Chapter 73: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 90

Harry and Meghan & Roc In a Box

Officially three months — 90 days in lock-down. I enjoy all the comforts of home and cats, but am beginning to understand how prisoners must feel. Nothing to look forward to, nowhere to go. Just make do with what you’ve got and take life one day at a time.

Many states, including Virginia, are steadily reopening even as cases spike and hospital beds max out. Virginia has surpassed 51,000 cases. I have no plans to rejoin the world until we get definitive word that the coast is (relatively) clear.

Meanwhile, the long, hot summer is here. Temps in the 80s and 90s, with afternoon thunderstorms to keep it steamy. Here’s Max and Roc last night hanging out…

…waiting for their delivery. When it came, Roc wasted no time checking out his new digs and fresh paper…

Why do Prince Harry and Meghan Markle keep popping up on my radar? Aren’t we done with them?

In March, when they seceded from royal life by posting it on social media before they personally told Harry’s family, I was surprised at the positive reaction: “Good for them! Screw the royals!”

I was initially sad for Harry, but then he and Meghan became our problem by moving to Los Angeles.

Not before trying to snooker the Queen into letting them have it all their way. They’d do her the favor of dropping in for “some” duties when they weren’t hawking their “Sussex Royal brand” for a buck. The Queen said, “Hell, no.”

So now they say they want to earn an honest living, but still use their ex-royal status as leverage. I’m sorry, but that’s cheating if commoners are in line for the same work.

Of course, every story has two sides. We heard rumors that the family was beastly, even racist, toward Meghan. And also that Meghan’s a diva whose demands made staff quit.

What I always saw was an ambitious actress I’d never heard of whose family (except her mom) clamored like trailer trash for 15 minutes of fame as soon as she latched onto Harry.

Meghan gave up “all” her cable TV fame for instant international recognition with a royal wedding. Then she spent nine months with her hand on her tummy whenever a camera was present lest we forget for a second she was Harry’s baby-mama.

Then all went quiet (supposedly to give Archie a “normal” life). Until the Big Split.

It’s reported that William and Harry, always close, grew distant over Meghan. She even managed to piss off unflappable Kate.

I always knew Meghan wouldn’t stay in Kate’s shadow. Her wish was to eclipse Kate, never to play second banana.

When obliterating Kate with her own brilliance failed, Meghan yanked Harry away from his family, schoolmates and old army buddies. Now they’re both looking for work where Meghan feels most comfortable and Harry is a curiosity.

But I don’t think this phase will last, either. When time goes on and Meghan discovers being a nonfunctioning duchess opens fewer and fewer doors, she’ll dump Harry and use Archie to bargain a fine royal settlement for herself. The royals will welcome Harry and his broken heart back into the fold.

I love Harry and hate to see him go through this, but these are his choices.

This has always been my favorite Meghan photo because Kate wouldn’t be caught dead tying her coat like that…

New York Times

15 Responses to Chapter 73: COVID Chronicles

  1. Marina says:

    A gnat could eclipse Kate; she’s the most boring Stepford wife on the planet. The Royal Family is disgusting, in my opinion; a long succession of greedy, selfish, self-serving toffs, a family made up of criminals, fornicators, and pedophiles. You can talk about Meghan’s trailer trash family (and indeed they are, except for her lovely mother), but the RF is just trailer trash with money and power. No better. William is consumed with wanting to be King NOW and will throw anyone under the bus, and Kate’s only ambition is to pop babies and be Queen. She’ll be perfect (zzzzz). What a sad little ambition to have in this life. I’m disappointed you take such a trashy tabloid- informed view of the situation, Karen. I usually love all your commentary, especially about AB and trump.

  2. catsworking says:

    Marina, you seem to be writing from a British perspective, and I’ll agree I certainly don’t see all you do about the RF in your press. I do agree with you that they are a deeply dysfunctional bunch whose time has probably passed (and I’ll never forgive them for their treatment of Diana), but they are Harry’s only family.

