The Cats Get a Fabulous Faux-Fur Hangout

By Karen

You’ve probably noticed how tatty all the kitty perches around here are, especially the blue one. I think it’s about 25 years old. Last week was having a perch sale and I couldn’t resist. I snagged this faux fur monster for only $60 (plus tax, free shipping)…

Unlike the current perches, which are solid wood and came in one piece, this one is particle board and needs assembly. I’m hoping its eight sisal posts will take the brunt of the scratching.

Once out of the box, I’ll admit it seemed daunting. My family considers me the village idiot when it comes to construction projects…

Many people who wrote reviews on Chewy said their cats swarmed all over the thing while they put it together. But my gang? Nothing. ZERO interest. I figured they had no clue about what I was doing. All the current perches were fixtures when they got here, so they have no concept of “new perch.”

It started promising, screwing the base level together…

Next came the hammock (whose purpose they can’t seem to figure out, so it may become a toy box). Roc finally strolled by and stopped to check it out…

Next, the ledge and second level. So far, so good…

That’s when Tony discovered the box it came in and dove in. Roc was quick to notice…

As Max could attest, Roc never lets a kitty be anywhere he could be, so it only took a moment for Roc to bully Tony out of the box…

But Tony never backs down and returned with paws blazing. I like the way he keeps his bunny-kick foot poised for action. Roc decided maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to mess with the Tonester.…

Meanwhile, I was still slaving over the perch. While I hit a brief snag figuring out how to attach the “house” bit, Roc discovered it…

Now it was Tony’s turn to play intruder. This didn’t look like it was going to end well…

But they both withdrew quietly and let me get on with it. Roc decided to test-drive the bed pads that were destined for the top…

I finally got the house attached, and now I was in the final stretch…

Getting the two beds on top was a breeze. After a little over an hour, we had this beautiful new kitty perch. (Notice how amazed Yul Brynner in the background looks that I got it together)…

Someone says, “If you build it, they will come,” but not in this house. I didn’t expect such a tepid response. Here’s Tony checking it out for the first time. Sorry it’s a little dark, but it was by now late afternoon and I was losing the light…

Where was Max through all this drama? The answer is, upstairs in the Man Cave, not giving a damn. The other day, I gave him a bed on top of the bookcase that he’s VERY happy with. He can reach it via beams No. 1 or No. 2 and feels pretty safe up there…

This morning after his breakfast, Roc called dibs on the top bed, natch…

I picked this particular model because it has enough beds and cubbies so they can all enjoy it at once with spots to spare. Tony quickly found the sunny spot…

I was on the floor nearby reading the paper. The next time I looked up, Tony had “pulled a Roc” and taken his place as “King of the Kitty Perch”…

The new perch is under the first beam where the beige one used to sit. The old perches haven’t gone anywhere (for now), so the kitties are adjusting to the new arrangement. They seem especially pleased about the old blue perch. I’ll save its new location for another post after I catch some action on it.

15 Responses to The Cats Get a Fabulous Faux-Fur Hangout

  1. bassgirl23 says:

    That’s a great perch – and an amazing price! Here something like that would be well over $300 (around $220 USD, lol, our dollar has tanked). I wish we had room for something like that. We have 2 hollow cubes made of MDF which we picked up from a film set sale. They fit a little better into the room (they can be stacked and used as extra seating in a pinch), but they aren’t much fun for our 2 other than to fall asleep on (with pillows) or to perch on and stare out the window at the birds.
    I bet you could even decorate that around Christmastime 😉 Maybe some catnip would entice them to hang out more quickly?

  2. catsworking says:

    bassgirl, I paid a lot more at local pet stores for the perches we had — on sale. This one was a steal. And it’s very sturdy. It took all the brute force I have to screw everything together, and last night I was dead-tired from that. I slept 10 hours.

    Max still hasn’t touched it, or even noticed it, but so far Roc and Tony are being very careful not to snag it with their claws. They don’t seem to get yet that it’s for them. Once they get started, they should shred that faux fur pretty fast if they fixate on a spot. I’m hoping they just go for the sisal. I picked it out because of the positioning of that because most of the other perches had it in small silly places no cat would want to use.

    The old beige perch has sisal at the base that they use all the time. In fact, I was them using it this morning in its new location rather than the new perch.

    I know this perch won’t be around a long as the others because it’s not wood and carpet, but we’ll see. Actually, I should recarpet some of the tattier portions of the old ones where the bare wood is exposed to get more mileage out of them. The ones on Chewy with carpet were $100 and up.

    They also have the kitty condo on the steps, which is like three round cubes (oxymoron?) stacked, with openings so they can go from level to level. They don’t use it a lot.

