How the Media Could Rid Us of Trump

By Karen

When I watch TV pundits, I’m infuriated when they say things like, “If Trump runs in 2024,” or, “If Trump wins re-election,” or, “Trump’s making noises like he wants to run.”

WTF is wrong with them? Have they seen or heard that fat orange asshole lately? He’s a mess.

Every time CNN, MSNBC or any of Trump’s other “enemies of the people” give Trump a wisp of validation that his current grift is working, it’s fuel to him. It’s like feeding a Gremlin after midnight.

To destroy Trump and his delusion of regaining the White House after losing it by over 7 million votes, let’s follow Michael Cohen’s lead.

Remember Cohen? He was Trump’s lawyer/fixer who once said he’d “take a bullet” for the boss. Then he got three years in prison for a crime Trump made him commit and regained his senses.

Cohen’s under home confinement now and hosts a great podcast called Mea Culpa. It’s the only podcast I make time for because Trump always gets bashed.

(I also appreciate Lawrence O’Donnell’s Last Word because he heaps scorn and insults on Trump nearly every night. It feels like the next best thing to dancing on Trump’s grave.)

Cohen is sure Trump won’t run in 2024 because he’ll never risk the humiliation of losing again, and he never wanted the job in the first place. These days, he’s only stringing the MAGA cult along to keep wringing out campaign donations.

For some reason, Cohen never talks about Trump’s mental deterioration, so I’ll add that Trump continues his disintegration. Listen to some of this audio captured by reporters Carol Leonnig and Phillip Rucker when they interviewed Trump for their new book, I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year.

Trump babbles the same old lies, delusions, exaggerations and boasts in disjointed fragments and nonsensical tangents. Afterward, Anderson Cooper says it sounded like “Nixon, drunk, rambling,” and it’s “stunning” to think Trump was ever president.

Perfectly put, Anderson.

The media MUST stop normalizing Trump and heed its own eyes and ears. Don’t clean up his quotes to be coherent for print. Reproduce the babbling as-is.

Listen to him for five minutes and realize it’s ridiculous to think he’ll be a factor in 2024.

And that’s without considering all the investigations into myriad felonies that — if there’s any justice left — will send him to prison.

Talking heads need to embrace that any next move for Trump other than bankruptcy, incarceration, or incapacitation is patently absurd. Because it is.

Any commentator who says, “If Trump runs in 2024,” should get a hearty laugh. Incredulity and ridicule must be our blanket response to Trump as anything but a political has-been who’s finished.

It would CRUSH him.

Inspired by Joseph Goebbels, Trump likes to say, “If you say it enough and keep saying it, they’ll start to believe you.”

How about we start speaking the whole truth about Trump enough, and keep saying it, until even his cult can’t ignore it?

When he turns on the TV, Trump needs to see himself belittled, mocked and dismissed on every network. His media outlets will shrink to Fox and OAN until they can’t stand listening to his delusional kvetching another minute and cut him off.

Then we can stick a fork in Trump. He’s done.

As for those clowns in Congress who still prop Trump up, like Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, they get the same treatment — derisive laughter until they STFU.

Just a thought.

10 Responses to How the Media Could Rid Us of Trump

  1. phesina says:

    Good one, Karen. Thank you!

  2. phesina says:

    So nice to read how much he’s been disintegrating!

  3. Mary Hunter says:

    STFU. I’d never seen that before, yet I immediately knew what it meant! Perfect! Thank you so much for your astute observations. I have been living in fear of his running in 2024, but you make an excellent case why he probably won’t. I so so hope that is the case. I’m just waiting to see how long Melania will last until she cuts him loose, since she couldn’t do it while he was President. Run far and get everything you can get M!!

    On another note, I appreciated your post on the movie about Bourdain. There are times I can’t think about him or watch him because I am still sad. I’ve recently been reading Medium Raw and so love it, and him. Looking forward to seeing this new film.

