Kittenapper Sentenced, Kitten Found – Then NOT

November 3, 2011

By Max

Remember Christine Hemming, the woman in England who stole Beauty, the kitten belonging to her husband’s love-child, and then tried to return it by shoving it under someone else’s fence? If not, read my post about it.

Well, Christine was sentenced on October 28 on a burglary conviction to 9 months in jail suspended and 150 hours of community service — I hope cleaning litterboxes at a cat shelter having a diarrhea epidemic. She must also pay £1,000 ($1,599) in restitution to Beauty’s former family.

Then within days, everyone thought Beauty had been FOUND!

A tomcat named Felix, who belongs to a nice lady in Birmingham, led “Beauty” to his house two months after she disappeared, and the cat has been getting fed there ever since (although, presumably, still living outdoors).

The woman only connected the dots that her stray might be Beauty recently, because news reports of the trial kept talking about a kitten. She called John Hemming and he thought the cat was Beauty. (See her tell it here.)

This cat is an adult now and nursing a litter of kittens. But then a group called Cat Protection said the cat is NOT Beauty because their markings are too different, and John Hemming admitted they are probably right.

What do you think?

Beauty's on the left -- are they the same cat?

I think we’re back to wondering whatever happened to poor Beauty — and I hope that woman gets her stray spayed!

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