Max’s Big Birthday Surprise

By Karen

NEW: Scroll down to see the video I promised on Tony on ‘nip.

On Friday, April 9 (same day England’s Prince Philip died at 99), Max turned 10, so it seemed only fair to ask how he’d like to celebrate his milestone birthday. Our conversation went something like this (if you speak cat)…

Me: Max, is there anything special I can do for your birthday this year? You’re not into fancy food. Lately, you’ve even been meh about your fish flake treats. I need some ideas.

Max: I want a new collar.

Me: Seriously? Isn’t that like asking for underwear?

Max: You know I’m hard on collars, but I wear a tux every day and I hate it when my neck looks tatty.

Me: Good point. My bad.

Max: And I don’t want a collar just for me. I want EVERYBODY to get new collars.

Me: So you’ve noticed Roc’s red collar is a bit scraggly? He likes having that “been there, done that” look. But you know how Tony is about wearing collars.

Max: Tony’s almost two years old now. It’s time he pulled up his big-boy fur and stopped looking like a stray. I think he’s ready.

So, I followed Max’s orders and found three colorful summer collars at Stop here for a second and decide for yourself who you think got which one…

When they arrived, the first order of business was to remove the bells, which nobody likes (including me). I must say, these collars are silky soft and the lightest ever, so I had high hopes they’d be a big hit.

Max got to pick the one he wanted. Being a lifelong pacifist, he chose the mellowest one…

Roc got the geometric pattern and seemed quite pleased with how it looked…

Tony, our wild child, got the Jackson Pollock. He seemed to relish his newly mature appearance…

He was happily lounging on his blue perch in it when I took this picture. Little did I know he was hatching a plan…

Just a few minutes later, he scampered through my office like Lord Godiva without a horse. I found the collar on the floor beside the perch. He’d managed to pop himself out of it…

I tried a few more times to get Tony to wear his collar, but no dice. No matter how snugly it fit, he’d work his jaw under it and pop it off. So, I’ll put it away and try again later, or give it to Max eventually.

Roc followed Tony’s lead a few days later and popped his off, too, so right now they’re both running around in only the fur God gave them.

Max just shook his head at their foolishness and meowed, “My good deeds never go unpunished”…

UPDATE: The biggest hit of Max’s birthday celebration was the catnip, and I finally figured out how to bypass my balky iPhone and get online the clip I caught of Tony getting wacked out until he realized I was filming him…

Here’s Tony after another few snorts. That’s the empty bowl of ‘nip he snorted beside him…

6 Responses to Max’s Big Birthday Surprise

  1. Mary Hunter says:

    “Now they’re both running around in only the fur God gave them” Priceless! Great post and fantastic pictures. The collars, as well as the cats are fetching. I’ve never been able to get a cat to wear a collar. My cat now is so completely domestic she doesn’t even look at birds or anything else. We consider ourselves quite lucky in that regard. When we first got her, one day we saw her in the neighbor’s back yard with their chickens. She kind of looked like, “hmmm, I should be doing something, but I’m not sure what?!”

  2. Randi says:

    The minute I saw the collars I knew Tony would pick the one he did, but I also expected he would try to get out of it. They are nice, but not really necessary indoors, and outdoors, the can be dangerous… if they get stuck in a tree.
    Happy belated birthday to Max, I hope he, Roc and Tony had fun – looks the catnip was a hit. 😀 If you can get the video on to your computer, I’d love to see it.

  3. catsworking says:

    Mary, the highlight of Roc and Tony’s day is the morning I open a window for them. The pollen is terrible right now, but I’ve got a window open until they lose interest. Max also likes a window, but he won’t push his way in.

    Since my house has big windows on three sides, Roc and Tony spend a lot of time keeping tabs on the yard. We have a lot of squirrels and birds, too.

    My cats have always worn collars. Tony is really the first one who has absolutely refused. They’re all chipped, but if they ever got out, a collar is the obvious sign that they belong to someone, so I hope some effort would be made to find me, rather than treating them like anonymous strays.

  4. catsworking says:

    Randi, the good news is that last night I was able to email the video to myself from the iPad, so now I can get it into the post. Now I also know something has gone wrong with my phone because it’s never been so uncooperative before.

    I always get breakaway collars that will pop open if they catch on anything. As I said, Roc and Tony quickly figured out how to yank theirs off with their mouths. In fact, when they’re wearing collars and wrestling, one of their classic moves is to claw-snag the opponent’s collar and pop it off. I find them all over the house. They probably consider the collar a victory trophy.

  5. Randi says:

    I didn’t now you can get breakaway collars, but that’s great! And yes, I’m sure they consider the collar a victory trophy when they snag it off each other. 😀
    Being able to e-mail the video to yourself is definitely a step in the right direction. 🙂 Have you saved it in the format you usually do?
    On another note… Denmark has stopped using Astra Zeneca from today, and paused Johnson-Johnson. I will get Pfizer, have booked both appointments. Will go ahead and take them, unless we get bad news about those, also – they have only been used here for four months.

  6. catsworking says:

    Randi, I finally got the video into the post. I don’t know what’s up with the phone. I did everything the same as always (take the photos on the phone, then email them to myself to get them on the computer), but nothing went through ALL DAY to either Gmail or AOL. Many hours later, the photos came through to Gmail, but not the link to the video, which is stored in iCloud. Speaking of the cloud, last night I happened to check if the photos and video were also on the iPad (they were), so I sent from there and it hit Gmail in seconds. It’s very frustrating when things stop working for no apparent reason.

    My phone is an original SE that came out with the iPhone 5 or 6 (they’re up to 12 now), so Apple could have sabotaged it. I first got it cheap because it was an older model, just when Apple got in trouble for trying to slow the SE down to make people ditch it for a newer one. Now I’m thinking I’m being forced into an upgrade because I’ve been having trouble with my mobile banking app, too.

    Congratulations on getting your vaccine appointments!

    I got the J&J vaccine a month ago. After feeling sick the next day and running a fever for a few hours, I was fine. They’re saying 6 premenopausal women out of 6.8 MILLION vaccines have developed blood clots, and at least one died. They’re not even sure the vaccine had anything to do with it, but taking no chances.

    No medicine is 100% safe if you read the possible side effects they ALL have. Even aspirin can eat your stomach. I don’t think any of the COVID vaccines have had enough problems to deserve getting yanked except the Chinese one (don’t know its name), which even they admit isn’t very effective.

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