Cats at Ease

By Karen

My previous installment, which I was rather pleased with, turned out to be one of those, “If a tree falls in the woods” endeavors, in that:

If you post a blog entry and no one likes or comments on it, was it really worth your time to write it?

So I’ll keep it brief today. (I’m also slammed with paying work and just taking a quick break to maintain my blogging schedule.)

Last night, in an unexpected display of camaraderie, Roc snuggled down beside Max on the couch, and Max let him…

Max was only there because Tony was hogging Max’s usual bed. But with Roc at his back, Max couldn’t let himself snooze with both eyes closed and dashed back up to the Man Cave shortly after I snapped the photo.

And Tony always manages to pose in totally disproportionate ways, like here…

His tail and leg look far longer than his head size would dictate, not to mention those “Obama ears,” wouldn’t you agree?

Wait, never mind. Silly me, asking questions.

BONUS: The rights to Anthony Bourdain’s second novel, Gone Bamboo, have been sold to be developed into a scripted TV series set in the Caribbean (St. Martin, if they keep it accurate). The pilot has not yet been written and no network has offered to buy it, but fingers crossed the deal goes through. I loved Bourdain’s fiction.

In this paragraph from page one describing the protagonist, “Henry,” are you getting any familiar vibes? (Shit, there I go again. Forget I asked.)…

The other man at the table was tall, around six foot four, thin, and deeply tanned. He looked in his mid- to late forties, with long, dark brown hair, sun-bleached in spots and going to gray, tied back in a ponytail. He was dressed in faded blue jeans with holes in the knees and a loose-fitting long-sleeve T-shirt. He was wearing no socks or shoes, and even his feet were tan. In the dimly lit motel room, the darkness of his skin made his eyes and teeth and the gold hoop earring in his left ear flash unnaturally bright.

14 Responses to Cats at Ease

  1. bassgirl23 says:

    oops. I was actually going to reply to your previous post but I read it really quickly on a break at work, and then got distracted with life and forgot….I should have at least “liked” it though! Because I did! I’ve been dealing with an upcoming office move, and my daughter just got accepted to university for the fall, so have been helping her with scholarship applications.

    Tony reminds me of our Wall-E – long and lean, young and trying to find his place in the house. Our older female usually wants nothing to do with him and I feel so badly for him when he tries every way he can think of to engage her in a game of chase….usually with all the subtlety of a truck, so she ends up smacking him on the head (although to his credit, he does end up getting a good run out of it).

    Am looking forward to the upcoming release for the last book, and the series sounds interesting. Wonder who would play Henry? I loved Gone Bamboo. My idea of a perfect vacation involves sun and sand, so someday I would like to get down there although so far I’ve only made it to Hawaii and Mexico….have never seen the Atlantic side but would love to go to St. Martin. We have clients living on Mustique and I drool everytime I see pictures – such an amazing island, wish I could get there but at $10,000 or more a week, that’s not gonna happen.

    It’s been bliss not to have to see the former guy on the news every night although there’s certainly no shortage of wannabe replacements coming up the pipe. Texas? What are they even thinking with lifting all the mandates?! In BC we’re looking on with horror, although one guy did just describe us as the Florida of Canada, which I didn’t really get as I didn’t read the full article…..our cases are going up but not exponentially, and most people aren’t deniers, they’re just tired and burned out, so there’s been less adherence to the restrictions.

  2. Pat says:

    Dear Karen, I recently subscribed to your blog at the urging of my good friend Randi in Denmark. I’ve always loved your remarks regarding current politics (and the previous ones regarding you-know-what), because you’re really right on the mark, and you express your thoughts so beautifully!

    I’m Pat Murray, and my feline housemates are Sparkler and Tinker. We’re retired, and we live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We’re all glad to meet you!

    I haven’t come up with anything profound to say yet, but I do want you to know I read your posts and really enjoy them. I’m glad to learn more about you and your feline family. And I’ll see if I can come up with more to say soon and if the cats have anything to say.

    – Pat

    – Sparkler and Tinker

  3. catsworking says:

    bassgirl, I forgive you. 🙂

    I’ve been to St. Martin maybe dozens of times on cruises, but usually stuck to the Dutch side, which is spelled St. Maarten. It was grungier than the French side (which had a reputation for being snooty), so I was surprised Bourdain preferred that, although maybe it spoke to his French heritage.

    Last time I went to St. Maarten a few years ago, I didn’t recognize it. It’s become St. Thomas II, complete with new pier to keep the tourists away from the “real” center of town and a new “mall” for them. I was so disgusted. If the French side has stuck to its roots, I’d probably prefer it now.

    It drives me crazy when states lift their COVID restrictions the minute cases drop a tad. Virginia is doing it, and our governor is a freaking DOCTOR. That’s what’s kept us in this endless loop of spikes for the past year.

    I’m as sick of this shit as anybody, but if we throw away all the progress just to romp around without a mask for a day and then cause another outbreak, we’re all screwed.

  4. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Pat! Randi has told me she sometimes sends my blog to a friend over here, but I didn’t know you are in Michigan. Thank you for checking in. And the cat crew welcomes Sparkler and Tinker!

    You or your cats are always welcome to weigh in whenever the spirit moves you. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself, so I really enjoy the comments.

  5. Pat says:

    Thank you, Karen! I’ll tell you more about the kitties when I have a bit more time. Each one has her story. (Don’t they all, of course!)

  6. Mary Hunter says:

    As always, love love love the pics of the cats, and that Tony! He’s hilarious! I love it when cats snuggle together, but alas, my cat is a one cat, no other cats or dogs or kids kind of cat.

