Some Days, I Just Can’t…

By Karen

Does anyone else feel like they can’t handle one more scandal, disaster or war?

First, we had to endure four years of Trump’s firehose of lies and gaslighting — now five years+ and counting because the DOJ must secretly worship Trump at a shrine they’ve erected in the basement.

Bad as that was, it was overlapped by two years of coronavirus pandemic, which virtually wiped my memory of my existence during 2020 and 2021.

Those two slow-rolling nightmares made my hair thin and my skin break out in a full-body rash I’m still dealing with. (I took up meditation and the skin is much better, but scalp psoriasis persists, thanks for asking.)

Photo: New York Post

Today, you turn on the TV and it’s wall-to-wall coverage of Putin’s unjustified, illegal Ukraine invasion. I can watch only about 10 minutes of CNN before I have to turn off. That’s because I freak out knowing the world is just WATCHING — helpless to stop it — while Putin tries to obliterate a country and murder its entire population.

I abandoned MSNBC completely after Rachel Maddow swanned off to make the movie nobody’s waiting for about a forgotten asshole, Spiro Agnew, just when we need her to keep connecting dots and nailing Republican traitors until they’re brought to justice or voted out (or retire or die).

If I hear one more talking head say Putin “may have” committed war crimes, my own head will explode. We have laws defining war crimes. How many demolished civilian homes and public buildings, and bodies being dumped into mass graves, do we need to see before the gutless media admits and unequivocally states…


Yesterday I heard Secretary of State Antony Blinken say the U.S. has determined that Russian forces “have” committed war crimes and they will be held accountable.

So, we round up and prosecute all the small-potato soldiers? Crush the little guys perpetrating death and destruction on the orders of a homicidal megalomaniac?

Why does this feel familiar? Oh, right. Merrick Garland’s massive “crackdown” on MAGA 1/6 rioters who stormed, vandalized and shit all over the U.S. Capitol.

Our leaders are essentially saying we must NEVER go after power-hungry madmen who launch heinous assaults against humanity to stroke their own egos and make their dicks feel bigger. It might upset them.

I feel like I expend all my energy trying to maintain my sanity while the people who are supposed to uphold justice twiddle. I’ve got no capacity left to cope with earthquakes, floods, mudslides, tornadoes and new COVID outbreaks.

I’ve deliberately kept SCOTUS developments off my radar since Biden confirmed his pick would be a black woman. I knew he’d pick someone vastly more caring and competent than Trump’s cruel, subversive ideologues, Kavanaugh and Barrett. I don’t need to watch the confirmation hearing to know Republicans will act like the hateful, ignorant, misogynistic, racist hypocrites they all are.

As with Putin and Trump, we already have mountains of evidence proving beyond doubt that many Republicans in Congress are corrupt, treasonous scumbags with zero regard for decency or human life. What we don’t see is anyone who should be confronting and punishing them doing it.

That’s what’s depresses me most. The brave Ukrainian people will succeed in repelling Putin from their country because defeat is not an option for them. But victory will come at the steepest imaginable cost.

Meanwhile, the U.S. sticks to its goal of letting all the bad guys win — at least, the ones who are politicians.

6 Responses to Some Days, I Just Can’t…

  1. Donna says:

    Can I add to the skin rash with intermittent insomnia and…uh…gastric issues? I was just having the conversation with a friend that the upheaval daylight savings time has wreaked upon our already delicate sanity is too much. We both were relieved to hear that either of us isn’t “the only one!” I really feel your pain,Karen! Plus dealing with a sick parent ?? Fuggedaboutit!

  2. catsworking says:

    Donna, speaking of daylight saving time, I will be going ballistic next year if Congress really confiscates an hour of all our lives and then KEEPS it, which is what they’re planning to do by making DST permanent. The medical community says the right thing to do would be to keep standard time and stop FUCKING WITH THE CLOCKS to fake more daylight, but Congress knows better.

    I don’t think I have yet fully recovered from the clock change. The day it happens, I always feel frantic. Not to mention it completely throws off the cats as far as when they should get fed.

    My mother has started walking, bathing and eating again, so we’re getting a brief respite from that unfolding nightmare at the moment.

  3. Carol Conrad says:

    Thank you for summing it all up so succinctly; my general disappointment in the current administration’s lack of balls has been simmering for so long…
    I burst out laughing with your comment about Rachel and her Agnew exposing efforts. There are certainly plenty of present day assholes to choose from! Good God…
    Always enjoy reading ( and agreeing with ) your thoughts…

  4. catsworking says:

    Carol, thank you so much. I understand that Biden is walking through a minefield with Putin and his threats of chemical and nuclear attacks so I’m with him on that, but domestically, I think the 81 million people who voted for Biden did so because they wanted to see Trump get what’s coming to him, and it looks like it’s never going to happen as long as Merrick Garland runs DOJ.

    That said, one theory for Garland’s inaction is that he’s waiting for Trump’s dementia to progress to the point that he’s declared mentally incompetent if at least one of the MANY cases against him goes to trial. That automatically shuts Trump down from everything. Running again, facing punishment. All they could do, I guess, is seize his assets? But it’s a totally chickenshit strategy from a justice standpoint.

    Garland may think this resolution is coming sooner because Melania hasn’t divorced Trump yet. She may be sticking around because she sees the end in sight, and it saves her the hassle of dragging things out for years in court with him. And if he’s declared incompetent, some of the suits may be dropped, leaving his assets intact for her to scoop up for herself as a widow.

    From the snippets of interviews and rally speeches I’ve seen Trump give lately, I don’t know how much longer they can keep propping him up with drugs and trotting him out in public, because what’s coming out of his mouth is pure gibberish.

    Once Trump falls apart physically, his cult and enablers have NOTHING to fall back on and nobody to blame. Nobody touched him, there was no “witch hunt” that brought him down. He just got old and senile.

    As unsatisfying as it is, maybe that’s the best way to finish him. But as for EVERYBODY who has been helping Trump, Garland should prosecute the hell out every one of them and send them to prison forever.

  5. Bob says:

    I agree with you Karen the world is a mess. If any of the NATO countries had a set of balls between them they would roll in and dare Putin to take a poke at them.

    He’s walking around like he’s the only one with nukes or a decent army. Screw him and the babushka he rode in on.

  6. catsworking says:

    Bob, if all the NATO countries around Ukraine mobilized their militaries and were covered by the U.S. and EU NATO powers, they could roll in and end Putin’s madness within a day or two. I think his army would collapse and surrender at the sight of being grossly overpowered, rather than fight to the last man. The “invading” armies probably wouldn’t even have to fire many shots. And I suspect there are people around Putin willing to put a bullet in his head if he reaches for the nukes, and Putin knows it.

    But if Putin survives intact, next kick him out of the G20 or any other body where he’d have to be treated like a human being. Leave him holed up in his palaces ranting at the walls until the Russian people feel the sanctions enough to drag him out and give him a “Mussolini Grand Finale.”

    Interestingly enough, I’ve been seeing and reading stories today about how Ukrainians are furious at the Russian people for ENABLING Putin, while the West’s position has been, “Oh, poor Russians, not their fault. We want the sanctions to cripple Putin but spare the people.” But since Russia throughout history always seems to default to despots, maybe the whole country needs to be taught a lesson.

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