Jan. 6 Rioters Peeling Away from Trump

By Karen

But first, a trailer for the Anthony Bourdain HBO documentary, Roadrunner, debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival June 11, in theaters July 16…

At 1:59, see a nanosecond of Tony in a red sports car with a brunette whose identity I can only suspect. The more her existence gets erased, the more heinously criminal I believe her involvement in his final days. Call me the suspicious type.

Now, to the present…

The FBI has rounded up roughly 500 Capitol rioters. Those with clean records are getting slapped wrists. But the violent ones caught on camera face felonies and promise to be great entertainment at their trials.

FYI, here’s a Justice Department list of everyone arrested and charged. Another list at Insider.com includes personal details on the perps.

The minute TV cameras stopped rolling, Trump forgot these people exist. Without presidential pardons, desperate defense lawyers are floating, “My client is too stupid to live.”

If we didn’t have such a woke culture, they’d be calling their clients the “R” word.

Defense places all blame on Trump, his enablers and Fox “News” for dishing out a diet of lies to ignorant dupes, and claims they bear as much responsibility as the rioters.

Essentially, defense hopes to thread a needle with an elephant. They can’t go all-out and declare their clients mentally incompetent, because that lets Trump and Fox slither off the hook. Instead, the rioters were relentlessly attacked by incendiary rhetoric and finally succumbed on January 6.

Prosecutors are going to love destroying this argument.

As convicted rioters begin marching off to prison, MAGA cultists who stayed home 1/6 but still believe the Big Lie are left no choice but to wonder where their own willingness to continue eating Trump-Fox garbage may lead.

Rioter Anthony Antonio (the guy who screamed nonsensically about it being 1776), has said: “I kind of sound like an idiot now saying it, but my faith was in him [Trump].”

Antonio’s lawyer Joseph Hurley explained, “You can catch this disease.” Misinformation “is not a defense. It’s not. But it will be brought up to say: This is why he was there. Because he was a dumbass and believed what he heard on Fox News.”

I would add, and because he probably flunked history.

Footnote: Antonio has never voted in a presidential election, so he had no skin in the game.

With a pandemic fresh in their minds, MAGA cultists who hear these dipshits called, by their own lawyers, dumbasses who caught “Big Lie Disease” may realize they’re also infected.

Who needs COVID or masks when you can ingest toxic lies from your TV until your brain mush no longer comprehends that a guy who gets the fewest votes is the LOSER?

The lawyer for “QAnon shaman” Jacob Chansley claims repeated exposure to lies overwhelmed Chansley’s ability to discern reality (and fashion, obviously)…

Photo: Saul Loeb - AFP - GettyImages

Although I despise them, I don’t think all cultists are 100% evil — they’re ignorant. They’ll get the shock of their lives when the trials reveal exactly how Trump and Fox have twisted their sad little minds.

Defections are happening already. On Memorial Day in Florida, Trump falsely claimed “thousands” of boaters waved Trump flags on parade. WTSP in Tampa Bay reported

Just north of the former president’s residence at Mar-a-Lago, “Trump 2024” flags waved in the wind as dozens of boats took to the water.

Two days later, Trump pulled the plug on his 29-day-old From the Desk of blog to “put it out of its misery” (his words) because few were reading.

Trump’s ability to spread poison is waning. His mental faculties are more often discussed than his positions on anything, especially since his delusion that he’ll regain power in August. He’s making no major personal appearances with press allowed. The great showman who lives to feed off crowds like an energy vampire will be babbling remotely via Jumbotron at a Wisconsin rally on June 12.

Rioters’ trials condemning the “Foxitis” contagion and Trump’s growing inability to hide his dementia should thin the cult. Treasonous Republicans still courting Trump’s dwindling base may find themselves like Wile E. Coyote come reelection…

BONUS: Searching YouTube, I came upon this golden oldie cat video that still makes me laugh. In the original version, these cats were meowing at each other. Then someone gave them dialogue…

6 Responses to Jan. 6 Rioters Peeling Away from Trump

  1. MorganLF says:

    Tony.. oh fuk all the rest, sorry Karen.
    Miss that guy, all the little flashes with his baby girl and his quips, eye rolling, wow..I’ll never forget how cool he and Ottavia were to me, to us.
    He was the hugest celebrity..bad boy eloquent writer of non fiction..(.sorry his fiction was trite) his shows were smart, clever,and properly narrated by him, as he also wrote it.
    Liked his lanky frame his ambling arm swinging walk..his dedication to a Marlboro cig …which we shared one night together before a big book signing, his lack of handlers and “people”… how he found your blog and wrote you (but that’s your story)
    I’ll never forget standing outside the back door door of that book signing venue smoking, chatting ..while the line was wrapped around the block…
    Cool dude. I dug him. A jersey guy.

  2. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I follow a couple of accounts on Insta that are “friendsofTony” or something like that, and pics of him pop into my feed every day, with quotes, and they never fail to give me a start. It’s like he’s still with us, but then when I think back over the past three years and all the events we don’t have his opinion about, his absence hits home all over again.

    I did love seeing those glimpses of Ariane in the trailer. Daddy’s girl. Ottavia once posted some video of Tony swimming in a pool with toddler Ariane riding on his back that was priceless. There’s a clip of that in the trailer as well. He must have been such a fun dad.

  3. Donna Pavone says:

    I follow friends of Tony on IG. I’ve not looked at it for awhile but they fucking HATE the toxic Italian. A thought, have you seen that Jacob dweeb without the 877CASHNOW ensemble? He should never take that off

  4. catsworking says:

    Hey, Donna, sorry I missed this comment. I do follow Friends of Tony on IG, and I think Stories of Tony, which quotes him every day. Yesterday, there was so much Bourdain in my feed (including several posts from Zamir), I almost couldn’t take it. Can’t believe it’s been three years. I decided to celebrate his birthday instead. He would have qualified for Medicare this year.

    Since I’ve been off Twitter, I’ve totally lost track of the toxic Italian. She never crosses my radar.

  5. TufEnuf says:

    I saw the premiere of Roadrunner through Tribeca@Home. It’s very good, but man, so hard to watch. I don’t want to spoiler it for anyone, so just let me say that you need to steel yourself.

  6. catsworking says:

    Welcome TufEnuf, and thanks for the warning. If the film comes to town (our theaters tend to cram themselves with comic book hero flicks), it’s the only thing that could induce me to enter a theater right now. And I will bring a purse full of tissues because I suspect it’s going to destroy me.

    I rewatched the first episode he did in Rome for No Reservations with Ottavia and it tore me up to see him so happy.

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