Chapter 109: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 126

Trump Threatens Suburb Extinction & Tries to Unplug the CDC

On lunch breaks, I check what’s going on with Twitter. Today, “Abolish Suburbs” was trending (for non-Twits, that means “very popular, lots of tweets”). Since I live in a ‘burb, I had to know why. Here it is…

It’s past time someone confiscated Trump’s phone. His tweets win over no one who isn’t already brainwashed. Instead, he shows us how an already-deranged person behaves when dementia sets in.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma’s governor tested positive. He was at Trump’s Tulsa rally, but doesn’t think that was it. Oklahoma has been breaking its daily records for new cases since then, so he could have caught it anywhere.

It’s also increasing in Virginia. Roughly half of new cases are on the coast, where people have been merrily romping at Virginia Beach.

But back to Trump. Yesterday afternoon, reporters roasted in the Rose Garden for a “press conference” I didn’t watch. It was supposedly about China (why?), but was actually a scripted anti-Biden rant.

Every time Trump opens his mouth, he blurts panic. His poll numbers are tanking everywhere — even Texas — and prison looms.

In addition to abolishing suburbs, Trump also says Biden will eliminate windows.

I’m not going to decipher this nonsense; here’s a good article debunking the bullshit.

The most important thing, which Trump apparently omitted, and which should scare the living shit out of everybody, is that Trump is trying to unplug the CDC from COVID. He’s ordered hospitals to report their case stats not to the CDC, but to some database he’s cooking up. Probably an Excel spreadsheet Jared created.

Trump has already muzzled Dr. Fauci. They don’t speak anymore and Fauci is forbidden to appear on national TV. Instead, Fauci does interviews with entities like Stanford University, which then allow the media to rebroadcast them.

As if anyone sane still needs it, Trump proves every day that he doesn’t care how many Americans this pandemic kills.

Mary Trump’s book describes Trump’s parents as self-absorbed in different ways. They wouldn’t bother to acknowledge their kids’ feelings. This led twisted little Donald to create a persona of not having feelings. It’s become a core inability to empathize or care about others’ suffering.

Now that Trump’s losing what little ability he ever had to reason, he doesn’t care that his current behavior kills the voters he needs to stay out of prison until 2024. Every action is motivated by greed, revenge or self-preservation, no matter how many deaths he causes.

I’m reading about John Adams’ fight to free America from British rule, which ironically seemed sane and benign compared to Trump’s dystopian hellscape of a government.

It’s depressing to know that what was once considered the greatest democracy on Earth granted this ignorant, corrupt inhuman creature the power to literally destroy the entire country, economically and physically.

The other two-thirds of our government, supposedly in place to counteract a murderous despot, do nothing and leave it up to us to overcome all Trump’s schemes to cheat again and take him out in November.

I’ll admit, my heart rejoices every time I see a GOP voter or politician test positive. I wish the worst for all of them. They have to go, or be deprogrammed to rejoin decent society, before we’ll be able to scrub away the orange stain of Trump from the U.S.

6 Responses to Chapter 109: COVID Chronicles

  1. Anita says:

    Amen to all of that!

    I was thinking with 50 governors, plus how many mayors, plus the county public health officials how many flipping people are involved trying to solve this 100 year pandemic? Thousands! It’s completely insane.

    When Biden gets elected, each state and territory needs to assign a Pandemic Czar to be the interface to a coordinated government effort. It’s the only way we won’t be going through this disaster for another 18-24 months.

    I do not trust Trump or the drug companies at all to make this a democratic way to deliver any vaccine. It will go to the richest first instead of the healthcare workers and teachers. Since I am with Kaiser I might never see it. I don’t even know if they have testing where I live. My three tests have all been outside of their system.

    I don’t know if you watch Colbert, but Tom Hanks was on last night talking about his Covid experience in Australia. It was amazing how they had their act together and this was mid-March. I think he said he took the test in the afternoon and it was back by 10pm and they immediately admitted him and his wife to the hospital. This country is such a disaster it makes me want to cry.

    I listened to Rick Wilson and Molly Jong’s podcast today which was fabulous. They had on James Carville and a reporter from the Daily Beast that does reporting on Covid. She had some interesting things to say and gave me a little bit of hope behind the scenes the CDC continues to work closely with the governors. Gave me hope!

  2. catsworking says:

    Anita, I love James Carville. I’ll need to listen to that one. I just saw Tom Hanks on Colbert this evening. It seems the whole world had their act together faster and better.

    I had to laugh just now when I saw the governor of Alabama, a white-haired old GOP bat who has pooh-poohed COVID, wearing a mask and “pleading” with everyone in the state to wear one. Fuck her!

    We totally need a national plan that EVERY governor must follow, and Biden will do that first day. That Redfield clown who heads the CDC has pulled his head out of Trump’s ass long enough to say that if everyone wore masks, we could get COVID under control in 4-8 weeks. The only reason we’re not doing it is Trump.

