Twitter and @CatsWorking Part Ways Forever

By Karen

BUT FIRST, BREAKING NEWS: In what can only be described as a miracle, I just returned from receiving the one-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine! The county sent an email late Saturday night with appointments today at the county fairgrounds, so I pounced. Four days shy of my one-year lockdown anniversary, I can barely wrap my head around knowing that normal life may finally be on the horizon.

Now, Twitter. It took exactly 10 weeks to confirm my status because Twitter euphemistically calls all disciplinary action “suspension,” including permanent banishment. I was indeterminately suspended on Christmas Eve and immediately filed an appeal. Hearing nothing back, a few weeks ago I requested clarification on the duration of my suspension.

By the way, all contacts with Twitter “support” get canned bot responses, so I don’t know if there’s any human intelligence involved, or if they just spit stuff out based on algorithms.

I’d had a Twitter account since 2010, but the three strikes leading to my termination all occurred during Trump. First, I was shut down for 12 hours for insulting Sandra Huckabee Sanders. Then I got seven days for calling Ivanka the C-word. At Twitter’s command, I deleted those tweets but have no regrets about what they said.

On Christmas Eve 2020, the hashtag #ImpotentTrump was trending (meaning thousands of tweets included it), so I joined in. Here’s the tweet that pushed Twitter to the breaking point. It was viewed 138 times…

And here’s their rationale…

Compare their list of protected categories to my tweet and you’ll see that none apply, unless they’re defending Trump’s potency. I was criticizing his POLITICS and utter failure as a president, as well as his family’s corruption. Perhaps instead of “tar & feathers,” I should have wished them coal in their stockings, or bags of dog shit on their doorsteps.

The lesson here is that it’s incredibly easy to have your message misconstrued.

Twitter revoked my ability to delete the tweet or deactivate the account, which still sits there in some weird Twitter cyberpurgatory with 8,000+ tweets.

I respect Twitter’s right as a publisher to reject my work. But, since they have rejected it, I don’t believe they have any right to hold it hostage, and have asked them to delete @CatsWorking altogether.

Twitter began to self-destruct when they refused for four years to rein in Trump for thousands of insulting, cyberbullying, lying tweets FAR worse than anything I ever tweeted. Now they’ve swung the pendulum hard in the opposite direction and seem to be banishing people willy-nilly.

In January, Twitter closed 70,000 accounts of QAnon followers, as well as Trump’s, and faced accusations of stifling conservative voices.

I feel like the baby thrown out with the bathwater, but c’est la vie. Cats Working, the blog, lives on.

24 Responses to Twitter and @CatsWorking Part Ways Forever

  1. bassgirl23 says:

    So excited you received the vaccine! What’s the first “normal” thing you plan on doing once the waiting period expires (if there is one with the one-shot?)

    We will be far, far behind you all here in British Columbia, Canada. My parents are 86 and 82, and they aren’t even eligible to call to book an appointment until after March 22 as they live on their own (anyone in a long term care home has supposedly now had a chance to get the shot). My husband and I will probably be eligible based on age in about July / August, and our 18 year old won’t get hers until August / September – that’s assuming all goes well. And no idea what vaccine will be offered, either. So, it’s lockdown for us all until late summer or early fall. I assume it’s still unsafe to visit my parents unmasked after their shots as we won’t be protected, so we will probably just wait until we’re all vaccinated and then get together for Thanksgiving.

    Sorry about Twitter, seems very arbitrary, but not surprising.

  2. Anita says:

    Karen, congratulations on the vaccine! Please report back how you are feeling. I was able to get the Pfizer shot Friday through Kaiser. A miracle all in itself, but I was so thrilled.

    My husband had his 2nd Pfizer shot on Thursday and we were prepared with what to do – plenty of water, Gatorade, no alcohol for at least 24 hours, etc. He got the headache Friday night, had a fever then broke into a horrible sweat abut 2am. But then he was fine. I see that as a positive his immune system kicked in.

    That is wild about Twitter! I followed you and figured you deleted it yourself. There was someone else I followed that I am certain has been suspended for good. She lived in the same town I lived in for 30 years so whenever she mentioned anything about the town I knew exactly where she was.

