Diana Gets a Statue, and It’s Odd

By Karen

I always loved Princess Diana, even with all her flaws. We were brides two months apart in 1981, and she worked a lot harder and longer at her marriage than I ever did. I followed her ups and downs (and wardrobe and hairstyles) like any fangirl.

In 1997, I happened to be visiting Paris and passed right by the tunnel hours after she died there, and I still remember the news as one of the most shocking moments of my life.

On July 1, Diana’s 60th birthday, a statue her sons commissioned was unveiled in the sunken garden of her home (where son William now lives and reputedly ejected Harry from), Kensington Palace in London…

They chose a lovely spot for it, said to be one of Diana’s favorites. But that’s the only nice thing I can say about it, classifying its flaws as the three C’s.

Color. It’s bronze and already looks like a rotting Civil War relic. What were they thinking? For Diana, it’s glistening white marble all the way.

Cleavage. WTF with the blouse halfway unbuttoned? And don’t even mention the silly WWF Wrestling belt, which wasn’t Diana’s look. (Adele the cat HATED those belts and never let Michelle Obama hear the end of it.)

Child. One has to wonder how much the boys kicked in for that extra kid who’s being ignored behind her. He’s all but invisible if you’re not at just the right angle…

In the end, it’s the thought that counts, so I guess they did do better than whoever carved that Melania statue in Slovenia…

For the unveiling, Prince Harry left his newborn daughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, so he could stew for five days in quarantine at Frogmore. Reports said he showed up at the ceremony 10 minutes beforehand and left 20 minutes afterward.

His public rationale for lamming it back to L.A. with almost no contact with his own family was the death of Meghan’s uncle Mike.

Mike Markle was Meghan’s father Thomas’ older brother. He died without meeting Harry or the two kids, so you know Meghan must be devastated by her loss and needs Harry by her side.

Meghan also hasn’t spoken to Thomas since 2018. He “royally” cheesed her off by having a heart attack and surgery days before her wedding so he couldn’t fly to London. Last month, he did this pathetic interview with 60 Minutes Australia and explained the family dynamics…

The Queen has apparently invited the Harry-Markles to her Platinum Jubilee next year, but it’s uncertain whether they’ll be treated as equal royals in the festivities, which you know Meghan will order Harry to demand.

In the meantime, the Palace isn’t releasing the results of their in-house investigation of Meghan’s alleged bullying of staff until next year. The delay implies to me that they’re finding Meghan did it and have opted not to add fuel to the fire she’s stoking.

But at least Meghan knows the Queen has the deets and could release them if Meghan is cooking up any other plans for defamatory self-promotion.

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  1. Donna says:

    I didn’t want to be that person,but,I found the statue a real miss Lifelike portraiture in any medium is a feat to pull off(except for the spot on Melanoma statue) Bad choices all around

  2. catsworking says:

    Don’t worry, Donna, I was ALREADY that person. The initial reactions I read about it weren’t very positive. “She looks like a man,” was another one, and I can’t disagree with it. Maybe because she’s oversized, but she does seem masculine.

    Also, the choice of weather-beaten bronze was unfortunate because her face looks ravaged. The Civil War statues coming down around here (and another one this week of former Virginia governor, senator and all-round racist Harry Byrd that went up in 1976 and came down just yesterday) have been up for a century or more and they look better.

  3. Donna says:

    I bet Meghan is interviewing sculptors for her memorial statue already,choosing outfits,hairstyles,pouring over countless photos,…..” I look like I’m really smart,but smoking HOT in this one! Don’t you agree,Harry?….Harry! You’re not listening to me!!”

  4. catsworking says:

    Hahahahaha! Harry is so screwed. I have to wonder if it’s beginning to dawn on him yet.

    The pair may be going back to England in September for a visit. I forget why. My bet is that Meghan is a no-show, and she’ll make up some faux illness for the baby. I doubt she’ll have the balls to set foot in England again unless it’s for the Queen’s funeral.

    The British tabloids are saying there’s no mending fences between Harry and William while Meghan is still in the picture, and I have to agree. She’s on the outs with her own family except her mother. After three years, Harry should be wondering what’s up with that.

    He’s just pissed that William and Kate had Meghan pegged her as a phony and a conniver from the beginning.

