Gotta Love Those Sussex-Markles — or Not?

By Karen

J&J VACCINATION UPDATE: After I got the shot Monday, I felt fine. Tuesday, I woke up with a headache, and was exhausted by afternoon. That evening, I had a fever that peaked at 99.8° but was normal by bedtime. Now on Thursday, my arm feels like someone punched me. But that means it’s working.

Now, to Harry and Meghan…

I must comment on their tête-à-tête with Oprah on March 7. My sympathies lie with Harry. Poor guy lost his mother at 12. Now he’s estranged from his brother, his whole family, friends and country. And all because he’s been thinking with his “other brain” since he met Meghan Markle.

Photo: CBS

Their interview was so distasteful, my DVR revolted, taping only the first 90 minutes and cutting off Oprah in mid-sentence.

Coincidentally, Oprah and the Sussex-Markles are neighbors in Montecito, California. Do you think it was Harry who popped over to Oprah’s to borrow a cup of publicity? Or, more likely, did the girls casually plot what fun it would be dish some royal dirt?

When it started, Oprah announced the couple didn’t know what they’d be asked, but she and Meghan exchanged a look. Oprah also said they weren’t paid.

But Oprah’s Harpo Productions was — $7 million. And CBS doubled ad prices and tacked on an extra 30 minutes to max out their cut.

For Harry — and mostly Meghan — compensation must have been the satisfaction of burying hatchets in all of the royal family’s heads.

Her “delicate condition” with child notwithstanding, Harry remained off-camera while Meghan did the heaviest shit-shoveling. Her tale didn’t hang together too well. And actress or not, she couldn’t sell herself to me as innately regal, yet pathetic and vulnerable because her fin kept breaking the surface.

For example, she initially told Oprah she doesn’t read what’s written about her, but then said it had driven her to “not want to live anymore.” She topped that by claiming the royals denied her any medical or psychological treatment because it would “look bad.” Who was going to tell anybody?

She also claimed they’d “taken” her passport, as if they considered her a flight risk, even though they all hated her so much.

She professed near-total ignorance of the royal family from the outset, and no curiosity to learn. Harry had to teach her to curtsy, a thing she never thought the woman who’s been Queen of England decades longer than Meghan’s been alive would EVER expect her to.

If the royals weren’t utterly charmed by Meghan’s persistent American oafishness and refusal to adapt to centuries of tradition upon joining the family, I can’t blame them.

Leaving no shovel unturned, Meghan also accused them of spreading lies about her. We should disregard whatever’s been written about Meghan’s churlishness toward anyone in the palace and believe exactly the opposite, including that Kate made Meghan cry before her wedding.

Meghan essentially played a whole deck of victim cards, pulling a bunch of extra racism aces out of her sleeve for good measure because she knew those would go atomic. And they have.

Aside: I just happened across this little Meghan vs. Kate story about Archie’s christening. Yeah, that Kate’s one real bitch.

Speaking of Archie, Meghan’s story now is that she WANTED Archie to be a prince, but the mean Queen wouldn’t let him because he’s — biracial.

Fact: Great-grandchildren don’t have titles because it’s not done. William’s kids do because they’re in the direct line of succession.

Do you remember when Meghan refused to give birth in the usual royal hospital and insisted that her baby have a “normal” life? Or was that really “the Firm” denying her medical care again?

And was giving her baby the most common name she could muster, after Archie Bunker, the biggest racist in American sitcom history, intended as an ironic slap at “the Firm”? Or is Meghan planning to call her daughter-to-be Gertrude because she’s got a thing for ugly names?

Speaking of “the Firm,” that’s what Meghan consistently called her in-laws. To acknowledge them as human beings might have made viewers picture them being slashed and burned before our eyes. Particularly 99-year-old Prince Philip, who may be on his deathbed right now.

Harry was a bit more circumspect, gallantly refusing to name the royal who allegedly asked about Archie’s skin tone. That tidbit was dropped on us as if it was a matter of deep concern expressed by a card-carrying racist relative. Or was it rather a very tasteless, cringe-worthy joke, instantly regretted and never meant to be repeated? We’ll probably never know.

