Random Thoughts from an Exploding Head

By Karen

I feel like Trump has us trapped in a dungeon, waterboarding our sanity with lies, insults and taunts while the media films it and Trump denies it’s happening.

Congressional Republican traitors blessed this gaslighting, hoping we’ll be too broken by November to drive electoral stakes through Trump’s fetid turd of a heart.

Making Trump lose the election may not be enough. Trump may become the first White House occupant — I NEVER call him “president” — who must be physically dragged out by the National Guard.

I’ve been keeping notes that could have been blog posts, but Trump’s outrages come so fast, every topic goes quickly stale. Anyway, here are some recent thoughts (topics bold for skipping if of no interest)…

Can’t call the other side GOP or Republicans anymore. They’re Trump’s cult, melded to a maniac. Whenever Trump decides to pour that lethal grape Kool-Aid (Nov. 4?), they’ll binge on it. Then Mitt Romney can step over the bodies and start his own party from scratch.

& & &

Media needs to divert all discussion of Trump having a second term to what needs to happen to get him involuntarily committed for a thorough psych workup to determine if he’s fit to continue in office NOW.

& & &

People who would put Grandpa in a rubber room for babbling nonsensically, slurring his words and wearing marmalade on his face as makeup now must wear earplugs and blinders to continue ignoring Trump’s obvious cognitive decline.

& & &

After presiding over the Senate’s sham removal trial, I’ll never see Chief Justice John Roberts as anything but a joke. He could have eliminated Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and any other senator who publicly declared pre-trial they would acquit Trump. It probably wouldn’t have changed the outcome, but may have influenced whether witnesses and documents were allowed. Instead, Roberts, in robes, sat and watched a Constitution-shredding shitshow like a disinterested bystander.

& & &

At the very least, Roberts should have ordered Rand Paul arrested when Paul named the now-irrelevant whistleblower outside the Senate chamber, directly defying Roberts’ refusal to allow it in the trial. When Roberts did nothing, Paul was emboldened to repeat the stunt on the Senate floor and he’s STILL not in jail.

& & &

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough said about Trump, “It is assuring, it is calming, that he’s so predictable.” True. Trump’s playbook is worn out. The only surprises Trump has left as his brain melts are how he reacts to rebukes or attempts to check his incompetence. He’ll become increasingly disgusting and profane until he’s literally throwing his own feces at reporters.

& & &

The White House is concealing Trump’s decline with no mention of his annual physical, which should have happened by now. Instead, they’re driving Trump hard until perhaps he collapses on stage at a rally, jerking, babbling, drooling, peeing and shitting himself while his eyes roll back in his head. His family and handlers refuse to get him desperately needed medical attention as long as there’s a penny left to wring out of his office.

As infuriating and frustrating as Trump’s tweets and statements are, I do feel satisfaction watching him flail against his own melting mind as the vicious, ambitious monsters he trusts goad him to continue pretending he’s OK, rather than letting him slip peacefully into dementia, away from the cameras.

& & &

Trump went to the National Prayer Breakfast to talk about how much he loves hatred. He finds hypocritical everyone who lacks his spite and vindictivenesss. So-called Christians in the audience laughed and applauded as he trampled faith and decency into the gutter, reinforcing that he’s above the law now and “can do anything.”

& & &

Every Congressperson who failed to vote for Trump’s impeachment or removal anointed him king and relinquished any ability to question or disagree with him — ever. They handed Trump the entire federal government as a tool to destroy them should they dare stray. If Trump gets a second term, their families will be high on Trump’s hit list.

& & &

Trump’s cult in Congress blew their one chance at recovering their cojones during the removal trial. They had damning, conclusive evidence of his crimes — with more to come had they allowed witnesses. They could have confronted Trump like the GOP confronted Nixon. Trump’s a chickenshit-variety bully who fears direct confrontation more than anything.

They could have made this deal: “You submit to a full psych evaluation and let us make the true results public. If they’re good, we’ll change the Constitution to make you king.”

Trump either would have resigned in abject terror of the truth coming out, or he’d have agreed to be tested. The test results would have confirmed him mentally unfit to serve, invoking 25th Amendment time.

Either way, Trump would be gone, and Congress would be a co-equal branch of government again. Win-win.

& & &

If everyone in government would react to Trump’s nasty tweets, speeches and nonsensical media appearances with shrugs, eye rolls and no response, Trump’s fury at being mocked and dismissed would temporarily accelerate his “lashing out” in even more insane and vicious directions, causing faster mental burnout and hasten the day the world is rid of him.

& & &

Some wonder, is Trump abusing the information classification system to protect himself? DUH! It’s Corruption 101. If Trump decrees his every stupid or criminal move is top-secret, he’s above the law and free to do whatever.

Ironically, such a move would self-fulfill Trump’s fantasy fear that his rooms are bugged, everyone’s wearing wires, and there are cameras behind the drilled-out eyeballs of every portrait hanging in the White House. He’d make bona fide spying the only way anyone could find out what he’s really up to.