    And there’s a Lifetime movie coming out in the fall about their split from the royals. The actors look amazingly like them, but the teasers I’ve seen are cringe-worthy. Trying to turn a bratty sense of imagined grievance and persecution into some noble rebellion is a fool’s errand.

  5. feijicha says:

    One hundred percent agree on white marble. WTF were they thinking??

    On another note, I was jolted when I turned on CBS This Morning and there was a story on Tony. The documentary maker was interviewed about the film. Tony’s brother was also interviewed; I’d never seen him on tv before. I almost couldn’t watch it but did. Still so …..oy…… Interestingly, they did show a short second or two of him with the woman from the dark side, and stated that he committed suicide after a break up with AA. Suck it, sister no one is buying or supporting your lies. They showed clip of him with Iggy Pop asking Iggy the secret of happiness. Iggy said, ‘it’s sounds so simple, but it’s accepting love. and appreciating those who are giving me that love’. Oh Tony…. if you could have listened to your idol.

  6. feijicha says:

    re: Diana looking like a man…people have noted her resemblance here to the actor Sean Bean… and actually, there is a real similarity.. NOT what one would hope for

  7. catsworking says:

    feijicha, this morning I was seeing things online about Tony being on CBS, but couldn’t tell if it was upcoming or past.

    Last night, I discovered that the documentary IS opening here at my favorite cinema this coming Friday and I tried to reserve a ticket but it refused to complete the transaction for some reason. I took it as an omen that maybe it’s not a good idea to watch it in public because I’ve read of people feeling “destroyed” afterward.

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen any mention that he “broke up” with AA. I wonder what that’s based on, or just a sloppy didn’t-do-their-homework assumption? They were fighting that week, but I never heard there was any resolution like a breakup. I certainly have never even seen HER say that anywhere.

  8. catsworking says:

    feijicha, I wonder about the three rando kids she’s with. At least none of them look like William or Harry. But why is only one of them wearing shoes? Why is one behind her where she can’t see him? The thing raises more questions than answers.

  9. MorganLF says:

    However the statue of Melanoma is perfect, tho the ‘kidneys’ could be larger…..

  10. feijicha says:

    this isn’t really a Diana thing, but since we started talking Bourdain here, I will add this, the latest promo bit for the Tony doc that has some interesting takes on the last relationship. I can’t copy it all, so here’s the link: https://nypost.com/2021/07/14/roadrunner-looks-at-anthony-bourdains-manic-final-days/?_ga=2.264860422.809622298.1626315044-428698979.1584042358 It’s worth reading the whole thing; it’s not that long.
    And just a few highlights:

    Other friends and colleagues recall Bourdain saying he was becoming agoraphobic and his life was getting “smaller and smaller” because he couldn’t be out in public.

    (his marriage fell apart)

    Shortly after, he met Italian film actress/director Asia Argento while filming “Parts Unknown” in Rome. He quickly developed a teenage-like infatuation with Argento, with friends in the film likening it to an addiction and noting that he referred to her as “the crazy Italian actress” and said things would end “very, very badly.

    (he complained to David Chang that he would never be the kind of father he wanted to be)

    “There was a very sort of manic nature to what was going on in that last year,” Collins says. “The highs were very, very high, and the lows were very ugly.”

    Bourdain let Argento direct “Parts Unknown” in Hong Kong, after regular director Michael Steed fell ill. Veteran crew members bristled at her approach. Bourdain even fired his longtime Emmy-winning cinematographer Zach Zamboni after he clashed with Argento, who is not among those interviewed in the film.

    (the director didn’t interview her because it wasn’t about her it was about Tony and she keeps saying the same things)
    “I just felt like at the end, I wasn’t going to get closer to him by talking to her because she has her own very clear point of view about things,” Neville has said. “She says the same thing in every interview.” (Argento has said that she and Bourdain had an open relationship.) He’s also noted that he wanted the film to be about Bourdain, not just his relationship with Argento, although that shadows much of the final portion.

    Days before Bourdain’s death, Argento was photographed with French reporter Hugo Clément. In the doc, Steed recalls checking on Bourdain after the photos hit the papers, and the star mumbling “a little f – – king discretion” in reference to Argento being so public with her infidelity.

