Medina Spirit on Trump: “He’s Wack”

By Tony

Trump, desperate for a social media fix after getting banned everywhere for lying, created his own website, “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump.” (No link. Cats Working is dedicated to stamping out ignorance.)

Trump spews gibberish that people may ♥ or repeat on Facebook or Twitter. We hope journalists don’t scamper after Trump down his new rabbit hole, fouling the media with his garbage.

But on Sunday Trump called Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit a “junky.”

That’s because after the Derby, Medina failed a drug test. It showed too much betamethasone, a steroid horses are given for pain or inflammation. It’s forbidden when they race. Medina’s trainer Bob Baffert has been suspended at Churchill Downs, and the world waits for results from a second test on another portion of Medina’s sample to find out if Medina has to forfeit his Derby win and give up his Triple Crown dream.

Max and Roc helped me “borrow” Karen’s phone and call Medina Spirit to get an opinion straight from the horse’s mouth…

I caught him just before he hit the road to Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore.

Tony: Hi, Mr. Spirit? Do you have a few minutes to talk to Cats Working?

Medina Spirit: Cats? Working? Are you kidding? The cats prowling our stable hunt purely for sport. But they’re cool, so sure. Make it quick, though. My trailer’s almost ready to go. Call me Medina.

T: Thanks. You were amazing in the Derby. I’m so sorry they might disqualify you for doing drugs.

M: That’s some crazy shit, right? I can’t believe it myself.

T: Did you realize your people doped you before the race?

M: It comes down to this. When they show up with a big horse needle before a major race, you can either kick their balls off and earn a trip to the glue factory, or you can trust that they’re not SO stupid, they’d kill their own meal ticket, so you take the shot.

T: I get it. Why do you think Baffert would let that happen?

M: We call that guy “Baffling” around the stalls. One day he loves his horseys, the next day, we hear he’s shooting them up and getting suspended. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

T: What do you think about Donald Trump calling you a “junky.”

M: To be honest, I’m more pissed that Baffling keeps calling me a “little horse.” What’s that mean? A Shetland? A Falabella? I’ll tell you, I’ve got one thing I’d like to show Baffert any day that makes his own look downright puny, and that’s my —

T: — Horses put cats to shame in that department, too. Speaking of mushrooms, back to Trump.

M: Oh, yeah. What does Trump mean by “junky”? Was my saddle tatty? Was my jockey wearing rags? I don’t get it.

T: I think he meant “junkie,” like drug addict.

M: Oh, right. That clown never could spell. But he knows junkies. He sees one every time he looks in a mirror. And he’s not seeing an orange horse with a fucked-up mane. What a washed-up wack job. It doesn’t take even a lick of horse sense to see that. Why isn’t he in jail yet? People need to muck out his worthless opinions. When it comes to crime, Trump makes Baffert’s horse-rigging seem trifling.

Hey, look, kid, I gotta run. Literally. In the Preakness on Saturday. Against Mandaloun again. He almost beat my ass in the Derby.

T: OK, Medina. I’ve got paws crossed you win again. I hear Baffert’s watching the race from California, so it’s all on you at Pimlico. Best of luck!

8 Responses to Medina Spirit on Trump: “He’s Wack”

  1. Donna says:

    Wait……”From The Desk Of….” is a for real thing??

  2. catsworking says:

    Donna, it definitely is. We snuck over there and took a peek this morning just to make sure. It immediately jumps out at you and tries to get you to sign up for updates or notifications or something. Trump is DESPERATE for attention. Early reviews are that the site is a bomb because it allows no interaction via comments. It’s like he’s standing there giving one of this crazy speeches. But this time the audience can click away and shut him off.

  3. Mary Hunter says:

    Great post Tony! Good job on that interview, thoroughly enjoyed it!

  4. catsworking says:

    Mary, thank you! Right after I talked to Medina, I learned that he wasn’t given a shot, but an ointment for a rash on his hind end. They were smearing it on him for at least a week. He couldn’t have stopped it unless he reared up and went totally bonkers, which probably would have ended his career right there. Poor horse is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

    AP story in today’s paper really pissed me off, making it seem like it’s all Medina’s fault. It says: “[The Preakness] should have been another celebration of Baffert, the face of the sport [blah, blah, blah]…. Instead, Derby winner Medina Spirit failing a postrace drug test for the steroid betamethasone has put Baffert and the sport in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.”

    The humans ALWAYS blame the horse.

