Chapter 117: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 152

Tony Has a Couch Breakthrough & “Resign or Hang” Has a Nice Ring

Max lies forlornly on the end table whenever he doesn’t feel the couch is safe, so I made him a special “spot” there. Now it’s his favorite spot…

I probably should move that figurine which looks like Adele. The kitty fountain is right below it, and Max looks like he could be plotting a drowning.

CATS WORKING SCOOP: While I was doing my daily 7,500 steps, for the first time EVER, Tony took my spot on the couch…

He jumped down soon after this pic when he realized he’d been seen…

NOW, TO INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Lebanon’s government and Hezbollah apparently ignored a massive 6-year-old stockpile of explosives sitting at Beirut’s port until it detonated last week, blowing a huge hole in the capital city that killed 160 (so far), wounded 6,000+ and left hundreds of thousands homeless.

The understandably furious people are protesting to force out the entire government, rallying around the theme, “Resign of Hang.”

This is suffering on an epic scale, made even more tragic because it wasn’t caused by war, but probably self-inflicted through government corruption or ineptitude.

The Washington Post talked to people there. See if anything they say rings familiar…

“These thugs in power don’t represent us.”

“They stole from us, they looted us, they made us go hungry, they made us poor.”

“They are stealing everyone’s money, stealing people’s rights.”

“We lost everything, so hope is all we have left.”

A member of Lebanon’s Parliament who just resigned, Paula Yacoubian, said, “I cannot stay within the mafia. They stole everything, they destroyed the country and they want to continue doing business as usual.”

Here in the U.S., Trump’s stupidity and pathological sadism has sickened more than 5.1 million Americans and killed 165,000 (so far). Also, nearly 18 million people have lost their jobs and mass evictions are about to start because Congress can’t get its shit together to deliver more aid.

As of that weren’t enough, after decimating most government agencies using hand-picked toadies, Trump’s now trying to dismantle the U.S. Postal Service in a last-ditch effort to sabotage mail-in voting and stay in power, ending mail delivery as we know it.

And he wants to abolish the payroll tax, which does NOTHING to help the unemployed. No paycheck, no payroll tax deducted. But it will soon leave seniors with no income and no health care, because Social Security and Medicare are funded through payroll taxes.

Instead of squabbling over the irrelevant Confederacy, I’d like to see American protesters put their muscle behind “Resign or Hang” rallies around the White House, Capitol, and anywhere else congressional vermin burrow. There shouldn’t be a fence or wall high enough — anywhere in the country — for Trump and his enablers to hide behind. They need to see that consequences as direct and personally devastating as the physical harm they’re inflicting in some way on every American will be their fate if they don’t stop sabotaging the county or, even better, resign NOW.

Lebanon’s got it right. When your government is crawling with murderous thugs who are literally blowing up the country and its people, the punishment should fit the crime.

6 Responses to Chapter 117: COVID Chronicles

  1. Anita says:

    Karen, amen to all of that. Greg O’Lear on Twitter posted a wonderful article from a woman that writes about maritime law and how the whole Lebanon disaster happened. Of course a rich Russian is involved.

    Did you see Rachel Maddow last night about dictators? It really scared me. She said it’s hard for dictators to take control but once they do they almost never get overthrown because they will lie, cheat and steal to win the elections. Sometimes I still can’t believe I wake up every morning and living in America.

    Can you imagine if even 1000 Covid deaths had happened under a Hillary presidency? She would already be impeached and probably waiting trial in Gitmo.

    If Trump wins in November we might be remembering this as the good old days.

    And give a little head rub to the gorgeous Tony B. How are things in the fight for a calendar spot?

  2. catsworking says:

    Anita, the prime minister of Lebanon has resigned. I wish we had a handful of Republicans with the balls to tell Trump to take a hike. But I think if Trump didn’t have life in prison looming, he’d gleefully bail right now, declare a presidential bankruptcy. But he’s hanging on by his fingernails because he knows New York is waiting to destroy what’s left of his assets.

    Did you see Trump yesterday being led out of his rally/press conference? He had no clue what was going on but just wandered slowly out? Maybe they told him a Happy Meal had just been delivered.

    Twitter was going nuts this morning that it was all a stunt to somehow make him look presidential, and I’m inclined to agree. No witnesses to the shoot-out have surfaced and there’s virtually NO reporting on the incident, except that the shooter is in the hospital. Besides, it apparently happened blocks from and OUTSIDE the new wall around the White House, so why take Trump to the Oval Office (as he said they did), which has even BIGGER and MORE windows than the briefing room? None of it makes any sense whatsoever.

    Trump’s voice is weak, his color is terrible (under the orange paint), he shuffles around, and talks in total gibberish but thinks he’s making sense. If I hear him crow one more time about how he saved millions of lives by shutting down travel from China (which he didn’t, thousands still came in), I may kick the TV over. He’s ironically like a Chinese water torture, killing us slowly by the drip, drip, drip of sheer repetition of lies and nonsense.

