Chapter 104: COVID Chronicles

By Max, Roc and Tony

Day 121

Max, Never the Predator, Ever the Prey

Roc: We’re giving Karen the day off (well, she’s our photographer) to show you a typical morning around here. Last night, Max slept on “his” end of the couch after letting me have it for a “little” while during TV time. I needed to make sure he isn’t ruining it…

Because Max was back there this morning, I kept shooting him dagger looks that made him growl until Karen got annoyed and insisted I sit next to her on the floor while she finished reading the newspaper on her laptop. I wasn’t thrilled to do it, but my treat supply is safer when I don’t cross her…

As soon as Karen got up and went to the kitchen to wash up, she heard a stampede of cat feet chasing Max upstairs. But as Max often does when he really wants to stay downstairs, he immediately returned via his shortcut to the mantle.

Tony: I swear I was just sitting on the second beam, but since I can run like the wind, I naturally became a suspect. But Max knows what happens to snitches, so when Karen questioned him on the mantle, he refused to meow a peep about who chased him there.

Meanwhile, Roc had lammed off to the third beam. I knew he was setting me up to take the fall, using the ironclad alibi that he couldn’t possibly have chased Max from the third beam.

Karen expected me to jump to the bookcase to be interrogated. But since Max was already on the mantle, I decided to play it cool and innocent by taking the stairs (you can see Roc gloating from the third beam)…

Max: Karen’s no fool. She knew all along Roc was my tormenter, so after Tony’s story checked out, she went upstairs to make Roc face justice. That’s when he decided to distract her by showing off one of the most dangerous moves a kitty can do in this house: the deadly third-beam-to-banister leap…

Roc then pirouetted and stayed up there to throw me the fish-eye on the mantle…

And Tony, who’d returned to the second beam, to ensure his continued silence…

Tony: Roc knows I’m no canary. I’d never rat him out. Besides, he makes banister-strolling look so easy, his sheer guts amaze me…

In the background downstairs, you can see our new box fort that came last night filled with goodies. Now I have a riddle for you. Can you guess who was sitting in the perch this morning? You get three guesses. You can put them in the comments…

BONUS: Comedian Sarah Cooper strikes again with Trump’s boast to Sean Hannity about how he aced a cognitive test and amazed the doctors at Walter Reed “very recently.” One would assume he did this in November during his still-unexplained visit, and raises the question: What medical emergency was he having that necessitated a fresh evaluation of his marbles?…

8 Responses to Chapter 104: COVID Chronicles

  1. Carol says:

    Karen- be thankful that those beams are square (very nice by the way). I have a giantass (slippery) metal pipe running just under the ceiling of my condo- front to back-and naturally my three fine felines are obsessed with getting on it like little Wallenda wannabes. Each has teetered off, falling 13 feet to the floor. Apparently they are unscathed: but what about me? Such maternal anxiety.

    This hazard has forced me to put up large cardboard barriers complete with duct tape (for added beauty) at all access points. A splendid focal point in our oasis.

    They have moved on to other challenges for now, always busy.

  2. Mary Hunter says:

    Tony, Roc and Max,

    Thanks for the lively post! You guys are all acrobats, jumping from beam to beam! Enjoying your posts. Tony, you continue to delight me with your expressive startled looks. You landed a really great gig with Karen and the cats.

    I can’t guess for sure who is sitting in the perch this morning, but I’ll pull the wildcard and say Tony??

  3. catsworking says:

    Carol, I think every cat who has ever lived in this house fell off a beam once. Only once. They were young or new here and they landed on carpet. No one ever hit any furniture, and no one ever got hurt. It’s a rite of passage. I’ve even seen two cats walking on a beam pass each other, which makes me uneasy.

    I’m sure the beams are hollow because #1 and #3 contain duct work. Over the years, the weight of cats has pulled them away from the ceiling a bit, so there are gaps and cracks at that end.

    My mother’s been trying to get me out of this house for years (she’s a Realtor, she sold it to me), but I’ve never seen another one that comes remotely close to giving the cats the multilevel lifestyle they have here and I know they’d really miss it.

    I can picture your metal pipe. Downtown Richmond they renovate old factories into apartments and condos and leave that “industrial” feel by exposing the ducts and pipes. My cats would definitely rise to the challenge of who could be first to make it all the way across.

    Here, achieving third beam is the ultimate accomplishment. Tony has considered it but not attempted it yet. Roc is the first cat I’ve had who treats third beam like no big deal and goes out there all the time. He actually separated the wood on the banister from pulling himself back in, which is why there’s masking tape on it. All previous cats who made it at least once for bragging rights pretty much left it alone after that.

