and any other suggestion is ridiculous.”

Mod reminds Pence his campaign agreed to debate rules, and that he’s taking more time than Harris.

Pence dodges every new question by babbling more on previous question. Will not, cannot, stay on topic because he’s got nothing.

Pence’s eyes are really red. He’s about to test positive.

Harris’ “happy warrior” demeanor amazing. She should have bitch-slapped that lying bastard senseless by now.

Pence brings up “separation of powers” on SCOTUS. Desperately insists Harris answer whether Dems will “pack the court,” as if the fucking Republicans haven’t already done that by STEALING two seats.

When they show Pence at just the right angle, he has bat ears.

Black speck on Pence’s hair? Was it there before? [Back up DVR] No. A fly!

Photo: Newsweek

Pence denies Trump refused to condemn white supremacists in first debate.

After several minutes, fly leaves. Bored? Can’t Pence feel it?

Pence invokes Trump’s Jewish grandkids as proof Trump condemns white supremacists. WTF?

Disappointed with Harris. She didn’t always answer questions & could have squashed Pence much more with direct, factual put-downs.

Pence devolved into Trump, lying, babbling, talking overtime, interrupting, trying to dominate.

Pence’s closing statement: “I believe in all my heart that President Donald Trump is going to be elected for 4 more years.” He knows they’re losing. More lies about Obama spying on Trump. Poor Trump, “No obstruction, no collusion, case closed.” They “tried” to impeach Trump “over a phone call.” Mail-in voter fraud. Accuses Biden of trying to “change the rules” of elections (projection). Assorted bat-shit nonsense.

Post-debate: Mother joins Pence on stage sans mask. They can share a ventilator.

BONUS: It didn’t seem possible, but Randy Rainbow has upped his game, teaming up with Patti LuPone on this amazing number from Gypsy that makes me giddy at the prospect…

DOUBLE BONUS: When Trump sprang himself from the hospital, The Lincoln Project turned his “Il Douchebag” balcony scene into “Covita”!…

Wait, What Did I Say About Republicans Digging Graves?

October 1, 2020

By Karen

The hole got a few feet deeper September 29, when Joe Biden and Donald Trump stood on a stage together. I can’t call it a “debate” because it was 90 minutes of a sneering, smirking, babbling orangutan flinging verbal feces at two mature adults.

To the Republican Party’s everlasting damnation, that orangutan (whom I’ll never call a “president”) is in the White House, and every sniveling coward still enabling him is a cult member.

What’s driving me bonkers is how journalists, pundits and politicians are dealing with the aftermath.

Yesterday morning, the Richmond Times-Dispatch ran this AP story that made NO MENTION of Trump’s unhinged behavior. Here’s just the lede (newspaper-speak for opening or summary)…

President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden squared off Tuesday night in their crucial first debate of the 2020 campaign, the most pivotal opportunity yet for them to outline starkly different visions for a country facing multiple crises.

Hours later, under the same headline and with the same four AP reporters’ bylines, Tulsa World ran this  complete rewrite

The first debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden deteriorated into bitter taunts and near chaos Tuesday night as Trump repeatedly interrupted his opponent with angry — and personal — jabs that sometimes overshadowed the sharply different visions each man has for a nation facing historic crises.

The whole article was redone, calling it the “most tumultuous presidential debate in recent memory,” with “heated clashes,” “deeply personal attacks,” “belligerent tone” and “Trump interrupting, nearly shouting, so often that Biden eventually snapped at him, ‘Will you shut up, man?”

Finally, a truer description of what we all saw. This is what Trump’s usual “harshest” Republican critics (but ultimately sycophants) said…

Senator Susan Collins of Maine: “It was the least educational debate of any presidential debate I’ve ever seen.”

Gee, Susan, ya THINK?

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska: “It was awful.”

By not saying WHY, they throw half the blame in Biden’s lap, which is bullshit.

Any complete and honest assessment MUST include the word “BECAUSE.”

Because… Trump has become incapable of answering questions or having reasonable discussions. His addled thinking clearly revolves around spite. If he’s on meds, they’re making it worse. Forget the election, he showed he’s unfit to be in the White House now and should be removed immediately for national security.

Biden’s assessment was even too kind. He called Trump…

“A self-entitled, self-serving president who thinks everything is about him. He thinks if he just yells louder and lower, throws out lie after lie, he’ll get his way.”

Biden was superhuman in keeping his cool while Trump wouldn’t let him finish a sentence. When Trump blew off Biden’s son Beau’s military service so he could pivot to mocking Hunter’s past drug use (with Don Jr. likely coked to the gills in the audience), Trump spat in the face of every parent in the country.

One thing Biden managed to say that got the biggest rise from Trump came while discussing COVID-19 response. Trump let Biden speak for about 30 seconds, and Joe said Trump needs to get “a lot smarter, a lot quicker.”

Clearly, “smarter” was the only word Trump registered. With menace, he asked, “Did you use the word ‘smart’?” Then he babbled about Biden’s college, accused him of being at the bottom of his class, and devolved into this gibberish: “Don’t ever use the word ‘smart’ with me. Because you know what? There’s nothing smart about you, Joe.”

Biden somehow refrained from delivering the perfect retort, “You’re absolutely right, Donald. I apologize. Nobody should ever use the word ‘smart’ and your name in the same sentence.”

When it was finally over, the wives came on stage. While Jill Biden gave Joe a big hug, Melania let Trump hold her hand, and he tried to jerk her arm out of its socket…

Now would be the perfect time for Trump’s doctors to honor their “duty to warn” and come clean about what’s up with his neurology. It’s malpractice to risk allowing a patient whose brain they KNOW is melting into goo to have another four years to destroy the country.

This shit show was at Case Western Reserve University, the research arm of the Cleveland Clinic. Trump’s family and staff were asked and refused to wear masks in the audience. The Biden side wore them throughout.

The next event will be a Miami town hall on October 15, where the candidates will take audience questions. I’m betting Joe will freely wander the stage, but they’ll give Trump a podium so he doesn’t face-plant.

BONUS: Trump’s obvious derangement is even more pronounced in writing. Here’s a complete transcript of the event.

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