    “My take is that the thing that Tony was having the hardest time with was humiliation,” Neville has said. “He has taken himself so far out on the limb to be made to feel like a chump so publicly. That was the thing — not heartbreak. Humiliation.”

    But, while Argento certainly doesn’t come across well in the film, Neville is careful to stop short of blaming her outright for Bourdain’s suicide. Others theorize that Bourdain never overcame the demons beneath the heroin problem of his youth

    (friend who knew him thinks the AA relationship was yet another manifestation of Tony’s addictive personality)

    Artist and recovering addict Dave Choe notes that he’d never met anyone else like Bourdain, who was supposedly able to quit heroin cold turkey. Bourdain had told him it was something he just worked at, something Choe initially believed before realizing he had traded it for other dependencies, including Argento.

  11. catsworking says:

    feijicha, thanks for that link. Two things jumped out at me from this one.

    1. That Tony was most upset about the public humiliation of skank’s infidelity. I’ve always believed that.

    2. That he was shy, which others have said and is the vibe I got from him. Friendly, but wary. And when he was with Ottavia, she definitely did all the talking and he just smiled and followed her lead.

    #2 just this minute gave me a flash of insight, and that is, I have never fully appreciated how much Cats Working got under his skin. But the more I’m reading about this film, and some things I’ve recently learned that I can’t discuss yet, lead me to believe that my early posts, particularly about finding Nancy, maybe Ottavia, must have rocked his world more than I realized and he never forgot it. I was really the first writer to pull back the curtain on him in an organized, sustained way (really, I was just connecting dots, watching his shows, reading his books, and pulling pieces I found online together), and I did it for several years until he took the ball and ran with it himself, giving interviews to everybody.

    I think Tom Vitale’s book may help to clarify that. Amazon just notified me it’s coming out early, on September 28, the same day as Laurie Woolever’s Oral Biography.

    I’ve read dozens of articles and interviews about the documentary, and I’m still on the fence over whether I can stand to see it in public before it hits streaming. I think it’s something I’d do better to watch in private.

  12. GlamourMilk says:

    Here’s a great review of the film:


    A few paragraphs from the review:

    ‘There’s been some critical pushback towards Morgan Neville about how the documentary handles the topic of Asia Argento and what I find to be strange is that people are defending her. That’s what I personally find to be queasy. You might have forgotten, but Asia Argento has a warrant out for her arrest for statutory rape. She’s lied repeatedly and portrayed the victim of that rape, Jimmy Bennett, as the aggressor. She has accused Tony Bourdain of insisting that she pay Bennett a settlement and for supplying the money for it.

    Suddenly, if you believe Argento, Bourdain was a man who feared for his reputation for a crime that he was not involved in. She’s trying to say the inveterate truth teller who searingly exposed many of his own guilty secrets to the public eye was more concerned about his “image” than the truth. If you believe Asia Argento, she meekly submitted to Bourdain’s command on this issue. Sure. This is a rumor that has been denied by Bourdain’s lawyer, FYI but one that Argento has repeated again and again.

    I have to ask, how is not interviewing a person who doesn’t tell the truth one sided? How unfair is interviewing the people who knew Bourdain best: his close friends, co-workers, family, and his wife, those who actually knew him for decades and some of whom were with him in Kayersberg after Argento’s paparazzi photo scandal broke? When did telling the truth about what they witnessed become gross? Despite the standard foisted upon us by the Murdochs, the concept of “fair and balanced” is a fallacy. You aren’t required to give liars their chance to lie again.

    However, Asia Argento has had three years of unfettered freedom to say whatever she wants about Anthony Bourdain on the world stage abetted by a press who have spent those years as stenographers creating articles out of her latest maudlin Instagram post. I’d say that this secretarial service hardly represents journalistic integrity and fair play. She’s rarely been questioned on any of this. Asia Argento has had more than enough equal time and Morgan Neville is under no moral obligation to interview her. When hasn’t she had the opportunity to speak? Ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

    Furthermore, she represents two years out of a 61 year life of a man who was on the road 250 days a year. Despite what Asia Argento would have you believe, Tony Bourdain is not defined by his relationship with her or her opinions. This is ROADRUNNER: A FILM ABOUT ANTHONY BOURDAIN, not ROADRUNNER: A FILM ABOUT ASIA ARGENTO.’

