Anthony Bourdain Auction: More Information

By Karen

OCTOBER 3 UPDATE: You can now preview photos of everything up for auction and see opening bids at iGavelAuctions.

Two hundred-fifteen items from Anthony Bourdain’s estate will be auctioned online October 9-30 by Lark Mason Associates on their website, iGavelAuctions. Items may be previewed beginning October 2. reproduced many of the photos The New York Times (subscription only) ran of some items believed to be most grabby for Bourdain’s fans, including his writing desk, a jacket he was given by the Navy when he was rescued from Beirut in 2006, and a chef’s knife made especially for him in South America in 2016.

During the auction period, Lark Mason will have some of the items on exhibit in the firm’s offices in New York; New Braunfels, Texas; and Savannah, Georgia.

It’s being widely reported that 40% of the proceeds will fund the Anthony Bourdain Legacy Scholarship at his alma mater, the Culinary Institute of America. Barron’s added that this honor was established “in partnership with chefs Eric Ripert and José Andrés in June.”

The remainder of the proceeds will go to Bourdain’s estate.

Lark Mason estimates the market value of the items to be between $200,000 and $400,000. I personally think we’re looking at a sale that will easily fetch seven figures.

I’ve learned from a trusted source that many of the items were selected because Bourdain acquired them after he separated from his wife Ottavia in 2016. They have little sentimental value for his family nor associations with his life as a husband and father.

The item that stands out to me is the creepy painting Tony bought a week before he died titled, The sky is falling. I am learning to live with it, by John Lurie.

Tony visited the artist at his home for the Lower East Side New York episode, which was the last aired Parts Unknown. Lurie made Tony two hard-boiled eggs. Tony’s assistant Laurie Woolever revealed to the NYT that Tony paid $19,000 for that painting.

Here’s the brief list of items with estimated values the iGavel site provides…

  • Brad Phillips (Canadian), Cristine and Me as Still-Life, oil on canvas, 2016 ($2,000-$4,000)
  • John Lurie (American, b. 1952), This Party Sucks, watercolor on paper ($1,000-$2,000)
  • Peter Lovig Nielsen teak flip-top desk, Denmark, 20th century ($800-$1,200)
  • Custom Bob Kramer steel and meteorite chef’s knife ($4,000-$6,000)
  • Chrome duck press from the Paris episode of The Layover ($200-$300)
  • Vietnamese blue-and-white ceramic tall bottle form vase, with cover ($250-$450)
  • Original typed manuscript or early draft for A Bone in the Throat ($700-$1,000)
  • Simpsons script for Bourdain episode, “The Food Wife,” with signed inscriptions to Bourdain ($800-$1200)

I have been able to obtain another partial, but more extensive, list. Here are some small items Cats Working readers might be interested in bidding on…

  • White chef jacket
  • Zippo lighter engraved, “No Reputations. Desert Special 2011”
  • Art pottery ceramic green umbrella stand
  • Framed photo and note from Billy Joel to Bourdain, dated 2005
  • Molded glass ceiling light fixture
  • Two dark blue ceramic lamps

Art will figure prominently. The titles of works Bourdain collected say a lot. Here are more…

  • Phillips, Eat, Pray, Get the Fuck Out, watercolor on paper
    • Tan Lines in March, watercolor on paper, 2013
    • Just Jumping, oil on canvas
  • Lurie, The Judge was hypnotized by alcohol, jet print on rag paper
  • Ralph Steadman (British, b. 1936), Rats in the Kitchen, artist’s proof inscribed to Bourdain, 2009
    • Hunter S. Thompson, Twisted Meat Artist, artist’s proof
    • The Brain of Hunter Thompson, silkscreen, artist’s proof
  • Etching, Street View from Saigon, and a print of Angkor Wat Ruin
  • Les Ruines d’Angkor, Indochine, modern
  • African carved wood and metal ritual figure, Congo
  • Nepalese carved and lacquered wood mask, and a Tibetan silver decorated animal skull

There’s also some furniture, ostensibly from his last apartment in the Time Warner Center because the pieces are all dated 2016, including…

  • Shell Lake Woodcrafters Sap soft maple black shelf or media center
  • Stickley Mission Style one drawer nightstand
  • Stickley tall bookcase

And a wood vanity with drawers and mirror, a tall mahogany dresser, a walnut credenza, and a small red and black low table.

My list also has seven sets of cuff links and three watches, including a Rolex and a pocket watch.

I’m told this is by no means the entirety of Anthony Bourdain’s possessions, regardless of media reports about how sparingly he collected things. The bulk of his belongings are still in his estate’s custody.

However, what the family is parting with will allow future culinary students to travel and study abroad and give Bourdain’s fans who wish to do so an opportunity to purchase material things that he touched and which touched his life.

61 Responses to Anthony Bourdain Auction: More Information

  1. Adelep says:

    Karen, you done good! I feel much better about the auction, and I think you’re right — these items should fetch much more than $200-400k. I’m asking myself if I had the wherewithal, would I bid on anything. I think the one thing would be the street scene etching of Saigon. Tony was always so happy in Vietnam; that’s how I’d like to think of him.

    I’ll bet there’s a certain underemployed Italian, chain smoking and banging her head against some wall, because she won’t get any of the proceeds.

  2. Donna says:

    Adelep-I hope that bitch is flat fucking broke

  3. catsworking says:

    Adele, I would LOVE to have the desk, although I’ve got nowhere to put it. I’ve got a little postmaster’s desk in my bedroom with little cubbies on top that I bought for writing, although it turned out to be more of a cat perch.

    The list I got was only about 25% of what’s on the block, so there are probably other things you’d like.

    This morning I read a story about the auction from a publication in Kenya that slanted it to be “solely” to support the family, as if Ottavia and Ariane will starve if this stuff doesn’t sell (which we know it will). It mentioned the scholarship as secondary.

  4. catsworking says:

    Donna, there are some people on Twitter keeping tabs on the skank and she appears to be 1) out of work, taking whatever little gigs she can get, and 2) without a man to support her. Apparently, she just revived her Instagram account after several months of silence, and she’s got a birthday coming up (44) on the 20th.

    I agree she’s probably chewing tinfoil at the thought of missing out on Tony’s auction profits.

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m free to travel again. In the past three years, I’ve only spent a total of 4 nights away from home, and never outside of Virginia. I’ve been a prisoner. I know I did it to myself, but I’ve not been there in the end for other cats and I promised Adele I’d be there for her. But I will confess I was pretty much at the end of my rope by last week when it all came to a head.

