Chapter 106: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 123

Trump Finally Masks Up & Natalie Wood Still Haunts Us

Today marks exactly four months I’ve been cooped up. Last night I got another haul of Chinese takeout to put off going to the grocery store a few more days. I feel safer spending a few minutes at China Taste’s plexiglass window than wandering through a whole Aldi or Food Lion, possibly among mask-free Trumpers.

Virginia just hit 70,000 cases, with daily figures increasing from roughly 600 to 900. The foolhardy reopening, against Governor Northam’s medical training and common sense, seems to be catching up with us.

Meanwhile, Trump returned to Walter Reed to visit wounded troops — the ones who cheated Trump’s buddy Putin of the opportunity to pay a bounty on their corpses — and Trump wore a mask…

During his chopper talk before leaving the White House, Trump said he thinks it’s customary to wear masks in hospitals (DUH, ya THINK?) and that he’s “never” been against wearing masks.

His lies just keep spewing like a firehose.

Meanwhile, his little buddy Roger Stone minces off with a nice commutation from 40 months in the slammer for seven felonies, just in time for Stone to commit more helping Trump cheat to a second term.

On the home front, this morning I washed a big load of cat blankies, including the purple one at the center of Roc and Max’s struggle over the couch. I’m wondering if it’s the location or the blankie that’s drawing Max, and plan an experiment tonight if he comes downstairs.

Right after I used a pet glove to clean fur off the couch cover, Roc had to claim the sunny spot. Tony prefers to bask upright. He looks so big!…

But as soon as Tony noticed me taking his picture, he came at me like a celebrity flushing paparazzi out of the bushes…

I have almost enough to build a kitten from what came off the blankies in the dryer, but at least it’s not fur stuck all over the house…

Speaking of celebrities, last night I watched the new HBO documentary, Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind. Her daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner, who was 11 when Natalie died, provides much of the commentary. In one creepy scene, she sits opposite Robert Wagner, now 90, as he retells what happened that night on the boat.

Natasha believes he’s blameless, but he didn’t look at all like he was telling the whole truth.

According to him, it was just another night at anchor near Catalina. Natalie was down in their cabin getting ready for bed, and when he went down later, she’d left the boat for no reason whatsoever.

Actor Christopher Walken was also on board. He’d done Brainstorm with Natalie, and its director declared they couldn’t have been having an affair because they had zero chemistry during filming. I have no opinion on that.

I’m also not saying that I think either man pushed Natalie overboard. But I do believe things turned nasty, most likely a fight between Natalie and Wagner over something. Both men know exactly why Natalie left the boat. They were probably relieved to have her go sit in the dinghy to cool down and never dreamed she’d do anything life-threatening.

If Wagner dies first, I hope Walken finally comes clean. For now, they’re sticking to their pact of mutual silence to protect somebody.

8 Responses to Chapter 106: COVID Chronicles

  1. Tracy Moses says:

    Experiments with pets are always fun and enlightening! I can’t wait to hear the outcome of yours. For me, I was always hurt that our Frenchie, Kirby, would prefer to sleep with my husband when he used the guest room (no trouble in paradise, just sensitivity to Kirby’s snoring!). When I would sleep in the guest room, Kirby always wanted to be with my husband in the master and would only “settle” for sharing a room with me when he closed the door! It always riled me because I’m the one who does e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g for that dog! Damn him for not loving me best (haha)! So, it proved to be a relief when Kirby stayed with me once we swapped sleeping spots. Turns out, it has nothing to do with either one of us, personally, it’s the bed and/or room! I guess Kirby is just a tad spoiled and fussy. He’s very lucky he doesn’t have to compete with someone like Max – LOL!

  2. Mary Hunter says:

    I remember seeing a Dateline or one of those shows about Natalie Woods’ death. Apparently they had all been to a restaurant earlier in the evening and there was some seriously heavy drinking going on. I always thought that factored into it in one way or another. But so tragic and way too young.

