COVID Vaccine Clusterf**k

By Karen

When it comes to getting COVID under control, it seems no politician but Joe Biden has his or her head screwed on straight.

Now we’ve got these even more highly contagious variants from Britain and South Africa gaining traction in the U.S. — with no reliable intel on how effective the current vaccines are against them — and politicians again are considering opening things up!

In my Central Virginia locale, over half the elementary school kids are going back to the classroom full-time tomorrow, yet over 80% of the teachers and staff HAVE NOT had even the first vaccination.

WTF? It’s as if they want this pandemic to drag on for years.

Like the rest of the country, Virginia hasn’t received as much vaccine as expected, thanks to Trump’s lies and blocking of everyone who even attempted to facilitate distribution of supplies and vaccine to the states.

Even with the blood of over 450,000 Americans on his hands from COVID alone, Trump is playing golf in Florida, free as a bird, when he should be rotting in jail awaiting trial for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Personally, I rank in Phase 1b on COVID vaccine…

This morning I found the website where I could preregister, which I did, but it said it could be weeks or months before vaccine is available.

I’m OK with that if it means whatever vaccine they’re getting is going to medical professionals and essential workers like grocery, retail and postal employees who have been risking their health every day so I can hang onto tiny shreds of normalcy. Or people older than I who are at greater risk.

Who I DON’T want getting shots are Republican politicians. But it’s already too late. Those rapacious gluttons — I’m thinking Mitch McConnell — were among the first to get protection, even while backing Trump in his lies that it was overblown and a hoax.

Thanks to the variants, we’re now supposed to wear TWO masks. I sometimes feel faint wearing one, so we’ll see how doubling up goes. If two masks keep me from walking around in a fog of steamed-up glasses, they could be worth a little temporary suffocation.

While I’m so thankful that Biden plans to hold three factual COVID briefings a week featuring doctors (minus disgraced Dr. Deborah “Scarf for Every Occasion” Birx) and scientists instructed not to lie, I’m worried about this vaccine situation on two other fronts.

The first is that a single dose gets me only halfway to the finish line. Once I get that first shot — whenever — what about the second dose? Will I be able to get it in the 21-28-day follow-up window if supply remains so jerky? Or will the second shot become a new time-sensitive source of stress while my initial protection wanes and fades into an exercise in futility?

Because even after the first shot, nothing changes. It’s still lockdown, double masks, distancing and hand-washing because you don’t know who’s vaccinated or not.

My second concern is the shot itself. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I haven’t seen a single video where the person administering the shot didn’t just casually jab that long needle into the recipient’s arm like they were playing darts.

I hate needles. The less I see or feel them, the better. If out of the corner of my eye I see someone rearing back to stab my arm with two inches of cold steel, I just may pass out on the spot.

This fear won’t stop me from getting vaccinated, but I’ll confess I’m a chickenshit and definitely dreading it.

11 Responses to COVID Vaccine Clusterf**k

  1. Donna says:

    My bestie lives in rural eastern shore Maryland. Last September her 7 year olds school was closed in less than two weeks due to 10 positive coronavirus cases among staff and students.

  2. Randi says:

    Karen, it’s no wonder you are pi€€ed off. If I could decide, the people who won’t wear a mask, should not get a vaccination, or at least come last in the queue!
    I’m amazed that no one has started selling bottles of liquid that prevents your glasses from steaming up. Twenty years ago, we could buy something called “Minus steam” here, but when we REALLY need it, you can’t find it anywhere! If I knew what was in it, I would mix it myself. It may be similar to the liquid people use for their car when it’s below zero. Any chemists here?
    I guess we have to hang on and wait until it’s our turn. My friend in London got her first shot Thursday, but she is over 70.
    Will e-mail you the schedule for Denmark.

  3. Randih says:

    As if the Corona situation isn’t bad enough, I read today that extremists who support “Proud Boys,” “Q-Anon” and “Oath Keepers” are now in Congress. Some stupid idiots voted for them, even though ads had warned the public in those states. It says that they are bringing loaded weapons in and have threatened Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It sounds really scary! I hope something can be done about it.

  4. catsworking says:

    Randi, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Republican House representative from Georgia who just got voted in. She is very extreme and believes every crazy lie she can find. She also tried to bring a gun into the Capitol. I don’t know if they let her do it, but she raised a stink about going through the new metal detector they installed after the riot.

    She also posted online that the quickest way to kill Nancy Pelosi would be a bullet to her head. Another representative has introduced a measure to throw Greene out of Congress, but it probably won’t pass because they are all terrified that if they punish one, they will be next when the tables are turned.

    I agree with you that anyone who refuses to wear a mask should be last to get vaccinated. If they all want to infect each other and thin their own herd, fine.

    The glasses steaming up is a real problem, especially while driving if someone is in the car with you. I had read somewhere that washing the glasses with soap would stop the steam, so I tried it with hand soap and it didn’t help. Maybe they mean bar soap. I don’t know. My bar soap has cleansing cream and I’m afraid it would make the lenses greasy and smeary, which would be worse than steam.

  5. catsworking says:

    Donna, our schools are saying they don’t have room for 6′ distance in classrooms, so the desks are 3′ apart. But at least I think they’re eating lunch 6′ apart. I won’t be surprised if after a week or two the schools are closed again.

    It’s murder (literally) for the teachers. I think some have to do their classroom work live AND teach online the kids who stay home. I expect we’ll be seeing a huge teacher shortage soon. Not only from COVID, but teachers who just quit. They aren’t paid enough, and now their school boards are using them as cannon fodder just to appease parents who can’t stand having their kids at home every day.

