Chapter 34: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 51

Max Gets Bullied & Biden Gets Blindsided

Tony’s apparently old enough now to appreciate a fine ‘nip, so I let him have some last night and found him sprawled on the kitchen floor looking a bit wacked out…

Speaking of intoxication, I opened my office window today, which I don’t often do. Even though all the other windows were already open, it immediately became the hottest ticket in the house…

Yesterday, I captured a typical encounter between Max and Roc. It all starts out friendly enough, and then Roc has to turn bully…

Roc only left because I nudged him off the table. He knew just where to pick so Max was helpless to defend himself.

And now a word about Joe Biden. Until today, I’ve deliberately kept Tara Reade’s #MeToo allegation off my radar. We already know Joe’s a toucher and a hugger, but a finger rapist? Puleez.

This morning I did catch his first interview about it with Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe. I don’t know how he kept his cool because I was screaming at Mika, who didn’t listen to a word he said. Her obvious mission was to paint him as evasive, uncooperative and guilty.

I think it will boil down to confirming whether or not the sexual harassment complaint Reade claims she filed exists. Reade has apparently produced all her Senate employment records for 1993 — she kept everything — BUT the complaint.

Biden issued a very calm and measured statement flatly denying Reade’s accusation without attacking or trying to discredit her. It’s a complete 180 from how Trump reacts in these situations.

Biden repeatedly explained to Mika that any complaint would be in personnel records maintained by the National Archives, and he’s asked them to find it and make it public if it exists. Mika wasn’t hearing it, and continued to demand that Biden have his personal papers at the University of Delaware searched.

What more could the man do?

Trump and the GOP make a grave mistake if they think this puts Biden on equal footing with Trump when it comes to assaulting women. Trump’s in a vile league of his own.

Biden has said and done everything an innocent man would do in such circumstances. Trump, on the other hand, wears his record as a serial predator who’s obsessed with his own daughter like a badge of honor, while doing everything he can to demean and insult his victims.

I just hope Democrats don’t repeat the Al Franken mistake and destroy Biden’s candidacy with their soul-searching.

Here’s a thorough article by a federal prosecutor analyzing many gaping holes in Reade’s claim and her subsequent questionable behavior.

On a purely logistical level, since women weren’t allowed to wear pants in Congress until 1993, such a formal workplace would have required hosiery — PANTYHOSE — under dresses and skirts. Reade wouldn’t have been running around bare-legged. Biden would have had to poke through her pantyhose to do what she’s claiming.

That’s the type of gaucherie only a depraved pig like Trump would try at the office.

What do you think?


4 Responses to Chapter 34: COVID Chronicles

  1. Anita says:

    Karen, you are so right about Tara Reade. I didn’t even think about the work clothes back in that day. I used to travel full time and was a project/account manager and remember having to wear a suit and pantyhose in 100 degree weather to Arizona one summer. I damn near died.

    What would be in the Univ of Delaware papers? I’m confused on that one. Like you, I have been avoiding this topic.

    One of the things I read and do believe, that there was plenty of time TWICE for this to come out when Biden was Obama’s VP. Why is it just coming out now? And why didn’t it come out during the primaries? Guess there was nothing that happened in Ukraine so Putin had a Plan B.

    This would have happened to any male candidate, so what would they have pulled with a female candidate? She is an evil crazy bitch that is going to take your guns away. Like they said about Hillary.

  2. catsworking says:

    Anita read that article under the link about the analysis of holes in Reade’s claims. It’s pretty shocking that anybody’s even taking her seriously. She’s created her own history to make herself a joke, especially her published writings about Putin himself.

    Biden turned over to the University of Delaware all his papers from being in the Senate. So speeches, notes, work on bills, etc. He said he didn’t keep anyone’s personnel files because they didn’t belong to him. They go to the National Archives as part of the whole Senate history, I guess.

    Mika kept saying, “Well, wouldn’t you at least have someone at Delaware do a SEARCH on Tara Reade to see if her name comes up in anything?”

    He kept answering there was no reason to do that. Her name wouldn’t be attached to anything related to his Senate work. Does Mika think Joe kept a diary: “Deary Diary, today I finger-banged a girl on my staff named Tara Reade. It felt so good!” (Actually, that’s more like something Trump would do. Or tweet. If he were literate.)

  3. Francis Alan Wormald says:


  4. catsworking says:

    Right. It should come from a woman. Preferably one who was working in the Senate back in 1993 and remembers how strict the dress code was.

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