Democrats Plunge Virginia Backward

By Karen

Just like their dithering role models in Congress, Virginia Democrats failed to vote in this week’s statewide elections by just enough (~2 points) to make us lose EVERYTHING. In one day, they turned our totally blue state to flaming red by letting Republicans become governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, and regain a majority in the House of Delegates.

Trump is gloating because — despite losing Virginia TWICE — he’s now got the state in his greasy pocket.

Our next governor, Glenn Youngkin, whom Stephen Colbert aptly described as “the love child of Mr. Rogers and Ted Cruz,” vows to “change the direction of Virginia.”

The vacant eyes, the vapid smile of Virginia’s next Republican governor

Youngkin will come to power inheriting a multi-billion-dollar budget surplus, COVID on the wane, again, the Civil War and its iconography no longer a “thing,” and women able to get abortions without undergoing the invasive, unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds pervy Republicans mandated when they last ran the show. This is the direction he wants to change.

Youngkin, a millionaire and former CEO of a hedge fund, has never held an elected office in his life. While pretending he had nothing to do with Trump, he blew Trump’s ignorance and divisiveness through a foghorn that echoed in every dark corner of the state where knuckle-draggers get along jes’ fine with no book larnin’.

He encouraged parents who never read the book to demand banning Toni Morrison’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Beloved — because it makes slavery look bad and it’s written by a black woman.

He’s also got parents’ panties in a bunch over critical race theory. They have no idea what it is, it’s NOT taught in Virginia, but they’re slavering to abolish it — because they innately know more than teachers.

I won’t be surprised when they make Gone with the Wind a textbook and mandate it in all high schools as the definitive word on the Civil War.

And Monument Avenue could very well get all its statues of loser Civil War generals back. The pedestals are still there, just waiting.

For Virginia now to “change direction,” Youngkin means to turn it into East Coast Texas. He must be itching to ban as many abortions as possible, allow even more extreme gerrymandering, and procedurally disenfranchise Democratic (ahem, minority) voters under the guise of “election integrity.”

(NOTE: Even though the top three Republican ass clowns won by just a point or two, no Democrats are screaming this election was stolen. We’re not that abysmally stupid.)

And let’s not forget the death penalty, which Virginia abolished earlier this year. Youngkin must certainly want to revive that while he’s rolling back all gun control so Virginia can proudly resume giving every homicidal nut job on the Eastern Seaboard a hassle-free experience expanding their arsenals with unlimited numbers of guns and assault weapons.

Once murders pick up again, Youngkin will want to keep Virginia’s prisons from overcrowding by having the option of speedy executions. Of course, he’ll consider pardoning any felon who declares their victim “needed killing” (i.e., the shooter is white, the victim wasn’t).

That’s justice, Republican-style.

Ever heard our famous slogan, “Virginia is for lovers”? Forget that if you’re LGBTQ. Our leaders don’t want your kind around here. And don’t expect any legal accommodations that might spare you from being personally persecuted and discriminated against in housing, jobs and services.

It’s only a matter of time before Youngkin makes his obligatory trek to Mar-a-Lago to kiss the ring of his lord and master, whose repeated endorsements (which Youngkin pretended to ignore) undoubtedly delivered the voters that no candidate appealing to reason or decency could ever hope to reach.

And now Virginia’s going to pay. Thanks a lot, Democrats. You blew it bigly.

9 Responses to Democrats Plunge Virginia Backward

  1. Donna says:

    Karen I stopped paying attention to the VA race-was the turnout low?

  2. catsworking says:

    Donna, the Richmond paper is doing a bang-up shitty job of reporting on the election. The only number I’ve seen is that there were about a million early ballots. Turnout was definitely lower than in the 2020 presidential. But Biden beat Trump by 10 points here. Where the fuck were THOSE people?

    They’re claiming white suburban women swung over hard to Youngkin — but for WHAT? To ban that fucking book?

    Terry McAuliffe made one huge gaffe when he said that parents shouldn’t be telling teachers what to teach. Youngkin took that and RAN with it, like Democrats are hellbent on brainwashing white kids into believing they’re responsible for slavery and should feel quilty behind their parents’ backs. It’s beyond ridiculous.

    The other thing Youngkin wants to do is have more charter schools so the little white snowflakes can go private and the shitty public schools he’ll refuse to fund will be left for the minorities. He calls it “Choice.” Maybe he’ll get Betsy Bitchface DeVos to head that up.

    If voters really used that as their rationale for voting Republican, they’ve now got exactly what they deserve. And heaven help the rest of us.

    I was so totally depressed about this yesterday, I almost couldn’t function. With all the criminal shit swirling around Trump and his sycophants right now, to get the whole Democratic state government swept away by that GQP scum is beyond comprehension.

