Chapter 121: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 169

Melania’s Got a Fidel Fetish & Tony Takes a Big Leap

I haven’t watched more than a few minutes of the Republican… Festival of Fear? Carnival of Corruption? Extravaganza of Exaggeration? Bacchanal of Bullshit?

I dropped by Tuesday just as Melania confidently stomped into the Rose Garden she’s had stripped of all beauty, maintaining its new color-free theme in her out-of-season khaki long-sleeved tribute to the fashion of Fidel Castro…

Some hapless assistant probably got her head bit off later for forgetting to accessorize Melania with the jaunty little cap and a cigar.

You could feel Melania’s joy overflowing as she read from the teleprompter and showed the nation that in three years at the White House, she’s made no effort whatsoever to improve her English…

Her doting husband Donald sat front and center looking so pleased and proud…

Talk about a steaming shit show.

CALENDAR UPDATE: I learned this morning that the Richmond Animal League is having the calendar contest winners select their months in the order they placed, so Tony as 12th gets whatever month nobody wants. February maybe?

I also learned that the professional photographer who’s coming to the house has had COVID, but she assures us she’s clean now and has immunity for three months.

I think I’m going to need a bigger bottle of bleach.

ANT UPDATE: There hasn’t been one ant on the kitchen counter in nearly a week. Rain soaking the ant killer I sprinkled around the foundation did the trick, for now.

MEDICAL UPDATE: I ventured to the dentist for a cleaning. I had to call them from the parking lot so they could let me in and take my temperature (97.6). Then they did the whole masks, visors, distancing thing. It’s nearly a week later and I’m not sick, so knock on wood.

I felt emboldened to schedule my mammogram due this month. Turns out they’re backlogged and the soonest appointment is in mid-November.

CAT UPDATE: Max is due for a vet checkup, but he doesn’t need shots so we’re skipping it. The vet’s protocol is that I sit in the parking lot while Max goes through whatever on his own. That office staff has never inspired confidence (I could tell stories), so no.

Tony’s not letting his new local celebrikitty status go to his head. Tuesday I was standing at the sunny balcony window checking how my solar-powered watches were charging when Tony decided to get involved. In a first for him — or any cat I’ve lived with — he LEAPED onto my back and hung between my shoulder blades by his right paw.

Thankfully, he let go while I was screaming and trying to figure out how to get him off me. My back on FIRE, I ran downstairs, sure I was leaving a trail of blood. But my T-shirt must have absorbed a lot of claw because my back hardly bled and I’m fine now. And who could stay mad at this face?…

Roc has decided Fuglen the Bird needs to be my constant companion and brings it to me everywhere, even when I’m in the shower. (BTW, Roc left Fuglen on that slipper for two days, and then relocated him to the living room)…

BONUS: Here’s comedian JL Cauvin as Trump (snorting Adderall?) critiquing Melania’s speech…

7 Responses to Chapter 121: COVID Chronicles

  1. Randi says:

    Karen, I have seen snippets of the Carnival of Corruption speeches. Gosh, I hope people don’t buy it! It seems to me that the Republicans are spending a lot more time on critizising the Democrats than telling how they intend to restore America. It also strikes me how thick Melania’s accent still is – she has lived there for years! I would have thought she would make an effort to speak prober English, but apparently not.

    I’m sure we all still wonder how a man like Trump can be America’s president. He speaks like a 10 year old. The friends I discuss the subject with are amazed he’s still in office – and honestly, I had not thought he would last six months.

    Being as articulate as you are, check this out. It’s spot on!

    I hear that Kellyanne Conway will leave the WH in late August. What a blow that must be for Trump. Great that her family are against him. Has he got anyone left to back him up? Hopefully not!

    Aww, Tony wanted to thank you and was so exited he had to leap onto your back to tell you. 😉 I’m glad you dídn’t bleed to much. And how sweet of Roc to bring you fuglen (same word in Danish for bird), but I’m sure he will keep an eye on ít at all times. 😀

  2. catsworking says:

    Randi, Roc has formed a crazy attachment to Fuglen. I even put him away the day I vacuumed with a bunch of their other stuffed toys, and Roc pulled him right out again.

    Kellyanne is leaving the White House at the end of the month because her teenage daughter is having a meltdown and declared on Twitter she was essentially divorcing her parents. She also claimed she’s been physically and verbally abused her whole life. George Conway, Kellyanne’s husband, is also going private. He’s been very outspoken about Trump and was working with the Lincoln Project, a group of ex-Republicans dedicated to seeing Trump lose.

    Trump was an idiot to begin with, probably has a learning disability that causes him to be unable to read well or comprehend what he reads. But now he’s also got dementia, so he’s operating like a toddler. They dress him up and drug him out and he manages to get through public appearances, but what he says mostly makes no sense.

    It’s only a matter of time before his shits or pees himself or falls on his face in public, and then it will be all over. He’ll be totally humiliated.

    The Republican convention has been a joke from beginning to end. They are pretending COVID doesn’t exist. Trump’s speech tonight with a packed crowd of maskless cultists will probably kill off a good number of them in a few weeks. But he doesn’t care. As long as they worship him tonight for the cameras.

    Melania is the biggest waste to taxpayers we’ve ever seen. She does NOTHING for the country, yet her little ugly, tasteless decorating “projects” cost us millions. It’s been said she speaks five languages, yet no one has ever heard her speak any other language fluently, and her English still sucks.

    Trump’s polls still have about 40% pretty solidly with him. It’s amazing to think we have that many ignorant racists running around loose.

  3. Bacchanal of Bullshit 🤣 I thought her outfit looked ridiculous but that side by side comparison is too much!! How did someone close to her not put the brakes on that mess.