    Our governor (Washington State) has kept the mask mandate so all the yahoos are heading over 30 miles to wide open and don’t give a f… Idaho state to eat and drink…sigh. I work in a store and whenever anyone comes in from Idaho, I assume they could be carrying the virus, and sanitize like crazy when they leave.

  7. catsworking says:

    Mary, I haven’t seen anything about Idaho opening up, but maybe that’s because it was never careful in the first place?

    Surprisingly, Alabama’s governor, who was a dumb bitch in the beginning, has seen the value of masks and extended her mandate another month.

    One of the reasons my cats can live together is that none of them came in as an only cat, so they’ve never known anything but co-existing.

    My original cat, Coco, was an only cat for her first nine or 10 years until I got married and she was forced to live with Cleo, who was just a kitten. They never fought, but they never became friends. They just ignored each other. When Coco was really senior and I got a kitten named Rex, Coco ignored him, too, but he became tight with Cleo, and from there, each successive new cat blended in in his/her own way.

  8. Randi says:

    Karen, I read your previous blog entry and enjoyed it, as always, I just didn’t get around to reply. Have been busy writing a complaint to a bed shop, and I keep editing it… trying to be civil.
    I see that Pat has replied – like us all, she has the right attitude to politics and loves cats. 🙂
    Great you have some paying work, but when you are self employed, it’s often busy, busy, busy with deadlines, or nothing at all.
    It’s so nice to see Roc and Max snuggling up, although not for long, but who knows, they may make a habit of it.
    Tony looks like he was disturbed in the middle of a good wash – ha ha! I remember that position and the look from Fister.
    I’m thrilled that Gone Bamboo will become a TV series, it sounds interesting and fun. I hope I’ll get to see it! I’m sure you will update us when it’s out. 🙂

  9. Bonnie C. says:

    Thanks for the “bonus” news about Bourdain’s book!!!

  10. catsworking says:

    Randi and Bonnie, for the last several years of his life, Bourdain mentioned many times that he was working on another novel, and I think it was in the same vein as Gone Bamboo or Bone in the Throat or The Bobby Gold Stories. He liked writing crime fiction with a culinary angle. Now I wonder whatever happened to that manuscript. I would guess he’d written a substantial piece of it.

    If Gone Bamboo does sell as a TV series, I think it would be perhaps a crime sitcom. That might even be a new genre, because I can’t think of any other sitcom that stars criminals. Maybe someone can.

    His dialogue and descriptions were often very funny (I’m saying this from fuzzy memory, but I do remember laughing). Yes, the snarky dialogue would be easy to reproduce, but preserving the comical narrative is trickier writing.

    Anyway, I hope some network or streaming service picks up the pilot.

    Randi, Max is snoozing on the little TV table beside my computer right now.

  11. Judy says:

    Hi Karen,
    Yes it is discouraging when your audience seems not to respond. Where are they you wonder? I’m certain most of us are dedicated readers, if not always so dedicated in our responses!

    I stumbled onto this site when Anthony Bourdain had died. For some reason I became entranced with your story line about Tony. It sees his life was chaotic on many different levels. An ordinary man doing extraordinary things, while living life—albeit with many subplots and major/minor characters. Certainly his Italian character caused mortal damage to his soul.

    Then, I stayed and became involved with the kitty 🐈‍⬛ and the cats 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛ An animal lover, my first cat was an angora—Muffy. Muffy knew all my childhood/teenage life; I adored her.A classy lady, who always kept the boy cats in line.

    And then there came the politics! Living in a world of insane T people your blog has become my sanity. I will save the blog for a time when I can savor and absorb all things nonTrump. You are my ally, when there are no others. Except my stepmom who is a cat lover too. She has a warrior female feline who is jet black with gorgeous green eyes. Bold and sassy it would be interesting to see how she would change the dynamics of the boys.

    Keep writing and sharing; know that you uniquely appreciated in various ways.

    Take care. Stay safe

  12. catsworking says:

    Judy, thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. Yes, I know people get busy and don’t have time to read or comment, but when things go totally silent, especially now when silence could mean death, I guess I get a little paranoid.

    Muffy sounds like my late Adele, who was with me just months shy of 20 years. She was my best girlfriend, even though for most of her life she had little use for me because she was too busy hanging out with Yul and Fred, and then later disciplining all the scruffy boy cats I kept bringing home to annoy her with.

    Your mom’s cat would undoubtedly become Roc’s nemesis here, to be outsmarted but, ultimately won over and charmed. He’d stop at nothing to accomplish it, and my house would be destroyed.

    I find it endlessly fascinating and gratifying that there are people out there who share the three main interests I usually write about here, which are 1) Politics, 2) Cats, and 3) Bourdain. Of course, Bourdain is all in hindsight now, but somehow he still feels like a presence.

    And of course there are the tangents of books, TV and movies, and food.

  13. Pat says:

    Tony has such a LOOOOONG tail! He’s so cute with his one leg sticking way out from the top level of the cat tree.

    And I love Roc and Max snuggled up together there. Such lovely kitties, all!

  14. catsworking says:

    Pat, I’m still waiting for Tony to grow into his tail, feet and ears. They belong to a much larger cat.

    I once adopted a 3-year-old cat named Cole who had lived his whole live in a shelter (Richmond Animal League), and he was about Tony’s size, and I thought that was him. But once he was comfortable here, he grew to quite an impressive size. Not fat, but just larger overall.

    They say goldfish grow to the size of their bowl. I think cats do the same.

    Tony had myriad medical problems from being a neglected stray when he was six weeks old that may have stunted his growth, so I’m still expecting him eventually to grow into the large body he was meant to have. It will be weird for me, because I still see him him as my little baby kitty.

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