  3. Randi says:

    What a great cat tree you got for them! I’m impressed you put it together in about an hour. Great job, Karen! Typical they went for the box it came in. 😀 They will find each of their favourite spots on it and surely enjoy it for years. I magine the top will be popular. And let’s hope they use the sisal to scrath on.

  4. Randi says:

    I missed the videos first time around. Tony won the box competition, showing his airplane ears.. he he! And he really did a good inspection of the new cat tree, except for the top. Soon, he will claim it as his, but I think Roc and Max will want to spend some time there, too. I’m sure they will sort it out. 🙂

  5. catsworking says:

    Randi, the top bed has become the favorite spot. I’ve noticed they find this perch a little harder to navigate that the old ones because 1) It’s got fur instead of carpet and they really seem to be making an effort not to snag it, and 2) The leaps they have to make from level to level are longer and more vertical. The other perches’ levels jut out more.

    So far, I haven’t seen anybody scratching the sisal, and Max has yet to acknowledge its existence, although he’s run by it several times. A kitty could still leap into the top bed from the beam and it would be a 4″ shorter jump because this one is higher than the beige one, but so far, nobody has tried it.

  6. Anita says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Karen!
    What a great early Christmas gift for those kitty cats. I admire your handywoman skills too. I’ve gotten lazy with putting things together because of my husband, but you did a great job.

    Sorry I have been so out of touch. Crazy couple of weeks. Skin cancer taken off of lower leg, broke my big toe, then smashed my new car into the cart corral at Costco. The car was beeping at me because a car was pulling out behind me and I swerved to avoid them crashing into the back and I hit the car corral instead. Grrrrrrr….honestly would rather do that then have my trunk screwed up. And the hybrid batteries are back there too! My Mom had an old southern saying that if you laugh too much one day you will be crying the next. I guess that’s my karma for celebrating Biden’s win but it was worth it!

    What is up for your Thanksgiving? Are you going to your parents? I am making a turkey for the two of us. We decided not to go to my sister-in-law’s house. They were having a couple of neighbors over that are “in the bubble” but we didn’t want to risk it. I need to be alive and well on January 20 to watch every moment of Joe Biden’s inauguration with a mimosa in my hand.

    Enjoy your day whatever you are doing! And lest I forget, the RAL calendar came in this week and it opened to the centerfold of Tony! I was so excited. There were alot of cats in that calendar. I was surprised. But of course, Tony was the cutest hands down. You need to become a cat portrait photographer!

  7. catsworking says:

    Anita, You should enjoy today’s blog post. I think it answers all your questions about Thanksgiving here. My father just left, after delivering my dinner from my sister. She sent me extra stuffing, which is all I want. I had bought all the stuffing ingredients to make it myself, which I’ve never tried before. So I probably will tackle that after I eat what I’ve got.

    I wondered where you’ve been the past few weeks and hoped you hadn’t caught the ‘rona. How did you break your toe? Did they do anything for that, like put you in a boot? Hope the skin cancer procedure went well. I worry about that myself, being fair-skinned and having many lethal sunburns years ago.

    The car accident at Costco was so freaky. One of the reasons I gave up Costco was the LACK of anywhere to put a cart in the parking lot. You wouldn’t have hit a corral here! 😉

    Years ago a woman in a minivan on a cell-phone rear-ended my young Saturn while we both waited at a stoplight. Her vehicle was already banged up, and my Saturn showed only two little bumper scratches. The cop that came didn’t check for other damage and had the NERVE to joke, “Since you’re women, it’s kind of both your faults,” while ticketing her for NOTHING (she lied about being on the phone. I saw her in the rear view the moment she hit me, and she was still holding it when I ran back to her vehicle). She was even driving on a Michigan license and plates more than 30 days after moving here, which was also illegal.

    Anyway, the next day I was out shopping and when I went to open the trunk, it wouldn’t. The whole rear end had been shifted and needed replacing (3 weeks in the shop). But the Saturn took the impact like a champ and showed only those little scratches.

    Bitch refused to admit to her insurer that she’d caused the accident because MICHIGAN is a no-fault state (Virginia isn’t — the perp’s insurer pays for repairs). Policeman did a half-ass report omitting who was at fault, then dodged my phone calls, so I had no documentation. This left me on the hook for something like a $2,500 claim with my insurer (Nationwide). Thankfully, Nationwide stepped in and somehow scared her into confessing so her insurer picked up the tab.

    It’s amazing how you can be going about your business and suddenly have your life upended by some CARELESS ASSHOLE not giving a shit.

