Did the U.S. Embolden Putin to Invade Ukraine?

By Karen

When Putin succeeded in planting his greasy orange sock puppet named Trump in the White House to disrupt the United States as much as possible, and we allowed it for four years, we should have known Putin wouldn’t stop there.

At Putin’s bidding, Trump did all he could to destroy the federal government and weaken NATO. He illegally withheld military aid from Ukraine to personally blackmail President Volodymyr Zelensky.

As a bonus, Trump even lucked into a random opportunity to effortlessly kill at least 400,000 Americans with lies about coronavirus.

The failed Ukraine scheme earned Trump his first impeachment, but it resulted in a huge jackpot for Putin. When Republicans refused to kick Trump out of office or even fault his blackmail attempt, Putin realized his puppet show (and influence) had magically expanded to include the entire Republican Party.

Then Special Counsel Robert Mueller, with both hands tied behind his back, investigated Trump and couldn’t expose that Putin’s hand was so far up Trump’s ass, we could see Putin giving us the finger out of Trump mouth. So Trump again remained in office.

When Putin didn’t help Trump stay in office in 2020, Trump on his own tried to overthrow the government. This got him impeached a second time, but Putin’s true-blue Republicans helped Trump survive once more without a scratch. This allowed Trump to regroup at Mar-a-Lago and continue fomenting insurrection, taking with him 15 thoughtfully packed boxes of classified documents to give his benefactor Putin as thanks for 2016-2020 memories.

It appears Putin grew bored once Biden was sworn in. Half of Congress are still Putin’s useful idiots, but their individual influence is negligible, so corrupting our government is no fun for him anymore.

Putin’s undoubtedly been watching the Biden administration let Trump and his allies continue to roam the country, campaigning for treason. Anywhere but in the U.S., a former “leader” promoting a violent coup would be arrested, charged, and imprisoned to await trial.

But here’s what Americans are doing when faced with a diaper-wearing wannabe mobster whose entire life of naked criminality has been so evil and vast that it defies description. We investigate, form committees, seat grand juries, launch sub-investigations and subcommittees, issue reports redacted of all the pertinent facts, and amass mountains of irrefutable evidence of guilt. Then we do NOTHING with the evidence until everyone involved dies of natural causes. Then we leave judgment to “future history books.”

If the U.S. had an ounce of respect for law and justice, Trump’s bloated carcass would be rotting in prison or a home for the criminally insane and Putin would be too afraid to send flowers.

I believe our government’s utter failure to punish Trump’s crimes is what gave Putin complete confidence that he could invade and seize Ukraine.

Every time I watch the news and see the senseless carnage and destruction Putin is inflicting on Ukraine, or hear of another “roadblock” or successful Trump stall tactic to stave off punishment, I can’t help feeling that we put Putin up to it with our continued chickenshit coddling of the monster Putin created to test us — Trump.

8 Responses to Did the U.S. Embolden Putin to Invade Ukraine?

  1. Donna says:

    I’m just here to say “firsties!” because I’m too appalled and heartsick to form words. Karen,you nailed it

  2. catsworking says:

    Donna, thank you. I worked on this post for many days, hitting it from every angle, but I couldn’t pull anything together until this version, which is the only explanation that makes sense to me.

    The quickest way to get Putin to back off Ukraine would be for the DOJ to arrest Trump, and for the January 6 committee to stop fucking around and release ALL the evidence they have of Trump’s sedition and treason. And unredact the Mueller report. Humiliate Trump to the hilt and prosecute the shit out of him — in public. That’s the only kind of strength Putin fears.

  3. Donna says:

    Greasy Orange Sock Puppet alone should earn you a Pulitzer 🤣

  4. Randi says:

    Putin is the most deranged person in the world! He is outright evil and will not even refrain from bombing a childrens hospital, let alone kill thousands of civilians, women, children, handicapped and elderly, whose homes he has destroyed. The ones who were able to leave, did so without a lifetime of belongings that surely mean a lot to them and are irreplaceable. It is hard to believe something like this can happen in 2022! To let one “man” destroy so much is beyond my comprehension. Simply heartbreaking!
    How many close allies that he can trust does Putin have? Would it be completely impossibe for Nato to take him out? I know that everyone is scared he will “press the nuclear button” but I can’t believe one insane person can do that on his own!

