Our Poltergeist Strikes Again… and Again

By Karen

Last year, I told you how Roc and I witnessed a book being pushed or pulled out of the bookcase in my bedroom when nobody had touched it.

[OMG… in pulling up the link to that previous post, I just realized the new development I’m about to tell you started within a week or so of the book, in July 2021. It never occurred to me the two incidents might be related.]

It was a Thursday morning that July when the wall switch that powers the garbage disposal went suddenly dead. The disposal itself was fine and relatively new; I just couldn’t turn it on. I wondered if the tiny ants who sometimes invade the kitchen in warm weather might have caused the problem.

I quickly learned how you don’t appreciate your disposal until it’s gone. For the four days I waited for a repairman, I had to scrape uneaten cat food and other yucky bits into the “stinky bag” I always keep in the freezer for onions, banana peels, chicken bones, et cetera, until trash day because rancid garbage makes me gag.

The repairman removed the switch plate and didn’t see any ants. When he touched two wires together, the garbage disposal roared to life. So, it appeared to be a simple loose connection. Who knows how that happened after 39 years?

As a precaution, I had him replace the whole switch, and he showed me how he twined the wires together to be extra-secure.

All was well until last Monday morning. I’d just scraped a pile of Roc and Tony’s rejected cat mush down the disposal when I flipped the switch and it was dead again.

The repair company couldn’t send someone until Friday, so I had to scoop the now-soaking-wet cat mush out of the disposal with my hand and into the stinky bag.

As the week dragged by, I kept flipping the switch to make sure it wasn’t a bad dream, but it was futile.

When the second repairman finally arrived, I flipped the switch for him once and it was dead. Then I flipped it again.


And it worked every time after that. He checked out the new switch and everything looked fine. And no ants.

I felt like a complete fool, now out $99 for the unnecessary call. The repairman probably thought I’m a pathetic cat lady with more money than brains who calls in bogus issues for somebody to talk to.

Now, I throw anything down the garbage disposal with trepidation. Fool me twice… Or is “something” trying to get my attention using the electricity? This incident brought to mind what happened one night in October 2021.

I told you how the living room lamp mysteriously blew a bulb at a crucial moment while I was watching the Anthony Bourdain documentary, Roadrunner. The timing of that gave me chills.

What’s next?

UPDATE – IT JUST HAPPENED AGAIN: I first drafted this post two days ago, so the Phantom of the Garbage Disposal knew I was writing about it.

Yesterday morning, I was tidying up the Man Cave Café (a.k.a. upstairs bathroom). Max was sitting in the Man Cave (bedroom/junkroom) on the end table beside the couch, and Roc was standing at the opposite end of the couch. My back was turned when I heard a thump.

It was this small Amazon box holding my collection of plastic store “poop bags” nicely folded for future use…

As you can see, the box was securely tucked between other boxes. I haven’t touched it since I put it there weeks ago, and the cats were nowhere within striking distance. Now, that box was on the floor. Max and Roc were looking at the spot where it came from, but not spooked at all.

I recreated the moment to show you where/how the box landed, and Tony insisted on assisting me…

I have logistical questions about how the box landed with its top facing up without actually being lifted (or was it?). I put it back in position and pulled it out every which way. It always landed where Tony is standing. So, whatever’s doing this stuff is flexing its muscles. I swear I’m not making any of this up.

6 Responses to Our Poltergeist Strikes Again… and Again

  1. mary hunter says:


    This is so interesting! You definitely have a poltergeist in your house. I’ve sometimes wondered if they come with the house, or are someone in our lives that “visits” from time to time. Personally, in various homes I’ve experienced both! Thanks for the update!

  2. catsworking says:

    Mary, I’ve been in the house for 35 years this month, and this seriously paranormal stuff just started happening last July when that book fell. Over the years, I’ve felt several past cats dropping in, but they just make their presence known with a brush or a thump on the bed. Only twice, in all the hundreds of cat pictures I’ve taken, they appeared as orbs in photos of the newest cats at Christmas. If all the cats who ever lived here with me were haunting, I’d have 11 total!

    I’m used to the current cats rearranging things. Max even slams doors. I once had a pet sitter who said she would freak out and think I’d been burgled when she’d find things out of place or doors closed that had been open.

    Another very weird incident that I haven’t mentioned is the chimney. Last fall I had the cap (I think that’s what it’s called) on it replaced because water was leaking into the flue. Anyway, it’s the flat piece of metal that covers the top of the chimney.

    Inside the fireplace, I have foil covering the floor because I had been burning candles in it instead of logs.

    A month or so after the cap work, it was raining and the cats and I could hear water dripping down the chimney. I opened the fireplace doors and Tony went right in to inspect. I opened the flue, and a little bit of water came down and soaked the tip of Tony’s tail.

    So, I called the chimney guy to come and check it. He came within the week and found NO SIGN of water. He said the dust and spiderwebs that had been up top were undisturbed. And when he came inside and looked at the foil, THERE WAS NO SIGN OF DRIPS in the dust and soot, which was impossible.

    Again, I looked like a fool, and I KNOW what I heard and saw and felt. And Tony’s tail was WET.

    Whatever this thing is, the cats aren’t bothered, which I find reassuring. When the box fell the other day, Roc walked toward it to check it out, and Max was sitting on the table right above where it landed and he didn’t move. So, they seem familiar with it.

  3. bassgirl23 says:

    It’s strange isn’t it? A few weeks ago on my way home from work I lost a bracelet. I’d last seen it at work when I’d been washing my hands. I got in my front door before I realized it was gone. Looked everywhere in my car, retraced steps, couldn’t find it. I didn’t tell anyone (it’s just me and my husband at home as our daughter is away at university), as I was so sad about losing it.

    About a week went by. One morning I decided to put some laundry away in my closet. It’s got 2 levels as it’s built partly above a vaulted staircase, so there’s a small set of stairs leading from the main part into the upper section. I’m in both parts at least twice a day.

    I opened the closet door, turned on the lights, and there on the top step, right in the middle (lined up like it had been placed there) was my bracelet. It had NOT been there the day before as I would’ve literally had to step on it in order to get something I had worn the previous morning (let alone all the days prior).

    Still can’t figure it out but I’m so happy it’s back – at least my poltergeist is helpful lol! Maybe have a chat with yours that you’d prefer it do something more productive!

  4. catsworking says:

    bassgirl, what an amazing story! I’m so glad you got your bracelet back. And the circumstances 100% point to “something” watching out for you. Your husband certainly wouldn’t find your bracelet lying around (which he couldn’t since you seemed to have lost it at work) and lay it on that particular step instead of just giving it to you. This gives me goosebumps.

    Maybe your poltergeist is really an angel. Mine seems not to be, since it’s cost me $228 in service calls on the disposal switch so far and earning me a reputation as a dingbat who imagines things.

    Recently, something similar happened here. Tony was playing with his blue sparkle ball, batting it all over downstairs, when it suddenly vanished. I looked high and low for it (under furniture, refrigerator, in all the nooks and crannies, etc.) and couldn’t find it anywhere.

    A few days later, I walked into the living room and it was sitting in the middle of the floor. Tony was nowhere in sight. I assume when he lost it, he knew where it went, and then he retrieved it. But how could he lose it in a place where I couldn’t find it, and then be able to get his paws on it again?

  5. MorganLf says:

    I have a stinky bag too in freezer! Can’t handle onion peels or rotten anything! I keep a garbage bag for paper etc.

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, great minds think alike!

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