  5. Your cats are the funniest and smartest mortals I know! Could not stop laughing. Poor little Medina seems to have lost his spirit! Even thinking about Trumper gives him a migraine. After yesterday’s race, his first to loose, he is thinking of being a stud. For real. Beats swaggering and racing around all the time. (Besides the other horse from his stable didn’t win either🤨) The jockey’s trying to call Bob to learn if size matters in the small colt’s new career endeavor. He can’t understand why anyone rubbed that stinky, smelly ointment on his itchy butt. It wasn’t that bad. Doesn’t his trainer read the regs or at least the labels as to banned ingredients or when you have to stop greasing his backside? Medina Spirit’s one positive experience this week was the lovely interview he had with Tony, the sports reporter cat 🐈‍⬛ What a year!

    As for the mask debacle, I can’t even begin to fathom what is going on in anyone’s head. I was a Fauci fan, but this new edict is 😷 ill advised. We haven’t even made it through a year yet from when the shots began; I just got mine a month ago, already hearing I’ll need another booster and we’re ripping off our masks quicker than the Lone Ranger ever did. Insanity I tell you. Major madness in a maniacal year.

    So true about the mask/maskless rebellion! I’m certain soon we will be having a mask 😷 burning bonfire. As I entered church today, black masked tucked around both ears and NOSE, several ushers kept pointing and gesturing to indicate no masks required. When I kept on going one usher whispered in my ear—No mask required! Even the priest said how wonderful it was to see our faces. He readily admitted he had no idea what are names were, but now seeing are cherubic faces truly made him feel better. Lose/lose. I’m being ostracized for being a slacker—get a shot at your local Winn-Dixie why don’t y’all or vilified for wearing a mask when America knows that day is over. Interesting though when I stopped at the grocery store after church the sign on the door reminded all shoppers that a mask was required to enter. Couldn’t America wear their masks through at least one pandemic season? Herd immunity—as if. Good Lord.

  6. catsworking says:

    Judy, congrats to you for keeping your mask on in church. It’s like the MAGA mindset has infected the rest of the country. Churches were super-spreader places before lockdowns and limits on crowds were imposed. How quickly they forget. And I assume the priest trusted that every one of those bare faces he was looking at was fully vaccinated — because they were in church. Why would they lie?

    Maybe he’ll get some surprises next time he hears confessions, if your faith does those. Or if anybody does. It’s been so long since I’ve been, I have no idea.

    I suspect people who “remind” you that you don’t need a mask feel a little guilty about removing their own and you remind THEM it’s not entirely safe.

    I STILL haven’t left the house since this new CDC “guidance” came out, but I full expect Food Lion to require masks. And I saw on SNL that Target still apparently does as well.

    We all watched the Preakness on Saturday and weren’t a bit surprised that neither of Baffert’s horses did well, although Medina made it look like all was forgiven, holding the lead until he let some horse out of left field overtake him and dropped back to fourth, just out of the money. Touche!

    Tony says: “Given the chance to hang out at the stable and date cute fillies all day or continue working for Baffert, not knowing what banned substance he’s going to shoot into you next, no horse with any sense would pick Baffert.”

  7. Judy says:

    The writing is on the wall my friend. Target is dropping its mask requirement, Walmart too I believe. Food Lion and other stores will not win this battle, nor the war to follow when it all goes south. The Catholic Church even had its choir back—droplets everywhere. I began to feel nauseated 🤢 being there.

    I agree with you: Staying home is so much easier than to try and navigate all this nonsense. Of course, many have stopped washing hands or using Clorox to sanitize. If they ever did. Quite discouraging. I’m wearing my mask through the winter. It helped lessen the flu this year.

  8. catsworking says:

    Judy, it so happens I have to go to Target today to pick up a prescription, so I’ll check out the situation. I just read that Walmart had dropped masks, which doesn’t surprise me. It’s been years since I last stepped foot in Walmart, but it always felt like a place that would breed disease.

    I’ll probably hit Food Lion on the way home, so I’ll see what’s up there as well.

    I was just reading that the CDC head is now saying they’re watching for the numbers to go up, particularly after Memorial Day. They’ve just chosen to drag it out for years rather than mandating everyone get the shot, hunker down for a few more weeks, and then we’re done with it.

    It’s a matter of life or death, for God’s sake. Enough of this political BS and personal choice when one stupid person’s behavior can KILL others.

    When I’m out in public, I have hand sanitizer in the car I use every time I come out of a place, and NEVER touch my face until I get home and can wash my hands. So far it’s worked.

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