Chapter 9: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 26

My sister sewed our whole family face masks! She dropped off two this morning, along with several pairs of latex gloves…

Keri says the mask is a CDC design and has a paper towel inside for extra filtering, so it can’t be washed. But she says it can be toasted in the oven. I couldn’t confirm that on the CDC site, but WebMD concurs:

“The fastest and most effective way to sterilize a used mask … was to put it in an oven on low heat — about 158 F — for 30 minutes. A typical kitchen oven works fine. … Masks cleaned this way keep about 97% of their ability to screen out small particles.”

Who knew? I’m keeping the napkin contraption I made as a spare, just in case my oven incinerates the new masks.

Now, to the important news of the day. Tony is 10 months old. I got him just before he turned 5 months, so he has officially spent half his life at Cats Working. To give you some idea of how much he’s grown, here he was back in November…

Here’s the little nipper, same spot, today…

Last night I was planning a marathon pasta-cooking session to have leftovers for dinner all week, but a long phone call ate into that time and all I managed was bulk breakfast…

You can put just about anything on oatmeal, but I prefer mine with a bit of salt and melted butter, so this was my not very glamorous breakfast this morning…

Over the weekend I watched a movie called BlacKkKlansman, which I initially ignored because I knew nothing about it and I’m not usually into Spike Lee movies. But I do love Adam Driver. Then I saw a blurb calling it the best “political” movie of the year, but didn’t know the plot or the KKK connection. It’s based on a true story.

Warning: If you don’t like cursing and racial slurs, steer clear.

Again, I was pleasantly surprised, and Adam Driver did not disappoint. That’s the third movie in a row totally out of my wheelhouse that I enjoyed. The other two were The Joker (not about Batman) and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (a Manson-Tate fairy tale).

To close out today, here’s the latest from my nonsensical Norwegian lessons:

Katten prøvde å selge meg noe.

(The cat tried to sell me something.)

5 Responses to Chapter 9: COVID Chronicles

  1. Catwoods says:

    Happy 10 months to Tony the handsome black and white kitty!

  2. catsworking says:

    Thank you, Catwoods! He still hasn’t grown fully into his large ears, tail, and feet yet. If he ever does, he may be even bigger than Roc, which should get interesting. I think Roc learned to be a bully from the way Adele treated him. Although she didn’t go out of her way to pick on Roc and would only discipline him when he annoyed her, he did watch her go after Max for sport. And now he does it.

    Tony had malnourishment and so many medical issues right at the start that could have stunted him, I’m expecting a sudden growth spurt when he’s maybe two or three.

  3. Mary Hunter says:

    Tony is so adorable! He also looks like a force to be reckoned with. And oh so much personality!

  4. Bonnie C. says:

    Thanks for the info on disinfecting & reusing masks. My husband has cobbled together a couple of no-sew masks from a couple of my bandanas, but we also have one small 3-pack of commercial disposable ones that we don’t want to use unless we have to for extraordinary circumstances, & the hospital gave me one when I was there yesterday. I have to be super careful when I go out (which hasn’t been much lately) having had fairly recent open-heart surgery. I’m not even supposed to catch a cold, never mind the plague!

    And yes – Tony is adorable!!!

  5. catsworking says:

    Bonnie and Mary, Tony is shaping into quite a character. He’s very polite in some ways, sticking to the sanctioned scratching posts, for example. Max is my furniture destroyer. And if I ever tell Tony “No,” he’ll usually back right off (where Roc is very pig-headed about doing what he wants to do).

    What Tony’s greatest at is being a foil for Roc. He doesn’t take any guff off his big brother. In fact, this morning he had Roc’s tail in a fluff after chasing him around, which was nice comeuppance for a bully. But even when Tony’s doing something like that, he’s being playful, not mean.

    He doesn’t particularly like to be petted, hates being picked up, and will bite or scratch. I suspect he remembers bad experiences with humans when he was tiny and sick. His bites don’t break the skin, and the scratches just happen because he waves his paws around, so I have to be careful. But often at night I’ll wake up and find him snuggled against me. And at lunchtime when I’m making a sandwich, he’s all over my legs. He loves a bit of cheese and sliced meat. If I don’t go downstairs at lunchtime, he’ll come and get me.

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