Chapter 111: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 128

Cats Having a Heat Wave & Trump’s Probably Having a Hissy

Richmond’s seven-day forecast is 90os every day and, thanks to humidity, feeling like 102-108o. Afternoon thunderstorms will keep that steam rising.

Despite being indoors with air conditioning and fans, we’re all feeling lethargic. Last night Max neatly pushed aside the fleece blanket on his bed in the Man Cave to sleep on acrylic, which must feel cooler…

BACKSTORY: I knitted that little blanket at least 50 years ago for my first guinea pig, Guinevere. I had just learned how to purl and did a basket weave pattern. The fringe was also a new skill. The yarn is indestructible and you can see it’s still in pristine condition.

Here’s Roc just now, lying on the floor behind me, directly in the path of the fan…

I caught Tony last night in his usual routine, sacked out for a few hours after dinner to get his second wind. He’ll hate me posting this because he says it makes him look like he’s fat and has big feet…

Well, he’s not fat.

Rachel Maddow has been on vacation all week. When I saw that Mary Trump was on her show last night, I feared the second-stringer would get the interview, but Rachel hopped back in the saddle.

They’re probably repainting walls in the White House today from Trump banging his tiny burger-greased fists all over them.

Watch how Rachel so carefully leads Mary to state she heard Trump say the N-word and anti-Semitic slurs, like the rest of his family…

This should be a big deal because no journalist has found such a credible witness to confirm this before. The White House responded to Rachel’s request for comment by calling “the book” a bunch of lies. But Rachel says that claim isn’t in the book. (I’m still reading it.)

But let’s face it. In the epic saga of Trump’s corruption and crime, we know he’s a racist, and that he calls people foul names is the least of it. In every book I’ve read about Trump’s reign, his normal conversation has F-bombs in every sentence. It’s a wonder he cleans it up as much as he does in public, given the growing holes in his brain.

What we should be terrified about is that Mary confirms that Trump not only doesn’t care how many Americans and immigrants his policies (or lack of) kill. He enjoys it. The more people he destroys, the more he gets off on it. He’s a sadist.

Yet, we’re supposed to wait until November to destroy him unless his own health takes him down first. There’s not one soul in our government with the guts to initiate Trump’s immediate removal, indictment and imprisonment, despite having an avalanche of charges to be brought against him.

Oops, a thunderstorm is rolling in. Got to wrap this up quick.

12 Responses to Chapter 111: COVID Chronicles

  1. Anita says:

    Karen, I hope today’s weather finds it a little less humid. I doubt it!

    I have been working all day for the social distance pool/dinner thing tonight with a couple we are friends with. Everything has to be thought about including setting cheese trays, separate veggie tryas, separate everything. Including putting their own towels to wipe their hands in the bathroom. It makes me feel really sorry for all of the restaurant workers in the world.

    My kitty hated the heat. He flop like that on the coolest place of flooring he could find. Although he would still get in our laps while we were watching TV. Do you have a lap kitty? I have gathered Tony is not.

    I thought of you this morning. USA Today had an article about the cheapest place to grocery shop in America and it was Aldi’s. We don’t have those out here. What are they like? In 3rd place was Winco and we do have that about a mile from me, although it’s really big and I’m not crazy about it for regular grocery shopping. They have alot of product though, so if I need to find some specialty spice I may not find any place else I go there.

    It’s a bag your own food, and I always manage to get behind the person that has no clue there are people waiting in line. It kind of stresses me out when it comes time for me to bag mine especially if my husband isn’t around. Wow, another thing he’s good for!

    I saw the Cats took over your post today. Will go read that and hope you are having a good day “off”.

  2. catsworking says:

    Anita, it’s as hot as holy fuck here today and all through next week. The least little exertion results in sweat dripping down your back into your underwear. It’s miserable. I wake up sweating, even though I run a fan in the bedroom all night.

    Good luck with that get-together. It sounds too risky for me. They say if you do things like that, people should bring their own food and utensils and everything. So what’s the point?

    Aldi has very small stores, five or six aisles, very utilitarian, and one side of one aisle has assorted stuff like pots and pans, pet beds, blankets, whatever deals they find. I can do a comprehensive shopping trip in about 30 minutes. There’s usually only one or two people working the store at a time. You have to pay 25 cents for a cart, which you get back when you put the cart back. They’re all chained together with a slot in the handle, and the quarter pushes the chain out of the lock to free the cart. That’s so people don’t leave them all over the parking lot and an employee has to retrieve them. It works really well.

    You do bag your own groceries. They throw them back in the cart and there’s a shelf at the front where you can spread out. I really prefer that because I HATE when baggers put all the heavy shit in the same bag, which they ALWAYS do.

    The meat and produce sections are minimal, just the basics. They do have some good breads and pastries, but not a huge selection. If you’re looking for some special ingredient, you won’t find it at Aldi. I probably get 75% of my groceries there, 10% at Sam’s (mostly meat and fish) then 15% in Food Lion.