In the end, what possible purpose did those two have, except a play for attention and perhaps to drum up more lucrative deals?

Since they’ve now cemented a reputation as people who will pull out if the going gets tough, and then stab you in the back just for revenge and to make Oprah even wealthier, I’m wondering how receptive they’ll find Corporate America.

Since she didn’t take to royalty, Meghan has achieved another dream of sorts: A $14.65 million, 18,000-square-foot, nine-bedroom, 16-bath mansion on 7.4 acres of land where she keeps rescue chickens like a Beverly Hillbilly when she’s not swapping casserole recipes with real celebrity neighbors, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ellen DeGeneres.

Harry’s saddled with a $9.5 million mortgage and whatever skills he gained in the military to parlay into some sort of career to support his family. And, I’m afraid, future misery if he fails to deliver to Meghan’s satisfaction.

15 Responses to Gotta Love Those Sussex-Markles — or Not?

  1. Donna says:

    I LOATHE Meghan Markle. A lying narcissisti who thinks Americans are stupid enough to buy her story. No,Archie is not titled at birth but doting Great Grandmother would have happily given him one,as she’s done with all of her other grandkids. Princess Anne declined and Andrew insisted on HRH for his daughters,snobby mancunt that he is The Sussexeseses declined a title for Archie,yet he is his heir to his father’s dukedom,also the courtesy title of Lord is available to him should he decide to style himself as such. Hopefully when Harry and the kids are back in England watching mommy shill on QVC,they will call themselves Lord and Lady in honor of the relative occupying the Throne
    Congratulations on the jab!!

  2. Tracy Moses says:

    All I can say here is I could not disagree with you more about this topic but you’re certainly not the first person I’ve run across with this opinion so you’re in good company. This interview has certainly polarized people!

  3. bassgirl23 says:

    Karen, really glad you’re feeling better!

    I watched the full interview last weekend. I came away with some different interpretations.

    We saw what the press (and by their inaction, the royal family) did to Diana and Fergie previously, so there’s not exactly a great track record when it comes to supporting the women who marry into “the Firm”. And they all call it that, apparently (not just Meghan – Harry mentioned it in the interview too).

    I got the impression that Meghan’s suicidal intentions came to a peak when the conversations were going on about the baby’s skin colour (impossible to know who’s telling the truth, but the Brits don’t exactly have a stellar track record of being racially progressive). At the same time, they were telling her that oh, by the way, your soon-to-be-born child won’t have a title.

    The titles are automatic for the grandchildren of the direct successor to the throne under the King George V convention / letters patent. So while it’s true Harry’s kids wouldn’t qualify at birth, they would qualify when the Queen dies, as under the convention they are all bumped up one more rank when Charles takes the throne as King. At that time, all Charles’ grandkids would all then automatically get their titles if they didn’t have them already. So, no big deal.

    But she was told that they (I gather that means the Firm, but really it’s the Queen who has to approve it) were planning on changing the convention now, so that her kids wouldn’t ever get that title – and the big part of that is, no title means no security detail.

    Remember, the Queen amended that convention a couple years ago to give Kate’s 2 other kids their titles earlier (presumably so they could qualify for security just like their brother Prince George, but maybe just so they could all have matching monogrammed towels, who knows).

    There have been rumours that Charles wants to reduce the active monarchy, so if that’s true, then that decision would make sense. But if it wasn’t communicated clearly that it was nothing personal, I can see things going off the rails there.

    So, she’s pregnant and she’s getting death threats. Who knows to what extent she was aware of the stories circulating in the media – I suspect more than she let on, as she was pretty media-savvy in her career beforehand. Then, she’s told her kids won’t have protection detail. I’d probably be a little upset too, particularly when all 3 of Kate’s kids are sitting pretty on the sidelines with all their security guards. She’s given up her career (which wasn’t A-list, but she certainly was recognizable), and now has no say over her life. She’s criticized for holding her baby bump while the same tabloids praised Kate for doing the exact same thing. I can’t say I wouldn’t be a little resentful too.