    Have to admit I’m not on Twitter as much right now. Part of me doesn’t want to go down into that awful Trump rabbit-hole and see what he’s doing. There is so much anger and stress just from reading it. I’ve thought of deleting it completely but use it for other things like our electric company public service announcements. They do a great job of sending out tweets when the power is out.

    Anyway, I am so happy for you!! Did your other family members get it? You may be able to all have Easter dinner together. I should be clear from my 2nd shot by April 9.

    We then are taking a trip to see the grandbaby which we haven’t seen in person since mid-December. He is still so sweet and cute. I want to enjoy these days before he turns into a little brat by the time he’s 5 years old. 🙂

  3. catsworking says:

    bassgirl, I’m surprised to hear the situation in Canada. Is it because you’re not getting enough vaccine shipped in?

    The first semi-normal think I’ll probably do is get together with my family. My sister and I are now fully vaccinated. My father got his first shot yesterday, and the next one in early April. My mother just signed up today after much coaxing and nagging, so she’ll be last. But she’s eligible right now, so maybe she’ll get an appointment quickly. And if she gets the one-shot dose like I just did, she’ll be done as well.

    I think my waiting period to build up antibodies is two weeks.

  4. catsworking says:

    Anita, welcome back! And congratulations on your first vaccination. Your husband’s reaction sounds pretty nasty, but at least it was only a day. The J&J shot I got doesn’t inject you with COVID, and so far I’m feeling nothing. Knock on wood.

    They gave me a four-page write-up about the vaccine I got and it didn’t say anything about how to deal with side effects.

    I do still check in on Twitter to see what’s trending, but I have to sign into anyone I was previously following to see their feed, which is too tedious, so I’ve lost the thread of everything I was involved in. I never know when Randy Rainbow posts a new song.

    Twitter can be hysterically funny. I do like to check on #Caturday when I think of it because people post great cat videos.

    Trump is also banned from Twitter, so he can’t be stirring up anything. Since what I see is so limited now, I have no idea that he’s having any effect there. I don’t really see it. When he was tweeting I did find it extremely stressful. He basically poisoned the site.

    Once you’ve been banned from Twitter, they say if you try to set up an account under a different name they will hunt it down and ban it as well. You’re basically dead to them for eternity.

    I just told bassgirl the status of my family’s vaccinations in a previous comment, so you may see that. We’re almost there.

  5. Anita says:

    Karen, I did see that reply to bassgirl. How exciting for your family!

    Both my sister-in-law and her husband had a really nasty reaction to the 2nd Moderna shot so we were bracing ourselves for my husband. He was fine comparatively but he did have Pfizer.

    My SIL thinks she may have had a bit of an allergic reaction because she couldn’t get out of bed and she said every bone in her body ached. She never complains about anything, even her hip replacement, so it must have been bad. But it only lasted a couple of days and she is fine now.

    If you had a different email you registered under how would Twitter know? Unless they keep a copy of your IP address. That’s amazing.

    I love #Caturday too and have become a big fan of Tom Nichols. He definitely loves his cat, which is so cute. Any man that loves cats is fine by me. Guess it’s why I am still with my husband.

    Randy Rainbow has a Youtube channel where I think he always post his latest stuff. You can subscribe to that too. But Twitter was definitely easier to find.

    Today in Twitter land they are reporting that Trump is meeting with Netanyahu at Trump Tower. I always wondered if Trump would get his Saudi and Israel buddies to start some war to make Biden look bad. That guy still has something up his sleeve. We are not done with him yet.

    I guess we are about to enter the New Post-Vaccine Normal. It will be a long time before I go maskless out in public. It just seems to be healthier not breathing everyone’s germs.

  6. catsworking says:

    Anita, I think Twitter must be using the IP address to track us hate-mongers down and banish us. Hey, if they want to keep members out (including professional writers like myself), it’s their choice. They’re also about to launch a subscription option that’s going to drive more people away, so I’m not feeling too bad about being one of the first rats kicked off the sinking ship. Twitter is on the wane.

    I do subscribe to Randy on YouTube, but I don’t get notifications.

