Rand Paul Can’t Tell a Predator from a Paramour

January 27, 2014

By Adele

That pinging sound you hear is Rand Paul’s loose screws hitting the floor. Yesterday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Paul told David Gregory he thinks that Republicans’ chronic misogyny is being overstated because Bill Clinton had a “predatory” affair with Monica Lewinsky back in 1995-97 when she was only 20.

Maybe it was an honest mistake that Paul tried to paint Monica as barely past jail bait, when she was actually 22. But we know that’s what Republicans do with easily provable facts — ignore them.

Paul went on to say that although it wasn’t Hillary’s fault, Bill’s affair should be OK to use against her if she runs for president in 2016.

In Paul’s telling, the Clinton-Lewinsky encounter was a one-off where Bill pounced on her like a total perv in — gasp! — “his office”!! Paul repeats the location several times. Watch him spout this nonsense with your own eyes.

By Monica’s account, it was an ongoing, consensual relationship. Oops, there’s another pesky fact to ignore.

If Bill Clinton had a problem with women, it was that he liked them TOO MUCH, and he was too eager to get hands-on with it. Clinton’s administration didn’t make a hobby of cooking up ways to disenfranchise women.

Bill may have liked to see women strip off their clothes, but he wasn’t into stripping them of their rights.

On the other hand, too many male Republican politicians like to sit in their offices and dream about all the pregnant women seeking abortions they’d like to see first being penetrated during medically needless transvaginal ultrasound procedures.

Or being raped and forced to bear their attacker’s baby if they get pregnant. Or spending their reproductive years popping out a baby every 9 months because they have no access to birth control.

Who sounds pervier now?

If you’ve been reading Cats Working, you may remember I was for Hillary Clinton before I was against her, and I defected because of her response to Bill’s infidelity.

But Rand Paul has catapulted me back onto Hillary’s bandwagon, if only because she’d never go on national TV and pull fake history out of her ass to make nonsensical points to justify indefensible positions.

If Hillary does decide to run, one can only hope Rand Paul is her opponent. It would be such a joy to watch her eviscerate him in a debate — which she undoubtedly could.

Only a walking brain-dead woman (I’m looking at you, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter) could listen to male Republican trash talk about women and believe they don’t see women as a threat, and are actively scheming to send women back to the Dark Ages at the first opportunity.


Black Cats Must Stick Together

July 23, 2010

By Yul

I was surprised when President Obama was so quick to join in and brand Georgia USDA employee (and black cat) Shirley Sherrod a racist and let her be forced into resigning, thanks to white conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart publishing on BigGovernment.com an out-of-context clip from a speech Serrod delivered in March to the NAACP.

Breitbart is upset that the NAACP thinks Tea Partiers are a bunch of racists. His brilliant way of refuting that assertion was to deliberately distort a black woman’s words and try to destroy her lifelong career of helping people in need.

Nothing hateful or racist about that.

Since the truth came out that Sherrod’s speech was really about seeing the light, Breitbart has been saying he’s not after her, but the NAACP. He keeps insisting the audience approved when Sherrod said felt biased against a white farmer 24 years ago. This was before she worked for the USDA.

Slate has dissected the whole incident beautifully, so there’s no need to repeat it all here.

As it turned out, despite her misgivings, Sherrod did help the farmer keep his land by hooking him up with a white attorney. So what’s Brietbart’s point? The attorney should have been black?

Sherrod and the farmer even became friends and he says he’s grateful to her and thinks she should keep her job.

So now Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Obama himself have personally apologized to Sherrod, and they’ve created an even better job specifically for her in the Dept. of Agriculture.

Sherrod is saying she needs to think about it, but I’m thinking she’ll take it.

On Fox News, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter said Breitbart was deliberately “set up” when someone sent him only that clip of Sherrod’s speech, conveniently omitting that Breitbart took it and ran with it with malicious intent without seeing the rest of the speech.

Once again, the Tea Party comes off looking like a rabble of “angry white people.” Instead of destroying Shirley Sherrod’s career, they’ve handed her a promotion on a silver platter.

It makes this black cat feel good.

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