    So YES! Let’s get together in DC soon. I CAN DO IT!! (I don’t know if Morgan has written me off after last year. She’s been pretty scarce around here.)

  5. Adelep says:

    Gosh, I’d love a trip to DC, but I’m not traveling. My sister has a very rare form of head and neck cancer, and though it’s slow growing, she keeps getting infections, and I’m afraid to leave town. But if you ever make it to Chicago, you get the Adele tour and drinks at The Old Town Ale House.

  6. Ida says:

    Hey, I think the auction is a good idea. I don’t doubt this has been carefully thought through and discussed and that the most important items stay with family and close friends. The auction is a good way of also getting some items out to whomever in the public may have an interest in purchasing something that belonged to Tony. I think this is normal practice. You have to get rid of the things somehow as you can’t get keep it all. So if some of it can go to an auction, why not? I saw on artist John Lurie’s page that he wasn’t happy that his paintings that he sold to Tony were being auctioned. I guess he’s partly disappointed because he felt it was a personal thing between him and Tony and partly he seems dissatisfied with the price. This has also led some of his followers to say some nasty things about Ottavia/’whoever would do this’. I think this extremely petty. While I understand that Lurie might have liked Bourdain and was happy he bought his artworks, he is in no way in charge of his belongings and shouldn’t be such a sourpuss about it. I get that he feels it’s being sold for less than it was worth, but again, it’s not his business to decide what a grieving family sell the belongings of a dead family member for. Lurie was definitely sad last year when Bourdain died but he also defended/supported Argento on his Twitter, at least in the beginning. And by his own admission he didn’t even know Bourdain that well, apparently they’d only met recently and just a couple of times. So he can’t really claim to have been close to him and therefore can’t really expect special attention from the family. But it’s not so much Lurie’s reaction, he’s known to be a bit erratic at times and has had some pretty full on outbursts on Twitter before about several matters. Some of his followers made some pretty mean comments. I actually posted in response to one of them because I thought his comment was nasty and unnecessary. Bottom line is, it’s no one’s business but the family’s what they do with Bourdain’s items. And I actually think the family has been nothing but respectful, whereas certain famous people who maybe knew him a little but not a lot has been quick to use his name in interviews, and of course then there’s AA.. but that’s a whole other tangent.

  7. Ida says:

    Furthermore, I understand why the family is reluctant to hold on to things acquired in the last two years; it’ll just remind them of sad/bad things. Why on earth would they want to keep bad memories of Tony? I don’t think I’d want to keep a painting that was bought a week before the suicide (possibly in a bad state of mind) with a tagline like the one it has – also, Ottavia might be aware that Lurie defended AA on Twitter after Tony’s death, so while it’s not Lurie’s fault, he should have insight enough to see why his painting might just create bad memories for the family.

    Also, the Brad Phillips artworks; Brad Phillips (Eat, Pray, Get the Fuck Out…) appears to have been a friend of AA long before she even met Tony. So it seems like Tony was introduced to him/his art through AA. Again, not an association the family would want.

    I also just recently found out from an interview with Lydia Lunch that she also met Tony through AA or rather because of her. Lunch also knew AA before meeting Tony. So though Tony likes/appreciates all these people, they’re all people that will be somewhat associated with AA. Same for artist Joe Coleman who Tony was also photographed with – they also met, I think through or because of, AA. They only knew each other for a year or so and I would think they can’t have met up that many times, still when Tony died, Coleman posted as if they’d been super close. I think a lot of people have jumped on the wagon of using his name for their benefit after he died – of course, not least of all AA. I still can’t believe that RM hasn’t been investigated because of that video she posted after his death, or that she hasn’t been held to task for it by journalists. I’ve been making a point of reading the interviews with her I could find since (though I have zero interest in her), and she’s never asked about it. Maybe she tells journalists she won’t answer questions about it?

  8. catsworking says:

    Adelep, so sorry to hear about your sister. I follow the Geriatric Genius on Twitter and he’s hilarious. Would love to get a chance to meet him.

  9. catsworking says:

    Ida, welcome back. Haven’t seen you here in a while.

    If Lurie is upset, it’s premature. Any numbers attached to the paintings are just assessed values. The bidding could go much higher than the pieces are worth. He got $19K out of Bourdain for “The sky is falling” alone. If he’s worried about where his work goes next, he should buy it back.

    As I said in the post, Lurie knew Bourdain well enough for Tony to go to his house to film a scene for Parts Unknown and give him exposure on national TV. Between that and purchasing his work, I don’t know what more Bourdain could have done for the man.

  10. catsworking says:

    Ida, I think you have hit on something concerning Bourdain with all these artsy types and their previous connections to AA. Was it coincidence that the artists profited from meeting Bourdain by selling him stuff? If AA facilitated the deals, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if she received kickbacks behind Tony’s back. Anything for a buck with that one, even if she was double-dipping.

    I’ve lost track of RM myself. I know she got off lightly or totally on her charges of cocaine possession in Virginia early this year. After that, I haven’t really seen a word about her, not that I’ve looked for her. Same goes for Rain.

    The people who surrounded Tony before he met AA were mostly in TV, travel, and cooking, so his world and hers really didn’t overlap. There’s no reason now for anyone who met her through Tony to stay in touch with her, even if they happened to like her. She’s on another planet. And she’ll never live down the fact that she was most likely the major contributing factor in his suicide.

    And Ottavia and Ariane, aside from having the Bourdain name, are private citizens with their own lives and friends. I should think they’ll keep in touch with Tony’s family because they’re Ariane’s grandmother and uncle and cousins, but they’re perfectly free to walk away from the rest of his sphere. Except maybe Eric Ripert and his wife, whom Ottavia knew before they introduced her to Tony. That feels like a solid lifelong friendship.

  11. Ida says:

    I agree, unfortunately there are several people who vehemently defend her and buy into her narrative that Tony was already depressed and you shouldn’t blame AA for his demise. It’s frustrating. She’s so clearly a shitty person – maybe not at first, depending on who you are, if she feels you’re of use to her, she’ll lure you in. I look at her and see a psycho. But a lot of people seem to like her. Lydia Lunch said that AA was born into abuse and that she’s a special person.Yeah, she’s ‘special’ alright. But in a really shitty way. I simply can’t feel sorry for her. She’s done too much damage. And she’s too much of an unsavoury character for me to be able to feel any sympathy for AA. I wish Tony had been more streetwise than he pretended to be. He always said he was, but I suspect he wasn’t – at least not when it came to women. I think he was easily conned because of his, self-confessed, enthusiastic nature and his addictive tendencies. AA is an example of that – she appealed to his knight in white armour-tendencies and she grabbed hold of his addictive ‘gene’ and kept him in a headlock until he was entirely spent.