    If Netanyahu is meeting with Trump anywhere, it’s two criminals comparing notes. Poor Nety is going to find Trump so mentally incompetent that they can’t come up with a coherent strategy to sabotage anybody. Plus, Trump doesn’t have the WH team to make his delusions play out, so it’s all La-La-Land and Nety will go home empty-handed. He’s probably overdue for a prison sentence himself.

    With COVID, I do expect to continue double-masking in public and will avoid crowds and mostly stay at home, but I feel like my immediate family, once we’re all vaccinated, can get together as normal. Maybe we can have a nice cookout for Memorial Day at my parents’ house again. My mother finally relented and signed up to be vaccinated today after I got my shot. She hates Trump’s fucking guts, but was talking like a cultist when it came to the vaccines. I flipped her. I’ve very proud of that. 🙂

  7. Cindy says:

    Congrats on the shot. Unbelievably Maryland is on the bottom for shots given and my county (PG) is the bottom of that list. Middle 70’s don’t mean a thing if there is no vaccine! Seriously, DC only got about 8,000 doses and nothing for the federal work force. The neighboring counties/states have been sharing with them.
    Check out the Facebook page for “Larry the #10 Downing Street cat for Prime Minister”. Larry is the chief mouser for the PM. He has lived there since David Cameron’s days, just celebrated his 10th anniversary.

  8. catsworking says:

    Cindy, I heard of Larry at #10 years ago, probably when Cameron was PM. He’s black and white, right? I didn’t realize he’s still there. Wow. Good for him. I hope Boris is a cat person.

    I wonder why Maryland is getting short-changed on vaccines. How totally frustrating for you.

    The Richmond paper did a big front-page story about vaccinations today and talked about the J&J vaccine being available in another county, but not a word about the big event I went to yesterday. And it said that other surrounding counties are opening eligibility to younger people because of the supply, but that my county isn’t. No reason given.

    This whole vaccination fiasco is just more evidence of how screwed up our health care system is from top to bottom. We have no ability to coordinate anything within states or across state lines.

  9. Tracy Moses says:

    Karen, so happy for you and your family to be fully (almost) vaccinated and able to get together regularly. We’re realizing how much this isolation is taking a toll on us.

    We have been taking part in a J&J vaccine trial (for their 2 shot experiment). Now that they’ve been approved we should find out in another week or so if we got placebo or actual vaccine. With the placebo we’re guaranteed to get the J&J 1 shot dose sometime very soon. If we got the vaccine, we’ll get our second shot mid-April so, either way, we’ll be good.

    We’re optimistic (probably overly so) about things so we went ahead and booked a trip to Italy for end of June. My poor husband has never been able to spend even one night in our newly renovated place so he’s champing at the bit! Things are not going so well over there (very slow on the vaccine) so we’re a bit concerned we might have to reschedule. Still, at least we can get out and about a bit more without being so nervous. We won’t abandon our masks though.

    Sorry to hear about Twitter but just know, I will be following you in perpetuity!

  10. catsworking says:

    Tracy, so good to hear from you! I didn’t realize J&J also had a two-dose shot. Fingers cross that you and your husband were getting the real deal and now you’re covered!

    I was just reading about how the Lombardy region of Italy is getting hit hard again with COVID. That’s where Ottavia Bourdain’s parents live, which is why it gets my attention.

    How lovely to have a trip there to look forward to. I would assume that once you’re vaccinated, you’d have no trouble getting into the country?

    It’s going to take a few weeks for my immunity to build, but even then, I plan to continue being extremely careful in public because it’s impossible to tell who’s had what now.

    Have you been watching Stanley Tucci’s series on CNN about Italy? I saw the first episode and have three more piled up on the DVR because I want to binge on it. It’s so lovely. And he’s been picked up for a second season already because his ratings were so high.I think this first series is six episodes, and he said there are 20 regions in Italy, so I’m wondering if he’ll hit more of those in the next season.

    Also been watching Sam and Graham from Outlander driving around Scotland in a camper in Men in Kilts on Starz. They get funnier as it goes on, and Scotland is lovely.