& & &

John Kelly can take his woefully belated condemnations of Trump and shove them. He did nothing to stop Trump from caging children — seemed to enjoy it, actually, and now profits from it — and remained silent during the brief window he could have had some influence in Trump’s removal. Kelly can go fuck himself.

& & &

Hope Hicks is returning to the White House, abandoning her cushy executive VP job at Fox to once again be Trump’s Depends-changer, reporting to Jared. Melania must have refused the job, and Ivanka probably told Jared to get Hope back because it’s “icky” that Daddy gets a stiffy every time Ivanka changes him. I would bet Hicks is the only woman in the West Wing willing to ensure Trump’s diaper changes always have a “happy ending,” which is why he’s missed her so much.

& & &

Attorney General Bill Barr kvetched that Trump’s incessant tweeting makes Barr’s job “impossible.” That, and his prosecutors are quitting cases and the DOJ entirely in to protest of Barr destroying the rule of law.

Dementia and pride make Trump unable to resist poking every slimy rock Barr slithers under to commit crimes for Trump. Never forget, Barr initially begged for the honor of ensuring that Trump and his cronies can crime forever and never face justice. His complaints about Trump now are distraction from his panic that he’ll be disbarred for gross malpractice and forced into retirement once he doesn’t have Trump’s protection.

& & &

Emboldened by being king, Trump tried to blackmail New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In exchange for letting New York back into the Global Entry program, Trump wants the state to drop all lawsuits that will one day send Trump and his crime family to prison.

Trump fucking with New York’s international travelers to get himself a Stay Out of Jail card would now be causing globetrotting Anthony Bourdain countless wasted hours in Customs lines re-entering the U.S. I just wish Tony were alive to leave verbal blisters all over Trump’s thoroughly corrupt ass for targeting people who want to see the world.

10 Responses to Random Thoughts from an Exploding Head

  1. Loz says:

    Tony would probably go back to using drugs if he heard all this.

  2. Donna Pavone says:

    Oh God. I keep reading the “Hope Hicks” paragraph over and over. Karen you should do stand up 😂😂😂

  3. catsworking says:

    Why, thank you, Donna! What I mentioned is the only reason I can see for Hope’s return, since she’s always had no other purpose. Apparently, someone in the White House wants Trump to leave sanity — or this life — behind with a smile on his bloated orange face.

    Or Trump’s been stress-binging so hard on cheeseburders and KFC that his Depends have become nuclear waste dumps and Hope is being lured in to dispose of them for a hefty government salary we’ll all be paying.

  4. Anita says:

    Amen and Hallelujah to all of this. Why for effs sake would Hope Hicks go back to the snake pit? Trump must be paying her HUGELY on the side. He must have had a Russian oligarch setup an offshore account in her name. Since he’s untouchable now he can do anything.

    I was so depressed over the past few weeks I lost my mind and decided to start a big kitchen remodeling project. At least my stress will be focused on something like deciding counter top material and fighting with my husband over flooring instead of stressing over that Orange Asshole every day.

  5. catsworking says:

    Anita, I’m sure you’re right about Hicks. She’s absolutely getting a ton of money and her pick of co-workers she can screw on the side when she’s not busy keeping Trump happy.

    If the Democrats don’t get their shit together and nominate someone who will stop babbling about free college and Medicare for All and start kicking that demented bastard right in the nuts every day from now until November, I don’t know what I’ll do if he gets another term.

    Well, I say that, but I do believe his end is coming, sooner rather than later. I predict he’ll be in a wheelchair by Election Day, or so far gone that they don’t dare let him be seen in public. It will be all tweets that someone else writes for him. They’ll conceal his true condition as long as possible.

    I also read that he’s bringing back Sean Spicer. On the other hand, I read yesterday that Bloomberg is considering Hillary as his running mate. That is such a spectacularly terrible idea, somebody just shoot me NOW!

    The fake news has gotten so bad, it’s nearly impossible to tell what’s reality anymore. The media still reports Trump’s lies as if he’s making sense instead of prefacing every word that comes out of his mouth as, “Trump just lied about…”

    Congratulations on your new kitchen. I am green with envy. My kitchen is stuck in 1983.

  6. dellachiara says:

    Laughing so hard at your comments, Karen. The visuals this conjures up are too much, lol. If only it weren’t all so awful and disheartening… but thanks for telling it like it is.

  7. dellachiara says:

    Laughing so hard at your comments, Karen. The visuals this conjures up are too much, lol. If only it weren’t all so awful and disheartening… but thanks for telling it like it is.

  8. MorganLF says:

    Sorry been absent going thru a sad breakup. As always, Karen so spot on.

  9. catsworking says:

    Morgan, welcome back. Sorry to hear about the personal situation. You know how to reach me if I can help in any way.

  10. MoganLF says:

    Karen this is so hard. Not a kid anymore don’t have the resilience I used to.

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