Chapter 41: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 58

Twenty-Six 9/11s So Far & Romping with Roc and Tony

When it comes to COVID deaths, talking heads are saying, “We’ve lost more people than during the Vietnam War.” Horribly true, but too abstract.

As of the today’s figures, the U.S. has had 78,098 deaths. That’s roughly equivalent to 9/11 happening TWENTY-SIX times.

The World Trade Center blown up about EVERY THREE DAYS since this coronavirus nightmare began.

While we stay home fearing for our lives, thanks to 24/7 news, we essentially relive the trauma of 9/11 at least twice a week.

But it’s even worse now. Back in 2001, the last Republican idiot in the White House, George W. Bush, didn’t lack empathy. Remember him at Ground Zero with the bullhorn saying all the right things? He was at least able to grasp the enormity of the disaster.

Now we’ve got this bloated orange clown-face verbally abusing and gaslighting us every time he gets in front of a camera. Prancing, preening, lying, boasting about the “fantastic” job he’s doing to achieve the highest numbers of sickness and death on the planet. And Pence, the fawning, phony enabler, has done everything but roll in a tub full of blood so Trump can publicly take a victory bath in it.

As the virus insidiously spreads into states comprising Trump’s base, he insists businesses open so the racist zombies who worship him can come out to play. They will, and many more will die because they listened to Trump.

While his supporters sop up deadly virus, Trump is vowing to destroy the Obamacare they may depend on to avoid bankruptcy when they get sick. But they might go broke AND die, because they believed Trump is looking out for them.

In contrast to Hitler, who marched Jews to their deaths because he hated them, Trump is so stupid he’s marching his voters, the people who LOVE him, to their deaths.

Trump really seems to believe he can lie, cheat, steal and bully his way out of death itself. Come November, we’d better show him what a big mistake that was.

OK, now I feel better.

To end the week on a lighter note, last night as I was wrapping up, I went into the Man Cave Café and found Tony’s blue sparkle ball…

(Water dish is full of food because Max likes to drink with his mouth full.)

In addition to water sports, Tony’s fascinated by shadows. This morning, the trees whipping around in the skylight caught his attention…

A bit later, he joined Roc at the Kitty Condo for some fun and games with one-legged Froggy, and Roc found out just how strong he is (no kitties were hurt during filming)…

11 Responses to Chapter 41: COVID Chronicles

  1. Tracy Moses says:

    Karen, I am embarrassed to confess that I’ve been too lazy to post a comment up until now! I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your updates and I find I look forward to hearing the latest installment of what’s going on in your world. Thanks for taking the time to keep us entertained!

  2. catsworking says:

    Hey, Tracy, thanks! Don’t be a stranger!

    Some days I don’t feel like doing a post, but since this is about the most interaction with people I’ve been getting since this quarantine mess started, I make the effort. I live for the comments. Just don’t expect me to put on makeup or wear anything nicer than sweats. 😉

  3. Tracy Moses says:

    I thought of you last week and almost sent you a photo (can I do that here?) of an 8-10 day old kitten I rescued last Friday. I spent a long night with it, getting up constantly, checking to see if it was still alive and trying to feed it. Fortunately, the next day a local vet connected me with a woman who has a nursing mom cat so i think the story had a happy ending. I confess, if my husband weren’t allergic, I would have kept it and then I could start my own blog – LOL!

  4. catsworking says:

    Tracy, how lucky you were able to find a mom kitty for that little one. VERY young. I don’t think you can post pics in comments here, but if you contact me from the Karen and the Cats page (see link), it goes to my personal site where you can message me and I’ll respond. Then you’ll have my email and can send the pic if you still want to. I try not to post any of my email addresses online because I get enough spam as it is. Sorry it’s so convoluted.

  5. Tracy Moses says:

    I wouldn’t publish my email either! I will send you the photos. I totally cried when I turned her over to the lady and I hadn’t even had her (we think it’s a girl) 24 hours!

  6. Tracy Moses says:

    I fee like a moron but I can’t find any link. I might need a trail of breadcrumbs!

  7. Randi says:

    Karen, like Tracy I so enjoy your blog, it has everything I like, Bourdain (missed very much 😦 ) cats, politics.
    Such fun to see the videos of Tony being so fascinated by the shadow – I think he now knows it’s not dangerous. LOL! And Tony and Roc playing with the kitty condo – so lucky it fell on the staircase, or they might have been hurt. Oh, and Trump and Obamacare… his stupid followers will believe anything he says, and it may cost them their lives. Well, there’ll be less to vote for him.
    Btw, do you know how to put a picture on one’s profile?

  8. catsworking says:

    Tracy, no problem. I clicked through everything myself to make sure it was all still working, but here’s a shortcut:

    Just go directly to and click on the Contact link in the top right corner. There will be a form to fill out. When I get your message, I’ll respond from my business email address, so then you’ll have it.

  9. Tracy Moses says:

    Ah, I see. I found that part but didn’t realize I had to go through another step of getting a response. Not a problem though, I just thought it was going to be like a link to a proxy or something!

  10. catsworking says:

    Randi, by the time the kitty condo hit the step, both kitties were long gone. It fell over almost in slow motion. Roc has never done that before, so he was surprised.

    The shadows on the wall from the skylight were really interesting because it was very windy. But Tony goes after shadows constantly. Which reminds me, I need to dig out the laser pointer. I can’t remember if he’s played with that yet, but it will drive him bonkers.

    At least three people in the White House (and 11 Secret Service, who they won’t say where they worked, but if it wasn’t in the White House, why hide it?) have all tested positive. Trump’s valet who serves him meals, and personal assistants of Pence and Ivanka. If at least one of them doesn’t catch it at some point, there is no God.

    As for profile pictures, did you register with WordPress in some way to be able to post comments here? If so, then you probably have a WordPress profile that you should be able to edit. That’s where you’d find you can upload a picture.

    Since I did my little cat avatar through the blog, it’s part of the blog profile.

  11. catsworking says:

    Tracy, I know it’s kind of convoluted, but at the time I guess I didn’t know how to put a contact page on this blog (or have a place to put it or something — it’s been so long ago I don’t remember). So I just linked to where I DO have a contact page.

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