    The prices can’t be beat. For example, a box of Cheez-Its that would run $3.49 at Food Lion is $1.29 at Aldi. It’s a different brand, but the same quality.

    A few months ago I happened to have receipts from Food Lion and Aldi and compared six or seven items I’d bought in both place, apples-apples. I spent about $6 more on those few items in Food Lion than I’d have paid at Aldi.

  3. Anita says:

    Karen, that is really interesting about Aldi. I look forward to popping into a store some day that is if we ever get to travel again.

    Last night was interesting to say the least. WAY too much work for a few hours. I won’t do it again.

    I have known the wife (who is my friend) for 30 years now. We used to work together but haven’t in a long time and she has moved around a lot with her husband of 15 years who can’t seem to stay employed. I never spent any time with the two of them until we moved here 3 years ago.

    I was always on the fence with him but after last night I am fine with never seeing him again and just keeping the relationship with the wife. He is a Republican and doesn’t support Trump but thinks if a Democrat is elected the country would be plunged into socialism. I asked him what socialism meant to him and he just blew up at me like I was a crazy person. He obviously watches Fox News.

    She has admitted to me she made a mistake marrying him (she is a left of Bernie Democrat) but there is no way out. Nights like last night make me appreciate my husband so much. I think my husband feels the same way about me today too.

  4. catsworking says:

    Anita, so even if the get-together was a lot of work, if it helped your marriage, it was well worth it.

    Do you subscribe to @RVAT on Twitter? It’s Republican Voters Against Trump. They post a lot of 2-minute videos of idiots who have finally seen the light, like your friend’s husband.

    The whole argument that Democrats = Socialism is absurd. They don’t want everybody to have equal opportunity at jobs or health care. They’d like minorities and women to be property of white men. It’s indefensible. The ones who are halfway aware realize that and blow up when you ask them to defend it.

    Before Bush II, I could have been married to a Republican because they were more about fiscal responsibility, balanced budget, etc. That’s how Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger probably got along. (Though I don’t see Arnold as racist; he seems more Dem on social issues). But since Dubya (actually, more Cheney), when it became chic to be dumb and cruel, and now Trump, where being as evil in every way as is humanly possible is considered a good thing, I wouldn’t last five minutes with a Republican spouse. He’d be either dickless or dead.

    Reminds me of the RV trip I took with a platonic friend back in 2017. Right before we left in August, he confessed he voted for Trump and still supported him (and seemed a bit embarrassed). We couldn’t have the TV on any news program the whole time, so we watched old sitcoms. Politics was off limits.

    He took tons of vitamin supplements, must have had 30 bottles. After I asked what they all were the first morning he laid them out, he kept them in his bedroom and I never saw them again. Months later I saw that Alex Jones of Infowars sells all that shit. So my friend was probably into Fox AND Infowars, which is even worse.

    We’ve never spoken again since that trip, and we had been friends since about 2000. I miss him, but if he’s still supporting Trump, I’d rather not know.

  5. Anita says:

    Karen, no I don’t subscribe to RVAT. I will go check that out today.

    What angered me the most is after my socialism question he then treated me like I was a 2 year old and wanted to know if I even knew China was a communist country Really? This guy gets fired from his jobs every two years or less and he’s asking me if I know these things? The more I think about it the angrier I am getting.

    I did blow back the socialism remark to him and if he thought healthcare should be provided equally to all. Of course he had to stammer around on that especially since he was ill a few years ago that will now be a pre-existing condition if Trump has his way.

    I’m so sorry about your friends. I’m realizing it’s just easier not to have these people in your life. It is still a bit painful though.

    You and the kitties have fun on your vacation next week! It is a much deserved break. We will be working on our new privacy fence wall that borders the new buyer’s property. Although I feel it doesn’t have to be so private any more with a single person but if we are staying here for 5 years I want to make it very private. One never knows what will happen.

    It actually will add a lot of beauty to the back yard so once again a silver lining to that cloud too. Hope we get our silver lining to Trump some day.

    See you July 27th!

  6. catsworking says:

    Anita, most these Trumpers fail to acknowledge (or are too stupid to know) that so many of the rights and privileges they have came from Democratic legislation. They take it all for granted.

    One can only assume that anyone who supports Trump is speaking from a place of total ignorance. They’re getting their information either from his lies or from Fox or OANN or Limbaugh (hey, why isn’t he dead yet? Doesn’t he have cancer?) or other right-wing wacko channels. And to believe what they’re hearing, they have to be rotten inside as well or they’d reject it.

    So, they unconsciously out themselves as the dregs among us. I just hope they can rein it in when Biden’s president or it’s going to get rough on them when they’re not allowed back into decent society with their racism and greed.

    I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment with work and simply getting through each day in this relentless heat. I’m glad I went grocery shopping last week so at least I don’t have to worry about that for a while.