    Here’s the excerpt from the Lunch-interview:

    ‘You appeared on the final episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and he wrote the introduction to So Real It Hurts. Did you two make friends on the Lower East Side?
    I didn’t know him back then. We probably traveled in very different circles. I came to know him through his essays years later. He read something I wrote for Asia Argento and he contacted me about the Lower East Side episode. We met and he was fantastic. We shared a lot of the same musical heroes. After meeting him, he asked me to be on the show and I thought he could write the introduction. Because he gets me. He did. It was the last thing he wrote.
    How was working on Asia Argento’s film The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things?
    There was a lot of tragedy surrounding that film. It was a great experience, though. I did the still photography for it. That was the most valuable thing for me. Asia is a very special person. I wish she could end the cycle of abuse she was born into, which is something I’ve been striving to my whole life: to not be a victim of circumstances beyond your control that you were born into. To try and find a way to survive and strive beyond it’

    Well yeah, AA keeps surviving and striving. It’s the people that have to endure her that don’t.

  12. dellachiara says:

    I agree completely with your comments on this, Karen, and Ida’s as well.

    Re: AA – a lot of people come from a cycle of abuse (me included). That does not mean we become evil psychopaths/sociopaths who find enjoyment in emotionally torturing and destroying others. AA admitted to doing just that in an old interview I read several months ago. She only wanted a man if she couldn’t have him, once she got him, she destroyed him. She is an extremely damaged, mentally ill person, one best steered clear of, and I feel sorry for her children who can’t get away from her (at least not yet – but by then the damage will sadly be done and another “cycle” of abuse will come into play).

    The other day I was looking at Ottavia’s Twitter, seeing if she was posting at all. In some old tweets she’d sent a year or so ago she commented that life would be pure hell for Tony if he said even a slightly kind word about her, Ottavia. The implication was that AA was insanely jealous, which I can well see her being. She wanted him to break all ties to his family, I think even his child. It still breaks my heart that Tony was attracted to that Roman puttana. His love of the dark side pulled him in, sucked him in, and it destroyed him, as it often does.

    I feel comforted by knowing that Ariane and Ottavia are encircled by a close group of loving and supportive friends who know the truth; the Ripert’s, Jose Andres, and others, and who are continuing Tony’s legacy through this auction and scholarship for the CIA. Thank you for keeping us updated, Karen.

  13. catsworking says:

    Ida, I just finished rewatching Bourdain in the Bay Area. He worked out as a white belt at the Ralph Gracie Academy there and got thrown around like a ragdoll. He was 59.

    What strikes me now more than I ever noticed before, especially from the voiceovers, is that Bourdain was such a romantic soul, on a quest to see beauty in every place and person, and probably found himself disappointed a lot.

    It must have colored his relationships. No matter how each one ended, who “caused” the breakup, he never managed to find his happily ever after.

    As for people who still defend AA, after her lifelong record of exploiting men and destroying them whenever they crossed her, they’re like Trump supporters. Both groups refuse to see they’re worshipping demons. They make excuses because they have not become the bloodsuckers’ victims — yet. Until the demons make them suffer greatly while still demanding their loyalty, there’s no reasoning with them.

    I have no doubt AA’s upbringing was a nightmare, but it doesn’t excuse her cruelty and depravity today. I have zero sympathy. She has behaved like a monster.

  14. catsworking says:

    dellachiara, your comment went to spam for some reason. Glad I checked and found it. Agree totally. I think it’s more common than not for people to overcome hellish childhoods and not become psychopaths.

    I think I know the interview with AA you’re referring to. She liked to have affairs with her costars out of boredom during a film shoot, then would dump them. They meant nothing to her. It seems pretty clear that she hates men. She just sees them as means to an end. Sleep with them for money, fame, whatever they can give her.

    Bourdain met AA in April 2016 while he was still living with Ottavia, although they were doing their separate things. He didn’t move out until September, most likely after an ultimatum from AA because she was itching not to be “the other woman,” and to be recognized as his girlfriend, which happened the following February, after the holidays, which Tony probably spent with his family. I think he also did his will in December, and AA wasn’t in it. He also never divorced Ottavia.

    So, AA got him to compromise himself a LOT, but never completely sank her hooks into him. No way would he have given up his daughter. It’s probably one of the reasons she cheated on him. Maybe she was hoping he’d be so ga-ga jealous that he’d propose and promise to get a divorce. That way she could lay claim to his bank account. I think it was always about the money. She never loved him. She’s never loved anybody. She’s basically a hooker who will do anything for money.

  15. Joan Lazzerini says:

    dear karen and the cats i was so sorry to hear about your adele. i know how hard it is i lost my 20 yr old cat max to kidney disease. i hope u will console yourself by knowing that u gave her a happy life and the love she gave u will not disappear but take up residence in a corner of ur heart sincerely, joan lazzerini

  16. catsworking says:

    Joan, thank you. The initial shock has worn off and now we’re just all sad. Adele definitely had every good day of life I could possibly give her. Since she’s been gone, I’ve realized what a vast quantity of canned cat food I was wasting trying to give her something she would eat, and how many tons of kitty litter the kidney failure soaked through.

    Having only Max and Roc is almost like not having a cat, their needs are so small and simple. But I would have done anything for my girl, so it was worth it in the end.

    When you have a cat for two decades, it causes tremendous upheaval in your life and routine, like losing a close family member. You know the feeling.

  17. MorganLF says:

    Karen sorry, for your loss.Having said that….
    You know me!!!
    Of course I will meet you and Donna in DC again!!!

    I helped arrange our meeting with Tony and his wife Ottavia..and for sure,I was the one who who grabbed us front row seats at the DC Food Fight 2 years running!
    Oh come on remember Brooklyn?
    I am so willing to meet with you and any of the gang in DC.

    Do you remember the crack hotel we staid in in 2011? At least it was a block from the venue…and you and Ottavia spoke for hours…after we drank martinis in the hotel bar and I got beaned by a drunk kid and his backpack?

    So miss, I’m in.

  18. MorganLF says:

    BTW…I happen to know, your source and provenance for items being auctioned…is impeccable.

    There is nothing I fancy. Except the pictures of him and me and us. I remember standing next to him and recalling him telling me (cryptically) he was leaving the Travel Channel …also his breath smelled of salami.
    But he was still fine.

