2020 Election: Happy and Ashamed

By Karen

Let’s establish this: This election is a protracted clusterfuck with no clear winner only because of Trump’s incompetence and interference.

Trump’s signature double hand-job gesture. He thinks it makes him look cool.

If Trump hadn’t welcomed untold illness and death from COVID, we wouldn’t have millions of mail-in ballots to count. And probably hundreds of thousands still lying around post offices that might have changed many down-ballot elections if they’d been delivered and counted.

I’ll start with the good news (any figures I cite are accurate as of this minute)…

My Congresswoman, Democrat Abigail Spanberger, narrowly beat by just over 1 point a Trump-wannabe punk named Nick Freitas. Also, Biden won my county by a hair, even though it’s always been red and went with Trump in 2016.

That makes me feel better about the people who live around me.

Statewide in Virginia, incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Warner beat his Republican challenger by about 11 points. Virginia itself went for Biden by about 9 points and gave him 13 electoral votes.

Now, the bigger picture…

With counting still in progress, Trump is already throwing around baseless and premature lawsuits like an ape flinging feces. Biden is within whiskers of the 270 damn Electoral College votes needed to win. He’s already ahead of Trump (at 68M) by nearly 4 MILLION votes (72M). Biden also set the all-time record of votes for ANY presidential election.

In 2016, Trump got 62M. That means he’s gained 6M in spite of four years of corrupting the government and killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Bottom line: Of the country’s 153M registered voters (as of 2018), about 41% went for Trump and 47% for Biden. The rest either sat it out, voted for some kook, or their ballots are still at the post office.

The total U.S. population is estimated at 331M. That means Trumpers comprise just 21% of us, but their despicable behavior makes us ALL look very, very bad.

I think Trump’s number should be around 17%. That’s his most hardcore crazies who would drink Kool-Aid with cyanide for him. (He may tell them to before January).

The United States will never live down that the election was this close. If I ever travel abroad again, I’ll never be able to admit being American without extreme embarrassment.

Politicians, including Biden, have been saying, “This is not who we are.”

Well, it turns out this is EXACTLY who too many of us are. Trumpers want…

  • Destruction of the U.S. Postal Service.
  • People unable to get medical care and forced into bankruptcy due to illness.
  • Nepotism in the highest ranks; a “ruling family” that behaves like monarchs.
  • Betrayal of our allies, with closer ties to brutal, corrupt dictators.
  • Persecution of immigrants; caging children, sending asylum seekers back to near-certain death.
  • Millions more sickened, potentially killed, by a raging, unchecked pandemic.
  • Corrupt politicians robbing the government blind to enrich themselves.
  • Environmental devastation; filthy air and water; more wildfire, floods, hurricanes.
  • People working full-time yet living in poverty.
  • Armed self-appointed “militias” roaming the streets to enforce their own notions of “law and order.”

I could go on and on.

It’s a relief that Biden probably will win, but it only sidelines Trump when he needs to be silenced. He’ll rant and tweet to his goons with guns whom he’s emboldened to keep threatening the rest of us.

If Republicans hold onto the Senate, Biden’s term could be Obama Redux. Thanks to the unfathomable Kentucky morons who must think a seventh term will be the charm and make Mitch McConnell give a tiny shit about them, he’ll still be able to block any progress we could make. He’ll be supported by Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins, the dirtbag and the ditz.

I’ve stopped watching “news” shows. I can’t hear another fucking word until all the results are final. I’d like to drive a stake through any pundit who opines about Trump running again in 2024. They also speculate Trump will start a propaganda network or take over Rush Limbaugh’s radio show when lung cancer finally finishes him.

If there’s any silver lining, it’s that if Biden does win, Trump’s humiliation will likely eat what’s left of his brain like battery acid. His father’s voice will echo…

“You were IN!. You could have been bigger than Putin or Kim for another four years. But you BLEW IT, just like the fortune I gave you. YOU’RE THE WORLD’S BIGGEST LOSER!”

When federal investigations into his corruption get underway and New York prosecutors move in, there will be no time to plan his next big business venture. The rest of Trump’s miserable life will be focused on not having his assets seized and staying out of prison.

But Trump may be beyond caring by the time his empire crumbles. He’s headed straight for a final physical breakdown. He’s on track to end his days a babbling, drooling invalid in a wheelchair in some nursing home his kids and Melania never visit.