    As for the whole hospital thing, she did say at one point in the interview that she didn’t want to do the traditional photo op after the birth because there wouldn’t be security provided. If that’s true. I can see her point – you do go into mama bear mode, and I can’t imagine walking out hours after birth with my newborn into a sea of thousands of people without some level of protection. Maybe she was being overly cautious, but I don’t think it was unreasonable.

    I did think the Netflix / Apple deals were a bit cringey. But, it’s not like Meghan didn’t do that kind of thing before with her website the Tig. And, keep in mind that Harry served a couple tours in Afghanistan, founded the Invictus games, and has been a big supporter of mental health charities, particularly those his mother supported. He’s given most of his adult life to date in service. We can’t expect him to suddenly be able to do neurosurgery, and he has to do something to earn money if he’s no longer a working member of the Firm.

    He was afraid the media would tear his new family apart in the style of Diana, so they left for Canada – another Commonwealth country – to try to sort things out at a distance and get some breathing space. But that ruffled feathers.

    Then they’re told HIS security is being removed. That makes them vulnerable (even I know exactly where they were staying, as I used to live in Victoria, and pretty much anyone could get to them). He’s already got a hate-on for the media, and now they’re easily able to get to him and his family at any time. The pandemic starts, borders are closing. They need to figure out (quickly) where to go that they can be safe for the long term, not to mention how to make enough cash to keep a home and a security detail. They can’t go back to the UK (and I can see why Harry wouldn’t want to). Meghan suggests LA because she’s familiar with it, and hey, it gets her closer to her mom – win win. And there they are now.

    I feel badly for Harry, and while I’m not completely convinced Meghan is entirely as innocent as she professes, if she were that big a bitch, I’d expect to have seen more come out in the press at the time she and Harry were starting to date.

    Remember, nothing has come out from her former life that’s particularly damning, and it would have been easy for any of her former friends and co-workers to dish once her popularity was on the rise. Instead, everything that’s made her look bad has been written – surprise – by the British media. And her co-actor on Suits came out recently in strong support of her, after about 10 seasons of working together. My husband is in the film industry and he’s never heard anything but good things about how she behaved on set here (and film workers do talk – he knows exactly who’s a diva and who isn’t). Sure, she’s taking advantage of the situation, but what else would she do?

    I’m still willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for now, particularly when you go back to how the other women who married into the family are treated. It may be that she’s the first one who actually tried to stand up to them – I guess we’ll see how that works out for her.

  4. Tracy Moses says:

    bassgirl, I would add that originally only Prince George would have been due a title but that was changed by the Queen (I can’t remember when). You have to wonder why they would apply the new rule to Charlotte and Louis but not Archie, who is 7th in the line of succession. Of course, when Charles takes over Archie will be entitled to be a prince but who knows what will happen then?

    I agree with your assessments and I’ve been following the royals since Diana showed up. I feel sufficiently knowledgeable, having read hundreds of books and done much research.

    Also, I don’t think Meghan would have dared make such an assertion about Kate if it weren’t true and I find it somewhat despicable that she and William knew the truth but allowed Meghan to be thrown under the bus for Kate’s rep. I think they’re both snobby prigs and I’ve come to dislike them more and more as time goes by. I’ve certainly read about a lot of cattiness allegedly coming from Kate’s family (Camilla, too) regarding Meghan but only they know how true it is.

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Kate was defended against nasty media coverage but Meghan was not. It’s also out there how differently the two were treated while pregnant; Meghan got glowing coverage while Meghan was excoriated for always “holding” her baby bump. Kate did the same but it was a-ok for her.

    I believe Harry was much more affected by Diana’s death and it’s not hard to see how he might draw parallels to her with regard to Meghan. Who knows if Harry believes it’s possible someone had Diana killed because of her relationship with Dodi Fayed (or Hasnat Khan)? I have no doubt there is some level of racism in the RF but I think they’re fairly un-selfaware about it.

  5. catsworking says:

    Donna, sounds like you have seen the type before as well, and it has nothing to do with her race, but everything to do with her ambition and how far she’s willing to go to get what she wants.

    Before the wedding, I predicted that Meghan would be outta there as soon as it became clear that she’d always be Kate’s second banana, and that panned out even sooner than I expected.