    Keep us posted on your vaccine and trip status! I hope you get to spend time in your lovely house this summer.

  11. Tracy Moses says:

    I read you religiously but have been occupied with a doggie recovering from a ruptured disc/spinal compression. We thought he might have had a brain tumor for a while but, thankfully, that was not the case! I’ve been carrying him up and down the stairs for 6 weeks now!

    J&J decided to do a trial to see if they split their one shot dose, would it have greater efficacy. We got our first shot mid-February and the next would be mid-April. I suspect I got the placebo but who knows? We go next week to give blood to test for antibodies (I presume). Since we began, they got FDA approval so the research facility told us they would unblind us (still waiting). We just did it to potentially get the vaccine faster but turns out we’re getting paid, too!

    I have definitely been reading about northern Italy and the resurgence of COVID. Our area of Italy (the Frosinone province in Lazio) is in the red zone now which is total lockdown. I think it’s the variants that are giving them trouble. Also, Italy is having trouble vaccinating people because of a lack of supply. I know everyone where we have a house is really frustrated. Even with our vaccines we may not be allowed in if Italy doesn’t lift the travel ban. We got in in September to finish filming our show through the work exemption but that won’t apply this summer!

    We are glued to our TV every Sunday night to watch Stanley Tucci’s show. We’re so happy it’s been picked up and look forward to seeing every area! You haven’t seen it yet but his last episode in Milan covered a pasta dish that we discovered a couple of years ago when staying north of Milan and I’m as in love with it as he is. Really makes me want to go back up there (and we don’t like the north as well)! Someday I’ll learn to make it myself and hopefully he’ll share his recipe!

  12. Shelley L. Kelley says:

    I’m still here, doing virtual cartwheels in the background. I’m symptom free from my shot. So glad you got it done. Sorry about Twitter, but compared to starting your new/old life it isn’t even on the list.

  13. Anita says:

    Karen, I saw a promo of the Stanley Tucci show in Feb then dropped into my dark hole of house projects and other things and forgot to record it. Today I had to get a subscription to Youtube TV just to catch up on the back shows! Thank you for mentioning it.

    I need to find the Scotland show too. Love me some Sam.

    Also subscribed to Discovery Plus just to see the Bobby Flay/Giada show in Italy, although I’m not her biggest fan. Discovery Plus also looks like it has all of the No Reservation shows.

    Next year is our big 25th anniversary which is a miracle we survived that on so many levels. I really want to go back to Italy but also thought UK is a bit of an easier trip language wise. Not certain what we will do. Going to Europe is such a long haul from the west coast.

  14. bassgirl23 says:

    Karen, unfortunately we aren’t manufacturing any vaccines in Canada so we’re dependent on other countries for supply. I think we’ve dropped to about 40th in terms of % of population now vaccinated. It’s really a joke, and frustrating when we see how fast the US has managed to roll it out. They keep telling us we’ll all be able to have a shot by the end of July but with a 2 dose shot and the waiting period I expect we won’t be able to visit with people until August or September at the very earliest.

    It’s disappointing especially when I see people now who assume that because the vaccine is “out there”, they can just stop all the protocols and go back to normal sooner rather than later. I’m having a hard time with it and am losing patience with people who don’t distance or mask properly, particularly when our daily case numbers continue to creep upwards, and the variant cases have been doubling in less than 7 days.

  15. Cindy says:

    In case you haven’t heard, there is a new Randy Rainbow out. It is about vaccinations, a parody of Mr Sandman.

  16. catsworking says:

    Tracy, so sorry to hear about your dog! I hope he’s going to be able to make a good recovery so he can get around on his own. It’s excruciating to see them suffer in any way and feel helpless to make them better.

    I’m still holding out hope that you get the good news you’ve actually been vaccinated.

    This morning, the day after my shot, I woke up with a headache that has stayed with me all day. By 3 p.m., I felt so tired that I conked out on the couch with Roc and slept for two hours.

    Made dinner, then after the sun went down I started to feel a bit feverish. Sure enough. My temp usually runs low, about 97.6. Right now it’s 99.3 and I feel like shit. I’m such a wimp.

