Atkins Meal Makes Fasting a Better Option

March 28, 2016

By Karen

Since being on Weight Watchers®, I default to Lean Cuisine® or Smart Ones® frozen meals when I don’t feel like cooking. Anybody who eats these things knows they never quite look like the picture on the box. But my recent Atkins frozen meal took false advertising to a whole new level.

I tried Atkins because 1) I have a friend on a high-protein diet who says she’s flirting with size 6 and eats pork chops for lunch, and 2) the Atkins meals were on sale.

The Chicken Margherita pulled me in with this photo. By Weight Watchers standards, all that melted cheese qualifies as soft-core food porn…


But here’s what came out of the microwave…


As porn goes, it was the culinary equivalent of two hairy, sweaty people with dirty feet doing it doggy-style on stained sheets with rats running around the bed.

I’m embarrassed to admit I ate it anyway because I hate to waste food — even greasy red and green globs laced with chewy chunks — and that it cost me 11 WW Points Plus (out of my 26-point daily allotment).

Dr. Atkins’ stomach should be turning in his grave.

The cats got the last laugh when my dinner looked, smelled, and tasted (according to them) a lot worse than any canned food I’ve ever served them — including the many flavors of Fancy Feast® they hate.

And an hour later, I needed a sandwich.

Weight Watchers® Update

August 20, 2012

By Karen

Part 5 – Strange Path to the 10% Sweet Spot

After 12 weeks with Weight Watchers® online, I’ve lost a tad over 10% of my starting weight, or roughly 19 lbs. They say this is supposed to yield an untold wealth of health benefits.

It does feel good. But I still don’t feel slim and nobody’s saying, “There’s something different about you. Have you done something to your hair?”

A 2.1-lb. drop last week, the most I’ve lost since the earliest stages, resulted from some weird eating.

First, my salty/crunchy craving made me demolish 3 bags of pork rinds at 16 points each (remember, I get 26 points/day).

Why pork rinds? Because I vaguely remembered they were a good thing on the Atkins Diet.

I also snacked on turkey pepperoni instead of yucky raw carrots or celery because 16 slices (of pepperoni) are only 2 points.

And I cut back on fruit.

Basically, I pushed back on the WW vegetarian agenda and increased fat and protein à la Ottavia Bourdain. (Maybe my next craving will be to beat up somebody!)

This morning I tried on my bathing suit and decided I wouldn’t die if I were seen in it, although I wouldn’t be proud, either. I still have Mr. Peanut’s torso — if he had enormous boobs.

The other day I treated myself to a dressy little top on sale in size large that fits like a sausage casing now, but I hope to wear at the holidays.

I’m walking or pedaling 10,000 steps or more every single day.

I don’t miss potatoes or sweets. Starch-wise, I’m having nothing but whole-grain bread and pasta, except for a Thomas’ thin bagel 3x a week with lox and light cream cheese.

But I miss do beef and pork a LOT.

I’ve considered quitting WW’s annoying site and continuing alone, but online tracking is keeping me honest, and I do appreciate the weekly canned encouragement, since the cats couldn’t care less what I look like.

My next weight-loss goal is another 5%.

At my next doctor’s visit, I want to see the nurse’s face when, for the first time in ages, she realizes she doesn’t have to fling that 150-lb. weight on the scale to get my number.

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