McConnell Coddles Trump to the End

By Karen

But before I get political, I’ve got a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

Cats Working reader Tracy is appearing on HGTV Friday, January 15, at 11:30 a.m. EST, in the pilot episode of Reno Italiano

Tracy and her husband Matt bought a centuries-old house in Italy that’s been abandoned for 60 years. On the show, an Italian construction team comes in and renovates it for them, and the results are a surprise. They are planning to leave the U.S. and live there.

It’s a popular format in home improvement TV. My favorite guy for that is Mike Holmes, who looks like Canadian Mr. Clean. I wish he could give my house a makeover. He’d tear it down to the studs and start over.

Tune in or set your DVR to watch Reno Italiano. If it attracts enough viewers, a whole series is a go.

Now, as for Trump…

So yesterday Trump got himself impeached for the second time. A fat lot of good it does, because Mitch McConnell is determined to hang onto his last shred of power by refusing to convene the Senate trial that could immediately convict and remove Trump. He wrote it couldn’t possibly be “fair or serious” if rushed.

It’s not like the whole world witnessed Trump on national TV inciting the riot or anything.

McConnell also coyly leaked that he might be “pleased” about this impeachment and would like to hear the legal arguments (as if he doesn’t recognize sedition. McDonnell might even possibly think about maybe considering a vote for conviction.

Apparently, Trump made a little nicey-nicey speech, claiming he never wanted violence and he wasn’t jerking off to the TV while he watched the riot “fight for him” at the Capitol last week.

I didn’t see it. We all know he’s lying and he’ll say anything as the prison walls close in.

But if there’s any report of Trump’s cultists rioting ANYWHERE before Biden’s inauguration, McConnell and Mike Pence need to be arrested tried for treason for aiding and abetting the certified insurrectionist in the White House.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is in tatters, split between those who think Trump’s cult went too far or didn’t go far enough. The latter faction is culling its own herd as the FBI rounds them up to face criminal charges.

Since Trump knows he faces no immediate consequences for trying to kill Congress, and he’s said he won’t attend the inauguration, the only unknown now is where he’ll hole up until the subpoenas and indictments and canceled business contracts start rolling in. Presumably Mar-a-Lago.

On the cat front…

I’m being stalked by Roc’s Fuglen the Bird and Tony’s Yellow Sparkle Ball (which he just rediscovered under that pile of tatty brown paper he likes to play in). If I spend any time in any room, I find both of them lurking nearby…

While I was taking that pic, Tony couldn’t resist a photobomb…

Sometimes he also brings me his Christmas Miracle Froggy, which has already lost both eyes and one leg.

Roc says “Hi” from his spot on the printer…

And Max has finally recovered fully and is back to his usual state of perpetual annoyance…

I’m trying to help Max kick his new Gerber baby food habit, but he’s still showing up every morning and evening for a fix. Now that he’s taken the full 14-day course of meds I was sneaking into it, it’s a pricey vice at $1.19 a jar (how to people afford to feed babies?). Max now also has a fondness for snuggling up to a hot water bottle. I can still indulge him in that (that green towel behind him is his bottle).

BONUS: Since my Twitter feed is suspended, I was a little late finding Randy Rainbow’s latest, “Sedition”…

For the record, when Randy refers to reusing the song, this is what he’s talking about. It’s from May 2020, about Trump’s response to COVID…

18 Responses to McConnell Coddles Trump to the End

  1. Tracy Moses says:

    Thank you, Karen, for being so kind as to promote our show! I’ve never really been on TV before so this is going to be weird. My husband is not even sure he can watch!

    Your kitties are so handsome, I love reading about their antics. Such a nice diversion from the shitshow in DC!

  2. catsworking says:

    Tracy, I’m so excited about your show (and your house), I can hardly wait to watch it tomorrow and see what they do to it.

    Roc and Tony are rampaging through the house right now, and Max is happy to be a spectator.

  3. Randi says:

    I expected Trump would be impeached, but it was still nail biting to see the Republicans catch up on the votes a few times – I didn’t know how many votes there was altogether!

    The speech Trump made was obviously written by someone else, but whatever he says, it’s too late for damage control. Ha ha! I was surprised to him so calm, though, also when speaking in Texas, trying to highlight his success building the border wall, but he may have been on Valium.