  19. MorganLF says:

    Ps: Adele I wouldn’t mind a trip to Chicago ..especially to the Old Ale House. The Geriatric Genius is my current muse. He’s funny as shit.
    I’ve blown thu Ohare a few times, years ago but never been downtown.Always for business and usually in Oak Park or other burbs. I don’t really like to fly …but there’s always a reason to reconsider.
    I love DC cause I can take the Choo choo and it’s a mere few hours from Jersey.
    Meanwhile I now have 3 great born 4 weeks ago.

    Last week Sweet baby James was in the hospital with a scary fever..a spinal tap was done at 3 weeks…very tense..but He’s home now.
    In November my niece will deliver twin boys..her toddler is two and a half (smart and cute as shit ).
    Therefore, by Christmas I will have 5 Little boys under 3!!!
    Already there is smoke coming off my credit cards!!
    I have to say it’s a glorious time.
    I am shall always be Auntie Mame….
    “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers..are starving to death!”

    I am girding my loins…with all these babies ..I may have to change diapers…uuuugh I’d rather take them to Lincoln Center!!

  20. MorganLF says:

    Adele I assume your sister is the grandma of your adorable great nephew..who you corrupted with his first hot fudge sundae.

    Really sorry to hear she’s ill. Hang in there. It’s a shitty road ahead.

  21. Adelep says:

    Thanks, Morgan! Yes, my sister is Prince Benjamin’s grandma. He’s one of the few bright spots in her life. Pam(my sister) is a real fighter, but due to tongue reconstruction surgery, she can’t eat (she gets nutrition through a port in her chest), and her speech is impaired. She’s bearing it all with much more grace than I would. I’ve never met Bruce Cameron Elliott, but I know people, who know him. If you, Karen or Donna haven’t read it and want to read an interesting Chicago book, I can’t recommend Devil And The White City enough. Some of the places mentioned in it are part of the Adele tour of Chicago

    Apropos of nothing, I just looked on Instagram and saw that AA has bleached most of her hair blonde and hacked it off. It caused me to remember Tony saying he had a strong preference for brunettes.

  22. Ida says:

    Also, maybe AA’s gone grey and needs to cover it with milder tones than brown? And her loverboy, aka Matt Skiba – with whom she’s been flirting (and maybe more) throughout her time seeing Tony -, also has bleach-blond hair.

  23. catsworking says:

    Morgan! You’re back!

    Yes, you and Donna and I need to plan a get-together. My time is pretty open now, so do you want to do something in October, or try to hit the same event we went to in November? Was it called the Food Fight?

    Let’s email and see what we can figure out.

    I do remember every bit of that momentous meeting with Ottavia and Tony.

  24. catsworking says:

    Morgan, OMG, five babies! Your family is breeding like rabbits. (And I only mean that in the nicest way.)

    I’d be open to a trip to Chicago. I’ve been there once before many, many years ago for business. I also have an uncle who lives in Joliet who has invited me several times but I’ve never made it.

    O’Hare is a zoo. I’ve had it as a layover flying to Europe. But I haven’t been ANYWHERE in three years, and that’s so not like me. I’m stir-crazy to get away.

  25. catsworking says:

    I think AA’s new hairdo makes her more hideous than ever. My guess is she’s going gray or she’s seen recent pictures of herself looking haggard as a brunette so she’s trying to downplay the contrast with the wrinkles and bags on her face.

    There are pictures out there of her in a bikini at the beach flexing her scrawny arms. Between the chopped off hair, the gap in her teeth, and bones sticking out everywhere, she looks like a little boy. Could confuse for the boys she pounces on, or maybe she’s going for a Peter Pan persona. According to Twitter, she seems to be in the process of grooming her next victim with a familiar pattern. He’s a brunette.

  26. Ida says:

    So AA went back on that Italian trash talkshow she’s been on a few times, where the participants give their opinions about different subjects/people – this time Matteo Salvini. AA ‘confronted’ him and officially doesn’t support Salvini and his politics, but she’s such a two-faced hypocrite. She was the one who said on one of Tony’s shows that ‘there’s a bit of fascist in all of us’, to which a loved-up/blinkered/probably–too-afraid-to-contradict-his-sex-interest-whore, Tony marvelled at AA’s insightful intellect. She’s the one who willingly poses for selfies with Salvini. She’s the one who’s whored out her ‘partner’, both while alive and after he died. Yet, she has the nerve to use the suicide of ‘her partner’ in this televised discussion. Once again, she uses Tony (‘my partner’) as an opportunity for entertainment and attention. And why claim to be anti-fascist, when she herself has said there’s a bit of fascist in all of us? Is she the biggest troll in human history, or just the biggest c*nt? I think she just be the most fake human being that’s ever walked the earth. I know you shouldn’t wish death on people, but sometimes I wish she’d just… disappear. Of course, her supporters are going to say, ‘but she opposed Salvini in the debate’. And she’s going to excuse her selfie as ‘sarcasm’ or something like that. But I look at her and see only a pile of shit. And on another note, what happened to her feminist-activism? I guess that was just for entertainment and attention too. By the way, I saw RM commenting on Ronan Farrow’s Instagram and he thanked her. Maybe they’re back on good terms. Or maybe those two were never on bad terms? Wonder when Farrow might call out AA for being a shit hypocrite? Probably never. Maybe Farrow is in ‘investigative journalism’ for entertainment and attention too.

  27. catsworking says:

    Ida, I got a good laugh at Tony “marveling at AA’s insightful intellect.” I wonder how she gets men so enthralled with her that they can’s see what a total bullshit artist she is.

    No, I take that back. I know how she does it. She pretends to be whatever they’re looking for, their soulmate, until she’s bilked them for all she can get.

    I haven’t followed it at all, but I know I saw that AA said Ronan Farrow’s article “ruined her life” because he failed to capture the fine nuance of the excruciating horror and suffering she experienced when Weinstein “raped” her. Hence, the falling out between Ronan and AA, who seems to delight in burning her bridges with men to ashes, and then rolling in the ashes.

    I don’t recall RM expressing any regrets about having her story told, so she and Ronan should still be on good terms, unless I’ve missed something.

    Once AA was outed as a child rapist and became a perp herself, she burned her bridge to speaking for #MeToo. I think the last I saw of her on her self-righteous pedestal was at Cannes, where she made that fiery speech Bourdain thought was so brilliant about predators walking among those attending.

    That was in May 2018, after Bourdain had made his $200,000 lump sum payment to Jimmy Bennett and knew what AA was capable of. To praise her hypocrisy and join her in it may have been one of the nails in his coffin.