  5. catsworking says:

    Randi, the U.S. showed the world what high tolerance we have for deranged homicidal maniacs who don’t care how many thousands of people they kill. And we still let Trump and his friends run around preaching treason and everlasting love for Putin.

    Biden is doing what he can to rally the NATO allies, but he’s hardly in a position to take the moral high ground, since he is letting Putin-wannabe Trump go unpunished, and even not cracking down on the Fox “News” propaganda machine that is being used daily in Russia to brainwash the people about what a saint Putin is.

    I don’t see how Putin comes out of this alive, but he’s going to have to be taken out by one of his own people. If NATO tries to fly in and bomb him, even with a drone, he could press the nuclear button and God only knows who he kills next. I just hope his advisers and generals have a plan for what they’ll do if they see him going for the button. And then I hope they throw Putin’s body into the street so the people can rip him to pieces.

    But I DON’T see why NATO can’t do more in Ukraine. This attitude of “We can’t do anything that might upset Putin” nonsense is prolonging the war and killing innocent people. Zelensky is 100% right. The world MUST do more to stop Putin in his tracks TODAY. If it means sending planes to the Ukraine army, so be it. Do it.

    Putin talks big, but if NATO REALLY used its combined power to defeat him (US, France, England, Germany, etc.), they could finish off his army and end this sooner rather than later.

  6. Randi says:

    Karen, I actually don’t see Putin coming out of this alive, either, but I think you’re right, it has to be his own people who destroy him.

    While he continues to bomb civilians and the buildings they live in, he still claims that he “only” bombs military sites. He also warn Russians not to speak up in any media, if they oppose to the war he started. If they do, they face up to 15 years behind bars. He even expressed the importance of “cleansing” Russia of such citizens! Do you remember who said the same in the 40ties?

    I watched a documentary the other day, about a woman who along with friends, started a TV channel in Moskov called Dozhd. Here’s a link about it: Staff at Russian news channel walks off set at end of broadcast – CBS News

    With the latest developments in Ukraine and Putin’s rhetoric, it is amazing and very naive that some Europeans and Americans still think that they can reach an agreement with that murderer! Putin knows he has nothing to lose – he has gone too far, and that makes him even more dangerous! The Ukrainians know the way he thinks better than anyone.

    I don’t know how this will end, but if the third world war begins, anyone who survives after that will be figthing with sticks and stones.

  7. Randi says:

    Btw, ghentwo reasons for NATO not wanting to interfere, is of course the threat of being cut off the gas supplies from Nordstream 2, and the fear of Putin pressing the nuclear button.
    Let’s hope his own people come their senses very soon!

  8. catsworking says:

    Randi, I think the Nordstream 2 pipeline plan was killed by Germany after some initial reluctance, and the U.S. is cutting off all imports of Russian oil or natural gas, so Putin is being squeezed out of the energy market, his main source of income.

    Zelensky made a speech to Congress yesterday that had me in tears, and even the Putin-loving Republicans seem to finally be realizing that continuing to side with Putin is suicide. We need to arm the Ukrainian Army to the gills so they can beat off the invasion. They’re already doing an amazing job, making Putin so desperate he’s bombing civilians willy-nilly just to look like a tough guy. He doesn’t have the supply chain to keep his army replenished, but Ukraine has many powerful countries chipping in to keep it going, so it seems like it’s a matter of waiting for Putin to run out of everything, which he will. But how many people will die for no reason in the meantime?

    But I bet Putin wets the bed every night. When he’s kicked out of Ukraine, he’s finished. He can’t keep Russia in an information bubble forever. When the people really start suffering from the sanctions, and they learn that he’s cut them off from the civilized world for his ego, I think they’ll finish him off. I’d buy a ticket to watch.

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