  4. Anita says:

    Karen, I think that’s Tony’s tail but I might be wrong. He’s so adorable. Do you ever try to pick him up and squeeze him for a hug? I would do that to might cat and kiss him on the cheeks and he looked like he would rather commit suicide then have me do that.

    I was wondering about your beams too and if your house came that way. It’s beautiful! I wouldn’t sell it either.

    Did you get hit with Tropical Storm Fay at all? I don’t know if it did a sideswipe your way. We are getting hit with our normal 100 degree heat wave that lasts for weeks on end. The “average” day over 100 degrees is August 19th. I have a few weeks to go. Thank God we put in new HVAC the year we moved in, but mostly because we had a broken heat exchanger that could have caught the house on fire in the winter.

    I saw on the Today Show the states that were out of control with the virus, and California is close to being there, but it also showed the states in gray that are doing great and that is Virginia. Please tell us your secrets! Is it staying home?? Wearing masks? All the above.

    The virus recently surged through the prisons and Central and Southern California it is farm picking season so the numbers of those workers have that are positive are huge too since their working conditions are right next to each other and they mostly live in campers and move around farm to farm.

    I wish I could attach the chart from the Texas Medical Association I saw today about different activities and their risk of catching Covid-19 from 1 to ten. They didn’t have any 10’s but 9 was going to a bar. That is also what undid California because it’s a big hang in the bar and brewpub culture.

    It’s just depressing and the only bright spot now is Sarah Cooper. I loved that cognitive video. Did Trump just out himself as being tested recently? I didn’t know if the was talking about the present or past. Hard to tell with that idiot.

  5. Randi says:

    Roc, how nice of you to give Karen the day off. 😉 We’re all happy that she can still get some good photos and videoes of you all. You seem to have found a way of sharing the end of the couch, although with some arguing. ;)- And you better make sure you get your treats!
    Tony, on that beam you could not decide whether to go left or right (both look dangerous, but in the end you took the stairs – and very elegant.
    Roc, I almost fainted when you I saw you on that narrow beam! I’m so glad you got down safely.

    It has been my first 24 hours of having a dog in my home. She is a Springer Spaniel, easy and very sweet, I think she loves me… she follows me around and turn her tummy up and let me brush her, she wants to be near me all the time. I let her sleep in my bedroom… she has her bed, but she sleeps
    next to mine. Her parents says she never sleeps in the bedroom. In spite of her good behaviour and her not saying a word, I got up this morning at 5:30 and took her down for a pee. She had not been down since 9.30 PM last night. So, I’m already sleepy and it’s just after 7 PM here.

  6. catsworking says:

    Anita, I think Trump outed himself as being tested in November, but for some reason the media is playing totally dumb about it. He specifically said, “VERY recently.” He wasn’t talking two years ago.

    The heat here has been relentless for weeks. In the mid to high 90s every day with humidity. There was rain in the forecast Thursday and Friday, but we got nothing until late last night. I don’t know if that was Fay. It wasn’t windy at all.

    Virginia with COVID is on plateau, but that could be ending because daily cases just went from 600s a day to 900. Also, we’re near all the stupid Southern states with idiot Republicans not mandating masks, so there’s probably a lot of crossing state lines carrying virus.

    The house came with the beams. The living room, with the high ceiling, takes up half the house. But after my mother showed me three or four ranches and Colonials with their little dark boxy rooms, and then this one, I said, “YES! This is my house!” I still feel that way about it when I look at other houses. I’m addicted to the openness of the living room.

    Tony is the least affectionate cat by far. I’m going to do a post about that. He doesn’t like to be picked up or petted much, though he’s getting better with petting. He never sits on the couch or on my lap. I’m sure it has everything to do with what happened to him at six weeks when he was brought into the shelter and needed a lot of vet care. None of that could have been pleasant, and he may not have gotten the cuddling that’s crucial at that age.

  7. catsworking says:

    Randi, better the dog gets attached to you than not. Did you ever have dogs of your own? Last night I watch a movie from 2007 called Underdog, about a beagle with superpowers. When I was a kid there was a cartoon about Underdog I used to watch. It was a cute movie.

  8. catsworking says:

    Anita, I forgot to mention that you were RIGHT about the tail riddle! I think Max’s tail is a bit shorter and thicker, but it could have been Roc or Tony, who both have long thin tails they like to use to trip me.

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