    She thought she could monetize the title over here, but the Queen seems to be a step ahead of her on that. Hence, the sour grapes.

    I agree that some day Harry and the kids will end up back in the fold, and Meghan will go on her merry way, but not before a nasty custody battle where she angles for the fattest settlement she can get while basking in/complaining about all the headlines generated.

    Bottom line: Much as she’s whining about her lost privacy, you don’t become an actress or marry a prince because you want to live a private life.

  6. catsworking says:

    Tracy, I knew I was opening a big can of worms with this one. I don’t begrudge Harry and Meghan for wanting out, but their offer to keep all the titles and perks for basically nothing in return but the occasional London vacay to show their faces didn’t seem fair when the rest of them are working their fingers to the bone cutting ribbons and accepting bouquets from adorable children. 😉

    And I was having deja vu to Trumpian gaslighting from Meghan. Harry came across as genuine, but she should be nominated for an Emmy for her performance.

    I’m very disappointed in Oprah for being so eager to stir the pot. But then, she seems a tad desperate to remain relevant.

  7. catsworking says:

    bassgirl, I totally see and mostly agree with virtually all your points. You know your royals!

    I read that Prince Philip was the one who started calling it “the Firm,” and it is something they all say.

    No argument here that Meghan was probably a decent person pre-Harry. She worked on an ensemble cast and wasn’t such a “name” that it made sense to be a diva. Her difficult side probably came out when she became Prince Harry’s Bridezilla and had a staff of underlings at her beck and call. And that’s why it was reported by the British press. What kind of press was she getting in the U.S.? I’d never heard of her before she met Harry.

    I don’t read a lot of the Brit tabloids, but what I see is much nastier than the Enquirer. Maybe the press’s animosity was driven by racism, but I just don’t totally buy it from the family. They KNOW Harry’s got issues and I think they’d bend over backward to keep him happy, rather than antagonize him by picking on Meghan. But who knows?

    As for the hospital, Harry was there and he was a prince, so he would have had his security detail, right? No way the Queen would let them wander out of the hospital with a newborn into a crowd with NO protection. It makes no sense. Meghan wanted her privacy. Remember it took them days to even let anyone see Archie? It was all done on HER terms, unless she wants to say now the Queen locked her in a closet postpartum.

    Once they moved from Canada and withdrew from all royal duties, why should British taxpayers pay for their security? It’s like us paying for Trump’s rotten kids to travel all over the world while he was president. We got all the expense and NOTHING in return from them. Since Harry’s a millionaire, when he decided to strike out on his own, he should have expected to pay for his own security.

    I think what people find annoying is how they want to pick and choose what they keep and reject from Harry’s royal perks. The Queen’s not playing that game.

    We may never know the truth because everybody’s got their spin. But what I saw was that when Kate joined the family, she adapted, didn’t miss a beat and we never heard her whining about it. That earned her all the good press. Plus, William was the fair-haired child and heir who bears a resemblance to Diana, whereas Harry was the party boy who looks suspiciously NOT like Charles, so Kate benefited from that. And, she and William had a long engagement, and she knew who the royals were going in.

    Harry did redeem himself through his military service, BTW, but obviously that didn’t count for much with the press.

    Meghan and Harry just jumped into their relationship with little to no prep and Meghan expected things to bend around her. From what I’ve read, the falling out between William and Harry started when William advised Harry to be careful and take it slower.

    Then the catfighting between Meghan and Kate didn’t help, but my sense of it is that Kate doesn’t need to tear down Meghan. She’s going to be queen consort or whatever. Meghan couldn’t stand living in Kate’s shadow, with Kate always behaving beautifully in every situation, all tall and willowy, making Meghan look like Ethel Mertz no matter how much she tried to outshine Kate. Kensington Palace wasn’t big enough for the both of them. And then neither was England.

    Diana let the media tear her up until she learned how to work it, but then it still killed her in the end. Don’t even get me started on Camilla. She’s lucky to have the approval rating she does, but I’ll give her credit for riding out all the shit talk with grace since Charles made an honest woman of her.

