Wish Prince Harry Would Stuff a Sock In It

By Karen

His mouth, I mean. I’ve been fuming over Republicans trying to block a January 6 commission because they’re scared shitless of exposing their role as insurrection mentors and enablers. But the other nasty story that keeps pinging my radar is Harry and his terrible, horrible, beastly, nightmarish, very bad childhood.

The bulk of this tale has come out since Harry went to his grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral. There, he had to face William and Charles after letting his wife Meghan call the Royal Family a pack of racists, to Oprah’s everlasting faux-shock, on national TV.

Harry’s lucky Aunt Princess Anne and Uncle Prince Edward just cut him dead, when they probably would have liked to drag him out behind the castle and beat the snot out of him.

On a side note, Harry just showed an equal lack of respect for his adopted country during his Armchair Expert podcast when he called our First Amendment “bonkers” (44:54). Now Fox and Trump’s cult are pissed at him, too.

He followed that up by taking more whacks at the Windsors on an Apple TV+ series he’s producing with Oprah called The Me You Can’t See. As her subject for one episode, he nailed Charles as a terrible father who believed his sons should grow up as miserable as he’d been as a child.

By the way, the Queen is Charles’ mother. She’s still alive, 95, and freshly widowed. But Harry didn’t think twice about outing her by inference as a negligent parent.

But I’m most intrigued by what he unwittingly reveals about Meghan. He compares Meghan to Diana’s Egyptian boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, taking it no deeper than race. I suspect their motivations in hooking up with a royal is the more apt parallel to draw.

For example, after less than a year in the “Firm,” pregnant (manipulative value), Meghan chose right before she and Harry had to appear in public at a glittery concert to tell him she was considering suicide and how she’d do it. Then she apparently cried quietly during the concert, lest his memory fade.

The upshot was that Harry gave up his life and bought Meghan a mansion among the rich and famous in Montecito, where she’d be comfortable.

Then he described being awakened one night by Meghan right before the big Oprah CBS interview. He thought she was crying softly into her pillow so as not to wake him. This time, although separated by a continent and an ocean, Meghan was distraught over the royals’ and media’s “smear campaign” against her.

I wouldn’t put it past Meghan to have waited until Harry fell asleep to play this scene for maximum impact. She was bent on using Oprah to exact revenge on her in-laws and had to ensure that Harry wouldn’t back out because his grandfather happened to be lying on his deathbed.

Now Harry says he’s going around “telling his story” to help others. Our hearts all go out to 12-year-old Harry over the tragic, senseless loss of his mother. But no matter how Harry spins it, we saw him grow up with palaces, privilege and a devoted older brother, and party his way through life until he joined the army. Now he’s revealing that he has no sense of history, and no respect for his grandmother, who has dutifully lived the role history thrust upon her.

Harry wants the wealth without the responsibilities. The fame without the exposure. Total privacy while baring all in every media outlet that will have him.

Harry keeps lobbing these “truth” grenades at his family like a passive-aggressive chickenshit, knowing they can’t wallow in the muck trying to defend themselves.

I hope Harry and Oprah are over-milking this mental health cow and soon have people saying, “Enough already. We get it. You had horrible childhoods. But you’re rich and famous now. Stop acting like a pair of greedy ingrates and go away.”

9 Responses to Wish Prince Harry Would Stuff a Sock In It

  1. Donna says:

    I can’t wait for the implosion and he loses everything in the divorce. What a doosh. To listen to him trading shitty childhood memories with Dax Shepherd who actually had one made my skin crawl

  2. catsworking says:

    Donna, Meghan’s trying to ramp up the suspense over baby No. 2 by refusing to say when she’s due, which means more paps trailing her to get the big scoop when she goes into labor. Out of one side of her mouth she wants privacy, while doing everything she can to bring attention to herself.

    Britain should probably breathe a sigh of relief that Harry wasn’t Diana’s first-born, because he’s turning out not to be too bright. Meghan, like a classic abuser, has basically isolated him from his whole support system so she’s his sole voice of “reason.” (Well, her and Oprah. I wonder if Oprah has given him a copy of “The Secret” yet, so he can manifest his perfect life with his mind.) And everything Harry says to defend what he’s doing just digs his hole deeper with his family.

    This isn’t going to end well. When Meghan finds herself in her 40s with two toddlers and a dimwit husband, far short of the vast fortune and international celebrity she craves, she’s going to bail. That’s when I worry that Harry will do something drastic.

  3. Margeaux says:

    Oprah is absolutely disgusting.
    I’ve always sooo disliked the way she craves coming off like a cracker jack psychologist, and really all she cares about is her own viewership and continuing to make herself more money. I cannot understand how so many people bought into such a fake person. She’s an ogre.

  4. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, I confess that I used to like Oprah and even read her magazine for many years. I started getting disenchanted when she went gaga over that load-of-crap book, “The Secret,” and brainwashed people to think they could have the moon if they just thought about it hard enough.

    When she ended her talk show and her OWN network fizzled, she started getting grabby for attention anywhere she could find it.

    THEN she bought her way onto the board of Weight Watchers and reduced them to WW because she couldn’t lose weight. That was the last straw for me. I’d just lost 50 lbs. on the plan Oprah sucked at and ultimately trashed. We haven’t seen her doing any commercials about how much she loves bread lately, have we?

    And now her complicity in helping H&M bring down the Royal Family has taken her beyond bonkers. I can’t stand to see her on TV any more than I can look at Trump.

    In writing this post, I read that she did ALL the morning talk shows in one day to plug her new Apple mental health series. O’s devolved into a media whore. She even has her BFF Gayle conveniently working at CBS to book her any time she wants a place to spout off.

    She should have seen through Meghan immediately and walked away. Instead, they’re pimping each other out for money and fame. We need a new word for “disgusting.”

  5. MorganLF says:

    Donna and all,I agree a dooooooosh!!!!

  6. feijicha says:

    Meghan couldn’t; wait to get Hazza to California which is a 50-50 community property state. Oh yeah.

  7. Donna says:

    Karen I think you called it,Meghan wants Oprah’s job

  8. Donna says:

    Morgan is he not the very definition of doosh white boy?

  9. catsworking says:

    feijicha, good point. Meghan’s going to come out WAY ahead of Harry in the divorce.

    Meanwhile, William and Kate are in Scotland and Kate looks absolutely radiant. They visited the school they both attended, did some land yachting, mingled with the folks. And I didn’t see one word about William whinging about what a miserable childhood he had.

    I predicted this before H&M’s wedding: Meghan expected to instantly become the “New Diana,” and she expected to push Kate into the background. It took her less than a year to realize none of that was ever going to happen, so she was outta there. And since there was a baby involved, Harry had no choice but to do what she wanted.

    Now he’s signing up for all sorts of gigs, partly to make money and probably to get out of the house. Meghan’s a bossy control freak and right now, with baby No. 2 on the way, she’s got the upper hand. But she’s running out of time where she can pop out another baby every time she wants to yank his leash and get attention for herself.

    I don’t see Harry living in the U.S. long-term. He’s a fish out of water, and without his royal title, he’s nothing special. There isn’t enough therapy in the world to fix the damage Meghan is inflicting on him, on top of his issues over losing Diana — and his brother, father, grandfather, circle of friends, etc. His family is probably worried about him, as well as furious with him.

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