    All these MAGA cocksuckers think they’re “owning the libs” not wearing masks. “My body, my choice” they scream. Yeah, right, unless it’s another woman’s body and she’s pregnant. Hope every one of them gets sick and worse. The only way to get through to them is to get physical.

    What Trump needs is to personally see someone in his family in an ICU with tubes stuck in every hole. Preferably Ivanka. She’d have most impact on him. Even better would be for him to end up in the ICU himself. I’ve never heard that he’s ever had a serious health scare that hospitalized him. He lives in a bubble in so many ways.

    I wouldn’t know where to get a test myself.

  3. Anita says:

    Karen, both Walmart and Sam’s Club now require masks so maybe the rednecks will get the hint. Trump HAS to be on board after this. I have both of them within a mile in each direction and really like Sam’s Club. Not as crowded as Costco and meets our food news.

    Most people in our area was already masks there except for a few. Hope they kick their butts to the curb now.

    I think Trump would have a complete breakdown if Ivanka caught Covid and died. Probably launch the nuclear warheads on China.

    On the podcast Rick and Molly talk about why Trump hasn’t gotten it or said he hasn’t it. If Putin gets it, Trump will say he got it and survive. Otherwise he will never confess.

  4. catsworking says:

    Anita, when a Costco opened near me, I joined and dropped my Sam’s Club membership. Costco was a nightmare. No signs over the aisles, always crowded. The parking lot was horrible. Lots of twists and turns, very dangerous, almost nowhere to leave a cart. After many times of accumulating a long list of things I wanted to buy there, only to hit that fucking parking lot and keep on going because actually getting into the store was such a hassle, I went back to Sam’s.

    In the past few years, Sam’s renovated to make their layout more like Costco’s (which is to say, ridiculous, with the best prepared stuff in narrower, short aisles in the back that you can’t get a toe in around the holidays), but overall, I like it.

    Sam’s sits right across the road from a Walmart, but it might as well be an empty field. I haven’t set foot in Walmart in years because it’s Redneck Paradise. The last time I was in there, I picked up a few nonfood things and ended up at the checkout behind someone buying a huge family’s worth of groceries.

    With all the grocery stores we have around here now, they’d all have to close and me be starving before I’d ever consider shopping for food in Walmart. The whole place just feels dirty.

    And almost forgot to mention the day I was in the haircolor aisle and watched a lady with a toddler in the child seat of the cart pee through the cart onto the floor. She waited for him to finish, then just stepped right over the puddle and kept on going. Like people do with their dogs in PetSmart.

  5. Anita says:

    Karen, I’ve heard of those horrible Walmart stories and that definitely is one. Walmart is close to me and mine is actually fairly nice. Dare I say that?? I only use it to run in and buy one or two things and go through self-check. Amazingly I was in there last week and everyone had masks. Two young gals were stopped in front of me and acted all put out like they didn’t know masks were required. At least they turned and left without throwing a hissy fit.

    Your Costco sounds just like mine here! We had a Costco membership when we moved up here 3 years ago and i dropped it because I almost lost my life in the parking lot. My friend’s husband had terrible lung issues so she dropped Costco for Sam’s just because it’s less busy and being less exposed to the virus.

    In neighbor news the house went pending yesterday so I broke down and wrote my neighbor and said sorry to see you go. She did fess up that she had been looking for a “forever home” for three years and found one in the Northwest. Grrrrrrrrrr. So we did put up with 6 months last summer of remodeling noise just for her to return and sell.

    Oh well. In some ways I’m glad she is selling out right instead of renting it because we’d be going through this every few years with what type of renters are moving in.

    My next step after this is a 55+ community. We have a small one in this town but guess what it is within walking distance of? Walmart!

  6. catsworking says:

    Anita, they’re building several 55+ communities all around me (which is why all the trees are getting chopped down – a bear was spotted a few blocks over in my subdivision yesterday afternoon), but the prices are $100K+ more than many of the homes. On NextDoor we were talking about how we’d love to live in those places but can’t afford them.

    The whole industry that caters to seniors for housing and everything else prices things to make sure they clean you out before you die.

    Yes, you are lucky that your next-door neighbor didn’t rent because that’s a real crapshoot. I’ve got two renters near me (the two houses that just had trees taken down). They’re quiet at least, but the ones next door leave their recycle and TWO trash cans at the curb 24/7, which no one else does. The kids are teenagers now and fully capable of moving those cans, and neither parent seems disabled. They’ve been there for years and apparently are so lazy they don’t care if they look like trailer trash.

    Since Walmart is simply off my radar and not an option when I shop, I don’t know if any others are nicer than the one near me. Target is my store.

    Walmart has just made masks mandatory nationally. So have Kohl’s and Kroger. Whether Trump and his shit-for-brains governors like it or not, as the body count climbs, people are starting to do the right thing. It’s exactly like what happened to smokers when we realized how deadly secondhand smoke is.

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