    I did see on Twitter that AA was recently on TV, but didn’t pay attention to why. She’ll do anything for a buck these days. But it does make me sick to hear that she still refers to Tony as “her partner” and would use his death to gain sympathy for herself. That may work with the brain-dead faction who would also support Trump no matter what, but anyone who knew anything about Bourdain knows that bitch has blood on her hands, figuratively.

    I hope the unhealthy lifestyle she’s always lived and her extreme thinness catch up with her sooner rather than later. The truth about what happened to Tony will never come to light until she’s permanently out of the picture and unable to sue whomever reveals her role in his destruction.

  28. Adelep says:

    Karen, Morgan, Donna,

    I just wish I had a large enough apartment to invite you to stay. O’Hare is a nightmare, but I think it’s easier just to leave it, than it is to change planes.

    Ida; do you read Italian, or is there a way to translate on an iPhone? (Luddite question, I know). I can usually figure it out on the computer. In any case, on the Rome Parts Unknown episode, I also remember AA saying that she never voted, and socially conscious, but besotted Tony just nodding. I know many personality disordered people are good in bed, but sweet Jesus, what else was there?

  29. Ida says:

    Hi Karen –

    Good mental image: ‘…who seems to delight in burning her bridges with men to ashes, and then rolling in the ashes.’


    ‘The truth about what happened to Tony will never come to light until she’s permanently out of the picture and unable to sue whomever reveals her role in his destruction.’

    Is that what it is, do you think? I have wondered why more hasn’t been said. Yes, it could be because people just don’t want to deal with her inevitable vitriolic response if she’s called out or exposed. Good point.

  30. Ida says:

    Adele –

    I don’t speak Italian but have a basic knowledge of Latin languages in general so can read about half, and check the rest on Google translate. I just type ‘translate’ into the google search engine and copy-paste the Italian paragraphed(s) I want translated. The translation engine will automatically detect it’s Italian and assume you want it translated into English, so you don’t even have to do anything with the settings. The translations are often a bit weird but you’ll get the gist of them.

    ‘I also remember AA saying that she never voted, and socially conscious, but besotted Tony just nodding. I know many personality disordered people are good in bed, but sweet Jesus, what else was there?

    I remember that too. An embarrassing moment. And ‘sweet Jesus’, what else was there besides sex – and deception?!’

  31. Adelep says:

    Ida, Adele is my name. Since Karen lived with an Adele (:( ) until recently, I always used my last name (Prass) or last initial to distinguish myself from the lovely feline Adele.

  32. catsworking says:

    Ida, this is just my opinion, but Tony’s last week of life seemed to be all about Asia. The photos of her with Hugo were published, people who were there said he was getting pulled off filming to fight with AA over the phone. If they were texting, his phone (now with his brother, I believe) could still hold those messages.

    If no one else, Eric Ripert knows exactly how it went down until Tony stopped showing up for meals. He has only said Tony was in a “dark mood” in the days leading up to it.

    Sadly, Bourdain has become a poster boy for suicide prevention, and I have no doubt he had a lot of demons and depression he dealt with. But his suicide coming on the heels of AA’s very public betrayal (done as he was praising her to the high heavens in all his interviews right up until that very weekend), and what we now know of the deep shit he was in over paying off Jimmy Bennett (which she could use to blackmail Tony to get him to do whatever she wanted – revealing it would expose him as a supreme hypocrite and cause a crisis in his career and turn the world against her, his “soulmate”), I believe she may be so deeply implicated in his death that to reveal it while she’s alive might actually put her in legal trouble.

    Like that girl who’s doing time in jail now for telling her boyfriend to just kill himself. And then he did.

    So, everybody who knows the truth says nothing because they don’t want to roll in the mud with that pig on the chance she gets away with it and comes after them.

  33. Madeline says:

    Out of everything, I am surprised to hear that this Bob Kramer knife is being auctioned off. I figured that would’ve been given to his daughter.

  34. catsworking says:

    Madeline, interesting point. I happen to know that the art is going because no one in his family wants it. He bought it in his last few years, so they have no attachment to it. But the knife? Maybe it’s too painful a reminder, or Ariane just thinks it would benefit someone else more to have it. Also, they’re holding the auction to fund a scholarship, so the more they raise, the better.

  35. Madeline says:

    @catsworking That is true on your last point.

  36. Ida says:

    Karen –

    ‘I believe she may be so deeply implicated in his death that to reveal it while she’s alive might actually put her in legal trouble.’

    I’m convinced she’s the reason he decided to kill himself; whether it was her blackmailing/threatening to blackmail him, using whatever weakness he had against him,telling him to ‘go kill yourself’, perhaps threatening suicide if he left her so he didn’t dare leave her etc, she made him, if even just for a minute, want to kill himself. I don’t think there’s any doubt she caused his death and without her he would still be alive. I think the silence of his family and friends speaks for itself. If she’d treated him well they would have made a public statement defending her when people accused her of causing his death. But they never defended her. Why? I think we know why.

    ‘So, everybody who knows the truth says nothing because they don’t want to roll in the mud with that pig on the chance she gets away with it and comes after them’

    That unfortunately sounds true. I do wish someone would though. I guess she’s not going to die anytime soon. She is like one of those cockroaches who’ll survive everything meanwhile destroying anyone who lets her get too close. I have never despised a public figure more than this piece of shit – and that includes other pieces of shit such as Trump and Weinstein.

  37. catsworking says:

    Ida, I just read this “retrospective” on him yesterday that I thought was pretty good, but like everyone else who really just knew him by his TV work and Kitchen Confidential, they think it was all depression, drugs, and booze. All things he had beaten in the past and kept under control for decades until he met AA.

    Those who were really paying attention for the last two years of his life saw the downward spiral AA put him in. Yes, he was sad and on the rebound because he and Ottavia were going separate ways, but Ottavia never kicked him out. She continued to give him a home base and free access to his daughter whenever he was in town. He didn’t move out until at least 5 months after he met AA (that was presumably in April 2016 when they shot Rome, then he announced his marriage breakup the following September and got his own apartment). But more telling, he never filed for divorce and left his finances in Ottavia’s control.

    So, AA was putting pressure on him to break up his family and spend less time with his daughter well before she dropped the Jimmy Bennett ton of bricks on him as “their little secret” to keep FOREVER.

    The other thing this retrospective claims, but which nobody knows, is that Bourdain died without leaving a note or something. It wouldn’t surprise me if he DID leave some document on his computer or phone (now in his brother’s possession) or a notebook. He was sitting alone in a hotel room. As a writer myself and knowing what I do when I’m on the road (write constantly), I feel pretty sure he would have been writing “something.”