    Have to laugh and agree with your description of Kate as a Stepford Wife because it’s spot-on. It’s kind of sad that all these people are locked into this existence where they’re supposed to project this plastic image of perfection in exchange for living in palaces and having their every move and outfit under a microscope, while they really have no influence over anything. If given the choice, the ones young enough to survive on their own might very well choose to chuck it like Harry did.

    Americans do have a fascination and some love for the royal family. Compared to the psychotic Trump clan now shitting all over and looting the White House, the Windsors seem refreshingly sane and stable, believe it or not.

    Sorry I disappointed you. Meghan’s going to screw Harry over in the end. Guaranteed. If there’s one thing Americans recognize, it’s a scheming little gold-digger. She’s playing a role. If it doesn’t result in a big comeback for her career, he’s history.

  3. Marina says:

    Well, compared to trump, everything else is sane! We can certainly agree on that. I too have never forgiven the RF over what they did to Diana, but they’ve not done much better in regard to Harry. Harry is very much Diana’s son, more so than William, who I think takes more after his father. As for Meghan, the girl has sparkle for miles. I can see where royal life was stultifying for her, especially when she was expected to hide her light under a bushel for the rest of her life. Should she have known what she was getting into? I think it’s hard to fathom the harsh reality of it until you’re actually in the grips of the Firm and all its henchmen, especially for an American coming in. Wallis Simpson was shocked at how ruthless and tough they were; although in her case, she really was a gold-digging piece of work. And when it didn’t pan out for her like she had envisioned, she spent the rest of her miserable life hating poor, weak Edward and shopping till she dropped, while pretending she had any kind of “court” in exile. All her grand schemes in tatters at her feet, tsk tsk.

    I see a lot of warmth when I look at Meghan, unlike Wallis, who was cold as ice. She’s always looked very caring and sincere when I’ve observed her in public. None of us can know how their marriage will turn out. I hope for Harry’s sake that it does, and for Archie’s, but I also hope that for Meghan. I think the goldfish bowl may prove too much for both of them in the end. I see Harry quietly retiring to some African animal rescue operation, because all the interviews I’ve watched with him over the years indicate quite clearly that he was quite miserable with the royal life long before Meghan came along. He despised the press. I think Meghan just gave him the strength and courage he needed to finally act. I don’t see Meghan as evil, as so many seem to, though. A strong woman, yes. Ambitious, yes, but also not as anxious to return to her cable TV career as people seem to think. I think she’s capable of much more, with Harry at her side or without him. And yes, I do think a breakup would hurt him more. It would break his heart. But I still don’t think she’s Machiavellian. I leave that to William and Kate and the royal courtiers. Anyway, time will tell…

  4. Sandee says:

    I kind of wonder if Megxit was part of their ultimate plan anyway and not an, “They were nice at first, now they treat her like shit so we’re out”, thing. And I agree, she’s going to screw him over somehow, or Harry’s going to miss his family and want back in. I mean, family is family no matter how messed up they are and he’s probably very used to it. I don’t envy Megan her position, but I get big gold digger vibes from her as well.

  5. catsworking says:

    Marina, in their own weird way, William and Kate are perfect for each other. She’s got the role down pat, and he needs her spine of steel behind him. I did see where he supposedly cheated on her. If so, then he’s no different from all the other men in the family. They’re like the Kennedys that way.

    Agree that Meghan had no idea what she getting into. Could anybody, really? I do compare her to Wallis Simpson, and if Wallis was a barracuda going in, Meghan was a goldfish. The RF chewed them both up and spit them out. In Wallis’ case, she had it coming. Meghan, probably not. If anything, she was too naive.

    Meghan doesn’t have Diana’s skill in using the press to her advantage. Of course, she’s also got her family working against her there at every turn (except her mother). I think it’s nice that Harry is so ferociously protective, because he’s still deeply scarred from what happened to Diana. I just hope his devotion doesn’t end up getting thrown back in his face when Meghan doesn’t get the life she wants. What that life is, who knows? I don’t see her devoting herself to motherhood.

