Chapter 93: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 110

With Trump, No Surprises Left & I Get Creative with Leftovers

As if it weren’t enough for Trump to be killing us in droves with COVID at home, we learn he’s been happy to let Russia take out our soldiers by proxy in Afghanistan.

It seems Putin pays the Taliban bounties for American hides. And Trump now denies that he and Pence have known it for months.

I’ll concede it’s possible that Trump, with his dwindling mental capacity, has no memory of it. And Pence’s standard line for everything is, “Nobody never tells me nuttin’ about nuttin’.”

And maybe whenever Chickenshit Cheetos Cadet Bone Spurs salutes a soldier, it’s not his secret “Fuck You!” signal to our generals because he’s been helping his BFF Vladdy wipe out U.S. troops without wasting any Russian bullets.

When did we make it OK for presidents who commit cut-and-dried treason say, “You can’t blame me for treason because I’m too mentally incapacitated, but you still have to let me run the country”?

What I find most tedious about this latest crime is everyone’s totally predictable outrage and continuing questions.

If there’s one thing 100% consistent about Trump, whether he’s manifesting any heinous human trait you can imagine, or behaving with such depravity that it defies description, it’s that it’s always EXACTLY as bad as it looks.

Trump has NEVER said or done anything that left anyone saying, “Well, that certainly wasn’t as bad as we feared.”

Moreover, it usually gets worse as you peel away the putrid layers of corruption that envelop everything he touches.

These bounties will be no different. Trump has been green-lighting Putin’s Kill-Americans-for-Fun-and-Profit project.

Don’t be surprised if it’s eventually revealed that Putin pays Trump a percentage on every American kill. Trump’s never been one to pass up an opportunity to demand a cut for his beneficence. This will probably be no exception.

Back on the culinary front, last night I had leftover beef lo mein in the fridge from my favorite takeout place, China Taste. I jazzed it up with onions and broccoli doused in soy sauce and sesame oil, and sprinkled it with bits of boneless pork spare ribs. It turned out delicious…

For today’s lunch, I still haven’t bought lunchmeat, and had only a dab of Mediterranean pasta salad left. It swims in olive oil, so I added some diced tomato sprinkled with oregano. Then a few Kalamata olives. And for protein I had some hard salami sitting around, so why not? For that touch of green, capers. Finished off with feta cheese. Voila! Tasty little lunch…

Speaking of lo mein, does anybody know a good recipe for whatever’s on the noodles? I’ve tried several, but have never been able to duplicate that restaurant taste.


8 Responses to Chapter 93: COVID Chronicles

  1. MorganLF says:

    Putin is trump’s banker. Just google it so many ties in short putin indirectly owns Deutsche bank..he is extraordinarily wealthy. He owns trump’s debt AND has the pee tapes.

    Lunch with the olives and capers and feta called my name, yum.

    I slept till 6 Pm after being up all night, so no lunch. Hot dogs for dinner.

    I did manage to vacuum tho.

  2. Randi says:

    From the link you posted yesterday, I found this – Enjoy!
    For four months I haven’t met up with my three girlfriends – we usually go out for a meal every two months and take turns deciding where. So yesterday, I decided and we had lunch for a change, in Palæ Bar, where my husband and I used to go a lot. A Creole woman used to run it, but she died about ten years ago. The new owner is great, though.
    “It is one of the joints that have class, charm, ambiance and not at least atmosphere enough for a whole city centre. Every evening, this is the rendezvous point for many artists, journalists and media personnel, who relax here after work. Many cultural reviews have been post-edited in this room over the years. It is a charming place, and the perfect starting point for a night out in Copenhagen.”
    Karen, you are so creative with leftovers, adding olives, capers and feta is always delicious. For noodles, try to look for Thai recipes. 😉

  3. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I haven’t slept into the PM yet, but dinner sounds about right. And on the days I vacuum, I feel like “OK, major achievement. I’m done now.”

    I vaguely felt like I was with you at the old PO in DC. I think one of the times we were there, the weather was drizzly miserable just about the whole time. I guess they let Trump have the building because the tourist destination they hoped for never gained much traction. I thought it was lovely, though. Like something you’d find in a European city.

  4. catsworking says:

    Randi, I do like Thai food when I have it out, but have never thought to try it at home.

    Interestingly enough, at the opposite end of the little strip mall where my China Taste is, is a Thai restaurant. It’s relatively new and I’ve never tried it, but I should, because they are probably struggling. But whenever I order Chinese, I have enough for a week. They always give me 3 fortune cookies, so they must think I’m buying for a family. 😉

    That restaurant sounds lovely. I think about you in Copenhagen a lot, and that song from the Danny Kaye movie about Hans Christian Andersen starts running through my head. Yup, it’s there now, and I’ll be hearing it all day. It replaced “America the Beautiful,” which I heard of TV first thing today and got stuck on.