    I haven’t heard about Meghan’s death threats, but if she and Harry walked the walk like they talked the talk and admitted no four (to be)-person family who’s alienated every relative but Meghan’s mom needs nine bedrooms and 16 bathrooms when they’re not planning to open a B&B, and took jobs that DON’T have seven-figure starting salaries, and didn’t spill their guts in prime time on national TV about how they’re suffering while the rest of us are trying to survive a pandemic, we might take them more seriously and give them space.

  8. Donna says:

    Karen,that’s exactly what I mean-her type. She’s playing fast and loose with words,I refuse to believe she was told that seeking help for mental illness is a bad look for The Firm. She’s been very carefully and expensively packaged by media experts and knew what nerves to hit.

  9. catsworking says:

    Tracy, I think Meghan said what she did about Kate to get the last word on the incident, knowing full well Kate will NEVER refute it and make it a tit-for-tat squabble. Meghan will always have that “Gotcha!” over Kate.

    Didn’t the Queen do something to get Parliament to change the succession before George was born so that if the first-born were a girl, she would automatically ascend to the throne with no special dispensation required? So, in that case, Charlotte would be a princess. I could be wrong about that, but I remember some negotiation over if William had a daughter first.

    And since Meghan has made an issue of it, I bet one of Charles’ first acts when he becomes king will be to declare Archie a prince, for whatever it’s worth. So much for Meghan’s insistence that Archie have a “normal” life. Ambition wins in the end.

    As I said in my previous comment, Kate has been the beneficiary of all the good will toward William, as well as being a model royal who always hits her marks, looks lovely, has three beautiful children, and never makes a peep of complaint.

    Poor Harry has had every strike against him and my heart really goes out to him. Yes, his family is a screwed-up mess who lives in a bizarre situation that was thrust on them at birth, but Meghan’s family is messed up in its own way. And if Meghan keeps pulling stunts like this Oprah interview to keep driving the wedge deeper between Harry and the only people who ever really cared and had his back, he’s destined for a lot of pain.

  10. feijicha says:

    Karen, I’ve been wanting to comment on a number of your posts, but WordPress has been a %^%&*#^$ and I couldn’t log in. So first let me say like many others I check here regularly and enjoy your posts….%%^%&(&*& WordPress wouldn’t allow me to like or comment and I didn’t have the bandwidth to deal with more IT crap as I’ve had tons of it the last several months. But please keep posting because there are lots of us out here who turn to this site to help get through the nonsense.

    That said, I TOTALLY agree with you re: Meghan. I started out on her side– I loved that she had been a self-made woman, and unlike others didn’t have a problem with her politics (ie, liberal). My first twinge was the engagement interview. Didn’t know anything about Harry or his family my ass. I began to wonder about a couple in which the man has been in the glare of the media from birth and who clearly HATED it and the woman has done nothing BUT try and get herself covered in the media. Bad fit. I got up in the middle of the night to watch the wedding….and the whole ONE member of her family and no one else, but then on her side of the church so MANY celebrities that she didn’t even know and who, probably up til the engagement had never heard of her or given her the time of day. (The castmates and college pals was sweet). But then the cutting out of many of those friends/castmates from the smaller second reception in the evening, as well as most of Harry’s closest friends…. Add the bingeing on expensive clothes while engaged and after marriage… her first year of marriage her clothing budget was more than all the other royals combined (which Charles paid for, btw, as he continued to support them with over 2 million pounds / year even all through Megxit and possibly still).
    The stories of her bad behavior raged through the Australian tour barking at security, at her wardrobe people etc.

    The whole thing about they took her passport and she couldn’t go see friends…she certainly flew to NYC for a very very shameless promotion baby shower with people she didn’t know (Gayle King) and she flew to NYC solo again to watch Serena play tennis. Not to mention flying with Harry on Elton’s private jet to Spain, France, to the Clooney’s house in Italy, and several other vacations (while they both lectured about the environment). Ugh. I can’t go on. She was told she couldn’t see her friends– in actuality she was told not to be running around downtown London and getting papped in the run up to the wedding in order to build up some suspense ahead of the wedding coverage rather than getting over-exposed and having the public get sick of seeing them before the massive wedding coverage. One can easily visit with one’s friends privately at their homes or wherever. But she CRAVED the spotlight and the chance to really show everyone how far she’d come.

