Abortion: Only the Tip of the Real Problem

By Karen

A draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court’s still-pending decision on Roe v. Wade has leaked and reveals the expected. The conservative majority (Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Coney Barrett, maybe Roberts) will allow states once again to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies, or risk death trying to end them.

Meanwhile, sadistic state Republicans across the country are passing draconian laws to severely restrict or ban abortion altogether.

The nightmare is here, so, will women stop whining and start demanding an eye for an eye? Or, a dick for a uterus?

(NOTE: I use “dick” instead of the proper term to avoid an avalanche of porn spam.)

While Republican men have wet dreams about torturing expectant mothers and then starving, neglecting, abusing and using their toddlers for target practice, women seem to be repeating Democrats’ mistake by playing nice. They express outrage on cable news and hold marches and peaceful protests.

Women, wake up. We need to scream and do something about the root cause of abortion: men’s dicks.

Dicks exist only for sperm delivery. OK, sperm and urine. Dickless men would have to sit down to pee like ladies. No biggie.

If not for dicks doing their sperm thing, abortion would be unneeded, legal or otherwise.

Every abortion now in question started with a dick attached to a man.

[“What about in vitro fertilization?” you cleverly ask. Stay focused. Women who get in vitro (Latin for “without dick”) are desperate. They don’t get abortions unless something goes terribly wrong. Those tragic terminations should have another name and are excluded from my discussion.]

Sicko Republicans paint women as inherently evil baby-killers whose lives must be destroyed — even if they were rape or incest victims. Whereas, the real evil is men’s unfettered dick freedom. Nobody’s suggesting the first fucking remedy for that. Not even male birth control.

Female legislators need to grow a pair and write counter-legislation.

How about bills mandating stiff penalties for men who impregnate women against their will, even if they’re married? If the child is born, the woman can sue to ensure financial support for herself and the child for 18 years, even if there’s a divorce.

Or, how about enabling a woman to sue for $10,000 any man who hits on her for unwanted sex that could result in pregnancy?

Call this one #MeToo on Steroids, or a Bounty on Indiscriminate Dicks. If Texas can put a bounty on uteruses, why not?

Men who try to skip out on the court’s ruling against them for any reason are reported, arrested and given the option of vasectomy or chemical castration (their choice) so they can’t offend again.

This is basically TNR (trap-neuter-release) used on feral cat colonies to reduce their numbers, only applied to human men. If enough men skirt their financial penalties, they get neutered, the birth rate drops and abortion eventually becomes moot.

Seem harsh? Think about this:

Most men think of their dicks as instruments of pride, pleasure (or power) over women, not baby-makers. To exterminate men with this attitude would admittedly be extreme, but we can certainly curb their dicks.

While this female-friendly legislation gets debated, women could exercise options some currently ignore, if the numbers fleeing Texas for abortions are any indication. For starters, keep your legs together. If you feel frisky, you can do the job quicker and better yourself and, unless your man has no hands, so can he.

In extreme cases, remember Lorena Bobbitt. She became famous in 1993 for cracking under sexual abuse (and a forced abortion) and castrating her husband. The world would be a lot safer for all women if more wives trained their husbands to sleep with one eye open, or risk waking up looking like a Ken doll.

Women need to get real and get loud about dicks. In addition to legal penalties, we need to ban Viagra, Cialis and whatever other dick-inflating pills they’ve got, as well as pumps, implants and any other pervy devices they use.

If women can’t have abortions, then men need to take responsibility for their role in pregnancy and be punished to the fullest extent if it’s unwanted.

And may every dick on the Supreme Court (including Amy the c*nt) who doesn’t like this solution be damned.

14 Responses to Abortion: Only the Tip of the Real Problem

  1. Pat says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

  2. catsworking says:

    Pat, thank you.

  3. Donna says:

    Every. Word. Of. This.

  4. catsworking says:

    Donna, as this gets hashed around by all the talking heads on TV, I find myself getting absolutely FURIOUS at the men. Sure, I’m watching MSNBC, where they’re all sympathetic. But NOT ONE OF THEM is taking any responsibility for their innate culpability and what they might do to minimize the need for abortions.

    I did see one woman holding up a sign in an Amy Schumer Instagram post that said something like, “Men are 100% responsible for abortion.”

    THAT’S where women need to steer the conversation. What this country needs is not fewer abortions, but MORE vasectomies.

  5. bassgirl23 says:

    late to the party again – but as the mom of a teenage girl, I definitely agree. Can you imagine the response if they were to mandate (reversible) vasectomies when boys hit puberty? Oh, what, you don’t like someone else interfering with your body? Didn’t think so. Yet here we (or at least, millions of women) are.

    Watching all this from Canada and wondering just how long it takes before the “debate” starts here. There’s definitely a very small but vocal pro-life contingent within our conservative party (federal and provincial) but for now they’re keeping quiet. For how long, I have no idea but based on how the far right here seems to be coming together in a way that the climate reminds me of about 10 years ago in the USA, I’d say we’re not even close to being safe.