    I hear that 17% of Americans believe in conspiracy theories – that is a lot! It would be interesting to know what kind of education these 17% have.

    Mar-a-Lago is probably where he will go, but even there, he won’t have as many “friends” as he used to.

    So, Joe Biden and his wife will be living in a hotel for at least a week after the Inauguration, to allow for a thorough disinfection of the White House; everything from carpets to upholstery, to drapes fumigated and full repainting. No wonder!

    How sweet of Tony to bring you presents. 🙂 If you throw them, will he fetch them for you? I’m glad to hear Max is all better now, he looks great, and so does Roc. Their green eyes are stunning.

    I would love to see the show “Reno Italiano,” but I doubt it will be on the channels I can get anytime soon. At the moment they’re showing “Property Brothers” here, and Escape to the Chateau: DIY.

  4. catsworking says:

    Randi, I don’t know if HGTV will make Reno Italiano available for watching online. Maybe.

    Right now, none of the cats fetch, but Roc used to do it when he was younger. Tony is obsessed with chasing shadows on the walls I’m beginning to think he needs a psychiatrist.

    Last night after I went to bed (around midnight), Roc started meowing in the living room and wouldn’t shut up. Same meow at least 50 times straight. No exaggeration. Finally, I got up thinking he might be trying to tell me the house was on fire. He was sitting in the living room with Fuglen (whom he’d retrieved from the office upstairs). So I took Fuglen and put him on my bed and Roc snuggled up to me with his head on the pillow, purring.

    I hadn’t heard about Biden not being able to move into the White House, but they probably don’t know when Trump will move his fat ass out. And the whole place will need cleaning and painting from top to bottom, as you said.

    That 17% is interesting. Whenever they do a poll about Trump, it always boils down to 17% or 18% who stick by him, no matter what. I think that’s the base number of the deeply ignorant and crazy people in this country. The rest may be educated, but that 17% are hardcore deplorable and hopeless.

    When Trump was impeached in the House, 10 Republicans voted for it, and they said that overall it got the most votes of any impeachment ever. I didn’t see the final number myself, but as the voting was happening, at times it did look like the “No’s” were winning, which was infuriating.

    Any time Trump gives a formal speech, it’s been written for him and he reads it like he’s never seen it before. Plus, he’s too vain to wear glasses so he can’t see the words well, and he can barely read because he’s probably got undiagnosed dyslexia or some learning disability. So he sounds out the words and reads in a sing-song voice because he doesn’t comprehend some of what he’s saying.

    The backlash against the attack on the Capitol seems to be growing every day, and when investigations uncover the names of Republican members of Congress who helped the rioters, it’s going to get ugly. I’d like to see every one of them thrown own of office and arrested for aiding insurrection or treason.

  5. Tracy Moses says:

    Randi, if you get HGTV, you’ll get our show. It is a 30 min program in between Flip or Flop and Love It or List It. We’re waiting for word from the production company if it will stream on Discover+.

  6. Tracy Moses says:

    Combining politics and Italy: It is stunning to me that even in our little town in Italy (8,000, give or take), there are crazy Trumpers and Qanon wackos. There’s a lady from Canada who lives there full-time with her Swiss artist husband and she’s about as off the wall as anyone I’ve seen. Her husband has been permanently banned from FB and I took a gander at some of the crap she posts and I think I lost some IQ points. I actually reported half a dozen of them for being flat out “fake news”. She’s been trying to get lawyers to take her case against the Italian gov’t because she thinks they’re putting microchips in the vaccines. She wants to block mandatory vaccines since she also believes the gov’t is trying to kill a lot of people! She even asked our agent/friend to find her a property way out of town because of the coming “apocalypse” (whatever they means to her). She responded to a comment of mine by calling Biden a pedophile and says he’s going to Gitmo! I did not hold back and said that was deranged (because it is).

    We have another friend up north, in Bologna, who is from Milan where so many of the ultra right-wing are. He LOVES Trump and constantly posted pro-MAGA crap on FB. He told me I should love Trump, too, and I felt compelled to tell him that we didn’t need our own Mussolini but, thanks. He’s a COVID denier and for someone who lost her own healthy father to COVID that was the last straw for me.

