Biden Finally Cuts Our Losses in Afghanistan

By Karen

I support Joe Biden 100% in pulling out of Afghanistan now, and I’m glad he’s not apologizing for it. It’s been 20 years, and it’s hopeless. The only thing we actually managed to accomplish was a temporary reprieve for girls and women so they could get educated and hold jobs without being butchered for being female by twisted fundamentalist fanatics.

Even that small normalcy is probably dead now with the Taliban back in power.

It only took the Taliban 10 days to show us that all we thought we had “built” — a functioning government, a military 300,000 strong — were illusions.

Afghanistan is just as corrupt and chaotic as ever. Prolonging our presence a month, a year, a century won’t change that.

Afghanistan is a landlocked hellscape, suitable mostly for growing poppies for opium, of roughly 40 million inhabitants. 56% still live in poverty and fear, even though the U.S. has poured $2.6 trillion into defense and infrastructure.

Our two-decade occupation has been a clusterfuck. But rather than blaming Biden for it all, let’s refresh our memories that it was the brainchild of these three clowns…

Obama tried a troop surge, and then a draw-down after he killed Osama Bin Laden, who put the bull’s eye on Afghanistan in the first place by using it as al Qaeda’s base for planning 9/11.

As for Trump, investigations will probably reveal eventually that he saw an opportunity skim a cut of all that sweet U.S. aid for himself by “doing a deal.” So in 2019, he sent his stooge Mike Pompeo to work out the details with the Taliban.

In exchange for virtually nothing but the Taliban’s promise to be good, Trump freed 5,000 of their fighters, including their co-founder, Mullah Abdul-Ghani Baradar, who is Afghanistan’s new president this week. The chickenshit president we were propping up fled to the UAE as soon as he saw his army laying red carpet for the Taliban. Pompeo looks so pleased with his handiwork…

Trump’s deal included removing all American troops by [UPDATE: May 1, 2021. Biden delayed that to September 11, but then accelerated the pull-out to beat his new deadline]. The Taliban had only to mark the “Retake the Country” date on their calendars.

Biden accelerated the pull-out, apparently unaware that an Afghan military isn’t really a thing. Not only did Afghan soldiers not fight back, they handed the Taliban billions of dollars’ worth of the weapons and equipment we paid for.

Scenes of the scramble at the Kabul airport to evacuate U.S. citizens and Afghans who helped us have been sickening. Those people don’t have a single Afghan policeman or soldier to escort them and protect them. It’s entirely up to us to get them out of there. while the Taliban stands at the airport gates, whipping, beating, and shooting at them.

I blame our State Department and Immigration. They KNEW there would be a need for evacuation. For months, they could have been quietly running a clearance operation for evacuees. Instead, they’re gift-wrapping them in pointless red tape and handing them back to the Taliban for execution.

Our betrayal of those people who WERE brave enough to fight for their country is the shame the United States will never live down.

PS: Earlier this year, CBS launched a sitcom called The United States of Al, about an Afghan interpreter who comes to live with the Marine he helped. It’s been renewed for a second season, which starts in October. But right now, with interpreters being hunted and killed by the Taliban, making jokes about it feels like bad timing and terrible taste.

4 Responses to Biden Finally Cuts Our Losses in Afghanistan

  1. Donna says:

    Humanitarian crisis aside,I just don’t have it in me to care. Trumptards are convinced it’s all Biden’s fault,and the best part is Joe Biden doesn’t give a fuck what they think

  2. catsworking says:

    Donna, exactly! God bless Biden for not giving a fuck what Republicans think. We should all follow his example. The country would be infinitely saner.

  3. MorganLF says:

    Agree, but Afghanistan has existed in some form for a thousand years pre dating Alexander the all this time they have never had or wanted a centralized government, they are tribal. They are not our concern Biden got us out because they sapped us, but trump invited the tallywackers to camp David
    And fat Pompus-eyo signed the deals releasing thousands of anti Americans from jail. That reconstructed the tallywackers immediately.
    There are few Americans left ( and if they are there they chose to be) and as for the interpreters they saw an opportunity and took it. What other jobs were they gonna get,tilling an opium field? They knew what they were doing and I’m not convinced they are not sympathetic to radical Islam. Should we really risk more Americans to ‘ rescue’ them?
    trump officially slow walked their papers so they couldn’t get out then failed to inform the Biden administration…
    they had months to figure out how to leave, but did they want to? Maybe they figured they’d keep their jobs but where was their outcry in April?
    Now all of a sudden Fox is soooo concerned about refugees, they don’t want, and loathe. hmmm,
    Fuk that godforsaken heroin growing abyss and good riddance.
    Thanks Joe, someone had to do,it.

  4. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I agree with you that Afghanistan has been a hot mess (from our perspective) from Day One. They have their own way of doing things that we will never understand or change, and we should leave it to them. Cheney-Rumsfeld-Bush, in their infinite hubris, thought they could “remake” the country in our image. Well, actually, they succeeded. Now WE’VE got our own Taliban trying to subjugate women and set up an authoritarian dictatorship where only white men count.

    Trump’s role is another story, and I’m waiting for the day when it comes out that he and Pompeo were expecting a big payday promised by the Taliban for releasing the 5,000 fighters who replenished their army. There’s NO way Trump would have agreed to do anything unless there was something in it personally for him, since he asked for nothing for the U.S. but “don’t hurt us.”

    As for the Afghans and Americans left in the country, I feel more sympathy for the Afghans. Yes, they may have cynically worked with us because it beat anything else they could have been doing, but some of them applied to get out six years ago and our government sat on that. Knowing how fucked up our immigration system is, I lay the blame on us. The soldiers who worked directly with those natives knew them better than anybody, and some of our guys are frantic to get their Afghan contacts out. I believe they’re sincere.

    But, as you say, there will always be some opportunists in the mix who will hop on whichever side will benefit them most. How to weed those out is a problem.

    The Americans who are still there have eyes and ears and could have left sooner, but they didn’t. To wait until the last minute when the country fell apart was just stupid. No American in their right mind had any business going there in the first place, family or no family. They shouldn’t expect soldiers to risk their lives to rescue them from their own selfishness. In my mind, they’re like anti-vaxxers.

    Biden did the right thing. The only thing I fault him for is going about it backward. He should have started the evacuation while we still had troops there to force the fucking Afghan army to do IT’S job and help us before the Taliban surged, instead of waiting until our presence was at its lowest ebb.

    At this point, I second your good riddance. Afghanistan is a bigger lost cause than the Confederacy ever was.

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