Trump Thinks He’s the COVID Miracle Boy

By Karen

For weeks, Trump’s been looking sweaty and pale under his orange paint. I suspect he caught COVID from his peeps — Hope Hicks, Kellyanne Conway and Chris Christie — who tested positive last week. They’d been huddling unmasked together doing debate prep.

Or perhaps they all caught COVID from Trump, who caught it at rallies. Including Melania, who flew with him to and from the Cleveland debate on September 29.

After Trump admitted testing positive on October 2, it’s been one evasion or lie after another. Nobody knows what to believe, nor if Trump really even has it.

Bottom line: I believe Trump has COVID. He also has dementia. The White House staff’s paramount concern (particularly after his cuckoo debate) — which has been relayed to Trump’s doctors — is, screw COVID. Job One is to conceal the dementia. So they’re doing and saying whatever it takes to keep Trump happy and calm.

He wants photos of himself working, looking healthy? Fine, take some pictures…

He wants a joy ride around Walter Reed to wave to his fans? Sure, warm up the car…

He’s bored and he wants to be discharged? Great, the sooner the better.

They’re implying that Trump’s miraculous turn from positive result to full recovery within 48 hours — with virtually no downtime actually sick — is due to shooting him full of every drug therapy out there. Every one, that is, except those Trump himself touts: hydroxychloroquine, Clorox, Lysol and laser light.

Within hours of Trump’s positive result, he got an experimental “antibody cocktail” from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals that’s in Phase 3 trials and not FDA-approved, because the president of the United States should be used as a drug trial guinea pig.

In the hospital, Trump got remdesivir and dexamethasone, the latter of which is typically used only on serious cases, according to competent doctors.

From what anyone could piece together from the conflicting statements, omissions and dodges by Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley, DO, (an osteopath, not an infectious disease specialist) over the weekend, it seemed safe to assume Trump was much worse off than they were admitting. But shortly thereafter, Trump was in out the street, toodling around the hospital.

So Trump’s belief apparently remains intact that COVID is some little 24-hour bug you can shake off with a good night’s sleep.

However, no one Trump’s age, with his weight and preexisting conditions, recovers from COVID in a weekend. If Trump shows up at the White House this week no worse for wear, he’ll prove it’s all been a lie. He’ll make a mockery of the 214,000 people who have died, using them for the sole purpose of distracting us from his taxes and his terrible debate performance. And we fell for it.

He also had no qualms about wasting precious resources at Walter Reed and destroying its doctors’ credibility (à la Dr. Birx) by forcing them to dupe us all, including Biden, who pulled his attack ads thinking Trump was ill.

If Trump gets discharged and is allowed to immediately jet off to a big rally in some red state with spiking COVID cases and he doesn’t drop dead on stage, he’ll double down on the “Democrat hoax” and dismiss COVID’s deadliness. And we’re all screwed in hoping for some national response going into fall and winter when it’s supposed to get even worse.

Trump dreams of showing the world what a perfect specimen of god-like immortality he is. But every person whom COVID has sickened, or who knows anyone who died from it, will hate his fucking guts even more.

As Trump talks hospital discharge, he’s entering COVID’s most dangerous days and he could go downhill fast. Fingers crossed he does. I’m not going to be hypocritical about that. Trump has caused the deaths of enough immigrants, U.S. soldiers and everyday Americans to forfeit all “Wishes for a speedy recovery.”

COVID can have him. The sooner, the better.

6 Responses to Trump Thinks He’s the COVID Miracle Boy

  1. bassgirl23 says:

    My first thought when they announced it on Friday was that it was all a hoax, and that he’d be “miraculously cured” within 3 or 4 days.

    Still not sure if it’s a hoax, given how many people would have to be involved – it might be a bit difficult to keep that kind of lie under wraps, although I wouldn’t put it past the GOP. If he does have it, well of course he’ll be cured more quickly, given he has a helicopter and an entire hospital wing with staff at his disposal.

    I wish they’d have tossed him in the back of an ambulance and dropped him at some ER in the middle of Utah and told him “good luck” – give him the same care most other Americans get, not this gold standard, IV antibody, all-the-drugs-you-want treatment.

    The drive-by yesterday was just the icing on the cake. Wonder how those 2 agents are doing now, and what kind of treatment they’ll get when (not if) they get covid after riding in a hermetically sealed car with cheeto spewing his germs all over them?

    I’m happier to see the Press Sec is now positive. Will anyone even notice if she’s not at her job for 2 weeks!?

    I’ve also seen many posts from republicans doing their sanctimonious preaching and asking people to show more empathy – nope. Not after all he’s done.

  2. catsworking says:

    bassgirl, I’m with you. No “best wishes” here. I only hope he stays alive to see himself become the world’s biggest loser. That should finish him off.