  4. Randi says:

    It’s funny how Roc likes Fuglen, so much that he drags it out again! 😀 A cat’s mind is a mystery – but we love them!
    It must have been horrible to have a mother who worked for Trump… poor girl. I remember the show “The Apprentice” – he was high on the power he had and could not wait to say “You’re fired.” I bet he enjoyed it as much as others enjoy sex. Having had the positions he had in real estate etc., you would expect he could at least read, or give a coherent speech, but he is simply too stupid! I can’t wait to see how humiliated he’ll be when he loses the election. Of course, he will blame it on everyone else. That is to be expected.
    Although it’s a mean wish, I hope the people who cheered for him at the Convention will get infected with Covid, that’s the only way they might see sense, and perhaps think again.

  5. catsworking says:

    Randi, I hope everyone who sat on the White House lawn and listened to Trump woke up this morning with a cough and a fever. I flipped over to him a few times, and he spouted a lie in every sentence I caught, so I’d keep going back to The Real Housewives of New York, even though there’s very little real about them, either.

    Trump looked like he used a shovel to paint himself orange. He was sweaty, hanging onto the podium for dear life and mispronouncing many words in just the little I saw.

    Speaking of waking up, this morning Fuglen was on the bedroom floor, but Roc brought him to me in the living room while I was reading the paper. What amazes me is how Roc keeps track of that toy out of the hundreds they’ve got. Even if he pays no attention to it for days, he always seems to know where to find it.

    When Trump was on The Apprentice, it was all laid out for him. He just showed up and did what they told him. The producers knew he was multi-bankrupt, but he’d built a myth of success around himself and they used it to promote the show. Trump, being as stupid as he is, believed his own hype, and everyone around along, reinforcing his delusion of being a forceful tycoon.

    In reality, he’s too much a chickenshit bully to ever fire anyone. Since he’s been president, he’s either had someone else do it, or done it via tweet so he never faces the person. The people he claims to have fired in person (like John Bolton) all say they resigned first.

    Trump is already blaming the election on everyone else. Democrats cheating, vote counters cheating, Post Office cheating. He talks like he knows he’s going to lose. The reality is that HE’S the one setting up all the cheating. Getting help from Russia, sabotaging the Post Office. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has ballots printed with his name already checked and tries to slip those in.

    I think he’s always had some sort of learning disability (attention deficit disorder or dyslexia) that kept him from learning to read, but his parents didn’t notice or didn’t care, or they considered it too shameful and just let him suffer. Eventually, he became too arrogant to admit he can barely read, so he’s been bluffing his way through life.

  6. Anita says:

    Karen, Thank God the RNC Bullshit Week is over. I didn’t watch much of it but did see Melania’s whole “my huzbind” speech. You know she hates him with the heat of a thousand suns so it was quite the acting job.

    Of course Teleprompter Trump came out Thursday night but yesterday he was back in form saying his crazy shit again. I truly am afraid for what is going to happen in the next few months.

    Are any yard signs sprouting up around you? I have seen none so far. I’ve only live in this house for 3 years so wasn’t here during the 2016 election. Oh how young and naive we all were back then.

    I think that photograph of Tony on his perch would be good enough for the calendar but he would also be splendid as Cupid.

    When our cat was a kitten he would jump on my husband’s back. That was a signal he wanted to play. My husband would drop on all fours and growl like a lion. Moody loved that game. He’d fight for a while then get scared and run. But he always came back to play again.

    My neighbor finally moved out yesterday. She took off early so someone handled the move for her. Now it’s time to hold our breathe and see who shows up today. We have a camera on our garage and I have it pointed at their driveway. It feels kind of creepy to do that but it comes in handy on days like this.

    How’s your weather? Did you get any remnants of Hurricane Laura? Those pictures of that devastation are heart breaking. As Brian Williams said because of the RNC shit show that and the California fires didn’t get the media attention it normally would.

  7. catsworking says:

    Anita, Hurricane Laura missed us. We had a little sprinkle for a few minutes yesterday afternoon and that was it.

    If I had a camera, I’d have it on the neighbors on moving day. My next door neighbor did the same thing. She left for North Carolina and left all the moving to the movers.

    Trump’s speech, even with a teleprompter was SO bad and boring. Badly written, terribly delivered. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so blase. Next time he talks about “Sleepy Joe,” they can release an ad showing him hanging on the podium for dear life, droning historical nonsense that was clearly thrown in as filler to make his speech longer than Biden’s. Trump had no idea what he was saying.

    The next day he almost fell off the steps walking to the podium in New Hampshire. His arns were waving and he looked petrified for a second. AND yesterday in Louisiana, with boiling hot humidity, he wore a hat and a windbreaker the whole time. What was he hiding?

    His health is much, MUCH worse that they’re letting on. He may even have the fever and chills of COVID, since he seems sweaty all the time now. Of course, they won’t admit it until he’s on a ventilator and they can’t trot him out.

    Tony has never jumped on me like that. He’s usually very gentle with me except when he’s biting, but even that’s not to kill. For the few seconds I he hung on, I was trying to figure out how to drop to the floor without landing on him. Thankfully, he dropped off on his own.

    When Roc was a kitten, he used to get on the bathroom sink and then climb across my shoulders while I was on the toilet, but he was tiny. He hasn’t tried that in years.

    Melania is proving what a whore she is and always has been. She’ll do or say whatever it takes to ensure her piece of the pie. I hope Trump gets ALL his assets seized when his financial crimes go on trial, leaving her with nothing to show for her years of hypocrisy.

    What I can’t believe is that Biden is losing his lead in some polls. WTF is wrong with people?

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