35 Responses to 2020 Election: Happy and Ashamed

  1. Randi says:

    I’m so glad Biden won your state, Karen. And great that he set the all-time record of votes. 🙂
    It’s hard to comprehend that Trump gained 6 million votes, people must be crazy! But Karen, the rest of the world know that Trump is an insane lying con artist, and we know it’s not what you all are.
    Your list of misconduct he did is spot on, and this: If Biden does win, Trump’s humiliation will likely eat what’s left of his brain like battery acid. His father’s voice will echo…
    “You were IN!. You could have been bigger than Putin or Kim for another four years. But you BLEW IT, just like the fortune I gave you. YOU’RE THE WORLD’S BIGGEST LOSER!”
    I hope he will end up with nothing left… including a divorce! I can’t imagine Melania hanging on to him after his decay.

  2. catsworking says:

    Randi, now that Biden has surpassed Trump in Georgia and Pennsylvania, and he already had Nevada and Arizona, there’s virtually no way he’s not winning. What they’re counting now are the mail-in votes that are overwhelmingly for Biden (thanks to Trump himself telling his people to vote in person). They just need to finish counting and certify the final results.

    Trump will scream for recounts and file lawsuits, but so far, every one of his suits has been thrown out within hours. FINALLY, the courts are doing their job. The Supreme Court, his last hope (threat), will probably refuse to hear the case because they have no reason to overturn legal results.

    Once it’s official and Trump sees it in the newspapers, on all the TV channels, especially Fox, that Biden is the next president, I think he’ll be a basket case very soon. He’ll have NO reason to try to appear strong and he’ll crumple like the spoiled baby he is. That’s when we’ll stop seeing him in public and his tweets will be the craziest ALL CAPS rants ever.

    Melania will have no reason to stick around and be his nurse. She’ll file for divorce to grab as much of his wealth as she can before New York starts bringing charges and seizing assets to pay back taxes owed. Deutsche Bank is said to be looking for ways to dump him, so they could repossess assets if he can’t immediately repay his loans.

    Trump isn’t going to face any of this like a strong, intelligent person who is innocent. He’s never had to answer for his crimes. Lying can’t save him. He’s going to fall apart when none of the usual schtick works. And I can hardly wait to see it.

  3. Randi says:

    I just saw that the counting is over in GA and Biden won! I expected that. In some of the interviews I saw someone (I think in GA) said that mail-in ballots from the military still had to be counted, but whatever they vote, I’m sure there’s no way of saving Trump now. 😀 He can scream and shout as much as he wants, even the Supreme Court won’t listen. I fear the damage Trump will make until he is finally out, and whether his Administration will help make a civilized transition for Biden – and it’s especially frightening how his base will go on a rampage… with guns and all. 😦

  4. catsworking says:

    Randi, I’m not seeing this yet about Georgia, but Biden has pulled ahead. But when they do declare Biden the winner there, he would still need one more electoral vote to win. So he needs just one of the other states to finalize the count and then it’s over.

    I hope Trump will be in a puddle of tears by the end of today.

  5. Anita says:

    Karen, all of this is true and so depressing. But if Biden wasn’t elected think about what else would have happened. I think Trump would have started jailing journalists and the Never Trumpers for treason.

    I’m certain Trump will still do a lot of damage although you already said he is going to drop tail and run. I think you are right. And there is still a chance in Georgia! Someone on Twitter said residency is only 30 days so we could move there but Georgia will get smart and extend that for sure.

    My champagne is finally getting opened tonight during President Elect Biden’s victory speech. How fabulous will that be!

  6. Anita says:

    *Chance for the Senate in Georgia.

  7. catsworking says:

    Randi, I’m seeing that Georgia will recount its votes and it will take until at least the end of the month. That’s because the difference is less than 0.5%. But it’s only supposed to happen if one of the candidates requests it. I assume they expect Trump to demand a recount.

    But it doesn’t matter. If Biden wins Pennsylvania alone, it’s all over. If he wins Nevada and Arizona (as he will since he has been well ahead), it’s over. Georgia doesn’t matter.

    Trump’s stupid base will undoubtedly get out their guns and run through the streets protesting in places (which Trump ridiculously predicted Democrats would do if he won). I hope the police departments are prepared to start throwing a lot of toothless rednecks in jail for disturbing the piece and using firearms to threaten others.