    The only reason I think he really has it is because it would be virtually impossible to pull off a lie of that magnitude with all the players involved. When his doctor was stumbling through updates, I think it was because Trump was worse, not better, than he was saying. Because if Trump really were doing that great, the doctor could have shown unqualified joy. But he didn’t. He looked nervous because he knew he was lying his ass off.

    If Trump does go back to the White House today and then right back on the road, we’ll know it was all a hoax, OR the Republicans are actively trying to kill off as many voters before the election as they can. NOBODY who catches COVID is virus-free in three days.

    Trump’s going to milk this, “See? It’s a nothingburger. I fully recovered in a weekend!” until he drops. It’s only Monday. He could be dead by Friday.

    And I was just reading that Junior thinks Trump is acting crazy and wants an intervention, but none of the others will go along. I feel like Walter Reed is bending over backward to keep Trump from showing violent dementia, to the point where they’re endangering EVERYONE else. But Trump doesn’t care. He wants what he wants.

    The Secret Service has also started to complain that Trump treats then like they’re disposable. I think everyone not actively before cameras lying for him, and who sees what’s really going on, is beyond pissed at the deception.

    Was thrilled to see that McEneny has tested positive. Karma for her nonstop lying. Everyone has been joking about fumigating the White House after Trump leaves. Now they’re going to have to do it while he’s inside.

    Good point about how he’d fare if he got the same care as anybody else. They’d probably be giving him last rites. I read somewhere that when he got sick on Friday, he was asking people, “Am I going to die?”

    In that way, he’s like a cat masking illness. He’s going to slap on a thick coat of orange paint, sling that tie down to his knees, wrap that hair around his head a few laps, and lumber around like he’s feeling fine until he drops dead.

  3. MorganLF says:

    Nope no empathy here either.
    Sean Conley the slimy question avoider is a DO not an MD probably because no creditable MD will touch that demented orange idiot.

    He is complicit in releasing BLOTUS from care.
    He is complicit in announcing fake BLOTUS health

    We know trump is evil, infected, demented, urine soaked.
    So do the repugs. They are complicit.

    They want to shove thru their SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett, who is a member of a splinter Charismatic sect” People of Praise” a multi denomination kook crew. Charismatics practice speaking in tongues and some handle snakes.

    Funny Ms. Barrett who espouses obeisance to a male souse still chooses to use her maiden name.
    As with all religious nuts, she’s a hypocrite.

    And trump a sexual deviant, who enjoys his golden showers, cheating on his THREE wives,hookers, and raw dogs porn stars, pretends to be a pious sojourner.

    Evangelicals know he’s a virus shedding pig.
    They are dangerous.
    Which leads us to Pence and mother….their ultimate goal.


  4. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I was very happy to wake up this morning to a CNN poll showing Biden at 57% and Trump 41%. Morning Joe was also talking about Trump having “roid rage” but I don’t know what they were referring to. Probably more crazy tweets.

    Herman Cain’s final timeline was all over Twitter last night, and Trump seems to be following the same trajectory. It took Cain a month to die, but all the while he kept reporting that he was feeling “so much better.” And Cain was in the hospital the whole time, I believe.

    Trump doesn’t sleep, he’ll be chugging Diet Coke and stuffing himself with junk food again. As long as he’s able to stay upright, he’ll be pushing himself beyond his limits. I think he’s literally committing suicide right now playing with COVID, and I couldn’t be happier.

    Agree with you about Christie. We haven’t heard a peep out of him since he checked into the hospital. If he could ever reach his ass, he’d be kicking himself.

    Amy Coney Barrett doesn’t have a shred of decency or integrity. If she did, she would have asked Trump not to nominate her while RBG’s body was still lying on the SCOTUS steps. She and Clarence Thomas should be BFFs.

  5. Randi says:

    I, too wish that he had been given the same care/treatment as other Americans… he doesn’t even deserve that!

    Karen, you are right, his doctor did look uncomfortable and stumbled answering people’s questions. Trump, of course, has instructed him to say what he said – and the car ride was surely to distract people from his many other lies, and the disastrous debate. He didn’t care one bit about the people who are forced to protect him, but HAD to get his fix of recognition from his stupid supporters. I hope he gets what he deserves!

  6. catsworking says:

    Randi, he’s infecting people in the White House right now. I just read that two more people near him, including his valet, have just tested positive.

    Given Trump’s terrible lifestyle of junk food, no exercise, and little sleep, I don’t see any way he’s going to sail through this infection without ending up back in the hospital. Doctors are saying if he makes it through to next Monday, he may be fine. If they tell him he’s good to go prematurely, he’ll hop right on his plane and go infect more of his stupid supporters at rallies.

    It’s infuriating to watch this demonic toddler in a man’s body calling all the shots and people who should be reasonable adults OBEYING him. He needs to be locked in a closet, without his phone.

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