    I hope all these aftereffects pass quickly. My arm where I got the injection is fine. It’s a tad tender and itchy, but nothing like how it feels after a flu shot, which is as if someone has used it as a punching bag.

  17. catsworking says:

    Shelley, I just commented on how I’m feeling today. Headache, tiredness, and now a bit of fever. I hope I can just sleep it off and wake up fine.

  18. catsworking says:

    bassgirl, Canada is so superior to the U.S. in so many ways, I’m having a hard time comprehending how you could be lagging so much in this. The U.S. is going gangbusters on getting people vaccinated and is on track to exceed Biden’s prediction of 100 million shots in 100 days. I wouldn’t be surprised if once he ensures that we have the supply we need, he reaches out to Canada and Mexico (if Mexico need help) to start shipments to you.

    It’s safest for the continent for as many countries as possible to have herd immunity.

    I guess this is the only time in my life where having to pay through the nose for most drugs because they are developed and manufactured here is bearing fruit.

    I rarely leave the house, but I must say that wherever I do go, I’m not seeing people acting like jerks. Everyone is masking up. That could change as more people get vaccinated, but so far, so good.

  19. catsworking says:

    Cindy, thank you! I haven’t seen it, but I’ll check it out on YouTube right now!

  20. Randi says:

    Karen… and everyone, I hope you’ll feel better soon after getting the shot. I haven’t had mine, yet. It may not be until July. In Denmark 3,357,295 out of a million have been tested. I’m not sure how many has been vaccinated, but according to University of Oxford’s “Our World in Data” project, Denmark comes out top in a list of European countries to have “fully vaccinated” people against COVID-19, while France is bottom of the class. Like many places, there are not enough vaccines to cover everyone, yet. I’m way down on the list. The politicians here are fighting about what to open up and what not, but with the new mutations, no one really knows what will happen.
    In the US you are lucky to have Biden in charge now, he will surely speed up the important things. 🙂
    Oh, if I haven’t mentioned it yet, you must check and see if you can get a Scottish series called “Monarch of the Glen.” It is so good!

  21. catsworking says:

    Randi, someone has mentioned Monarch of the Glen here before as something I would like. So far, I haven’t found it anywhere. I used to love Susan Hampshire back in the ’70s when she was on Masterpiece Theatre in The First Churchills and The Forsyte Saga. She must be quite old in Monarch.

    Why would you be far down on the list for a vaccination? Aren’t they giving priority to older people?

    Last night my temperature climbed to 99.8 and I really felt lousy, but by the time I went to bed it had dropped to 98.0 and today I’m fine, not even a headache.

    Yes, we can thank God Biden is president today. If Trump had stayed in power, we’d still be dying in droves with no end in sight. That bastard got himself and his useless wife vaccinated right before he left the White House, then didn’t tell anybody. He simply doesn’t care if the morons who worship him die or not. He could have told them to get the shot and they’d do it instead of screaming about their “freedom.”

    When the rest of us are all vaccinated, Trumpers can infect each other and kill themselves off.

  22. Pat says:

    Yes, thank you, Karen, we can indeed thank God that Biden is president today! Some time after it was sinking in that he really WAS the president now, it started hitting me hard to think how utterly HORRIBLE it would have been if %&#$&#-head (I don’t know how nasty I can get with words to describe him here) had been “re-elected.” Those bonehead thugs that mobbed the Capitol were a prime example of what had been let loose by him.

  23. catsworking says:

    Pat, there are no good or bad words here. Words are words. So swear away if you like. You can’t offend me.

    Did you see Biden’s speech tonight? It was so WONDERFUL to have a president who gets it on the pandemic and is doing everything he can to pull us out of it as fast as possible. T@$%$% must be chewing tin foil not to be able to tweet lies and shit about it to his cult.

    Once all the rest of us are vaccinated, then the cult can infect and kill each other off and we move on without them. Win-win.

    All the former presidents (except T!@$%$#%) just did an ad about getting vaccinated, showing themselves and the first ladies all getting their shots. I LOVE the way they’re closing ranks against that piece of shit. Let him rot in the heat and humidity now that summer’s coming in Florida.

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