    My opinion is if he did write something, it’s so damning the family doesn’t dare let the world know it exists. We know AA is implicated up to her eyeballs in his death. The family probably has/knows the truth. For whatever reason, they’ve decided to let her off the hook. I respect that. It’s complicated, she’s Italian, he died in France, he was American, etc. The chances of ever bringing her to justice if warranted are probably too slim to gamble on.

    We may all be dead before the whole truth ever comes out. But I don’t see AA being around to grow old. As soon as she realizes she’s so far over the hill there isn’t a rich man left on the planet who will fuck her, she’ll make herself flame out in one last publicity stunt. Lately she’s been behaving like a maniac on social media, posting looped videos of herself supposedly working out like Rocky, but actually doing very little.

  38. Shannon says:

    There’s a lot I’ve been thinking about saying here, but I’ll settle on this…

    I can totally understand how it seems there is only one way out in a relationship with a sociopath, because I am in it right now. I have considered the worst option many times, but I found many more reasons to go on. But once in a while, you are literally on a knife’s edge, and the odds could go either way.

    I’m feeling good for the moment though, so… about that auction…

    I think there are millions of us who would love to get something but I have no money. I hope someone in this community gets something cool.

  39. catsworking says:

    Shannon, I hope you can find a way out and stay safe in the meantime. I think if Bourdain had let himself “cool down” for five or 10 minutes, or even dragged himself down to dinner with Eric, he’d still be alive today. The bad decision of a split second changed everything and left the world reeling.

    I saw a CBS video of the auction yesterday. They’ve got a room in NYC full of his things.

    The desk is there, the crazy blue painting, books, lamps. A rack full of his jackets. The worn leather jacket looks like the same one he wore in his last episode of Parts Unknown. He had tons and tons of sunglasses.

    What interests me the most are the early manuscripts he kept. I think some are from high school papers he wrote. (I’ve got my own in binders dating back to 8th grade.)

    I was surprised to see a painting by Jacques Pepin on the block. The prices for everything are very low, IMO. I don’t know if I’m going to bid. I’ve got a few autographed books, some photos of us together, a letter he wrote me. I feel like having anything more personal might feel creepy. I’ll keep an eye on it and see how it goes.

  40. Ida says:

    There are a few items I would bid on but it already looks like it would be too expensive. There are way more items than I anticipated. I guess he was also given a lot of things, being famous, so he may not have bought all of the stuff that’s being auctioned. Does anyone know if you can wait with placing a bid until the last day, or does one have to actively bid from the beginning? Also, I presume, if you bid and someone outbid you you automatically get the chance to bid again, even though it asked you to place your maximum bid? This to me would indicate you can’t bid higher than the maximum bid, but that doesn’t sound right. (Hope that doesn’t seem like a stupid question but I’ve never bid on an auction before and even though they tell you the rules on the site, the explanations are a bit long-winded so I’m not sure I understand all of it :))

    It really hit home when going through the auction pages. I felt a little sad. I thought I’d be over it by now. When a famous person I like dies, I feel sad about it but then I move on and don’t think about it as much anymore. But this one got to me for some reason. I wasn’t even a massive fan before he died though I liked his shows. It’s definitely something to do with the lack of closure and feeling that he would have been still alive if not because of AA, that adds to feeling so strongly about it. Whereas when someone like David Bowie, who I also admired, died. I was upset about it for a week or two. And then after that, I accepted that someone I never met had died and after that, I might still sometimes feel it’s a shame he’s no longer here, but nothing more than that. It’s different with Tony, and I assume because of the way it happened and the lack of closure and a certain someone parading around making it all worse – and most people seeming to buy into the narrative that it was all depression, and not perhaps the wrong-doing of a con-artist that made him kill himself.

  41. catsworking says:

    Ida, I went out to the auction to check on things today and saw that some items are already soaring in price. I don’t have any idea how it works online, but I’m assuming it’s the same as you see auctions in movies or on TV. You can keep bidding higher until the last minute, when they declare the winner. I could be wrong about that, but if everyone is bidding their highest price today, then the auction would be closed to all but new bidders. Right?

    It does seem that he probably had a lot of figurine dust-collectors that were given to him in his travels, and a lot of the art. I notice the art that relates to him as a chef seems to be fetching good bids already (Rats in the Kitchen and Pepin’s painting, for ex.).

    I agree it’s weird the effect his death has had on people. Out of all the famous ones I have idolized for most of my life (Katharine Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Yul Brynner come to mind), I’ve never taken a death as hard as Tony’s. On the other hand, I unwittingly walked into a relationship with him and Ottavia that I never saw coming. Almost since the beginning, I’ve felt like they were cousins I don’t see very often. I followed his career closely for years, then slacked off as he went off in more directions than I could keep up with. But in the end, he felt like family again and I still want to see him avenged. Maybe it’s the Italian thing. Me and Ottavia. She’s like a daughter to me. He was my brilliant-but-idiot brother who did all the things I didn’t have the courage/money to do.

  42. Ida says:

    Karen –

    I knew you’d met Tony and Ottavia. Didn’t know you knew them well enough to think of Ottavia as ‘daughter’. I just kind of want to not spend any more time on AA but probably will against my will for a while longer ‘cos I despise her so much and somewhere against all odds I am semi-hoping that she’ll be punished somehow and/or the truth will come out. But that’s probably hoping too much. She’s probably just waiting it out. Within a year or so the last people concerning themselves with this will probably have moved on/given up and she’s got free rein again to play the bereaved ‘widow’ when it suits her and people will praise her looks and her ‘courage’ in exposing Weinstein (I personally think she had an arrangement with him and only turned against him when it suited her) and grieving her dead ‘partner’ (we all know she was the worst girlfriend Tony could possibly have had, though he didn’t see it himself in the jaze of infatuation and manipulation). The tagline on his social media said ‘enthusiast’ and though his enthusiasm was part of what made him special it was also part of what set him up for such disappointment he ended up killing himself.

  43. catsworking says:

    Ida, I didn’t mean daughter in a literal sense. It’s an Italian thing. Her own maternal streak toward him brought out mine toward her. Ottavia’s got a lot of extra “mother figures” at Cats Working.

    I feel pretty confident that karma will catch up with AA at some point.

