Chapter 14: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 31

Tony Gets a New Collar

Saturday is laundry day, so I also washed the myriad towels and blankies protecting my couch, a classic made by This End Up. It’s without doubt the least comfortable — yet most cat-proof — couch ever made. That’s why I bought it. Think of a church pew with a bottom and back cushion. It takes lots of extra padding to make this thing even approach comfy…

The pillow end is mine, and the purple end where the cats’ teddies and Mickey Mouse live is theirs.

[Fun Fact: I thought the company had gone out of business, but apparently they’re bigger than ever! And now they make padded sofas as well.]

For some spring color, I gave it a salmon quilt. Under that are layers of towels and afghans to keep claws out of the cushions. The pillows across the back are to discourage stretching and digging in, and I’ve got magazines draped over the arm because Max likes to approach from the end table.

Max, ironically, the most careful about never disturbing things, is the most destructive. When he stretches or leaps, he can pull divots out of the furniture.

Pleased with the couch, I next decided Tony could use some sprucing up. He’s brutal on collars. This morning the collar he got for Christmas fell apart…

I had new blue collar intended to be Roc’s spring wardrobe, but Tony needs it more, so he got it. Naturally, it came with a bell. It took Tony a few minutes to realize that he’d become a jingle toy (which he loves), but then it didn’t seem to bother him. It only me about 30 snaps to get this shot of Tony in his new finery (and you can see the couch naked)…

The nice thing about black or salt and pepper cats is that they look stunning in just about any color…

I didn’t foresee the effect Tony’s bell would have on Max. When Max finally came downstairs for breakfast, he did a quick U-turn when Tony ran at him, jingling all the way.

It took a little hunt to find Max in the Man Cave standing behind a black floor fan like he was trying to blend in with the furniture. When he heard the approaching bell of Jingle Kitty following me, he freaked out. He reminded me of Captain Hook from Peter Pan whenever he’d hear the clock ticking inside the croc who bit off his hand.

So I got out the pliers and Tony’s new collar is now silent.

With peace restored, Roc and Tony adjourned to the kitchen table to watch the neighborhood on Big Screen Kitty TV (the picture window)…

PS: I forgot to mention: Today is Adele’s birthday. She would have been 20 years old. Rest in peace, my sweet little Delly.

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