  7. Anita says:

    Karen, he said he doesn’t support Trump and didn’t vote for anyone in 2016 because he thinks Trump is crazy but can’t vote for a Democrat because of immediate socialism. And both Hillary and Kamala Harris are dangerous. Eye roll.

    He all said some something about universal healthcare and the more care you give people access to, the less care they actually use. Hunh? What does that mean? I will have to see if this is a Republican talking point. I honestly couldn’t believe I worked so hard for a social distance dinner to listen to this nonsense at my own house!

    The thing that is so irritating is my friend lets him get away with this crap. All these wives stand by and enable this bullshit when they know better. I don’t get it! She has been the major bread winner their whole life until last year when she was laid off. I guess she thinks she needs him now for income and health insurance.

    Sounds like you are well prepared for a staycation. I think you need to start planning a cruise to Norway for 2022 even if it’s on paper. That will give you much needed joy and something to look forward to.

    My big joy right now is the Tour de France looks like it is happening at the end of August. We follow that so closely and always play a game where we pick the winners and get points if they finish in the top 5. I love printing the route and studying the towns. Which after the cluster f*ck of last night I will be doing today!

  8. catsworking says:

    Anita, I’m not really on vacation, I’m just taking a break from the blog for a week. I’ve got some work coming in so I’ll still be doing that.

    I do need to plan something to look forward to. Had I know life would turn to shit this year, I’d have gone away long before now. My last cruise was in October 2016. Since then, my only getaway has been that horrible RV trip for 3 nights to Luray, Virginia. The Luray Caverns were spectacular, but that was the highlight there.

    I’ve never gone this long in my life without traveling somewhere. My right arm is about to fall off because I haven’t been able to give my tennis elbow from mousing a rest at all.

    That guy at your house sounds like a misogynistic asshole using Republicanism as a cover. I lose respect for women who put up with that shit and don’t stand up for themselves, or at least for reason. There’s no dick on this planet worth it. But as long as men have enablers like that, they have no reason to change.

    I didn’t realize the Tour de France is happening. I wonder if they’ll have to wear masks. Have you seen the drawing of how bikers spew in their wake? Their respiration goes everywhere, and if you’re behind them, watch out.

  9. Anita says:

    Karen, yes I always thought he was just a jerk, but after Saturday night I saw him for what he is. A total misogynistic asshole. I’m really looking forward to never seeing him again. My friend definitely has issues too. I know her dad was an abusive alcoholic when she was a child until he found religion. So it makes sense she would be with an abusive asshole now.

    I read some of the safety protocols for the race and it sounds like they will definitely be in the “sports bubble” with no outsiders allowed. I don’t think they will be able to see their families and they are only taking team buses for transportation. No flying or train travel.

    The team members will where face masks in the public areas but not while riding. If I were going to stand on the side of the road watching them I would definitely wear a face shield AND a face mask in case someone spits a hockey puck my way.

    Saw my first grocery worker in a face shield last week. They are nice because you can see their faces but I just don’t see how without a mask they are protected from the virus. That darn virus can still crawl under the mask and get right up your nose. I feel safer in a mask.

    Glad you have work and that can go to the 2022 vacation fund! We are working on our fence that borders the house that just sold with new decorative privacy boards. Thank God it’s not going to be so hot while we do it. Things to be grateful for this week.

  10. catsworking says:

    Anita, seems like you’d still need a mask with a face shield because the bottom is totally open on the ones I’ve seen.

    I think football players here are getting irate over having to stay in a hotel through the whole season. It makes no sense. Just don’t play freaking football. It’s not like the world will end without football games. If there’s anything expendable right now to keep the virus from spreading, it’s sports of many kinds. Little play wars men create to make themselves feel superior to someone, as if we don’t have enough real war already.

    It’s good that you and that former co-worker aren’t close. You’re probably right about a pattern playing out there. Her husband’s probably one of those losers who has to feel superior to someone because he knows deep down what a zero he is. He’s probably a big sports fan! 😉

  11. Anita says:

    Karen, he is a big sports fan and an obnoxious one too. Quelle surprise! He’s a huge NFL fan and his team is a rival of my husband’s team. We all got together once to watch when the two teams played each other. I said never again.

    I think the NFL owners are the ones pressing for the teams to play because they will still get the TV revenue. I read somewhere about how Taiwan stopped the virus with masks, but extreme testing and contact tracing. There baseball is back and fans are allowed in the stands without masks! I hate this country right now.

    Podcast alert! Mary Trump is on Rick Wilson & Molly Jong Fast’s podcast released today. I’ve haven’t heard it yet and have a busy day with our new fence design but hope I can listen this morning. I read it was a great interview.

  12. catsworking says:

    Anita, thanks for the tip. I’m doing a lot of transcription today so I can’t have something playing in the background, but I would like to hear Mary Trump and James Carville on that podcast.

    I’d bet money that many Trumpers are big sports fans, particularly football, because it’s most brutal. They watch someone else fight their pretend wars and get their brains scrambled. So many limp dicks.

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