    I don’t think she wants to go back to cable TV. She wants to be in movies, like Grace Kelly in reverse. Marry royalty first, then put that on the back burner and become a big star. Them living in L.A. isn’t so much to be near her mother. It’s to be near Hollywood.

    I can see how the British would be totally in Meghan’s corner after all the shit the royals have dished out over the years. She IS a breath of fresh air. She DID try to bend the rules, unsuccessfully. Naming her child Archie makes us think of Archie Bunker from the TV show All in the Family, an ugly, bald, pot-bellied, stupid bigot who demeaned his wife and spouted racist garbage that would NEVER be shown today. It’s like she went out of her way to pick the most offensive name besides Adolph (or now Donald) she could.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out. I wish Harry a happily ever after, but I don’t think he’s going to find it in Los Angeles. Africa maybe.

  6. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Sandee!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Megxit wasn’t HER plan all along. She needed to see the lay of the land first. And when it became clear Kate would always be top bitch, she got the wheels turning. Harry probably thought it was a great idea after falling out with William over her and then seeing how she was being treated in the press, so he didn’t need his arm twisted.

    I saw an interview with Meghan when she was still in England. She was outside, wearing a white dress, and the reporter asked her how she was doing. She teared up and said something like, “Oh, thank you. Nobody every asks me that,” and went on to make noises about how hard it had been to adjust, yada, yada, yada. I watched her and thought, “Yup, there she goes, back to acting.”

    Next thing we know, she’s taken the baby and hopped a plane to Canada, leaving Harry to tell his family they’re pulling out and to deal alone with that fallout. So, she’s passive-aggressive as well.

  7. Sandee says:

    I think I read somewhere that she had to go through a royal bootcamp of sorts, so it’s not like she didn’t know how difficult it was to be that kind of a public figure. Everyone knows who you are, worldwide. Everyone. She was probably shooting for Princess Diana/Kate popularity and was extremely disappointed that she didn’t even come close to it. She didn’t count on the British press not liking her, or the “hired help” narc’ing on her overly-entitled behavior (if we believe any of what was reported). Her tearing up reminded me of AA’s tears over AB two years ago, and the most recent haggard instagram post of her looking pretty beat up and teary eyed (and then she admitted that it was tear drops). Looked like crocodile tears to me.

    Thanks! I have been reading your blog for the past couple of years. It’s one of the things that keeps me sane these days. Enjoy seeing the pics of your cats and keeping up on their “work”. 🙂

  8. Marina says:

    The British tabloids, sanctioned by the RF courtiers, have been brutal with Meghan and Harry. It is so clearly a case of a double standard and who they are trying the promote, i.e. Kate and William. After all, their livelihoods and survival depends on the monarchy continuing ad nauseum. The royal court has been a nest of vipers for centuries, and modern times have not changed that. The thing is, the stories about Meghan are so ludicrous as to be simply unbelievable, and the double standards between Kate and Meghan are so obvious it’s criminal. How can one woman wear the exact same style of dress as another, yet one is called gracious and exquisite while the other is called trashy and tacky? It was the exact same dress style and both were elegant and beautiful! Or when Kate is praised to the high heavens for doing something right after Meghan has done it first, yet Meghan was excoriated for the exact same thing?! The bias is undeniable, and yes, I do believe racism has a LOT to do with it. The British upper classes are not exactly famous for their open welcome toward anyone they consider less than… and people of color are certainly considered “less than” in their eyes.

    For me, Meghan’s worst enemy is the trashy side of the family – a father and half-siblings who are so jealous and envious they’d sooner destroy her than see her have any joy or happiness. Thank goodness for her mother, who seems like a genuinely lovely and classy lady. I do agree with you about the name, Archie. Oh heavens! Of all the great names in the world, they chose the ugliest of them all! Only Donald or Adolph would have been worse, indeed!