    Funny PS on that story. Years later, I had a gig reviewing essays written by local high school students, and one was a boy’s praise to the heavens of his wonderful policeman father. I remembered that bastard’s name and it was HIM! His kid had no idea what a worthless lazy fuckup his dad was.

    What always rankled with me was that I was a Virginia resident with all my shit in order but and he didn’t lift a finger to protect me. He let some Michigan skank break several laws and walk away.

  8. Anita says:

    Karen, I did see the post from Tony today. It was hysterical. I love that he loves UFO shows too. The Egyptians thought cats were from another world and I believe it.

    I did think I had a mild case of the ‘rona last week. Horrible body aches and headache for a couple of days. We are still going every 3 weeks to see my grandson and have to stay in a hotel. A couple of weeks ago we actually ate inside a restaurant. ACK! It was when we got home I started feeling poorly. My fever spiked big one day and then gone. I might go have the antibody test done just to see.

    How wonderful your sister is cooking dinner for everyone. I don’t talk to my sister anymore (she is a big Democrat but acts just like Trump) but she wouldn’t dare lift a finger to cook. That’s peasant work. Even though she drove herself to bankruptcy multiple times (i.e. Trump) and quite poor now she still fancies herself as being incredibly wealthy. Yes, totally delusional.

    We don’t quite make the stuffing/dressing from scratch. We use the Pepperidge Farm Herb seasoning pack then add onions, celery and mushrooms. It sells out quickly so I actually grabbed it in October. Stove Top isn’t bad either if you are really hunkering for dressing.

    Your car story is amazing! Especially the kid being the son of the cop. Life is very strange sometimes.

    I was hit in the rear end years ago in a grocery parking lot and crashed my trunk too. It was pouring rain and I guess someone had their tailgate down smacked into me and took off. But I did realize how lucky I was last week that I only hit the cart corral and they didn’t hit the back of my trunk.

    Your Costco doesn’t have corrals??? OMG! Those carts must be willy nilly in the lot everywhere. What happens in a storm?

    California has an obsession with their cars so cart corrals are used here at every store. I have really learned my lesson although in some ways I’m relieved the car has been baptized. At some point something was going to happen and in the big scheme of things this wasn’t bad. We take it in next week to the car repair and it’s only supposed to be there for 3 days.

    I broke my toe just walking through the house looking in the wrong direction and slammed into a wall corner. I missed it by about 1/2 inch. First thought it was just a sprain but I can’t push off on it at all so had it Xrayed. It’s cracked at the first joint. I refuse to be in a boot so I tape it. Good thing I’m not a ballroom dancer!

    We are bringing down boxes to start decorating tomorrow for Christmas. Like everyone, I really want this year to be over. Do you have any word yet about vaccines in Virginia? A Kaiser nurse told me she wouldn’t take it. That gave me great comfort. Not.

    I will take it whenever it’s available here. One problem with being in a big state. The rollout will be long

    Just watch Trump will no longer be President but he and his kids will be on the sidelines criticizing EVERYTHING that Biden does. Fox News too. This shit show will go on to infinity.

    I still hate the original 60 million people that voted for him and now 10 million more this time around.

  9. catsworking says:

    Anita, hearing about your toe makes mine hurt. When I was dancing, I got a stress fracture in my second toe, right foot. One month in a cast up to my THIGH. One month in a flimsy boot thing. One month walking flat in my own shoe. What a nightmare. Amazing how a microscopic crack in a bone can cause so much pain.

    I haven’t seen any plans for the vaccine here. Virginia is doing relatively well keeping the ‘rona down, although it’s creeping up. ~2,700 new cases yesterday, positive results up to 7.5%. It had been about 1,000 and 5% just a few weeks ago.

    I can’t believe that Trump actually picked up so many voters this time. It’s disheartening to think there are that many evil fucks running around loose.

    I think once Trump is out, he’s going to have a hard time getting attention, even on Fox. As he becomes irrelevant, so do the demon spawn. And when the indictments start, anything he says will be defensive whining nobody wants to listen to. I hope whoever Biden puts in charge of Justice goes after Trump and all his enablers with both feet. The only way this country can begin to heal is for everybody to see that the bad guys don’t win in the end.

    Costco is the only store I can think of that doesn’t have handy places to put the carts, so they are strewn all over. Also, the parking lot is a twisty maze. Those were two reasons I gave up my membership there. Just getting in and out was such a pain in the ass. And once inside, no signs indicating where anything was so you’d be forced to hit every aisle. I much prefer Sam’s Club, even though you can’t pay me to set foot in Walmart.

    My sister has been doing Thanksgiving at her place since she moved back from Scotland some years ago. I do Christmas Eve, and my mother does Christmas Day. I’ve never made a whole turkey in my life. Being alone, I just don’t do big roasts of any kind, except pot roast.