  13. catsworking says:

    GlamourMilk, wow, just wow. I read the whole review and it’s the best one yet. That woman KNOWS her Bourdain.

    As for her take on AA, OMG, I was just jotting some notes on that very thing from the Washington Post review that totally pissed me off by saying, “Her absence smacks of avoidance.”

    The excerpt you just posted says it better than I can, but where TF do people get off thinking AA deserves “equal time” in this? Has Trump brainwashed the entire media to believe that liars ALWAYS deserve to be heard and given equal weight as those who state facts?

    WaPo faults Neville for only interviewing people who “all loved, or at least respected, Bourdain.” Yeah, like the people closest to him who knew him longest and best. What was he supposed to do, ferret out some kid who hated Tony in high school? Give me a break!

    NO ONE has ever held AA’s feet to the fire and asked her these two questions: 1) When exactly did you last speak to him? 2) What were your last words to him?

    My guess on #2 is “Go kill yourself.”

    As undoubtedly the last person he was in contact with before he died, it’s telling that she was never questioned by authorities. Of course, she would have lied, as she continues to do to this day.

    On the other hand, everyone probably knew she’d make it all about herself, that she’d lie, and they already had a pretty clear picture of her likely involvement.

    This reviews goes beyond what I’ve read in others and tells me things I didn’t know, like the Christopher Doyle comment. But every new tidbit gives me more dread about seeing the whole film. As hard as it will be, I feel like I’ll need to watch it numerous times before I can process it all, if I ever manage to.

  14. NinaRose says:

    I Think Princess Diana Statue at Kensington Palace look more like Theresa May that Diana, Princess of Wales

  15. catsworking says:

    Nina, I totally agree. I see the Theresa May there.

  16. feijicha says:

    so the latest kerfuffle on the Tony doc is that the maker, Neville, wanted the sound of Tony’s voice reading things he’d written but never recorded. So Neville used an AI (artificial intelligence) company who took reams of audio of Tony so the algorithm could learn his speech pattern, tone etc, and then had that computer spit out the snippets of text the director wanted to be heard in the doc in Tony’s “own” voice. This has been flaming on Twitter all day and maybe longer I just saw it today. Here’s a link to an article in Variety (show biz industry magazine) in which he says he got the blessing of the family. But most reviewers have ripped him for it big time. Many have called it creepy or unethical. thoughts?




  17. GlamourMilk says:

    There really is a lot of criticism of the fact Neville didn’t interview Argento and the use of AI (in three places, I think) of Bourdain’s voice, which some call ‘unethical’. I don’t have too much of an opinion on the use of AI, though I agree that should be crystal clear so the viewer knows when it’s the real voice and when it’s the AI-version.

    Unfortunately, this criticism of the use of AI could also affect how people think of the ‘treatment’ of Argento – which she’ll probably love.

    Should Neville have interviewed her? Personally, I think no. But seeing people’s reactions/backlash I can see it might have been tactically smarter to have reached out to her and specifically ask her to comment on what Tony’s crew/friends had to say about the situation. Also, there’s a big chance she’d have said no to appear in which case – problem solved; we asked her and she wasn’t interested.

    I agree she should have been asked those two questions you bring up. I don’t trust her book one bit, but I believe she says in that book that she last spoke to him Thursday evening when he called her and she ‘scolded’ him because he called when she had dinner with her children and he was being ‘needy’ (I’m going to have to look up again what she said, and I only have it in Italian/Google Translate into English). As for her last words to him; she’ll never share those but I venture a guess those words weren’t of the kind variety.

    Now, people who haven’t followed what’s been going on only see her as a poor victim who’s been wronged by the mean filmmakers/CNN. We have followed her reactions/interviews etc so we know she’s been treating Tony and his memory like shit. And by the way, one of the criticisms is that AA is being thrown under the bus in the documentary. Excuse me? How many times hasn’t she thrown Tony or his family or his coworkers under the bus? We know this. But the general public who haven’t paid attention to her behaviour probably don’t know these things. So when they see the film/read the reviews they will feel sorry for Argento or feel that she’s been wronged.

    Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing the film but I have a feeling it should have been perhaps even more harsh against Argento with proof of text messages and so on, or it should have been explained better how she behaved, as this is only clear for those who’ve been paying attention and not for the average viewer.

  18. catsworking says:

    feijicha, I read the Variety article and my initial reaction is that I have no problem with them using AI to have Bourdain read lines he wrote. All these people who are up in arms about it, I wonder if they are also against holograms of famous people. We have the technology now to make the dead remain with us.

    Where I would draw a line is if they used Bourdain’s voice to speak lines he DIDN’T write. That would be unethical. That would be “putting words in his mouth.”

    I’ve pretty much resolved to go see the first showing of Roadrunner today, although I could change my mind at any minute. Being in a theater with possibly unvaccinated people also makes me nervous.

  19. catsworking says:

    GlamourMilk, thanks for the snippet you remember from her book. I haven’t seen a word from it, in Italian or otherwise. That’s very interesting, and exactly the alibi you’d expect from her. No way she blew him off because she was having dinner with her kids. What BS.

    I think Neville should have talked to her. She’d have undoubtedly agreed to an interview because she’s a media whore. Then he’d have had the choice of how much of her to leave on the cutting room floor.

    I do want to hear what people who were with Tony in France have to say, and particularly Ottavia’s take on the relationship.

    Agree that casual Bourdain fans who haven’t followed the situation will likely misconstrue AA’s role in Tony’s suicide because all they would have heard was him singing her praises as a #MeToo leader and what a brilliant talent and intellectual she is. They wouldn’t have seen the chaos she and Rose McGowan tried to create in the aftermath of his death, with Rain Dove (is that the name?) supposedly stealing some of his ashes, the Jimmy Bennett scandal, etc.

  20. GlamourMilk says:

    OMG – don’t get me started on Rose McGowan. She grew up in a cult and now she’s suitably some kind of Twitter-cult-leader herself. And how quickly people forgot her assistant who killed herself because of the mess McGowan got her in. Suicide is a delicate subject matter and rightly so. But there are times when it’s clear that another person either caused the suicide or greatly contributed to it. Why do we pussyfoot around that and protect the bullying/manipulative/reckless person? We don’t pussyfoot around someone beating another person to death. But people are willing to go to such lengths to protect and defend those who contribute to other people’s suicide. I hope one day we’ll change our view on that as a society. Because it also enables these criminals to get away with bullying and manipulating people to death.

  21. GlamourMilk says:

    Hey, here’s a (long) excerpt from the AA book. One wonders how people complain that the documentary throws AA under the bus, when she throws everyone under the bus in her book, including Tony, his colleagues (and her own mother). That aside, I’m sure the book, including these copy-pasted passages, are full of embellishments.

    The Italian at the top, the English Google Translation at the bottom. This is not all, of course. Also, note, maybe it’s an idea to save it and perhaps delete it, as it might be protected by copyright – but that’s up to you:

    [Italian excerpt deleted by CW]

    English Google Translation (beware of possibility of wrong translation) [Edited for length and pertinence by CW]

    He is married, I told myself, afraid. But I did not want to be a lover, I had already been through it and had no intention of reliving what I already knew was a relationship destined to end and make me suffer.

    We kept writing emails. He often complained about the places he visited and the people he knew on his travels.

    He was shooting a scene with his friend chef Éric Ripert somewhere in China, he was tipsy. He told me that he wanted to take me on vacation to France that summer in July. At first I agreed but… the idea of being paparazzi with a married man it seemed very bad to me. Even the idea of seeing each other again after three months suddenly seemed absurd and a few weeks before my departure I informed him that I would not go. In fact, I didn’t want to continue our relationship. I was quite brutal, … He replied that he did not know I was a cruel woman.

    So Anthony went alone to France, who knows, maybe he hoped I would change my mind and join him and instead I left for Japan with my children.

    [In this next scene, he has gone to Rome and spends time at her house – CW]
    The next day he told me he was peaceful because he wouldn’t mind dying with me right now. During those quiet days spent together in Rome we built the foundations and rules to make our relationship work. I explained to him that I would not accept any kind of possessiveness or jealousy and that I too would never be jealous. Besides, I didn’t intend to move in together either now or ever … in short, not I believed in exclusive relationships and wanted our couple to be open. He replied that it suited him perfectly. I asked him to clarify the terms of our agreement. He told me he didn’t want to know about my other relationships, but I confessed to him that I wanted to know everything, even the details, because they would turn me on.

