Chapter 113: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 138

Cats are BAACCKK! & More TV Time

The humidity is still terrible in Richmond. I’ve lost count of how many weeks straight it’s been feeling over 100o with only occasional violent thunderstorms. No end in sight.

Confederate statues continue to disappear. One night last week they spirited away a bunch of busts and figures from the state Capitol (including a Robert E. Lee), while a court battle still rages over the the huge Lee statue on horseback standing on Monument Avenue.

Virginia has yet another Lee statue at the Washington, D.C., Capitol and wants to remove it but hasn’t decided what to replace it with.

In the meantime, our only daily newspaper, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, must delight in having Civil War “news” for the front page every day.

Tony Rubberband Update: It’s been 10 days since I think Tony swallowed the rubberband and so far we have had no “outcome.” I wonder if having that much indigestible elastic in his tummy will work like stomach stapling to lower his capacity and he’ll lose some weight. So far he seems fine. He got right up in my face to say “Hi”…

Max and Roc have finally reached an amicable sharing arrangement on the couch, and mostly take orderly turns. Max even returned to the rocker for a spell…

And Roc, lying in the path of a fan as always, says “Howdy!”…

Movie Recommendation: I don’t know what made me DVR it, but I caught this absolute confection of a movie last week from 2008 called Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, a light, lavish 1930s-style Art Deco screwball comedy, complete with Cole Porter music.

To top it off, the cast included a few actors I love, like Stephanie Cole (Waiting for God, Doc Martin) and Tom Payne of Prodigal Son on Fox.

Prodigal Son is in the second half of its first season, and I’d liken it to a less gory Dexter. Payne plays Malcolm Bright, the son of a serial killer known as “The Surgeon,” a real-life surgeon with a family who committed at least 23 murders on the side. Payne grew up unwittingly learning the ropes from his father and now works as a profiler with the NYPD.

The show would be your typical murder of the week police procedural except that Malcolm has mysteries from his past to unravel. While trying to do that and solve crimes, Malcolm often has to consult with his father, who’s now in prison, crazy-brilliant and still homicidal.

Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex) plays The Surgeon. In the few scenes he gets, he always steals the show and keeps drawing the other characters to him like an evil magnetic force. Anyway, I love it.

BONUS: Randy Rainbow raided West Side Story to compose “Gee, Anthony Fauci!”…

DOUBLE BONUS: Trump’s in his last 99 days of playing a tyrant, and comedian Sarah Cooper shows how he mastered “person, woman, man, camera TV”…

PS: As Mary Trump’s been making the talk show rounds to promote her book, Too Much and Never Enough, I’d like just one journalist to ask her why she thinks Trump became a Republican to run for president. I feel sure the answer would be a real sock in the jaw to his supporters.

PPS: I’m now on a twice-weekly schedule, planning posts for Mondays and Thursdays.

6 Responses to Chapter 113: COVID Chronicles

  1. Anita says:

    Karen, so glad to see you and kitties are doing well. If well means still suffering through the horrible heat and humidity and Covid and Trump. Yes, Trump went nowhere while you were gone. Covid either.

    Tony definitely looks ready for his close-up. How is the modeling career going? And Max and Roc are sharing now? Maybe an affectionate lick isn’t far away.

    Thank you for another movie recommendation. We watched The Good Liar and it was excellent.

    Did you watch the whole Perry Mason series with Matthew Rys? We are almost at the end. I wonder if it will be picked up for another season although nothing will be filming in Hollywood for a long time.

    We are also suffering through heat, but the dry kind, which makes me grateful. Have been preparing for the new neighbor, who moves in next week, by adding more privacy fencing on our wall that we share with that house. It’s not only functional but looks great. My husband didn’t want to do it at first but now loves it. That’s a normal reaction for him.

    Stay safe and well. I felt horrible the past few days with a headache, fatigue and mush brain but I’m better today. Maybe it was the heat and being dehydrated but you always know what that first thought is. Could it be???

  2. Randi says:

    The worst is the humidity, isn’t it! When I went on vacation in Dominican Republic (both times in December) it was the worst humidity I had ever experienced. Spain is hot, too, at least in summer, but not humid. 🙂 Karen, you have been to Portugal, so I’m sure you remember. We are lucky to have about 20 Celcius here. In fact, we have had the coldest July for many years. Suits me fine.

    Well, Tony… or someone has hidden that elastic band really well, but hopefully it won’t cause problems for any of them. How nice to see Max and Roc getting along, sharing the spot on the couch. 🙂

    You’re so lucky to be able to watch all these fims on TV. I don’t have all the extra channels. Let me know what you think of the new Lisbeth character.

  3. catsworking says:

    Anita, I wake up every morning thinking I’ve got COVID because of some little cough or sniffle or headache. But then it goes away and I’m fine.