    I bought a bag of that Pepperidge Farm stuffing stuff without even looking to see how it’s done. The only thing I didn’t buy was celery because Food Lion didn’t have any stalks that weren’t already trimmed (and marked up bigly, although turning brown on the edges). I have used Stove Top when I’ve wanted stuffing before, but from scratch is much better.

    The other paranormal thing that seems to get Tony’s attention is Bigfoot sightings. He’ll sit through those with rapt attention. I don’t get it, because you usually can’t see anything. The UFOs are like laser dots for him, so those make sense. Personally, my favorites are ghosts and poltergeists in people’s houses.

    I got sick of those shows around the the time Trump was sworn in and stopped watching all of them. Reality became so terrible, I had no bandwidth to spare for the unknown. But now that he’s on the skids, I’m back to ghost-hunting. Go figure.

  10. Anita says:

    Karen, we have both Costco and Sam’s memberships because Sam’s is way more sane. There are a couple of items that we like at Costco that Sam’s doesn’t have, but after my mishap I’ve decided to give it up. I love Sam’s self-check too. That will never happen at Costco.

    Your toe sounds so painful. I broke a little toe once and I think it hurt worst than this big one. Although when it happened I was saying very many “fucks” for a long time! It did hurt.

    It’s so funny now that I don’t have to hold my breathe waiting for the next stupid thing Trump is going to do I kind of have my life back too. The house has become “Project Central” again and we finally finished the baseboard work in the kitchen this week 5 months later. I also just ordered new shower doors for my bathroom.

    Isn’t it amazing the energy that had to be put into that stupid evil bastard? Have you watched any of “Rise of the Nazis” on PBS? It’s 3 shows and I can barely get through the 2nd show. Scares me too much to watch it to see how close we were to becoming that.

    I think a Big Foot marathon is in Tony’s future! He must see shadows and things that our human eyes don’t. I love they can look out the window from the new perch. That was such a great idea.

    Also wanted to give you and the kitties gratitude and thanks for all of the wonderful posts this year helping to keep us sane. We just have to hang on for a few more months and the world might be righted on its axis again. It’s been a longgggg time.

  11. catsworking says:

    Anita, so funny that you mentioned Tony and shadows. They’re his biggest obsession. He’s constantly staring at the walls and going after shadows. I’ve never had another cat do that.

    I don’t think Biden’s win has yet fully sunk in for me, but I am tuning out Trump. He’s still doing his utmost to gut the government before Biden takes over, but for some reason it doesn’t feel like it matters anymore. I do LOVE turning on the TV and seeing the talking heads talking about positive things Biden is doing. And I’m THRILLED John Kerry is on the climate beat. It shows the world we’re serious about getting back on track.

    I wasn’t aware of the Nazi program on PBS. I wonder if it’s being shown here. I wouldn’t want to watch that because I feel like we’ve been living through it. Congress had better get serious and start passing laws to make another Trump impossible because the next wannabe dictator could never be as ignorant and inept, yet look at the mountain of damage Trump caused.

  12. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Chewy sale. I just ordered one very similar to yours. Did you realize that the plush covers comes off the perches and can be washed?

    Cece & J are using an old box that a DIY storage cabinet came in. Its about 4 feet tall and sits just behind the table that the laptop lives on.
    They have completely shredded it and I will be so glad to throw it out.

    My husband’s nephew came by today and we had a great socially distanced visit. He works for the State Dpt, for the woman who always stood next to Dr Fauci at the Corona press conferences.
    It was nice to have an adult conversation that wasn’t a lie fest.

  13. catsworking says:

    Cindy, it will be nice to be able to wash those bed perches on the new one. Those seem to be Roc and Tony’s favorite spots on it. I’ve yet to see them scratch it. The other day Max strongly considered jumping from the beam into the top bed (it’s 4″ closer than the old perch), which used to be one of his regular tricks, but he couldn’t quite bring himself to do it and leaped to the bookcase instead.

    The box it came in is still sitting in the the living room because Tony loves to play in it.

    I look forward to seeing Dr. Fauci doing press conferences again, which I’m sure Biden will do. Your nephew must have had a lot to say about that under Trump. Or maybe not, if he’s sworn to secrecy.

  14. Pat says:

    Gorgeous cat tree! And don’t they look happy with it! (And so they should.)

  15. catsworking says:

    Pat, the best part is that they’re now all using it. Max ignored it totally for three months, but now he leaps from a beam onto the tree to come downstairs. I’ve yet to catch him on camera doing it because it happens fast and I never know when.

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