    Anthony often went with prostitutes, he even did it a few months after his stay in Rome, on Christmas day, because he felt alone in New York. Within a few months he separated from his wife and went to live alone in that apartment on the sixty-fourth floor.

    We never fought. We made love every night when we met, and it wasn’t often. I had some flirtations with people passing by and I didn’t tell him, as he asked me to do.

    … I directed an episode of his Parts Unknown program set in Hong Kong… Those days together had the effect of distracting me, even if, at times, especially at night, I was attacked by my “dark thoughts” and Anthony held me tightly while I was crying in despair.

    When I returned to Rome, a French journalist came to see me with whom I had come in contact after my speech in Cannes. We spent two days together being careful not to be photographed. Yet, some photos of the two of us walking together through the center of Rome came out in the magazines, in one of which we hugged. As soon as I found out, I called Anthony. At that time he was in Switzerland [He was in France – CW] with Eric Ripert filming an episode. During those days it had seemed strange to me and this before I even told him about the flirtation with the reporter. Anthony hated Switzerland. He told me he broke the *** about that “bromance” with Ripert in the Munchkins country. He drank more than usual in those days. When I told him about the photos he didn’t get angry, but he wasn’t happy either. The detail that bothered him was that I had slept with the French at the hotel de Russie, where our love had been born two years earlier. I explained to him that there was nothing between me and the reporter and yet there was something that did not seem to me. On the phone it was very strange, maybe he had drunk too much. I asked him if he was under the influence of any medicine.

    He assured me he wasn’t high. On the evening of June 7, at 8 pm, the time when I have dinner with my children, my phone rang three times… He knew that hour was dedicated to my family and he usually called me later. When I answered I scolded him, I didn’t understand what he wanted, why he had suddenly become pedantic. He was worried because the next day I would start shooting X Factor…he complained that it would now be even more difficult to see each other. He was in dire need of reassurance, he asked me again if we would see each other for his birthday and if we would then leave for India. I replied that, yes, of course, that everything was booked… I tried to reassure him and, in fact, he hung up the call laughing.

    The next morning I woke up and started packing my bags. I slept in a T-shirt that read “Fuck everybody” and took a selfie in the mirror with my usual middle finger raised and wrote “YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE” on it, quoting my Cannes speech. An hour before leaving, I received a call from Anthony’s manager. He just said, “Hi, Anthony is dead,” in a cold, emotionless voice. I was out of breath. My voice choked in my throat as I asked what had happened. “He killed himself,” he added. I literally couldn’t say anything anymore.

  22. feijicha says:

    well, the documentarian says he got approval from family to create the AI Tony voice, but Ottavia says, “not me”
    From Twitter:

    Bourdain’s widow Ottavia Bourdain has responded to Morgan Neville’s claim that she approved the use of an AI model of her late husband’s voice in his documentary, saying, “I certainly was NOT the one who said Tony would have been cool with that.”

  23. catsworking says:

    GlamourMilk, I agree with you on that. Someone in the film Roadrunner says something like, “In the end, Tony killed himself. No one else did it.”

    Well, people don’t just up and kill themselves, unless they’re totally insane and hearing voices or something. With most people, it’s people or events that push them over the edge. And we all know the most traumatic event and person Tony had to deal with the last week of his life. No way around it.

  24. catsworking says:

    GlamourMilk, thank you for this excerpt. Yes, I’m sure it’s protected by copyright and I’ve cut it quite a bit to the parts that we’ve been discussing here.

    She’s clearly trying to lay out her defense in case she’s ever dragged into court. Her worry that he was married and she feared the paps taking photos of her with a married man. It would RUIN her reputation! Puleez.

    Interesting to me is the 2016 trip he took to France. Now we know why he was there alone. I remember he had some kind of health episode there and passed out in a restaurant. When he was OK again, he called NANCY. And I believe it was Nancy herself who revealed that.