  8. Randi says:

    Cheers Anita, and everyone else! I’m enjoying a bottle of Spier red.
    Karen, I saw somewhere that a 100% had be counted in GA, that’s why I said Biden won it. Apparently, it’s not true… yet. The margin is at this moment less than 12.000. In any case, I believe Biden WILL win PA. 🙂 Nevada looks promising, too. I hope we’ll know about PA before I go to sleep.
    I, too I hope the police departments are prepared to start throwing a lot of toothless rednecks in jail for disturbing the piece and using firearms to threaten others!!

  9. catsworking says:

    Randi, Biden needs 17 more Electoral College votes to get to 270. He seems to have Arizona (11 points) and Nevada (6) in the bag. That’s 17, so if they finalize, it’s over.

    Pennsylvania has 20, so if it alone finalizes, it’s over.

    George would just be icing on the cake. North Carolina is the other one unfinished, but it’s only 15, so it wouldn’t push Biden over the top and it seems to be going to Trump.

    Trump is at 214, so he needs 56 more points to win. That means he has to win at least four out of five of what’s left, and that isn’t going to happen with how far Biden is ahead and the mail-in votes being counted are now mostly for him.

    It’s taking a long time for it to soak in with the Trumpers, but I think they are beginning to realize that all the lawsuits in the world aren’t going to change this. And the Supreme Court definitely has no reason to step in. Biden’s ahead by about 4 million votes and Trump is still 56 EC votes from what he needs to do what he did in 2016. There’s no doubt left. Trump is history.

    Now you guys make me feel like I need to run out and buy a bottle of wine or something to celebrate.

  10. catsworking says:

    Anita, I’m with you and Randi. I think tonight it will be safe to celebrate. I was going to try to hit a new Trader Joe’s nearby today. Maybe I’ll pick up something there.

    The fact that Trump has been pretty quiet today is a good indication that he’s on the ropes and is going to stay there. Tonight at 3 a.m. he may start tweeting like a maniac, but everyone around him knows he’s finished. I think they should take away his passport because he’s a flight risk.

    I don’t know how it works, but since Trump is still “president” in name only, I hope the indictments can start flowing. Reuters reported yesterday that the Justice Department has already opened an investigation into Trump using the White House for campaign events. That’s the least of it, and I don’t know what needs investigating. He did it on TV many times and it was illegal. All that’s left is the penalty phase.

    I hope Biden puts Kamala on the Justice beat and she gets the ball rolling on Trump, Jared, and Ivanka’s crimes in the White House.

  11. Anita says:

    Karen, definitely stop by TJ. You need to celebrate with the rest of us! Although if TJ is newly opened it might be crazy. There is one really close to me but I never go in there because Target is on one side and Lowe’s on the other. Which means crazy parking lot and I already live in a town of crazy drivers.

    I’m certain they have Trump drugged up beyond all belief. Can you imagine what he looks like without hair and makeup? Bleagh.

    Did you see there are planned protests tomorrow? I don’t live in a huge Trump area but up north of me about 20 miles is. I ran all my errands today just in case tomorrow gets weird, but I do look like a white middle age lady in a Honda so they probably thought I voted for Trump.

    As Trump would say…..WRONG!!!!

    And Randi, I had not heard of that wine and looked it up. Our local Total Wine has it so I will pick it up. On the Greek cruise last year the sommelier was from South Africa and we just happened to meet him the first hour on ship at a bar. I was drinking wine so we started talking and he sort of stalked us the rest of the trip. We used to live near Napa and probably drank enough wine over 20 years to last a lifetime.

    Anyway, he told us a story that I later verified that his best friend was a winemaker/grower in South Africa and was murdered over a land dispute. It happened in June and our trip was in September. He still seemed really shook up over it. But he said he inherited 700 cases of wine that had just been bottled. Can You Imagine?? Since the cruises are stopped, I guess he is back in SA right now taking care of it. I’ve thought of him so much the past few months.

    OK, ladies CHEERS to you both! If I hit the lottery before January I am flying to DC/VA. May not get a ticket to the inauguration but it would just be great to be among sane people again.

  12. catsworking says:

    Anita, I did make it to TJ and picked up a bottle of Prosecco, but it was a zoo so I wasn’t able to check things out as much as I wanted to. I picked up just a few things on my list and spent $31. I could go to Aldi and get EVERYTHING on my list for that.

    Looks like the election isn’t going to wrap up tonight. I don’t even know if Biden is still planning to speak.

    That’s a terrible story from your sommelier! Hope he was able to sell a lot of that wine and make some money. The whole cruise industry is pretty much at a standstill. They tried starting some cruises in Europe but stopped again when the virus spiked.