  3. Judy says:

    I have grown of this Republican/Democrat dance. Where were the Democrats?? And the comments made about teachers and parents sure fire explosion. The candidate has to make a little common sense now and then.

    I’m so tried if my stomach hurting from so much injustice, stupidity and more.

    The Democrats are imploding with it seems little regard for their own. In Pennsylvania, the Republicans saw huge gains made especially at the Judicial system at the state level.

    Why? Although Pittsburgh had its Democrats out at a decent level, I believe only 2% of the Philadelphia Democrats voted. Republicans had the numbers; Democrats simply skipped math that day! Now they focus on their writing skills to write some lame narrative.

    Anxious and depressed not a good combo

  4. catsworking says:

    Judy, they’re saying the overall turnout in Virginia was the highest it’s been for a governor election since 1997, but the Democrats just stayed home. We had WEEKS of early no-excuse voting, too.

    Sure, Biden didn’t get Afghanistan pullout (which TRUMP initiated) perfect, and the fucking Democrats in Congress couldn’t get their shit together to pass the infrastructure bills in time to give McAuliffe a shred of rationale to run on. So that means Democrats sit on their thumbs and let the Republicans take EVERYTHING? WTF?

    My disgust with Democrats right now is right up there with my loathing of Republicans and I’m trying to take a breather. I can’t stand another minute of it. Yesterday when I saw Biden and Pelosi talking about their fucking bills, I changed the channel. Don’t want to hear about “compromise.” They let Manchin and Sinema and McConnell call all the shots while the rest of the country turns fascist. Fuck every single one of them. I feel totally betrayed and hate them all.


  5. MorganLf says:

    FuknA Karen.
    Dems were absent. Why are they bending to the whims of that nasty old commie Bernie Sanders? If it was not for him splitting the vote against Hillary there would be no trumpet president! He’s not even a Democrat!! The’ squad’ can suk it. They are playing into maga Fox agenda. GoHome you headline starved bitches, yea you AOC..and learn something. You are all Mitch McConnell in lipstick and the demise of Democrats, now lay the fuk down and serve your oath.
    We know the craven republicunts won’t.
    I’m disgusted. This is not my USA. Oh and my state,the whiny republican cunt Jack cittarelli still won’t concede.. you lost beotch…just like trump did. Whiny ahole

  6. MorganLf says:

    Ooops, my rant too much?
    Apologies to all I may have offended, and if you can’t handle it well you know…. F’ off

  7. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I thought of you when I was seeing how close it was in New Jersey. People have zero memory capacity these days. If they had the mental capacity, they should reflect on how much their beloved Trump DID NOT improve their lives in any meaningful way except to make it OK to spout bigotry and treason.

    Biden hasn’t been president for even a year, yet they expect him to work miracles AND fix everything Trump spent four years destroying.

    Okay, I DO blame Biden for letting that fuckface Merrick Garland spend another second as Attorney General. Garland should have Trump safely rotting in prison by now, along with every bastard who entered the Capitol.

    Agree with you completely that the Dems at the extremes need to STFU and work with Biden. They can see the Republicans steadily taking over the country state by state and pushing us backward every step of the way, yet they fracture themselves with bullshit infighting. I’m so fed up with it, I haven’t watched a moment of news since last week. I can’t take it anymore.

    In Virginia Youngkin is crowing about the “new direction” he’ll be taking. Yeah, tax cuts that will blow the budget surplus he’s getting and then some. Fucking asshole. I hate him.

  8. feijicha says:

    “Biden hasn’t even been president for a year”. Every time I realize that it blows my mind…… I dunno if it’s the relief of not having Trumpet blowing every day or the lost sense of time because of Covid, or the combo… but I swear it feels a lot longer than a year. And yeah, some of the old farts in the senate (looking at you Turtleman with your traitorous wife) need to catch the delta.

  9. catsworking says:

    feijicha, it feels like a lot longer than a year of Biden for me as well. I think it’s because every day that Trump is on the loose to wreak more havoc feels like an eternity. Once that orange bastard is in prison and silenced, life can start to go back to normal. But right now he’s pushing us to civil war and the suspense is killing the country.

    The COVID numbers seem to be creeping up again. I would like to see a wave sweep through Congress and take out those on both sides who didn’t have the sense to retire when they hit 70. Enough’s enough. They’re trying to outwit each other with their addled brains and getting NOTHING done.

    All this crowing about passing the whittled down infrastructure bill. Puleez. A trillion bucks isn’t going to put a DENT in what the country needs. I’d like to see funds denied to every freaking red state who voted against it. Fuck them. They send greedy, deluded traitors to Washington, let their roads crumble and their bridges collapse.

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