    LOVE her side of the Hugo Clement affair. So innocent. So pure. Tony wasn’t upset, but desperate that he was going to lose her. So much shit, we’re gonna need a bigger shovel.

    But probably most outrageous is her claim that he often slept with prostitutes. Really? With his crew usually right there? In NYC with his wife and daughter right there and EVERYBODY knowing who he was?

    If I have to give her credit for anything, it’s that she writes great fiction.

  25. catsworking says:

    feijicha, very interesting. I just saw the documentary, and I will say that I couldn’t tell where the AI voice was. Of course, it was my first run-through. When I watch it again on TV and can stop and rerun, I’ll be able to catch more detail.

    As I was watching it, I thought, “This is something I will want to watch over and over.” Well, maybe only the first part. Once it gets into the girlfriend weeds, I’d stop.

  26. GlamourMilk says:

    Hi again, here’s one more excerpt, starting with the same paragraph that the other excerpt ended with. Same applies; delete if you wish, or edit as you did with the first one. I won’t send anymore long excerpts like this 🙂 This one is specifically about the aftermath of Tony’s suicide and the whole Rain Dove/McGowan debacle. As always, who knows what you can believe when it comes from AA. I especially find the part about Tony’s ashes hard to swallow. Let’s just pretend for one moment she’s telling the truth, that she actually believed for a moment (in her shock, as she claims herself) that the ashes really were Tony’s.

  27. catsworking says:

    GlamourMilk, for some reason, your latest comment went to spam, perhaps because of the length. I have read and saved the long excerpt you included from AA’s book, but deleted it here for now. I may post some of it later if I can boil it down to fair use for discussion.

    My head is exploding over the QAnon conspiracy way she describes her role in the aftermath of Tony’s death. Clearly, Rain is a delusional nut job who never came close to Tony’s ashes. He/she will probably be claiming they were in the cockpit of Richard Branson’s recent flight into space, as well.

    I think AA was just reeling from the loss of her meal ticket, and God only knows what Rose and her “fiance” Rain thought, if either one of them are capable of rational thought.

    I do offer condolences to AA on the loss of her grandmother. That must have been tough on top of losing the wealthy boyfriend she’d just cuckolded in public.

  28. GlamourMilk says:

    Yeah, it was probably too long 🙂 The segments about the ashes are just insane no matter how you look at it. It’s been said before, but not by enough people; If AA genuinely believed those were Tony’s ashes at the time (which she claims) then it’s amazing she’s been given a free pass to be an accomplice in keeping the ashes of a dead person that legally belonged to someone else (his wife and daughter). Why on earth didn’t she report it to the police? Why didn’t she make sure the ashes went to the rightful owner? Never mind her being his last ‘girlfriend’ (though she’d broken up with him at this point and she knows that though most of the general public doesn’t) – she had no legitimate reason to keep those ashes (even if they turned out to be fake). I’ve noticed in people’s comments about the documentary that many are ‘outraged’ about the ‘unethical’ indication that AA might have contributed to Tony’s suicide. Those same people are more willing to disbelieve the mother of his daughter than this skank he only knew for about two years and who’s publicly smeared Tony/his family’s co-workers again and again after this death. Why are people so willing to believe her? I know you can say the ‘Trump effect’ or whatever, but it baffles me that she gets away with this. She must be laughing right now at how the documentary has suffered a bit of a pushback, partly because of the use of AI and partly because people who know nothing about how cruel she’s been, actually feel sorry for her. How perfectly timed for her that she could be in Cannes this weekend and insert herself into the narrative of a film she hasn’t even worked on, just because her daddy and his friend/fan, Gaspar Noe, had a screening of a film there. Her smirk on the red carpet said it all: ‘I won’. The evil and cruel people of the world win? Is that how it works?

  29. NinaRose says:

    God Bless Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

  30. catsworking says:

    GlamourMilk, AA and Trump are cut from the same cloth. The same narcissism, lack of empathy, ego and cruelty. Like Trump, she’s got her posse of defenders who will excuse ANYTHING she does and go after those who try to hold her accountable.

    On a personal level, she’s a ruthless dictator in relationships. That part in her book where she went on and on about how they had to be an “open” couple, and she had him repeat it back to her just to make sure, is history rewriting itself. Her statement that he slept with prostitutes is ridiculous.