    Trump’s minions gave the cruise industry sailing out of the U.S. the green light to start back up November 1 (trying to pander to Florida, probably), but the lines said they’d rather wait until January 1. They probably wouldn’t be able to fill the ships anyway, they’d be limited on where they could go that would let Americans in, and it would cost a fortune to bring all the crews back and get the ships stocked, only to have to send everybody home again when the virus spikes again, as it will as long as we’ve got Trumpers refusing to take any precautions.

    It would be fun to have a rendezvous in DC once Biden is in so we could all celebrate.

  13. Randi says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! 😀 Biden will be your new president!! A man who is decent, sympathetic, civilized and experienced – what a change that will be! 🙂
    Trump has accelerated rasicm, violence, weakened Nato, FN, WHO, pulled America out of the Paris deal, and undermined democracy and countless other things for four years, but it will stop now! Hopefully, he will win GA, too, so he doesn’t have to fight to get things passed.

    If you want to see the world’s newpaper frontpages, here’s a link – I hope it is updated.

  14. catsworking says:

    Randi, when I saw your comment, I immediately turned on the TV to see if something I didn’t know about had happened. I checked MSNBC, CNN, and the Washington Post and so far, nobody has declared Biden the winner yet. (That website you linked to was VERY interesting, by the way. Love seeing front pages from all over the world.)

    In fact, the fucking TV networks are still talking like Trump “could” have a chance of winning. It’s total bullshit and I wish they’d stop it.

    I think the reason nobody is declaring the winner when it’s obvious is Trump himself. They want to count EVERY vote so Trump can’t claim there are millions of votes for HIM sitting in a closet. Plus, it’s the best way to shut up his stupid lawyers, who will grab at anything to file a lawsuit.

    When I woke up this morning, I turned on the TV HOPING they’d be talking about a Biden presidency, but it was the same counting shit I was hearing when I went to bed at 1 a.m., after spending most of the night WAITING for someone to grow a pair and say it was all over, Biden won.

    Unfortunate, stupid voters didn’t give Biden a big majority in Congress, so everything he tries to do will be like pulling teeth. They’re even saying that Mitch McConnell will try to dictate who Biden has in his cabinet, although Mitch was perfectly OK with letting Trump pick any incompetent criminal he wanted.

    Once again, the country is bending over backward to cater to the toddler in the White House and tying itself in knots to keep him from throwing a tantrum.

  15. catsworking says:

    Randi, it’s 11:24 a.m. here. I left the TV on after responding to you, and CNN just finally called the election for Biden after more votes in Pennsylvania came in for him and they finally said he won Pennsylvania. OK, MSNBC is also saying Biden is the winner.

    At last, it’s over. Trump is at one of his resorts playing golf right now.

  16. Randi says:

    Karen, I just can’t see Trump winning all the remaining states. At the moment Biden has 30.952 more votes in PA, with 99% counted. 🙂 And yes, I can why they won’t declare Biden the winner, yet. I’m sure it will happen soon.
    When it happens, Trump will be a basket case and ready for the white coats.
    I can’t wait to see this…

  17. Randi says:

    Sorry, the picture doesn’t show. You can find it, and more on Twitter. 😀

  18. Cindy says:

    I just read Washington Post. AP and Edison Group have given Pennsylvania to Biden and declared he is Pres-Elect with 273 electorial votes! Let the challenges and recounts begin…

  19. catsworking says:

    Cindy, I first saw it on CNN, but it seems that everyone else fell like dominoes as soon as those numbers came in from Pennsylvania. WaPo’s headline has been updated to say Biden is the projected winner. I’m watching crowds everywhere in the streets celebrating, on TV and on Twitter.

    I don’t think it’s fully sunk in for me yet, but when it does, I may just have a good cry of relief.

    It will be interesting to see how Trump handles it now that he’s officially the LOSER. He’ll probably file more lawsuits, but will he continue to skulk around the White House, or will he pack his shit and leave? I hope it’s the latter.

    Hope the news gets the word to report when Putin calls Biden to congratulate him. That will be a knife straight into Trump’s shriveled raisin of a heart.

  20. Anita says:

    Karen, I usually don’t drink during the day but I saved champagne for a mimosa if it was called this morning. And it was! I almost turned off the TV because I didn’t believe the networks had the guts to do it.