    Btw, I am Canadian, not British. But yes, I do read more about events in the UK than probably the average American. And I remember Archie Bunker vividly and the less said about him, the better. I loved AB and will never forget him. And I rail against the orange organism every day. Cannot stand him! I find myself sometimes fantasizing about a Mussolini-type fate for him…

    PS: I don’t Meghan is a very good actress, actually. I don’t think she’s cut out for movies. That’s also why I find it hard to believe she’s “acting” her way through this whole marriage to Harry. She’s not that good. Her strengths, and she does have them in spades, lie elsewhere. And she could still have fame, if that’s what she craves so much.

  9. catsworking says:

    Marina, I would like nothing better than to see Trump have a Mussolini finish, complete with red tie dragging on the ground.

    When it comes to fashion, Meghan simply doesn’t have the upper hand there because Kate is tall and willowy, and so was Diana. Meghan is short and short-waisted. Put them both in the same outfit, and Meghan will look dumpy by comparison. Kate probably loves that.

    You’re probably right about there being racism against Meghan in the British press. I thought it highly ironic that her mother was the classiest person at the wedding. And surprised that Charles wasn’t a dick for once and offered to walk her out of the chapel after the ceremony. But, of course, then they didn’t let her come to the private family gathering at Christmas, after Meghan asked.

    I don’t think Meghan is acting through her entire marriage. She does seem to love Harry — now. She just turns on the fake when cameras are rolling and it suits her to do so. Right now, they’re getting very little attention except I see blurbs here and there about them suing publications.

    I never watched Suits, so I don’t know what kind of actress she is, but to me she just doesn’t have the presence or charisma to be great, and certainly not a leading lady in films.

    I think she’s doing some voiceover work for Disney (which has video of Harry lobbying some guy at a function to hire her for). If she doesn’t start landing substantial acting gigs, the next news we’ll hear from her is that she’s pregnant again. That gives her nine automatic months in the spotlight. AND will piss off the RF again because she’ll have the baby here and shut them out.

  10. catsworking says:

    Sandee, did you see the selfie AA put out yesterday looking all puffy, teary-eyed and hung over? She didn’t post anything directly about Bourdain except to say it was two years without “my love.”

    Yes, her love of his fame, his money, his prestige, and his willingness to lie for her and keep her dirty secrets.

    Glad to hear you’ve been around for a while. I see these numbers and do wonder who’s reading, because only a tiny handful ever seem to comment.

  11. Sandee says:

    Yes! I did see that picture. I follow VelliniVerso on twitter and saw that selfie and that was my exact thought. She misses his wallet and the clout that knowing him intimately gave her. I don’t really believe that she was the only reason behind his suicide, but I think that if he had kicked her to the curb sooner, he may have sought out some therapy instead of wasting his time fighting with her dumbass and being emotionally and $$$ wise at the ready on damage control for her poor choices. I can’t imagine how exhausting it was feeding her ego and dealing with her, I’m just guessing, unchecked mental illness.

  12. Marina says:

    Well, your opinion of Meghan is harsher than mine. I can tell your information on Meghan is fed by tabloid media in the US, which I find absolutely ludicrous. I means it’s totally bizarre the evil they claim she is up to! As if she even had that much power. Btw, both she and Kate looked beautiful in their respective dresses, even with different body types. They were criticizing Meghan for looking “trashy” and “inappropriate” because if was a one-shoulder gown, but when Kate wore almost the exact one-shoulder gown a week later they were swooning over it. Even if you dislike Meghan, surely anyone can see the unequal and totally biased treatment? I remember the days when they were dragging Kate for everything she did wrong, and her faux pas when she first married into the Firm, but all of sudden she could do no wrong? It’s the nature of the game. They certainly did it to Diana as well. And if Kate is so superior to Meghan, why was she so threatened by her?