    I have felt for very long time she will eventually bail on him. I think she was already laying the groundwork for it in this Oprah interview– how many times could she work in some inference that he has not been there for her— she didn’t know anything about having to curtsy or having to know the national anthem of the country she was living in and working for the HEAD OF STATE of. No one helped her… and yet Harry’s chief of staff (aka “private secretary”) Ed Lane Fox was one of the most experienced staffers (he’s the actual brains behind Invictus) and then the Queen asked her own chief of staff (Samantha Cohen) to stay on (she had planned to leave after years of service) to go and help Meghan get set up. Meghan’s arrogance and unwillingness to adapt drove her out and then numerous other senior AND junior staffers.

    Dumping on his family while he was nowhere on camera and then dragging him out at the end — did you notice when she interrupted him whenever he was about to say something that might contradict her? One contradiction that made it through was when he said the comment about the skin color of future kids was made when they were dating but she claims it happened WHILE she was pregnant. And the frigging mermaid nonsense?? And no one supported her need for mental health care? Her HUSBAND has had therapy and surely had his own therapist(s) phone numbers to just call directly?? She had private ob/gyn care (refusing to use any of the drs on royal retainer) so surely she could get a private therapist. And he has personal money inherited from his mother and the Queen Mother so it’s not like they needed anyone else to pay for it. And William and Kate all advocate for mental health, so who would say it would embarrass the family?? Per Harry William was actually the one who urged him to get help for his own issues…..

    Meghan wanted to be the star of this movie, and it will never happen. It’s NOT a popularity contest, so no matter how famous you make yourself, you don’t move up in a hereditary monarchy. In fact, in Harry’s case, he will continue to move further down the list. She will ALWAYS have to curtsy to the born-royals and to any royals of higher rank than her/Harry (her status is whatever his is). She never intended to make a go of it, and she WILL eventually dump him. He’s the dumb sod who hasn’t figured out how badly he’s being played. His family knows, though, and are in a long-game with her. This interview was her letting them know how far she’ll go if she doesn’t get what she wants. And him, at almost 40, whining that his daddy cut him off, whilst admitting that he inherited so many millions from his late mother he can afford a $14 million estate in Montecito….come ON. The royals’ security is paid for and staffed by Met Police. If you decide you don’t want to do royal duty, you don’t get the royal security force, and if you move to ANOTHER COUNTRY that isn’t a Commonwealth country, a definite no UK govt paid security. If he wants to live a celeb life, that includes a big security bill. Ask Clooney or Elton or Oprah. He’s a clueless brat, and she’s an egomaniac who is pissed when the media doesn’t kiss her a$$.

  11. catsworking says:

    feijicha! So glad you were finally about to break through. Wow, you REALLY know your Meghan backstory. I’d forgotten a lot of the things you brought up, but they all add pieces to the puzzle.

    As I said, I’d never heard of Meghan before Harry met her, and I was initially thrilled for him because he seemed at loose ends. They said he loved Kate and wanted to be in a relationship like William and she had. For whatever reason, his previous girlfriends didn’t make the cut, so Meghan at first glance seemed like a dream come true.

    I do regret that coverage of Meghan turned so much to her race, because it’s a nonissue. It’s her ambition, narcissism and bitchy personality that cause all the problems.

    I’ve only ever really seen her mother at the wedding, and I felt sorry for her being there alone. She handled it with great dignity. And I was cheering when Charles gave her his arm after the ceremony and walked her out of the chapel. (It should be remembered that Meghan’s father had a heart attack a few days earlier and couldn’t make the trip, although I think I’ve heard Meghan tell it since that he “didn’t” come, like it was his choice.)

    Harry gave her fame a bump it probably never would have gotten otherwise, which must have delighted her. And he also reportedly said, “Whatever Meghan wants, Meghan gets,” when they were planning the wedding. Well, she didn’t get everything she wanted. I recall there was a certain tiara she was set on wearing with her veil, but the Queen wouldn’t let her borrow it because apparently there’s a status protocol and Meghan’s rank wasn’t up there.