  3. catsworking says:

    Mary, from what I’ve seen, there was a lot of drinking. I think when they got back to the boat, there was an argument. Whether about Walken, who knows? But to hear Wagner tell it now, everybody was fine and happy and Natalie just took it into her head at bedtime to go out on the water in the dark, alone. No reason. Certainly HE did nothing to provoke her.

    I don’t buy it for a minute.

  4. catsworking says:

    Tracy, I did my experiment with Max last night and will report on my findings today.

    So it seems Kirby was bonded to your husband, but bonded to the location more. Interesting.

  5. Anita Shephe says:

    Karen, it did happen again and I didn’t get the email notice for two days so I’ve decided to just create a shortcut to your blog on my desktop instead. So there Internet Gods and whatever game you are playing right now.

    It just gets my panties in a wad that Trump wearing a mask made headlines all around the world like the King finally did something good for the peasants. Screw him!

    There are so many destroyed lives and livelihoods because of him and now he is going after Fauci. Unbelieveable.

    I’m wondering if our neighbor decided to sell her house now because of Covid. She is 70 and alone so maybe wanted to live closer to her family that could help her if something happens.

    We watched the throngs of people go in and out of that house the past couple of days. Became more depressing by the minute. Praying for the older couple that saw it Friday night but who knows. Certain it will go into contract today.

    My husband I decided to do a big lattice/plant project along the fence line that borders her house. I don’t give a damn if we are making construction noise this week. Not really what I wanted to be doing in 100 degree heat, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

    I loved Natalie Wood. Still can’t watch Splendor In the Grass without crying. Although that was back in the day when a woman’s whole self esteem was wrapped up in a man. I’ve seen some interviews with Robert Wagner and he did act a little guilty. Only the 3 of them know for sure what happened.

  6. catsworking says:

    Anita, I went through the same thing a few months ago when the elderly woman who’d lived next door for only a year sold the house again because of family squabbles. She lost her shirt on that deal, but wanted to go back to North Carolina where she has lots of friends. We had a good relationship and even exchanged house keys, so I was sorry to see her go. She was some backup for me.

    I was watching who came and went for showings, usually thinking, “Oh, no, PLEASE not them!” It ended up going to a young couple. I’ve only met her and she seems very nice. Her husband is a police officer, and I wish they’d let him drive his car home because it would instantly improve the neighborhood, but no dice. Their dog, mercifully, hardly ever makes a peep. The previous owner’s Doberman was a nonstop bark-monster whenever she was let out. So I lucked out.

    The lattice filled with plants sounds like a good idea, just in case the deal goes south for you.

  7. Carol says:

    I am an expert on cat hair removal, borne of necessity due to a condo communal sharing of washers and dryers. I highly recommend a tool: Fur-Zoff ($6.99), which is a volcanic rock that really captures that fur. Life changing!

    The tragic death of Natalie Wood is so suspicious, especially if you add in the accounts of Dennis Davern, the captain of their yacht, who has been outspoken for years about that subject. RJ Wagner is hiding something. Or, sadly, maybe they were all just really drunk and he can’t remember?

    As for L’orange 45, FINALLY suited up with a mask? Too little, too late, motherf**ker. Every day I despise him more.

  8. catsworking says:

    Carol, I never heard of Fur-Zoff. I’ll definitely check into that. I do have two pet gloves, one has rubber nubs and the other is a cross between Velcro and velvet, and they both do a great job of getting the hair off the couch, the perches, etc. I could clean them all every day.

    And I use a Furminator on the cats themselves. It really pulls out that undercoat, which is what my dryer was full of.

    Yes, it’s possible Wagner doesn’t remember what happened, but Walken probably does. He’s staying silent to protect Wagner, because Wagner is still considered a person of interest.

    I don’t think anybody did anything on purpose. It just turned into a very bad night and she made the bad decision to get off the boat.

    I’ve seen the captain, but now I don’t remember what his story was, except that he heard a fight. That checks out with me. As to anything else, I don’t know.

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