    Didn’t she even make up some BS of him having a prostitute in his room and they were doing drugs before he died?

    Sure, while spending almost every waking moment that week with Eric Ripert, Tony was sneaking druggie hookers into his room.

    She’s dragged him through so much mud to cover her own foul tracks, his family must hate her guts more than words can say.

    The whole business about the stolen portion of the ashes feels to me like they both AA and Rain knew the ashes weren’t real. They were playing some sick game of espionage and intrigue because they’re both drama queens, or in Rain’s case, drama whatever they felt like being that day.

  31. Linda Leaming says:

    Didn’t Tony already admit he used prostitutes? It doesn’t seem so out of character for him to keep doing that – seems like his wife and he had grown apart by then. Many celebs use prostitutes or call girls who know to keep their mouths shut.
    Saw a pic of AA at the latest Cannes festival – anyone else think she’s had plastic surgery? Her face is so smiley in these pics – she often has a sour look on her face, so I wonder…

  32. catsworking says:

    Linda, I haven’t seen any photos of the girlfriend at Cannes, but plastic surgery wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve come across photos of her where she was unrecognizable to me, but I’m also terrible with faces. And yes, a scowl does seem to be her favorite expression. She probably thinks it makes her look sexy.

    As for Tony and hookers, I can’t recall ever seeing that information. But if I did, it would probably get my attention enough to remember. This is just my opinion, but it doesn’t seem in character because it’s too risky from a health standpoint, especially after he was a father, still with Ottavia or not. And it would look sleazy to the crew. And he’d be mortified if Eric Ripert ever found out because he valued Eric’s opinion of him so much.

    If you can find where he mentioned sleeping with prostitutes that wasn’t intended as a joke, please share it and I’ll eat every word. 🙂

  33. GlamourMilk says:

    I haven’t read everything he’s written or seen all his interviews, but the only time I’ve seen him mentioning him being with prostitutes was in one his books where he’s in the Caribbean and he went to brothels and drove drunk during a depressive episode. That was a long time ago and I was never sure whether it was true or a ‘dramatisation’. Having said that, even if Tony did sleep with prostitutes it’s really cruel of his so-called girlfriend to mention that in her book for her own sensationalistic purposes. The fact that she mentions specifically that it was at Christmas is a red flag for me. Whether true or not, it’s clearly a dig at Ottavia and Tony’s family life, knowing very well that Tony was with his family at Christmas. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, it’s an evil thing to write about a person you supposedly cared about. And with no thought for how it could potentially affect his daughter who Asia Argento clearly doesn’t give a fuck about.

  34. catsworking says:

    GlamourMilk, that recollection narrows it down a lot. It sounds like the time when he almost drove himself off a cliff after he split from Nancy. That sounds totally plausible, and it was long before he met the skank. I’ve read it, but I don’t remember which book, either. Medium Raw or The Nasty Bits, probably.

    I’m waiting for Morgan to see all this and check in. If anybody remembers Tony saying he was with hookers, it would be Morgan.

    Even if he did, you’re right. It was a stupid thing for the girlfriend to say, and not any indication of an “open” relationship, as she was trying to paint. She was sneaking around behind his back with other men she knew (there was another one she was photographed holding hands with before Hugo), hoping for the paps to catch her in the act to rub it in his face.

    Having sex with a prostitute is impersonal, like masturbating using a woman instead of a hand.

    You’re right that she has never given two shits about his family, especially his daughter. She’s just a nasty, trashy piece of work, no matter how to you spin it. His death only made it impossible to ignore.

  35. GlamourMilk says:

    Yep, what you said. And I Googled it – it’s from Medium Raw: https://medium.com/one-table-one-world/re-reading-anthony-bourdain-a-review-and-more-f4f411dd2909

    But that’s the only reference I’ve seen about that subject matter.

  36. catsworking says:

    GlamourMilk, that’s exactly the scene I was thinking about. Given his work ethic, I would say at that time, he was alone, and I think he was on St. Maarten/Martin, which he loved.

    So, under the circumstances, the extreme debauchery was totally understandable and a one-off kind of behavior. I don’t take it as a statement that he regularly “did” prostitutes.

    Thanks for looking that up!

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