Bo Obama May Need the Dog Whisperer

April 16, 2009

By Yul

First Dog Bo looks more full-grown than puppy, and he’s dragged every Obama family member except little Sasha. Michelle’s new vegetable garden could probably use some Secret Service protection, since Bo may want revenge for the poodle number somebody did on his tail.

Let's hope they leave Bo's butt furry. (Photo - Bill O'Leary, Washington Post)

Let's hope they leave Bo's butt furry. (Photo - Bill O'Leary, Washington Post)

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan loves to domesticate psycho dogs with macho methods that would leave him in shreds with any cat, but I think the Obamas, as first-time dog owners, could use Cesar before Bo stages a coup d’etat.

However, gaining control of Bo comes with some risk. Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and their ilk would probably never let them hear the end of it. “Oh great! The leader of the free world needs lessons in how to lead his own pack.”


Bo is registered with the American Kennel Club as Amigo’s New Hope. “Amigo” is the name of breeder Art Stern’s facility.

Bo’s mother is Penny, and his maternal grandmother is 9-year-old Pooka, who lives nearby in DC with some woman who works at the Department of Transportation.

Bo’s father is a 6-year-old stud named Watson, who lives in Pennsylvania. Watson knows how to stand next to the sink and flip food out of the garbage disposal.

A children’s book, Bo, America’s Commander in Leash, is already set for publication later this month. Author Naren Aryal couldn’t have known much, if anything, about the First Dog, so use of Bo’s name seems a shameless grab for book sales. I wonder if Michelle will be as vocal in condemning canine exploitation as she was with the Sasha and Malia dolls?

While training with Henry Higgins for his Washington debut, Bo learned to sit, shake, roll over, and bark, “I won’t rain in the plane as we fly over Spain.” He also understands the commands “off” and “wait.”

I heard on the news that Bo was returned by his first adoptive family because of some friction with their other dog.

The next thing we’re itching to know is what Bo does all day while the girls are at school. I hope Obama gives Bo a Cabinet seat and names him Secretary of Animal Rights.


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