    Tony is entered in a contest that could make him a pinup boy, but I haven’t checked on it in a while. He’s probably fallen out of the running now. I mean to do a post about that.

    I’ve been watching Perry Mason but I’m a few episodes behind. I think John Lithgow may have croaked in the last one I saw.

    Something big is going on next door, the house that had the tree shading my car cut down. That was just the beginning. It’s been a rental for years, but I think the slumlord is selling. The rotten deck that no longer meets code just got powerwashed.

    He’s putting on vinyl siding, which looks like shit. It goes in the wrong direction on the front of the house, utterly destroying the contemporary DESIGN of the house. To place it diagonally probably cost more. He replaced only some of the original windows. Kept one in a brown frame in the upstairs bathroom, but all the new ones have white frames. Must have saved himself $75.

    The huge tree that fell in a storm still rots in the backyard, crushing part of the nasty wire mesh fence. The back and side yards are absolute jungles that haven’t been touched in years. Probably full of snakes.

    If we had a homeowners association (which we don’t), they’d be descending on that dump with flaming torches and pitchforks.

    I see no signs of the renters packing up, but I can’t imagine they’re buying it and slumlord is making all those half-ass “improvements” for them. If it does sell to someone else, they’ll have an IQ of about 12 to buy such cheap and poorly done cosmetic fixes. I’ve been inside a few times over the years and been appalled by the condition of the kitchen and bathroom (black mold like I’ve never seen). After so many years of renter abuse, the place needed to be gutted.

  4. catsworking says:

    Randi, this heat and humidity could last into November. I HATE it. You can’t even dry off after a shower because you’re covered with sweat almost immediately. I have a dehumidifier under the house that keeps the crawlspace dry, but it does nothing for the living space.

    I was in Portugal in October and I remember the weather as delightful the day I wandered around Lisbon. I was also in Spain in October, and the weather in Barcelone was cool and pleasant.

    Thankfully, Max and Roc have no interest in rubber bands. I’ve been watching for Tony’s to come out in the litterbox, but so far, nothing. I just hope he chewed it into several pieces before he swallowed it.

    I watch too much TV. But after a day of sitting at the computer, all I want to do is have my dinner and relax my brain with the boob tube.

  5. Anita says:

    Karen, oh no. I wonder what is going on next door. I wish you had the money to buy it, fix it up then sell it to someone you want to live next door. Or rent it. Hey! Maybe something for your realtor Mom to consider.

    With that tree gone it must really change the look of your house. And the horrible siding job. How awful. If the outside of the house is that bad, can you imagine what the inside must be?

    The house where we live now we bought 3 years ago and it had been rented for 10 years and was a dump. Looked fine on the outside but everything was broken on the inside. We had to work on this house 8 hours a day every day for a month just to move in including replace both toilets that didn’t work.

    Here’s my favorite story. When we saw this place at an open house they had vanilla musk fragrance sticks with oil everywhere. They were so disgusting the moment we closed on the house I moved them all outside. But a few days later I noticed the most awful smell in the house. I knew why that fragrance was everywhere!

    I started researching rats dying in walls and the smell it makes and other things. I would walk in the house and try to find the source and just couldn’t.

    Before we moved in we replaced the faucets in the main bathroom that didn’t work either. When we pulled up the pipes to the faucet there was the smell! I thought I was going to throw up and die.

    That toilet in the bathroom had been running over and there was even a sign on it at the open house not to use it. My assumption is the renters would just empty the shit and piss right into that sink since it was the closest to the toilet.

    I had to soak those pipes in bleach for 3 days to try get rid of the smell. So even if a house looks decent at a glance you never know what’s lurking underneath.

    I am now snake bitten from wanting to every buy another house again. I may end up being a renter if we move after this.

  6. catsworking says:

    Anita, oh yuck!

    The tree that came down next door doesn’t really affect the look of my house except there’s less shade on my driveway. They’ve got a huge stump sitting there that needs to be ground up.

    Whoever buys that place is in for a a shock. I know a lot about how that place was built, including the screwed up foundation, which I’m sure the slumlord owner will never divulge. The house is identical to mine and was built at the same time probably by the same crew, so everything wrong with my house (multiple code violations the county just turned a blind eye to) is the same there. I got my foundation fixed, that house never was because the owner then waited too long and then was quoted an astronomical price.

    My house was 3 years old when I bought it. It sat vacant as a model for the subdivision for the first 2, then a couple with 2 boys bought it and lived here only a year. It’s not a private layout for a family.

    Anyway, in both bathrooms, there wasn’t an INCH of the toilets or floors that wasn’t pee-soaked. It was DISGUSTING. Apparently, the wife wasn’t into cleaning.

    But what you describe is so much worse.

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