    Now that she’s back in the States and seeing what a huge deal BLM is, she saw it as an opportunity to hang everything on race and get back at the royals for not letting her lock Kate in a closet so she could take center stage.

    Getting Oprah to give her a platform to spill the dirt was a master move, but I think her timing during a pandemic was totally off, and now she’s shot her wad. As I said, she played the whole deck.

    I didn’t see the last 30 minutes, so I missed most of Harry’s part. But it was clear he still has no idea what he’s dealing with. I saw that Meghan’s father thinks Harry is “snotty.” And I remember at one point Thomas Markle said he’d had a phone call with Harry where Harry told him to “give Trump a chance.”

    To sum up: Royal life didn’t give her the spotlight she craved, so Meghan pulled out. Moving to California and announcing she’s pregnant again didn’t cause the tsunami of good press she was hoping for, so she asked Oprah to put her on camera.

    If the interview doesn’t bring down the House of Windsor and result in multi-million-$$ deals pouring in and she finds herself a 40-year-old mother of two in diapers with a husband who still doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, I expect her to leave him, negotiate a big settlement in exchange for custody of the kids, and spend the rest of her life flitting around, dabbling in charities and doing an occasional acting gig just for the ink. She’d make a good “Real Housewife.” They already have a former countess, and had a princess, so why not a has-been duchess?

  12. Margeaux says:

    Hi Karen,
    How are you doing? So you got the J&J?
    Congrats. I got the Moderna almost 1 month ago. Next Thurs. I get 2nd dose, not looking forward to it. I felt yucky like I was sick after 1st dose.

    Well I’m one of those that definitely does not believe Megan Markle whatsoever. First of all…I’d never heard of her, til she hooked up with Harry.
    The mere fact that she isn’t British marrying into royalty, one might think that she would go in with a much humbler attitude, instead of an assuming demanding American. Just this story that she caused a stir because she wasn’t allowed to wear a royal tiara, because of protocal….what non-national
    non-royal does that???? Why does she somehow end up in some petty squabble with her BIL’s wife?
    Could it be that Markle is trying to flex her entitlement muscle? Does she lack the ability to take the time to work towards a family relationship,
    with new people in her life? I don’t care what culture you come from, but many people suffer from this.

    What’s up with Oprah?? I found her interview style to be so disingenuous. There’s no doubt in my mind Oprah was trying to emphasize this being all about race. She came off like a big phoney when she brought up one of the royals having asked Harry about Archie’s skin color. Then Oprah became pushy trying to get Harry to tell who made the skin color. I can believe the British press
    hasn’t been kind and taunted Markle racially. I guess if anyone decides to marry into the royal
    family, they should be very clear as to why they are doing so. If Markle decided to do so because she fell in love with Harry, well wonderful! But guess what little Ms. Markle? Your selection is no ordinary guy, he’s a prince! Marriage to anyone is
    about making major adjustments and concessions.

  13. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, good luck on the second shot. I’ve talked to several people who felt bad after the first one and are dreading it. I wasn’t 100% all week after the shot, but nothing too drastic after the fever, which scared me when it was nearing 100. I’m so thankful I got the J&J, because I just found out that my location was giving the Pfizer shot the very next day. So, just missed it.

    Well, CBS reran the interview and I caught the last 30 minutes with Harry. Oprah was more confrontational with him. She treated Meghan like a flower, swallowing lie after lie with no pushback. The most whopping one probably being that she was given NO guidance on how to behave and had to frantically Google things at night. Watch this video debunking a lot of Meghan’s story:

    Total bullshit. Meghan had her own STAFF to help her, including a woman who worked for the Queen for years and postponed her retirement to stay and help. If Meghan chose to ignore them, that’s on her.

    And as for the baby’s skin color, Harry did clearly say that BEFORE THEY WERE MARRIED, someone asked him what “THEIR KIDS'” skin might be. So, purely idle conjecture — not the deep, racist concern Meghan portrayed it as.