    I’ll check out the link. I love Jon Stewart. He’s got a new movie coming out called “Irresistible.”

  5. Randi says:

    Karen, I think you would love to sit in Palæ Bar, chatting with other writers/artists and having a drink… or two. 😉
    I wonder if you can view this, or get it in the US:
    I sometimes buy the creamy green curry chicken and add some extra chicken bits and extra noodles. I would love to make it myself, but I can’t find the exact recipe. You could easily make a sauce and freeze it and then you would just need to cook noodles and whatever meat you prefer.
    The blue one with spicy sesame chicken and noodles is also good. Both are a little spicy.
    The song from the Danny Kaye movie about Hans Christian Andersen, I’m not I Know, but I will check it out right now…

  6. catsworking says:

    Randi, here you go. The link to YouTube to the song, “Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen”

    I loved Danny Kaye. He was so talented.

    Watching that song brought me to tears to think that Americans are not welcome in all these beautiful countries because of fucking TRUMP!!!

    Some years ago I was on a transatlantic crossing, I think from Lisbon, and I was seated for dinner with a couple from England and others. During the voyage, talk turned to politics. Obama must have been president and the Europeans had a lot of questions about Obama and Bush. Being a liberal, of course I put in my two cents with that slant, and I’ll never forget that the Englishman turned to me and said in all sincerity, “You are one of the kindest Americans I have ever met.”

    It made me wonder what the HELL kind had crossed his path before?

    I’ve seen on cruises how Americans can be gauche and rude when it comes to other countries’ cultures and customs. But in the main, I think those of us who venture abroad do so because we WANT to experience those things, not to mock them or insult the people.

    If there was ever a survey of Trump voters, I would think they’d find that the majority have never had a passport. They don’t want to leave the country because they know they’d be out of their depth and it scares them shitless. Better to vilify strangers who don’t look like them or speak their language from the safety of their little pockets of ignorance.

    Almost forgot to say that you have a VASTLY greater variety of Thai food than I’ve ever seen here. We have only a few companies selling packaged Asian foods, and the ones I’ve tried have been dreadful. But those are in American supermarkets. I’d probably do better in an Asian grocery.

  7. Randi says:

    Karen, I didn’t know it was that song you meant. Danny Kaye was indeed talented. I don’t even think I saw the film, my parents didn’t have TV back then, and I never was crazy about mucicals.
    Americans… luckily, I have only met the nice ones, both here and in Califonia and Chicago, well except for a one customs officer – I think it was in Chicago. He was so rude! I was not even trying to smuggle anything! I was SO tired after the long trip. I agree that the ones who haven’t travelled abroad are probably the ones who are the most insulting to foreigners, but they live their lives with blinkers on. When my husband and I went on vacation to Donimican Republic, he had gone into town on his own (Puerto Plata), there he saw an American couple step out of their taxi and when they saw the people and traffic, they got right back into the taxi and went back to their resort. LOL My husband had a good laugh. 😀
    Although we had a very nice dinner buffet at our hotel, we liked going to local places and meet the people. We sometimes went to Cafe Cito, a scruffy place with a really nice atmosphere. It’s a place Bourdain would have visited. It is/was owned by a former Canadian Ambassador (Tim Hall), and an elderley Greek woman did most of the cooking. Delicious! We sat and chatted with them a couple of times and had such fun.

    Btw, the Thai food we can get both in the posh supermarket and in the discount one. 🙂
    When Trump is out, I’m sure everthing will get back to normal. 🙂 It will take some time, though – I know you can’t wait!

  8. catsworking says:

    Thanks for that video link, Randi, now my mouth is watering and I’m drooling all over my keyboard. 😉

    I believe I’ve only been to the island of Hispaniola once, and I think I was on the Dominican Republic side, but it was confined to a beach the cruise line had leased and spruced up. I don’t believe anyone was allowed to go into town because it was considered too dangerous for tourists. The beach was lovely.

    In all the times I’ve visited places in Europe, I’m trying to remember any of the locals being rude and I can’t think of single instance. Except in Lisbon, I did get scalped for 50 euros to get into a room sooner at my hotel, but they were very polite while they did it. Even the pickpockets in Barcelona were polite as they were sizing me up.

    On the other hand, I can think of quite a few incidents where Americans I was with on tours were ridiculous. Complaining about everything, saying nasty things about the people. In one situation, they expected the whole country to be carpeted and air conditioned for them. But those are cruise ship passengers for you. They barge in for a day and then they’re gone. Half the time when they get home they can’t even tell you where they’ve been or the name of the ship they went there on. They’re a different animal.

    Once in San Juan, Puerto Rico, before a cruise with my parents, we were looking for a place to have lunch and ventured into this hole in the wall that was actually a very large restaurant. Some time later I was watching one of Bourdain’s shows and he went into the same restaurant! I think it was the one where he said the pina colada was supposedly invented. Who knew?

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