Cats Call a Time-Out on Christmas

By Roc

Karen’s already told you about keeping Christmas low-key, and we cats were fine with that. But we’ve gone even lower.

Tony has become — hmm, how to put this delicately? Let’s say “sociophobic.” He freaks when he sees the mail truck at our mailbox. He growls and dashes for the bedroom if Amazon Prime shows up, even if they’re not delivering here.

Tony’s going through a reclusive phase

So on Christmas Eve, Mr. July 2021 RAL Calendar was a total no-show when Karen had her human family (and sister’s boyfriend) over for lunch. (Max slept through it upstairs in his Max Cave.)

Lunch sounds like no biggie, but around here it means rearranging the whole house. We’re set up for three cats and a human — not four extra humans.

Many blankies must be pulled off the furniture and washed (otherwise, they’d lie in a dirty pile). Chairs must be moved. Then there’s dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom from top to bottom.

We cats help with none of that.

Karen says you never know what a filthy mess your house is until you view it through your mother the real estate agent’s eyes.

I donned my festive Christmas collar to help Karen host our guests in hopes I’d score some pepperoni for my suave affability (I did).

Roc’s singing “Fa-la-la-la-la-la,” not snarling

Trying to keep it simple, Karen served pizza. She wanted a tasty huge one delivered, but the chances were too great that every pizza place she’d call would laugh in her face, saying, “Half the city wants pizza today, lady, so we’re running low on toppings. We’ll get it there in about three hours after we make more dough, if you’re lucky, and it’ll be cold.”

Plan B was a Food Lion supreme ready-made deal we baked ourselves, which worked out fine. Everybody ate it and nobody puked.

Afterward, our guests hadn’t even gotten to the end of the street when Tony and Max strolled in like nothing had happened.

We cats don’t help with cleanup, either, unless it’s pepperoni on the floor, so Karen spent the rest of the day re-wrapping the furniture and getting the house back to normal. She went to bed so dog-tired, she didn’t even watch Love, Actually.

Christmas morning, Karen overslept and barely had her coffee and newspaper before she had to dress and go to her parents’ for presents and a big midday meal, leaving us sitting here alone with our tails up our butts all afternoon.

The peeps went light on presents, so Karen didn’t return with a trunkful of stuff we have no place for. However, she did acquire some kind of felt Amish quilt of rando cats that needs to be “assembled.” Who doesn’t love an unforeseen Christmas project thrust upon them?

We know what somebody’s getting back for Christmas next year!

By now, Christmas was almost over, so we all agreed to save our stockings for New Year’s. Then we can eat treats (for Karen, it’s soybeans), watch Video Catnip as many times as we like, and play with toys all day.

So, that’s the new plan and it feels great. No pressure, and we’re still enjoying Santa Kitty anticipation.

(Well, not Tony. UPS just stopped across the street and he’s literally having a hissy. Tony, I mean, not the UPS guy.)

PS: A few nights ago, Tony thought he smelled catnip in Karen’s bathroom, of all places. While investigating, he accidentally knocked the drinking glass into the sink, upon which Karen sprang out of bed and quickly hid whatever she was up to. Tony only got a peek, but he says it’s large and ‘nippy, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Cats Working hope you and your families have a great New Year’s weekend, and we’ll see you in 2022.

2 Responses to Cats Call a Time-Out on Christmas

  1. Anita says:

    Happy New Year Roc, Max, Tony and Karen!

    Hope you all safe inside and enjoying looking at the snow you received yesterday. That storm looked like a good one.

    It is rainy and dreary in NorCal but we can visit snow about 20 minutes away. I would love snow until Jan 1 then I’m over it. My husband is a native California so he has never lived in snow and never wants to.

    And I hope Tony gets over whatever Terrible Twos or Threes he is going through. He seems to have the Covid attitude we all have these days. I’m so anti-social I can’t believe it.

    Maybe a few months from now spring will be here and we will all be perked up. For now I am laying low under the covers and growling at anyone that gets near me. Including my husband.

  2. catsworking says:

    Anita, Happy New Year back at ya!

    The snow yesterday was so weird. Sunday it was in the 70s and I had on a T-shirt. Woke up Monday to sleet and then a blizzard. I think we got maybe 4 inches here. At one point, there was a big clap of thunder.

    Today it’s still freezing, but it’s melting. The street is dry, but the snow is sticking to the trees and ground — AND MY CAR. I don’t have to go anywhere until tomorrow, but I HATE clearing off the car.

    Yesterday morning Tony helped me troubleshoot a fireplace issue. He heard the suspicious pings first and was transfixed. So, I opened the doors to check it out and naturally he went right in to investigate. I didn’t see any dripping, but Tony came out with sooty feet and the tip of his tail wet. So I opened the flue and little water dripped in.

    I spent a small fortune on fixing the fireplace over the summer, but this is the first time I’ve had water actually coming down the flue. The guy who did the work is coming back to check it out. I haven’t used the fireplace, so it’s very annoying.

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