  4. Randi says:

    You are SO right, Karen, it’s fuel to him when the media keep writing/talking about him, unless they show a video of all his incoherent babbling – he he.
    Like you, I doubt he will be in a state to run in 2024 – hopefully he will be bankrupt and be locked up long before then!

  5. catsworking says:

    Mary, Trump is 75 now. He doesn’t exercise, his diet is terrible, he’s obese, he gets little sleep, he’s incoherent. In three years, he’s only going to be worse. Meanwhile, prosecutors have that time to present the evidence to put him behind bars. The only running Trump’s ever going to do now is from the law.

    He’s holding rallies and pretending he’s still president just for the donations. We haven’t seen a word about him giving back his presidential pension. His businesses are tanking, he can only bilk taxpayers for the Secret Service now, which he does, and no foreign governments need to book oodles of rooms at his hotels to buy favor.

    And we haven’t heard a peep about Putin or Kim maintaining a friendship with him.

    If Melania is ever going to divorce him, she’d be smart to do it now, before the court seizes all his assets. On the other hand, it would serve that bimbo right to stick around and end up with nothing for all her years of putting up with him.

    Have you heard that Mike Lindell the Pillow Guy has said August 13 is the day Trump becomes president again? Don’t know why or how, but mark your calendar. They’re up to something.

  6. catsworking says:

    Randi, amen to that. I expect him to be dead or so incapacitated that he doesn’t even remember there’s an election.

  7. Randi says:

    “or so incapacitated that he doesn’t even remember there’s an election.” He he, that will be the day!! 😀

  8. catsworking says:

    Randi, I just finished listening to Michael Cohen’s latest podcast, titled, “The GOP’s Reckless Imbeciles Imperil the Jan. 6 Committee.” Cohen believes that the prosecutors have more than enough to nail Trump (they confiscated Cohen’s phones on which he’d recording MANY damning calls with Trump, for starters), but Trump won’t go to prison because where do you jail a president?

    Instead, they’ll make him pick one of the three houses he owns near Mar-a-Lago to live in under home confinement. He’ll have to pay for the guards and he’ll be allowed no electronic devices.

    That sounds almost as good as a cell to me. Without the ability to swan around making trouble and headlines, Trump will shrivel and die within months. That is, if he’s not already a drooling vegetable from dementia by then and doesn’t know what’s happening to him.

    But no matter how his life does actually play out, there’s no doubt it’s going to be a disgraceful, sordid and “very, very bad end,” to quote Tony.

    Then we just have to cross our fingers that his father’s example doesn’t turn Barron into a serial killer.

  9. Randi says:

    I’m sure Cohen is right about the prosecutors having more than enough to nail Trump, and I guess others have, too. It’s a matter of time. I suggest they send him to Guantanamo, if that is still exists. Given the crimes he has committed, he should not be able to live in home confinement in one of his houses – that would not really be a punishment, unless he had to have real chains around his angles, and not being able to watch TV… picture that! 😀 Oh, and serve him porridge and water for dinner!
    I can’t wait to hear the news when they nail him!

  10. catsworking says:

    Randi, Guantanamo still exists. Biden just sent one of the prisoners there back to his home country. I think we should use it for all the Capitol rioters to serve out their sentences.

    The real punishment for Trump, no matter where they put him, will be getting cut off completely from social media, denied the ability to issue “public statements” or hold rallies. Once he’s no longer making news, he disappears from the newspapers and TV news, and that’s when he shrivels and dies, because he lives for attention. He’s never been without it in his life. And being in the White House turned it into an all-consuming addiction.

    Even confined in a nice house, he’d be so depressed that he’d not eat — or stuff himself with McDonalds every day — let himself go (he’s already doing that, he looks like he sleeps in his suits), and probably make the place a pigsty pretty quickly. He’s too cheap to pay housekeepers and cleaners. He’d expect Melanoma and Ivanka to take care of him after “all he’s done for them,” but they’ll be the first ones to forget they ever knew him.

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