  6. catsworking says:

    bassgirl, I thought of another way to make men think twice about forcing women to bear children. How about the MAN becomes responsible for raising the child if the mother can’t/chooses not to? Even rapists (who can be identified).

    Stick a man for at least 18 years with sole custody of a child he never wanted and I bet abortion becomes sacred.

    I think the one advantage Canada has over the U.S. when it comes to the backward-thinking nuts (I refuse to call them “right,” because they’re not). You don’t have a national mouthpiece like Trump. Trump has spawned a whole army of racist, misogynistic seditionists in public office (as well as Fox “News” and the other two treason propaganda networks OAN and NewsMax) who are all spewing this stuff. Until Trump and his cronies are rounded up and punished, their followers are emboldened — some to the point of mass killings.

  7. For many years my solution to aggression in other countries has been mass neutering. It worked great on my crazy boy cat. My vet volunteered to hold a clinic in those places for mass neutering. It would help in this case too. It’s been my contention that if you don’t have a uterus you don’t get a vote on it. Voting for choice does not mean you endorse abortions. It means you respect other people’s right to their own beliefs.

  8. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Kate! Yes, mass neutering would be the optimal solution. No balls, no more wars. Period.

    Men are whining now about a drop in their testosterone, which I don’t believe is happening, based on their behavior.

    There isn’t a woman on the PLANET who “likes” abortion. It’s the resolution of last resort. What burns my cookies is idiots who talk about women using abortion as a “convenient” form of birth control, like they have one every month.

    In most cases, it’s a terrible decision to make, and is certainly NO business of anyone who, as you said, “doesn’t have a uterus.”

  9. “burns your cookies?” You have a way with words! 🙂

  10. catsworking says:

    Heh, heh, heh, Kate (that was the evil George W. Bush chuckle, if you can’t place it). There’s plenty more in my oven where those burned cookies came from…

  11. J. Andrew Smith says:

    Abortion is NOT the taking of a life. It is instead a couple creating a life then changing their mind. It is instead a rape victim deciding against bearing the child of a soulless maniac and/or family member. It is instead saving the life of a woman which her pregnancy endangers. It is instead a safe alternative to the coat hangers of the 60s and 70s. And most definitely it is none of anyone else’s business!!

    To all Republicans, repeat after me: None. Of. Your. Business! It’s a couple’s decision to create a life, so it’s also their decision to NOT create a life, which is NOT the same as murder! If you’re all so damn pro-life, why do you support guns, whose only purpose is death? Why do you oppose everything that helps kids once they’re born, such as gov’t programs like WIC and EBT? And how can you support Trump caging kids and tearing families apart?

    And finally, how do you not get it that unplanned babies usually end up welfare recipients, homeless, drug users, criminals or some other burden on YOUR tax dollars? Aren’t you the ones who bytch and moan about half of use supporring the other half? The why don’t you APPLAUD people who decide they’re too poor or unstable to have a kid?

    BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL MORONS!! You should not only have your kids taken, you shouldn’t raise or breed kids, or even vote. Ever. You should do only menial jobs 14x7x365, your wills should be nullified, you should donate blood and tissue regularly, plus all organs upon death, and until then you should also be guinea pigs for drug and medical experiments, bypassing 10 years of animal testing!

  12. catsworking says:

    Welcome, J. Andrew. Apologies for this taking so long to post, but I just found it for some reason in the spam folder. Your comment is assuredly not spam.

    All your points are well taken. Let’s take the long view on another one. By forcing women who can least afford it to have children, Republicans are actually swelling the ranks of the brown and black people they hate so much. White women of means will be able to get rid of their unwanted babies, and they will.

    Eventually, whites’ numbers will be so significantly reduced compared to the rest of the melting pot, their increasingly desperate attempts to maintain minority rule will have to be violently and permanently crushed by the majority who finally get fed up with all the lies, cheating and killing.

    By banning abortion, the white guys are sealing their own future doom.

  13. J. Andrew Smith says:

    And most of these unplanned unwanted children will become wards of the state – aren’t Republicans the ones who bytch and moan about half of us supporting the other half? And I would think they’d end up Democraric voters do, those who survive to 18 and vote! Bobby Jindal was right: the GOP is truly The Stupid Party! But then it’s The Stupid MASSES who vote for them, and every vote counts equally – it would be great if everyone had one vote per IQ point!

  14. catsworking says:

    J. Andrew, another good point. Any child born in dire circumstances who manages to grow up without being slaughtered at school will see which party has refused to provide the slightest help to him or her.

    With every move they make, Republicans are marching toward their own destruction. They may be enjoying a feeling of power now from all the gaslighting, lying, cheating and killing they’ve so far managed to get away with, but they’re just motivating the rest of us to crush them at the first opportunity. And we will. No country can survive for long on an ideology of pure selfishness and ignorance.

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