    Here’s the question I have (although probably rhetorical): Why do people from other countries, who can’t vote in our elections, care so f*ing much about our President? I mean, we have a financial investment in Italy and I’m pretty political but even I don’t follow Italian politics that closely and would never spend my days filling FB with insane tributes to President Mattarella or Premier Conte. I admit it’s mind boggling.

  7. catsworking says:

    Tracy, I’ve always found that people from other countries know WAY more about our business than we do about theirs. There’s universal fascination with the U.S. that used to have some justification because were were the trendsetters in a lot of pop culture ways, but now it’s just humiliating.

    I think when Trump finally suffers his inevitable and total mental breakdown and there’s nothing left to worship, these cultists will maybe loosen their grip on his crap. But it has to be public. I’m afraid his handlers will just hide the drooling moron away, giving the impression that he was “disappeared,” spawning more conspiracy theories about what the “deep state” did to silence him.

    I have to LMAO at the thought of microchips in the vaccines. You have to be really wacko to think a microchip could pass through a vaccine needle tip. My cats all have microchips and the vet described them as like a grain of rice. I picture this woman going around in a tin foil hat to keep the aliens from reading her thoughts.

    What floors me is how the whole world has willingly bought into Trump’s insanity. He lives in La-La Land that has no basis in reality and it’s become contagious. I blame Mark Burnett for building this monster. If not for The Apprentice portraying Trump to a brilliant tycoon he never was, which Trump came to believe as gospel, he’d still be sitting his his shabby little office begging banks for loans to squander.

    The only way to put a stop to it is to slam down hard on all these purveyors of fake news and fantasy. That will have the QAnon people and others screaming, but so be it. Let’s tie them in chairs, tape their eyes open, and force them to watch documentaries that WEREN’T produced by Giuliani, Roger Stone and Bannon.

    I plan to watch your show tonight with dinner. I feel like I should get a bottle of wine to go with it!

  8. Tracy Moses says:

    It’s true about other countries’ citizens knowing more about us as we’re a rather incurious lot here. Our Australian agent/friend in Italy has knowledge of people and issues here that would put most Americans to shame.

    I think “wacko” is the only word you can use with regard to that really special group known as MAGA. I still can’t comprehend how one goes so far down the rabbit hole to chase obviously ridiculous notions like the microchip, the “ten days of darkness” and the world pedophile club. What causes such a break with reality for people like that? I’m sure volumes will be written in the years to come.

    You mentioned Steve Bannon and he rents a former monastery in Italy that he plans to use as his right-wing Opus Dei boot camp! It’s only about 45 mins from our house and, while he’s still embroiled in lawsuits with the Italian government over it, I may have to head over with some protest signs!

    I love your reference to “A Clockwork Orange” and couldn’t agree more about Mark Burnett. That man should be ashamed and hide from public view after all the damage he’s inflicted upon this country. I follow Noel Casler on Twitter and he says everyone involved with that show knew what Trump was back then. All of New York knew!

    Enjoy the show (it turned out great albeit too short) but just know that all is not as it seems. That’s “reality” TV for you!

  9. Tracy Moses says:

    Randi, I also just discovered that Reno Italiano is available “on demand” if you get the HGTV channel.

  10. Randi says:

    I’ve had a few glasses of wine with my meal, so this will be short – more tomorrow.
    I would say that any American president have a lot of influence on Europe/world affairs – that’s why we are so interested. And Karen, I agree that the universal fascination with the U.S. also has a lot to do with pop culture/music. The reason I started learning English, was to be able to read the British magazines back in the sixties, like Melody Maker, Fabulous, etc.

    On TV I just saw an interview with the weirdo’s (Jake ??) mother. Easy to see where her son got so brainwashed! It’s eerie that people like them still walk around free. And yes, they should forced to watch documentaries that WEREN’T produced by Giuliani, Roger Stone and Bannon.

  11. catsworking says:

    Tracy, Clockwork Orange? I never saw that movie, so I have no clue how I referenced it.

    I had heard something about Bannon not being allowed to use his Italian monastery as a world domination academy. I hope the Italians kick his ass out of the country. These maniacs should all be driven off very continent and segregated on a tiny island somewhere in the Pacific that’s sinking. Or maybe Antarctica with no WiFi.