  44. Ida says:

    Karen –

    Thanks for clarifying.
    As for karma catching up with AA. I wish. Unfortunately I don’t believe in karma. Maybe I should start believing in it 🙂

  45. MorganLF says:

    Karen you always had a maternal feeling for Ottavia. I always found her funny feisty and up to the challenge of being Mrs. Bourdain. With English as her second language, she was crisp funny and very amusing.
    Having met her and him a few times I can say this..she’s lovely. She always acknowledged me with a kiss and a did Tony.
    She clearly remembers the Cats Working gang from many years ago with fondness.
    We must do a DC trip. I have to wait till the twins are born…so it will be a spring?
    Donna hope your on board.
    Class act all the way.

  46. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I think it was Donna who suggested a reunion this time. I’m in!

    Haven’t checked on the auction lately, but just saw an article saying the chef’s knife bidding has topped $20K.

  47. Every item I considered buying (some of the old documents) are now too expensive – so I’m out 😦

  48. Lorraine Villeneuve says:

    Some of the more personal items like clothing really bothered me and drove his death home all over again. I wish we could get more information on how Ottavia and Arianne are doing. I’m sure they are great but I miss seeing her out and about. Did Nancy ever make a comment about his death?

  49. catsworking says:

    Lorraine, I was just checking on the auction myself. The clothes aren’t drawing too well, with the exception of a few items like the chef’s jacket and the jacket he got from the Marines in Beirut with the special personalized patch on it. I thought the distressed leather jacket would be much higher, since it seems to be the one he wore in the very last episode of Parts Unknown on the Lower East Side of New York.

    As far as I know, Ottavia and Ariane are doing fine, moving on, and keeping themselves of the spotlight on purpose because they want a normal amount of privacy now that they’re no longer a celebrity family.

    I’ve never seen any comment from Nancy aside from some she made once in an article. She said Tony had contacted her after he had a health scare while traveling alone in France. I can’t remember if that was before or after he died. I’m thinking it must have been before, because I have no idea how she reacted to his death.

  50. Ida says:

    Hey – about the Rona Farrow book that came out today: I have had a look at the book. Sure it’s a riveting read but will leave a bad aftertaste for those who thought Rose McGowan behaved awfully in the months after Tony’s death (I know it’s not related to this book but still, it’s hard to feel sympathy for her, knowing how she dealt with the situation).

    As for Argento, in the book Farrow does explain that her situation compared to many of the other women who came forward was complicated, but he stops short of criticising her or holding her to task. More than anything he sympathises with her and she’s thanked at the end of the book with the other ‘victims’. Perhaps fair enough. But when it’s actually acknowledged in the book that it was Tony that encouraged her to come forward, then it sits badly with me that AA’s been presenting it as if it was all HER doing. According to this book it certainly doesn’t sound like it. She did her whole ‘campaign’ with Tony cheering on the sideline, and she never gave him credit and he never took any credit, and then she shat all over him.

    I’m disappointed that Farrow doesn’t look more into Argento’s (and to a lesser extent McGowan’s) behaviour just before and after Tony’s death. But I guess it suits Farrow’s agenda better to only show them as victimised women that fits his narrative so he can sell his book and look like a ‘friend to victimised women everywhere’. He probably is to some extent but I’ve been a bit wary of him from the start. He IS a celebrity offspring and one only has to take a quick glance at his Instagram to see he’s incredibly in love with himself and his appearance and celebrity friends. Most of the women in his book are celebrities/Hollywood-types, so he loves the glitz and glamour. Do only women in Hollywood get sexually abused?

    Anyway, I think the book is worth reading, but from the point of view I’d be most interested in, Tony and AA/RM in relation to Tony, the book is problematic. But I know that’s not the narrative the author wanted to tell. Not room for dead boyfriends no matter how a helpful impact they had on the subject matter (and even though one would think it would be interesting to explore how AA is a sociopathic, narcissistic bully that’s not looked into at all), but Farrow has all the time in the world for glamorous women, regardless of their behaviour, because they suit his agenda and the point he’s trying to get across. It’s a little bit sickening at times

  51. catsworking says:

    Ida, I stuck a few paragraph breaks into your comment to make it easier to read. You have some good points. Just yesterday I read a few reports that Bourdain was largely responsible for Farrow selling his big #MeToo story to Vanity Fair after NBC told him to back off on digging into Weinstein. It doesn’t sound like that’s mentioned in the book.

    Farrow went on to win a Pulitzer Prize for that expose (which featured AA). I’m sure Tony stepped in to promote his girlfriend, but he also deserves indirect credit for Ronan’s Pulitzer.

    Here’s a link to what I saw (there was also a blurb on Page Six, but it was less detailed):

    As for Ronan including AA’s and RMcG’s behavior before and after Bourdain’s death in his book, I give him a pass on that because it sounds like it would have been going off on a tangent from the book’s central theme.

    I’ve seen Ronan a few times on TV and he does seem a bit full of himself. I think he’s probably a competent reporter, but he does have a huge blind spot when it comes to his father, Woody Allen. It seems he’s swallowed Mia’s brainwashing against Woody on that totally, so it makes me wonder about his overall objectivity. I don’t plan to read his book because I feel like I’ve seen enough on #MeToo, especially when it comes to actresses.

  52. catsworking says:

    Ida, thanks for the link. Just checked it out and have a couple of comments:

    1. Megyn Kelly not only deserved to be fired from NBC, she deserves to never be seen or heard from again, although I saw that she is doing, or just did an interview on Fox, her “first” since being fired. Fox says they’re not rehiring her, but it wouldn’t surprise me. She’s a bottom-feeder and will take whatever she can get to keep her face out there.

    2. In encouraging AA and helping Farrow, Bourdain was operating on the assumption that his girlfriend was a wronged little flower. It was AFTER Jimmy Bennett saw the published article and was triggered that Bourdain found out his girlfriend was into child rape. He still supported her because in helping her cover up the rape he compromised his own reputation (not to mention squandered a fortune), but something was clearly eating at him and aging him fast in his last months, and I’d rank keeping their little secret at No. 1 on the list of reasons why.

  53. Ida says:

    Hi Karen –

    1. I actually had never heard of Megan Kelly before seeing the linked article. Will have to read up on her a bit.

    2. I agree with everything you say there. I can see that Rose McGowan has been out again accusing Hillary Clinton of supporting Bill and being all round ‘bad’. This has, again, prompted some people on her social media to comment about the ‘ClintonBodyCount’ and suggesting if the Clintons were behind Tony’s ‘suicide’. Of course, I can’t claim to know exactly what happened in that hotel room but until someone actually proved it I simply have no reason to believe in this. Why don’t people accept that he killed himself because of what looks like a much clearer reason (AA’s betrayal, deception and hypocrisy)? The false meme that Tony presumably posted a few days before he died about having information on Hillary that would get her arrested, is even still sometimes posted as ‘real’, even though the meme has been debunked:

    On another note, it is mentioned in the book that Tony encouraged Asia to come forward, but it’s a few paragraphs and not a big part of the book.