    Certain we will see a story about this later, but I think NBC and CNN got together and decided to call the race at the same time. Then others followed. After 4 years we can finally be proud to be citizens of this country again.

    I assume your weather is the same as DC and NY. Looks gorgeous there and a wonderful day to celebrate.

    Randi, I loved that newspaper link. I decided last week to learn Spanish and it seems way easier than French and Italian. Was looking at some of the Spanish newspapers that I may have to look at every day.

    CHEERS LADIES!!!!!!!!! I will be smiling all day long!

  21. catsworking says:

    Anita, it was Randi in Denmark who tipped me off that something was happening and made me turn on the TV. She’s 6 hours ahead of me, but she had the goods.

    I happened to have CNN on when they announced, and I was sitting on the floor in exactly the same spot I was when I heard the news of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. And I think my reaction was exactly the same, but the opposite. Instead of horror and disbelief, it was joy and disbelief.

    I’m still working on Norwegian and getting pretty good at reading it, although not as well at writing and speaking. I want to tackle Spanish at some point because it’s most needed right now.

    The weather here is perfect. About 70 degrees and sunny. The trees are actually turning color now. Last year they went straight from green to brown on the ground.

  22. Cindy says:

    The trumpet is over in your direction, playing golf in Sterling. The staff set it up because they didn’t want him to hear the cheering crowds (and you CAN hear them) in the White House.
    I am sure he will not be at the inauguration. He will probably go to Mar-A-Lago for Christmas and not come back. We can only hope.

  23. Randi says:

    Karen, I ought to write to you in Danish, as it is very similar to Norwegian, but you may get confused. 😉

    Anita, years ago, I took Spanish classes, but for some reason I didn’t continue after level 6. I find Spanish much easier than French, because you pronounce the words as they are written. However, any words starting with J I find difficult. I spent the whole summer 74 in Ibiza, Spain and lived with a guy in San Jorge… try to say that! Anyway, I saved some links to Spanish online classes. They are free. But Anita, living in CA, you must hear Spanish spoken quite often?




    Karen, the leafs here are almost gone, but we have had the warmest October for a century. It’s getting chilly now, though.

    Back to watch the celebration on TV. Let’s hope there won’t be any violence. I think Trump is still hiding at the golf course. LOSER!!

    Have a glass for me… I’ve had enough today, so I’ll enjoy some macaroons.

  24. catsworking says:

    Cindy, I ran out to the liquor store to get a big bottle of vodka, then to Food Lion for a chocolate cupcake to celebrate tonight when Biden gives his acceptance speech. On TV I’m watching huge crowds in Washington celebrating. Of course, it’s MSNBC, but they’re not talking about any massive demonstrations for Trump. There are some outside vote counting places saying the election’s being stolen, but that’s it.

    When Trump gets in front of his TV tonight, I hope they’ve hidden all the breakables. The tweets are going to be brutally pathetic.

    It’s a given he won’t be at the inauguration. The big question now is where he’ll go next. You’re right, probably Mar-a-Lago, since New York hates him. He can’t hold rallies (well, he could, but he’d just make a fool of himself spewing sour grapes that nobody would pay attention to). He’s got nothing to do but watch TV and tweet. I think even McConnell is going to render him invisible going forward. They don’t need him anymore.

  25. catsworking says:

    Randi, would that town in Spain be pronounced San “hore-hay?” I’d like to learn Spanish mainly to understand what the Hispanics are saying when they’re near me and think I don’t understand. That’s always fun. We have quite a lot around here, and they’re nice people. I’ve felt sorry for them with Trump in office. On the other hand, the way Hispanics went for Trump baffles me. They don’t seem to realize he would love to send them ALL back to where they came from, whether they support him or not.

    We’ve had some very cold nights (although not freezing) and the heat has been coming on. But then lately it feels almost like summer again.

    I’ve been trying to read my Garrison Keillor book in Norwegian, but the spellings are different from what I’m learning on Duolingo. There are two kinds of Norwegian, one is Bokmal, which I think I’m learning. Maybe Keillor’s is written in the other one, Nynorsk (New Norwegian) which I think may be the spoken version? I’m fuzzy on those. Do you have the same thing in Danish?

  26. Anita says:

    Randi, thank you for those links! I started with the Rocket Language software since it’s on desktop and the iPhone so I can pick it up where I left off.

    I am definitely not at the point with how to pronounce the letter “j”. Now I’m worried. Agree 100% about French though. All the letters you don’t pronounce are crazy, although I can read it pretty well. Just don’t understand someone talking to me at all.