  6. Randi says:

    What you said is exactly what I read. Marjorie Taylor Greene and the rest of them need to have their heads checked – in fact, it should be mandatory for anyone elected for Congress. Poor Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they must be frightened. 😦 At least someone is trying to something. Hope they’ll get them out!
    The soap you need to use for your glasses is supposed to be dish washing liquid, not hand soap. A little bit in some warm water and a clean soft cloth should do the trick, but it would be nice if you could buy a bottle of the right stuff.

  7. Margeaux says:

    Karen, isn’t it bizarre? Here this vaccination effort
    is so convoluted just to get an appointment.
    I just can’t comprehend either why it is some cities are opening up, or at least talking about opening
    school districts. In our state the governor allowed outdoor dining, & several other businesses to operate. While all this is happening…the mutated virus appears to be floating around. WTF!!
    None of it makes any sense. I’ve been trying over two weeks to get an appointment, but no availibilities. I have my reservations about the vaccine to begin with. Can’t help feeling like a guinea pig.
    Certainly hope they throw this mental case majorie out of congress@!

  8. catsworking says:

    Randi, my glasses have antiglare and antiscratch coating and I used a special cleaner on them. I worry that harsh soap will strip off their other coatings.

    Another thing I read is that a tissue under the mask will keep the glasses from steaming up. I tried that and it didn’t work.

    These people in Congress who are still trying to overthrow the government and threatening to kill other members should be arrested and expelled. They’re violating the oath they took and committing sedition. Case closed. If Trump hadn’t made it so stylish to commit crimes and then laugh in your face and dare you to do something about it, they’d be gone already.

  9. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, I’m afraid it’s going to take someone to be attacked or shot to make anything happen in Congress. They’re really good about complaining and condemning while not doing a damn thing to solve the problem.

    I really just don’t get what happened in the last election that Biden won in so many places that elected or reelected Republican traitors for Congress. WTF were people thinking? Or NOT thinking? It’s like putting Biden in office while setting him up to fail.

  10. MorganLF says:

    My niece is a teacher with a three year old and 14 month old twins. She is required to physical be in class to justify her salary.
    She has three babies!

    What disgust is this? We mask but the trumtards won’t. Why is she subject to this killing, murdering Policy?

    trump must be held accountable for mass murderer. I registered for vaccine. No idea when I can get it . In NJ we don’t have enough. trump left no plan.the vile pig. So I must remain in seclusion while this fat omelette, eating pig man golfs!
    I’ve been in seclusion a year. I’m paying my dues, and taxes. And it’s not a happy place.

    Have lost LONG time friends over their slavish devotion to the klan cult of trum.Qanon, proud boys and the rest.

    They care more about guns and sedition than love of country.

    Don’t you think I’d like to meet people, have a cocktail an socialize?

    For crimes against humanity trump and his republiKlan enablers must be brought up on international charges, tarred feathered and judged by a tribunal. Hitler, at least did himself in. trump sits in mar a lardo holding court.

    This EVIL PIG his grifting pals MUST MUST MUST be removed and held to account.

    HELD TO ACCOUNT FOR THE DEATHS OF 450k+:American souls.
    History will judge him. The only twice impeached president. THE ONLY.
    Meanwhile we have been blanketed with 2 feet of snow.
    I assume I’ll never get the vaccine…so I choose numbing via Old Fashioneds.
    Reminder to self: Buy bitters!

  11. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I woke up this morning to more snow, but it’s only been a dusting. On Sunday we had 3-5″ and cars wrecked all over the city.

    My sister is a middle school teacher and she has been freaking out over returning to the classroom. I think she got her first shot, and she’s expected to go back soon, but it’s just double work (without the pay) because she has to teach both in class AND online.

    I lay the full blame for this on the fucking lazy PARENTS. They can’t be bothered to make their brats read a book or sit through online lessons. They’re desperate to dump them back on the teachers so they can blame the teachers for what ignorant little sociopaths their darlings turn out to be.

    If things don’t start picking up judicially and I don’t see Trumps and Trump himself frog-marched to trial, I will be left permanently bitter. So far there has been NO meaningful accountability except for a few fringey creeps Trump has already pardoned. The Trump cult in Congress will bring down democracy if they aren’t stopped. But expecting them to police each other seems to be hopeless. If not, Marjorie Taylor Greene would already be gone.

    (We’ve got our own local redneck version of Greene right here named Amanda Chase. She just got censured for egging on the rioters, among other things. She also packs a gun. The Republicans have kicked her out, but she thinks she’s running for governor.)

    I’m counting on McConnell to drop dead fairly soon. There seems to be something seriously wrong with him that he’s hiding. He could barely stand up after the inauguration, and he had to hang on to Trump to climb some steps. He’ll cling on, obstructing all progress, until he croaks. He must know the end is coming or he NEVER would have said a peep against Greene.

    I hope all these courts are waiting for the impeachment to finish before they bury Trump and his demon spawn under piles of charges.

    I hadn’t seen the term “RepubliKlan” before, but I like it! So fitting, now that they’re showing their true colors.

    I’ve had no contact for several years with friends who called themselves Republicans or who hated Obama. If I met someone today who had a kind word for Trump, that would be the end of the conversation and they’d be dead to me.

    The only way to deal with such hatefulness and ignorance is to shun it. Make them feel like the scum they are until they either crawl back into their holes or give some serious consideration to not being so greedy, stupid, racist and gullible enough to swallow the lies of a blabbering pile of demented orange goo.

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