    ‘…but he does have a huge blind spot when it comes to his father, Woody Allen. It seems he’s swallowed Mia’s brainwashing against Woody on that totally, so it makes me wonder about his overall objectivity.’

    I have no problem believing that Allen might have done something wrong but there appears to be a hell of a lot of evidence of Mia Farrow also behaving questionably in regards to her children. 3 dead adopted children (suicide and AIDS), surviving adopted children calling her out as a cruel, abusive mother, her cruel comment that Ronan might be Sinatra’s son – I mean, what the fuck is that about? A comment, whether true or not, clearly designed to hurt Allen and cause a divide between him and Ronan.

    ‘I don’t plan to read his book because I feel like I’ve seen enough on #MeToo, especially when it comes to actresses.’

    Yeah. This ‘survivor/victim’-mode does seem to be a whole new way of having a career for those actors who didn’t make it quite as much as they would have wanted to. Not saying there hasn’t been abuse. Not saying the Weinsteins of the world shouldn’t be called out. But like Vincent Gallo (not a choir boy himself, I know) said, as much as he agreed that Weinstein was a bully and should be punished, he wished that it wasn’t people like Argento and McGowan at the forefront of the ‘movement’, because they’re both hypocritical and deceptive people – or ‘complicated’ as friend-to-glamorous-actresses, Ronan, would call them (and did call the Argento-situation in his book). ‘Complicated’? What a cop out by Mr. Farrow. But you’re right in what you said in your post above. The book is not about what a hypocrite Argento is, so it’s OK she gets a free pass in this case. But it also means I don’t know how much I can trust Farrow. As talented as he is, it’s hard not to see him as a celebrity-outlet

  54. catsworking says:

    Ida, I think Ronan Farrow needs to pull away from the celebrity beat and start working on some “real” news for a while if he wants to maintain his cred as a journalist, Pulitzer notwithstanding.

    Woody’s alleged molestation of Dylan was investigated TWICE and they came up with nothing. Woody himself wrote a lengthy article laying out the case and how it didn’t hold together, and I remember at the time thinking he was 100% believable. He’s only being called a molester today because 1) Mia will never get over him leaving her for a much younger woman (even worse, adopted daughter) and she’s always been a twisted personality (remember her chopping her long hair off in a restaurant bathroom during an argument with Frank Sinatra?), and 2) That Woody chose his adopted daughter.

    On Bourdain and the Clintons, I have no hard facts, but I feel 100% certain that Tony gave zero fucks about getting Hillary arrested for anything. Why would he? It makes no sense at all. Whoever dreamed up that fantasy was beyond sick. It’s in the wheelhouse with the claims of him being with a hooker doing heroin in the hotel where he was staying with Eric Ripert, Dove stealing some of his ashes from the morgue in France, etc.

  55. Ida says:

    Yeah, I find it hard to believe he was killed/suicided. It would make no sense.

    Just read these ‘field notes’ by Tony about the Southern Italy show (last paragraph,

    ‘But I will say it: Asia Argento is the most extraordinary, accomplished, intelligent, and endlessly interesting woman—make that person—I’ve ever known. Every minute working with her on this show was a great joy and a privilege.’

    As written by a man thinking with his dick and not brain. My god he was whipped. His friends and colleagues must have looked at him and shook their heads.

    I think it’s his addictive (in his own words, enthusiastic) personality that made him so super giddy. As a former drug addict, he might have gone ‘all in’ with everything to an extent that probably wasn’t healthy but could sometimes come across as endearing/enthusiastic/etc. But it also came with the danger of taking him to the dark place if he got ‘enthusiastic’ about things/people that weren’t good for him. I mean seriously? ‘the most extraordinary, accomplished, intelligent, and endlessly interesting woman…’? We know that’s simply not true. He’s met so many interesting, extraordinary, accomplished and intelligent people. Must be his dick talking.That’s the only plausible explanation.

  56. catsworking says:

    Ida, that piece is dated November 22, 2017, so if that’s when he wrote it, it would have been about when they started dealing with the Jimmy Bennett situation. It reads like gross over-compensation to me, written with dick firmly at top of mind.

    Bourdain was wildly happy filming that Southern Italy episode because it was his film reunion with Asia and they were probably banging wherever she could corner him out of sight of the crew. Too bad CNN no longer shows it. I’m surprised they’ve left a photo of her and him in the header on the website.

    I agree that his addictive personality probably caused him to throw himself into new interests with everything he had. Most of the time it worked out well and furthered his career or got him into great shape. Then he got tangled in the web of a woman who lives on wine and cigarettes and worships tarantulas and didn’t see it as a red flag.

    As far as ranking the thoroughly rank Ms. AA on any list of extraordinary, accomplished, INTELLIGENT (emphasis mine), and endlessly interesting people he met, now knowing that she’s an opportunistic fake to the very marrow of her bones, I’d put her well below the bottom.

  57. Ida says:

    ‘Lark Mason estimates the market value of the items to be between $200,000 and $400,000. I personally think we’re looking at a sale that will easily fetch seven figures.

    You were right 🙂

    I’ve really gone through a few weeks where I’ve been upset about his death again. I thought it had gone completely away for a while but then it hits again. I guess it’s the frustration of how unnecessary it seemed and how there’s absolutely no closure. I guess you’re right about what you’ve said before that there’s not going to be any ‘calling out’ of AA from his family. But on days like these I wish that it’ll happen 😦

  58. catsworking says:

    Ida, I’ve read that the auction netted $1.8 million. The chef’s knife alone went for a whopping $230,000. Tony paid $5,000 for it. I’ve been so busy with work, I haven’t had time to post here lately. I’ve got other Cats Working news to share as well.

    I do the same thing over his death, but what triggers me is seeing news about AA on Twitter. She’s still straggling along, looking for her next meal ticket, grabbing little gigs here and there. I think right now she’s a contestant on some “Amazing Race”-type show. I won’t really feel settled about Bourdain’s death until karma catches up with her, some way, somehow.

  59. Ida says:

    ’I won’t really feel settled about Bourdain’s death until karma catches up with her, some way, somehow.’

    Unfortunately, I reckon I think the same thing

  60. catsworking says:

    Ida, we can remember him, and honor him. But until the ultimate architect of his destruction is brought to account, there’s no real closure. She knows what role she played. Maybe she’ll out herself on social media at some point when her gigs dry up and she becomes totally desperate for attention, positive or negative.

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