    In 2022 I want to go to Barcelona and possibly a cruise out of there for my 25th anniversary. We were going back to Rome but I figured I might as well go someplace we haven’t been. That’s why I’m getting a head start. Have either of you been there?

    And Karen, enjoy your vodka tonight. I have Prosecco tonight for the Biden/Harris even and a red wine for dinner. Can’t believe I won’t be grabbing my phone first thing when I wake up to see if Trump died or if the election had been called. We are all going to sleep well tonight!

  27. catsworking says:

    Anita, I can’t wrap my head around the feeling of non-dread I’m feeling. I plan to do a post tomorrow about all of this. My mind is reeling tonight.

    Cruising from Barcelona is wonderful. I did it five (?) years ago. Loved the beauty of Barcelona, if not the pickpockets who were everywhere in full force.

    PS: I don’t think there’s any pronunciation in Spanish that’s worse or more difficult than the French phlegm-hocking you have to do on so many of their words. I never got the hang of that.

  28. Randi says:

    Karen, you’re pretty close to describing that J sound in Spanish. I would call it a hawk sound. I will never learn to say words staring with J. In the mail I sent you I forgot to put the link in, here it is:
    I believe Bokmål is the most used.
    Oh, Barcelona… I love that city! Have been there several times. Anita and Karen, you must have seen some of Gaudi’s buildings, and perhaps Park Guell? The first time I travelled there was by ferry from Ibiza (a 9 hour trip, departing midday), I was stupid to sit on the deck for too long and got sunburned. If any of you go, let me know and I will give you a few tips. 🙂

    It’s nice to see all the celebrations going on across the US, but sadly some won’t respect the result.

  29. catsworking says:

    Randi, I just skimmed the link you sent for what I could understand and it says 90% use Bokmal and 10% use NyNorsk. I thought it was NyNorsk that was fading out, from what I remembered reading back in the early ’90s when first started Norwegian.

    I spent two days and nights before sailing in Barcelona in a hotel right on Las Ramblas (big mistake) about a block or two from the Placa de Catalunya. I confined my sightseeing to the area I could walk around because I don’t believe in being a tourist and rushing from one site to the next, trying to see everything. I’d rather get very familiar with the neighborhood I’m in. So I didn’t see the Cathedral or the park.

    There was supposed to be a Gaudi building within walking distance, and I did try to find it with another woman I met at the hotel on the second afternoon, but we never could. I suspect we probably turned around just as we were about to round a corner and there it was.

    On the whole, I preferred Lisbon. Even though it also has its share of pickpockets, I felt very safe there and didn’t feel like every guy was sizing me up to see what he could steal.

    In Barcelona, one couple on the ship later said that they had been walking down an alley off Las Ramblas (the main tourist pedestrian street – I personally never went into the alleys because I was usually alone) and pickpockets ripped the watch off one of their arms.

    For that trip, I wore one of my cheap costume watches in Barcelona and carried a small handbag crossbody and UNDER my jacket that was reinforced with steel mesh so it couldn’t be cut and had locks on all the compartments. I’d watched many YouTube videos about how the pickpockets operated.

    I actually spoke to one. A big group of passengers met in the street to go to dinner the night before sailing. I noticed we were being surrounded by shady guys, so I asked one real friendly, “Oh, are you with our group?” He said no and then they all slinked away.

    Yes, it was wonderful yesterday to see people flocking to the streets to celebrate Trump losing. He got to see some of it when he came back from golf. I just hope it doesn’t cause even more COVID.

  30. Anita says:

    Karen, I understand that feeling you are talking about. I woke up this morning without the anger and rage in my soul. Honestly, for the first time in four years.

    I’m watching MSNBC and there is the fucker out golfing in your state. Although I can’t even get too mad about that because come January he will be just another fat overweight old man on the golf course putting away his life.

    The videos of the celebrations around the world plus Joe picking up his grandson on stage and kissing his head just made me break down and cry. What a cathartic feeling.

    Randi, yes I do know of Gaudi’s works and looking for a hotel near the Cathedral. Last year we had family that stayed at the H10 Casa Mimosa and said it was a perfect location. The plan right now is to have two days pre-cruise, then 5 days there after cruise. Since I am flying from California my jet lag to Europe is horrible so it will take me two days just to recover from that. After the cruise I should be better prepared to explore! So any tips please give them.