    I just saw that Fox hasn’t had Giuliani or that other nutjob “lawyer” Sydney Powell on in weeks. They’ve been getting threatening letters from the voting machine companies, so don’t want any more spew about vote-rigging, apparently.

    It it beyond comprehension that people could believe so many of these bat-shit insane conspiracies. But the cult still thinks Trump is this massively successful billionaire who’s constantly pulling off lucrative deals, even though he’s been nothing but a loser and a failure in the White House and his businesses are all losing money. They refuse to believe their own eyes and ears.

    I will have questions for you after I watch your show. I hope you can fill us in on a little of the behind-the-scenes stuff without giving too much away.

    I’ve been watching a series called Holmes+Holmes with Mike Holmes and his son, MJ (Mike Junior). MJ owns a 750-sq one-story bungalow and wants to fix it up a little so his girlfriend can move in.

    He ends up totally gutting it and adding a second story, at his father’s urging. Meanwhile, he and the girlfriend live in an RV Mike lends them. I’m about 4 episodes in, and they keep finding more problems, like foundation cracks and water seepage that necessitates digging up the foundation. And one night MJ doesn’t cover the whole house with a tarp (which Mike says he does every night on every job), so it rains and floods the interior just as they’re making good progress.

    I can hardly wait to see how it turns out. The girlfriend is a saint to put up with it all because she gave up her apartment and moved, thinking they were just painting the kitchen cabinets and doing little tweaks. She’s in college, and MJ’s about to present her with a massive diamond and a marriage proposal in the next episode.

    Mark Burnett needs to release all the outtakes showing Trump as the stupid, vile, racist, rapey pig that he was on The Apprentice so his cult can see his true colors. Roseanne’s ex, Tom Arnold, has been trying to get his hands on the film for years.

    I’m looking forward to Trump’s skeletons falling out of the closet after next week. We’re going to find out a lot about what a piece of subhuman scum he has been in the White House.

  12. catsworking says:

    Randi, by Jake, I think you mean the guy wearing the furry hat with horns? He’s a real piece of work. He thinks Trump “invited” him to storm the Capitol. He’s the one who can only eat organic food, and some judge is actually letting him have it in prison. They should be feeding him a steady diet of bologna on Wonder Bread until his colon explodes.

  13. Tracy Moses says:

    Karen, holy cow! You should at least watch parts of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ because it’s your MAGA fantasy come true. They strap Malcolm McDowell (lead character) in a theater chair and clamp his eyes open so he has to watch really violent films in an effort to rehabilitate him. This is a very simplistic explanation as the film is much deeper psychologically than this but it’s exactly what you described. It’a very disturbing film, however.

    I will have to check out that Holmes + Holmes series but I already know I couldn’t live in an RV like that! I don’t have that kind of patience.

    If you get Netflix check out “Bridgerton”. It’s like “Dynasty” in the early 1800s but with soft core porn mixed in! I’m no prude but it shocked me a bit. I hope there’s another season.

  14. catsworking says:

    Tracy, great minds think alike, me and Clockwork Orange. 😉

    Holmes+Holmes shows very little of the RV living. It’s all about the house. The RV does give me flashbacks to that 3-night trip I took with a former friend and his 3 dogs a few years ago. Never again would I want to do that, even without dogs. I need plumbing that isn’t stored in the rear bumper.

    I just watched Reno Italiano. Have you ever said that your husband looks a bit like Bourdain? I know someone has. If not, he DOES. They could almost be brothers. AND he’s a big traveler.

    I am so jealous of your stove! OMG your kitchen is gorgeous. Does the fireplace outside the bathroom work? I thought it was so amazing how they saved and restored those arched doorways and salvaged that staircase. I was glad you had to replace the floors because the old ones were really nasty. That’s probably what my floors look like under the carpet. I’m afraid to find out.

    It’s just amazing to me how they can take those old stone buildings and give them smooth walls and make them look so modern inside. And your beamed ceilings! I keep thinking of things that were making my jaw drop. You are so lucky to be looking forward to a new in such a beautiful place. The view!

    If the numbers weren’t low-balled, you could never get a virtually indestructible, updated stone house with that amount of square footage anywhere around here.