    Just noticing your other thread about AA. I cannot tolerate looking at her page or reading about that vile woman, so I haven’t been checking her out. That selfie you mentioned, with her all teary? Ugh! She’s bleary-eyed because she’s a drunk and an addict, not because of any kind of grief. She would have to have a heart to grieve. Oh, Anthony, why?! You finally found your poison, and you took it willingly. Still breaks my heart. I miss his opinion about current events, and seeing what he would be up to during the travel ban. I can’t help but think he would have welcomed it. He was so tired by the end…

  13. catsworking says:

    Marina, I agree that Meghan got harsh scrutiny, of what little I saw of it. I ignored all the racist crap. I wasn’t talking about whether or not she should wear particular clothes, like off the shoulder. Just saying, as a short, short-waisted woman myself, I know I look dumpy in many styles, and she’s got the same body type, only thinner (so far). A lot of what she wears doesn’t flatter her. You could put a paper sack on Kate and she’d add a belt and look fabulous.

    If Meghan gets her fondest wish for life as a totally private citizen here in the States, no one will give a shit if she runs down the street naked. But we both know that’s not what she really wants. If it were, they’d drop the lawsuits about old “reporting” on them. It’s the only reason they get any news coverage at all these days. Dredging up all the old “lies” in court for the press to rehash doesn’t seem like the best way to be private.

    The last thing I think Kate feels is threatened by Meghan. Kate’s going to be Queen Consort before long. Meghan will still be a nonfunctioning duchess.

    If Kate’s got a beef against Meghan, it’s probably over the falling out Kate and William had with Harry. They were all close. Particularly between William and Harry. William has lost his only brother, and the person he would have trusted most when he becomes king.

    I don’t think I buy a lot of tabloid trash talk about Meghan. What I’m saying is from what I’ve observed. I’ve actually read and watched a lot, looking to find what Harry sees in her. She did a special shortly after the wedding where she showed the dress and explained the embroidery on the veil. She affected a bit of an English accent. REALLY? Bit of an act, perhaps?

    What Americans see is an American from the wrong side of the tracks pretending she’s royalty. It rubs the wrong way.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree about this, but I find nothing in the least bit genuine or endearing about her public persona. If not for her connection to Harry, who is universally loved, she would have returned to D-list celebrity obscurity the moment she set foot back in this country.

  14. Marina says:

    And here I thought the American dream was for people from the wrong side of the tracks to better themselves? Hmmm… As you say, we will have to agree to disagree.

    PS: Kate’s hagard scrawniness may not look so appealing in another five to ten years. She’s aging fast. Perhaps her philandering husband ruins her appetite. She will be Queen Consort, yes, but of what? An empty monarchy without any real power, and years and years and years of boring public functions. I feel sorry for her, frankly. I hope she derives joy from her children at least. And she does have servants. Servants are always good.

  15. catsworking says:

    Marina, we like to see people better themselves, but then not to put on airs once they do it, and that’s what she seems to be doing, from an American perspective. Her duchess title means NOTHING here, but she can wave it around all she likes if it makes her feel better about putting Harry in a position to choose between her and his family.

    Becoming a royal was like accepting a job. The duties were well-defined and understood by all, apparently, but her. Once she had the job, she tried to rewrite the job description. As would be the case in most firms, it got shot down. So her choice was to toe the line and do the job she signed on for or leave. So she left.

    Whether the job was worth doing in the first place is for the British people to ultimately decide, not an American who turned out to be a square peg in a round hole.

    Agree about Kate’s weight. Women who keep themselves that thin tend not to live into old age. Think Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn, who both died in their 60s. Once menopause hits, the thinness turns to gauntness.

    Maybe when William gets to the throne, he and the people will agree that it’s time for the monarchy to end. I don’t think he’d fight that. If that happens, all the other royal titles will crumble under him and there will be no more nobility in England and they’ll be just like Americans and nobody ever again has to cut a ribbon or accept a bouquet of flowers from a stranger’s child.

    It’s funny that you seem to feel about Kate the way I feel about Meghan. Different strokes.

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