    Karen, I have read plenty about the pickpockets in Barcelona and will be doubly careful. We had read about that in Rome too and didn’t encounter anything directly, but we were cautious. My husband and I are both tall and I can wear a bitch face that rivals Melania.

    On our trip last October we went into Rome Termini and I had read pickpockets are terrible there. I told my husband to follow me and walk through that place like we owned it. I put on my sunglasses and stormed through. Thank God I ended up where the taxis were.

    I started French in high school so can do the phglem sound really well, like how Robert (Hobear) is pronounced. I can also roll my “r”s well too. Maybe I’m a perfect candidate for Spanish.

    The scenes of Trump coming back from golfing and the people giving him the finger and chanting was so wonderful. I feel like we’ve all had to hide the past four years and now we are BACK!

  31. catsworking says:

    Anita, you are so right. Confidence is very important when surrounded by pickpockets. I wore sunglasses in the street and always mapped out where I was going before I left the hotel so I didn’t ever look lost or unsure of myself. The crooks go for the low-hanging fruit with the wide open purses and backpacks not paying attention to their surroundings. If you look like you’ll put up a fight, they move on.

    Last night when I was watching Biden’s speech, I started crying when they shot off the USA firework for some reason. I can also cry at the Star Spangled Banner.

    Back in 2008 I was on the QM2 in Boston Harbor on the 4th of July with a bunch of Brits. They were a little uppity and “all Cunard” toward us crass Americans until that night when they found themselves on OUR turf on OUR day, celebrating our liberty from THEM. We stayed to see the fireworks, and maybe heard the Boston Pops. I don’t recall that, but I remember doing the macarena. 😉

    Anyway, somewhere they played the national anthem and I teared up, and the Brits fell silent and actually seemed respectful. It makes me emotional now, just thinking about it.

    I think we Americans tend to take our citizenship for granted until we leave the country. When we meet people around the world and see that they admire or respect the U.S., we realize that we represent this country to them. We’re proud of that and want to behave as if we deserve it. It’s very humbling. At least that’s how it was for me until Trump came along.

    I doubt most Trumpers even have passports, so they’ve never experienced that. They just demonize everybody else and live in this bubble of superiority they’ve created for themselves while doing nothing to deserve it. They’re the cliched “ugly Americans.” When Trump went overseas and shoved that one leader (Montenegro?) out of the way and behaved boorishly to everybody, he was modeling the ugly American and his cult cheered.

  32. MorganLF says:

    I’ll just go with my standard:
    The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice.
    -Martin Luther King

  33. catsworking says:

    Morgan, Amen!! I look forward to the arc of the universe bending right up Trump’s ass as justice catches up with him.

  34. Randi says:

    Karen, I like to hear you’re not one of those who rush from one place to the next, trying to see everything. I think many Americans do that because they have such short holidays, but it must be exhausting. I like to go where locals go and take in the atmosphere of an area. Taking a regular bus is also a good idea, you get to meet the locals and see places you wouldn’t have and it’s cheaper. One thing I don’t like, is to stay in a hotel room facing a noisy street. Spain is very noisy! So I always try to get a room on one of the top floors.
    Anita, 4-5 days in Barcelona should be the minimum stay. anyway, we should talk about Barcelona in e-mails, not hogging Karen’s blog. You’re welcome to ask Karen for my address. 🙂
    Trump… he just won’t budge, he is SO pathetic trying to prove voter fraud. Of course, it hasn’t happened – he plain and simply LOST! As far as I know, the courts have already turned down several of the law suits, if not all. Trump and his base are all delusional!
    Karen, 4th of July on QM2 in Boston Harbor sounds fun, I bet you had a great time! 😀 I celebrated 4th of July just North of Chicago in 2014 – I SO enjoyed it!

  35. catsworking says:

    Randi, the last count I heard was that Trump had filed 10 lawsuits over the election and they had all been thrown out. Every day he behaves like a whiny loser, the more ridiculous and childish he appears to the world.

    The big downside to Trump’s refusal to accept reality is that Biden isn’t getting the funding he needs for the transition. But on the positive side, Biden and Harris know more about how the government works than Trump and everyone around him combined, so they will figure out how to get things done.

    But back to travel, I know Bourdain avoided touristy places like the plague. I guess because I’m usually traveling alone, I tend to just do my own little thing wherever I am. It’s only when I get sucked into a group that I find myself on a bus going to some crowded attraction I could have lived without.

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