    He has big dreams of being a dictator, but they must have him so drugged up just to keep him upright now, he probably won’t be in any shape to go play golf the day Biden is sworn in.

    I watch Rachel on a one-night delay, so I’ll be seeing her dictator talk tonight during dinner. She’s been sounding the alarm about Trump like she’s never done before. Lawrence O’Donnell always goes for the jugular when it comes to Trump’s mind.

    Virginia hit 100,000 COVID cases over the weekend, so we turn from orange to red on all the national charts.

    Last I looked, Tony needs to raise about $175 more to get himself into the top 10, which is amazing since there are 116 entries, but we’ve still got 2 1/2 weeks to go, so it’s fluid.

  3. Randi says:

    Aww Tony, you finally got the spot on the couch to yourself… for a while. I’m sure Karen would not have told you to get down, but wanted to sit next to you, after taking the picture. 🙂

    Karen, how nice that you made a special spot for Max on the end table, I bet he has a good overview of it all from there.

    Wow, 7.500 steps – that more than I normally walk the whole day. But one time, I walked 15.000 steps in Chicago – luckily, I had just bought new comfy sandals, but I’m still proud of it. 😀

    While the US has about 202.000 tests per million, Denmark has more than 311.000 tests per million. Norway is doing a lot better than Denmark, though, but Sweden much worse. However, in the past few weeks we have had a spike in some areas, Danish Crown slaughterhouse is one, so the workers have been sent home).

    Has Trump ever mentioned what he will do about people getting evicted? He surely won’t let them stay in his hotels. He deserves to end up in the street himself!

  4. catsworking says:

    Randi, on behalf of Tony, thank you VERY VERY MUCH for your donation all the way from Denmark.

    15,000 steps in a day is Olympic-class walking. You SHOULD be proud of that. I think my record is 22,000, but I did them all in the living room.

    When Trump talks about COVID testing, it’s nothing but lies. He says we’ve done more tests than any country in the world. We’ve done about 60M, China has done 90M. He’s grown too stupid to grasp anything other than totals, so anything “per million” or “deaths per thousand” is incomprehensible to him. He showed that during his interview with Jonathan Swan.

    In the evenings, Max will sit beside me on the couch (in the spot Adele used to prefer). Tony has never a lap cat, although he seems to be trying. I need to catch what he does with me at bedtime. It doesn’t last long, but it’s a start.

    Over the weekend when Trump was signing what he incorrectly calls “bills,” one was to ask states or landlords to “consider” maybe not evicting people. It was worthless. He has done NOTHING but sabotage the states try to harm people either with the virus or financially, yet all the while he crows about how much he’s helping. He’s a monster, but he may not even know any better at this point. I blame the people around him who still allow, and even encourage, him to kill us.

  5. Anita says:

    Karen, I totally agree Trump’s press conference and the shooting was a set-up. Have no clue what they might try to pull before November. We are in the most dangerous time we have been in his country since he was elected.

    I was watching MSNBC live yesterday when they announced Kamala Harris. I am so ecstatic! Always thought Biden would pick her, but you never know what is going on behind the scenes. He did have many great women to choose from. Now i’m waiting to see their event today from Delaware.

    The weather looked horrible in Delaware today. Are you in the middle of that rain? We are heading for 10 days of 100+ degree weather. Although it’s not humid just hot like a sauna.

    I have talked to my husband about you and the kitties and he loved Anthony Bourdain too. So when I get the acknowledgement letter from the animal rescue I will have to explain that I supported getting Tony on the calendar. The good news is he will be all for it. He can absolutely drive me up the wall but he has a real soft spot for kitty cats. I’m very lucky.

  6. catsworking says:

    ANITA BIG NEWS FOR YOU!! (Your husband will be happy about this too, I think.)

    The numbers for the match just dropped on the RAL website, and your donation this morning was the only one that made the time cut. They raised $2,500 in 2 hours, so the competition is fierce. Six in the top 10 are dogs, so what else would you expect?

    Anyway, your match PUSHED TONY INTO 12TH PLACE!

    The contest still has 10 days to run, but as of this minute, HE’S ON THE CALENDAR! His nearest competitor is still $95 behind him, so that’s good.

    Little blurb in today’s paper saying that the shooter at the WH the other day was critically wounded and is in the hospital, but nothing about who he wanted to shoot. The sparseness of the reporting is suspicious in itself.

    The weather here is still like a sauna, 100, and we have thunderstorms most afternoons to keep it steaming. Just had one. DC is probably similar, being only 2 hours north.

    I’m working on a post about Kamala for tomorrow. Tony’s fundraising took up my time this afternoon.

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