    I’ve been reading a lot about the fallout. There are a lot of verifiable facts about how the family tried to help Meghan that she chose to forget. It simply makes no sense that they would sabotage her and make her miserable because, in their own weird way, they DO love Harry and want him to be happy. They just aren’t going to allow him to destroy the monarchy like a brat.

    Kate is quite pissed about being dragged into it by name, when they just vaguely slammed everybody else. Meghan tried to gloss it over by saying Kate’s a good person, but she must have been inwardly gloating to get the last word, and it was BS.

    Oprah asked Harry if he would have left the family if not for Meghan, and he admitted he wouldn’t have. His whole story about feeling “trapped” fell to pieces. I think Oprah even asked him what else he wanted, since he was born as royalty and never knew another life. He really didn’t have an answer.

    What he’s got now, thanks to Meghan, is estrangement from everything, hard feelings, a big mortgage and a backyard full of chickens. Not to mention the pressure to deliver decent products with no experience, to earn the millions he’s being paid by Netflix and Spotify. Some great life.

    As for Oprah, I just want her to go away. She’s got more money than she’ll ever need, and now she’s just stirring pots she has no business touching because she’s bored. She’ll never get invited to another royal wedding, that’s for certain.

  14. Anita says:

    Karen, I also have my suspicions about Meghan. I was in her corner and even watched the wedding and was thrilled, but then the Wimbledon incident happened where she wouldn’t allow anyone for rows to sit near her. And the bodyguards started shoo-ing people away that was taking her picture. Give me a break. If you don’t want your photo taken at a public outing, don’t go.

    Given that, I married into a big family thinking everything would be just lovely because wasn’t it fabulous to marry into one big happy family!?! Wrong! It’s nothing but obligations and putting up with people you don’t want to be around. Meghan probably figured that out really quickly and wanted a way out.

    Too bad she dragged Harry out along with it, unless this is really what he wanted to do. Time will tell. Even those lovebirds JLo and Alex Rodriguez couldn’t stay together during the pandemic and they probably have 10 houses. I understand!!

    I am 8 days past the first Pfizer shot and I have not skated through. The 3rd day after I didn’t feel well and was very nauseous, headache, spiking fevers, etc. This is the first day I almost feel normal again.

    I did read today where the 1st shot can impact people that have had Covid, and I always thought I had it last March. I was very ill then but this was right after the shutdown and no testing was available. I am dreading getting the 2nd shot, but my husband insists.

    So happy you had the J&J and doing well. Tony, Max and Roc need their Momma.

  15. catsworking says:

    Anita, the night I developed the fever and feeling like shit, I realized I would have totally crumbled had I gotten COVID. I am NOT used to being sick. Working at home, I even stopped getting colds very often.

    I hope the first shot gives you some resistance to a bad reaction to the second shot. Fingers crossed.

    They say when you marry someone, you marry the whole family. If Meghan didn’t know what she was getting into, she’s an idiot. (I was just looking at a photo of her outside Buckingham Palace taken when she was a TEENAGER.) The Daily Mail did a very methodical and seemingly verifiable debunking of much of the crap H&M shoveled. There are also a few pictures of Charles with Harry on outings, which Harry may have forgotten because he was little.

    Since they’ve both pretty painted themselves as opportunistic liars who can’t be counted on to honor a deal, they’d better not spend all that Netflix and Spotify money in one place, because I’m wracking my brain trying to think of what else they might earn a living at. Initially, they planned to go full Trump and slap the Sussex name on everything for passive income, but the Queen squashed that idea.

    When it eventually dawns on Meghan that she’s hit a dead end with Harry, because it’s unlikely he’ll ever amount to anything more marketable beyond being Diana’s son — and she’s never been higher than B-list — the marriage will probably start to founder.

    To this point, whenever she’s craved attention, Meghan has popped out a baby. She tried it last year but apparently miscarried, then tried to turn that into something, but it really never gained any traction.

    But now she’s 40, and they told Oprah they’re stopping at two, so time’s running out for that ploy.

    Whenever she leaves Harry, the Firm will welcome Harry back, and probably pay Meghan off just to be rid of her.

    Harry should have seen the red flag when he realized Meghan’s also on the outs with her own family except her mother.

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