  15. Randi says:

    Karen, yes, I meant the guy wearing the furry hat with horns. A real fucked up weirdo – his mom, too!
    Along with the belief in conspiracy theories and lack of education for some, the biggest problem in the US is that firearms are allowed. I suppose even many Democrats are in favor of it. Oh, and of course the huge social differences. When people have what they need, they tend to not get involved in riots like the one last Wednesday. I think Biden knows that, but he will have a hard time repairing the damage Trump did. I’m thinking… the only thing that might work, is to educate people better, rather than brainwashing them.
    I don’t have HGTV, so I could only watch the “trailer,” but I’m sure it will be on TV here sooner or later. My friend in Chicago saw it and enjoyed it. 🙂
    Let me introduce you to Rufus Gifford… he was the US ambassador of Denmark 2013-2017. We all love him and miss him – he’s a democrat. He worked as CFO of Barack Obama’s presidential election campaign. I hope he will run for president one day. Then, vote for him!

    Here, here talks about Trump:

  16. catsworking says:

    Randi, so sorry it took so long to get your comment posted. This morning when I turned on the computer, Windows had done an “update” that hosed EVERYTHING. I had to reinstall Windows, which caused me to lose all my software. I’ve been at it for about 9 hours now and still don’t have everything back. I’ve had to rebuy some of the software because there are newer versions.

    This is the second time Microsoft was crashed my computer completely supposedly “updating” it. When I redownloaded my virus software, it’s saying I’ve got 84GB of Windows updates that are “high risk critical vulnerability” that need to be downloaded. I’m terrified to do it because it’s probably what crashed me in the first place and I can’t afford to be without a computer for days. I had to turn away several hundred $$ in work today because of this mess.

    I just saw a headline that Trump’s most extreme cult members are turning on him. I don’t know why.

    You’re right, though. When people have what they need, they don’t need to riot. On the other hand, our rioters are SUPPORTING the people who don’t want them to have a living wage, affordable healthcare, or jobs. They are so ignorant, they’ve been brainwashed to prefer self-destruction.

    I think most Democrats are in favor of very strict gun control, in that they would not let the crazies we saw at the Capitol have them.

    I’ve never hear of Rufus Gifford, and I spent most of the afternoon reading Obama’s book about his 2008 campaign and he never mentioned Rufus. He must have joined in 2012.

    I’ve got to go find something for dinner. I haven’t eaten since breakfast. And I need a stiff martini tonight. This computer shit has completely frazzled me.

  17. Randi says:

    I’m SO sorry about your crash, it’s really a pain. Is there a community for Windows where you can get some tips? Will e-mail you a little later…
    I heard that there will be at least 15.000 police and National Guard posted around Capitol. Apparently, some have already tried to get in to the area… carrying guns! I doubt they will get far, though. Hotels and B&B’s are also closed.
    I didn’t hear about the Trump cult members turning against him, but I guess he can expect anything from these people… supporting him for years, making their own lives more miserable and then suddenly flip. Geesh, they are SO stupid!
    Rufus Gifford has previously held a top position in Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign. Now, as deputy campaign leader, he helped Democrat Joe Biden becoming America’s next president.”
    It will probably take years, but I believe one day he will run. Kamala is first in line, though. 🙂 If that happens, the US will have had a black president, a woman president and then a gay president. LOL!

  18. catsworking says:

    Randi, I’m pretty much back to normal on the computer today but I still feel totally wrung out from the stress of losing everything. I had to buy some new software to replace two programs I lost. Everything seems to be working OK now, but I also lost all my saved passwords online, so it’s like visiting many sites for the first time again and I have to keep digging up passwords.

    I still haven’t downloaded the 84GB “high risk” Windows fixes. I can’t believe that number is correct. I don’t know that I even have 84GB free.

    Here’s one article about Trump supporters turning on him:

    They’re hanging on any scrap of lie he throws out as a clue he still loves them.

    I also read that one poll showed his approval rating at 33% and disapproval at 60%.

    Airbnb has canceled all rentals booked in Washington for inauguration week. Biden is determined to do it outdoors and they’re not taking any chances.

    I guess Rufus Gifford will turn up in Obama’s sequel, because my sister tells me this book I’m reading only goes to 2011. On my iPad with the font pretty large, it’s running 3,511 pages! Obama writes like he talks — a lot.

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