Trump Sees Himself in Mass Murderers

By Karen

“Hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart and devours the soul.”

These words came out of Donald Trump’s mouth yesterday. Reading from a teleprompter without comprehending what he was saying, he unwittingly gave the truest description of his own behavior and its consequences that we’ll ever hear from him.

I say “without comprehending” because when he erroneously said the mass shooting in Dayton happened in Toledo, it didn’t register with him at all.

Trump’s enablers felt obliged to prop him up behind a podium to condemn the latest back-to-back massacres, in El Paso and Dayton, in an attempt to absolve him from national outrage over the government’s ongoing failure to address gun violence.

Side note: Have you noticed they prop Trump up now almost exclusively? If he doesn’t have a podium for balance, he squats in a chair in potty position. His ambulatory ability seems to be deteriorating along with his increasingly slurred speech. The goal, with our own media’s complicity, seems to be to keep us from seeing Trump’s advancing loss of coordination.

But no matter what words they put in Trump’s mouth, they know Trump doesn’t condemn the shooters. He’s called racist domestic terrorists “very fine people” when he wasn’t reading a speech.

That’s because Trump sees himself in them. Or, more accurately, he sees the self he WISHES he were if he hadn’t grown up a sniveling loser, stunted by his domineering father. His courage never developed beyond childish name-calling and passive-aggression.

If you view our rogues’ gallery of mass murderers, it’s almost all white boys who grew up hating some group of people. They compensated for their own lack of education or moral compass by telling themselves they were superior to and needed to exterminate whomever they hated.

Trump’s main difference from that bunch was that he had a wealthy father who kept him in school, shoveled money at him, and brought him into the family’s criminal enterprise business. Young Donnie may have fantasized about sneaking off to buy a gun and killing everyone he imagined had ever wronged him, but he never had the guts to do it.

When his opportunity to have a free gun in the military came along, Donnie faked bone spurs because he couldn’t face being a man and defending the country. A country he now should be leading instead of destroying with his irrational hate.

Trump LOVES young mass killers because in them he sees Trump 2.0, the next, improved generation of himself. At every rally, he carefully fills their heads with racism and hatred of this country’s people.

The 57-year-old homeless loser in Florida who lived in a van splattered with Trump stickers and sent inept DIY pipe bombs to many leading Democrats and CNN just got sentenced to 20 years in prison. He explained his crimes by writing that he was never political until the name Donald J. Trump “popped up” on his cellphone. He described attending Trump rallies as getting “wrapped up in this new found fun drug.”

That’s from a man old enough to know better. Just imagine the impression Trump is making on aimless young punks whose minds are pretty much blank slates and who have ready access to as many assault weapons as their little hearts desire.

Conservative writer George Will in his latest column, “Trump doesn’t just pollute the social environment. He is the environment,” wrote that Trump has a “fascination with what he utterly lacks and unconvincingly emulates: strength. Hence his admiration for foreign despots, and his infantile delight in his own bad manners.”

Every time there’s a mass shooting, Trump the chicken-shit imagines himself the triumphant commander of an army of Mini-Me’s — disaffected, brainwashed white kids armed with assault rifles, fearlessly willing to murder innocent men, women and children on Trump’s signal. They carry out his delusion that this country needs to be “cleansed” of its “infestation” by immigrants.

Yes, guns are a huge problem and must be taken off the streets. But Trump being allowed to prey on and gleefully goad the ignorant and weak-minded among us to murder en masse and glorify his vision of a pure white U.S. is the real and immediate crisis.

Trump is bathing in human blood and loving it. It fulfills his dream of being the most brutal despot in history. But we know it will satisfy him only temporarily. We can’t wait to see how he takes it to the next level. We can’t wait for the 2020 election to put an end to his reign of mayhem. Trump needs to go NOW.

Note: I haven’t used the names of any of the mass murderers because scum doesn’t deserve an identity.

8 Responses to Trump Sees Himself in Mass Murderers

  1. fister says:

    Spot on again, Karen! I heard his speech, too. It was apparent that he had not written the speech himself, but read from a teleprompter. He said he condemns white supremacy, hate, bigotry and racism – but that is exactly what he stands for! In previous rallies he glorifies violence, even jokes about it, to the delight of his followers. At a rally in the Florida Panhandle in May, Trump asked the crowd, “How do you stop these people?” A man in the crowd answered, “Shoot them.” The crowd cheered widely.

    He could not even get the name of the town right, but referred to the city where the second shooting occurred as Toledo!

    I have no doubt that the fact that guns are so easy to obtain for everybody is the major problem in the USA! Isn’t it amazing how other countries in the civilized world are surviving without citizens having guns.

  2. catsworking says:

    fister, you are right. It’s only a matter of time before Trump confesses that he has no problem with these mass shootings, or at least fails to condemn them. He will call the shooters “fine young men” or something similar.

    These punks killing random people are the next best thing Trump has to starting a war he can pretend to command. Sure, he reads speeches written for him to say the right things, but he will stick his foot down his throat sooner or later with what he really thinks.

    I read a story somewhere that there was a wannabe third shooter in Florida, but the police got to the little shit-head in time. He wanted to shoot up a Walmart where his mother was working, but when they searched his house, they didn’t find any guns. Here’s the story:

    I also think Trump is keeping his concentration camps crowded and filthy in hopes the immigrants will self-destruct from disease. If an epidemic breaks out of TB or dysentery or some other preventable thing and kills a lot of them, he’ll claim they brought it into the country and he had nothing to do with it.

  3. Randi says:

    Ok, I’m changing the subject, but I wanted to share this:
    “From my background studying criminal behaviour, I found something striking about the way Trump justifies inaction on climate change. Through his own words, the president’s arguments mimic patterns in criminal behaviour that criminologists call “techniques of neutralisation”.

    Criminologists contend that criminals use techniques of neutralisation to help deny or justify a crime they have committed. These five techniques were first defined in 1964 from the types of arguments given by young people in the criminal justice system when justifying their actions.”

    1. Denial of responsibility – it is not the offender’s fault.

    2. Denial of injury of harm – the crime does not cause significant harm or may have positive results.

    3. Denial of victim – there is no clear victim.

    4. Condemnation of the condemner – the offender criticises the criminal justice system to avoid criticism of the offender.

    5. Appeal to higher loyalties – deviant behaviour was in aid of a greater good or to benefit someone else.

    Here’s the link to the rest of it.

  4. catsworking says:

    Randi, yes, I agree that this list could be applied to Trump specifically on climate change, but on #5, he never advocates doing anything for the “greater good” or to benefit someone else. It’s either to enrich him personally or not. When he’s trying to be presidential, he may talk about the good of the country, but he really means his own self-interest.

    He doesn’t want any action on climate change or protection of the environment because he sees a personal financial downside to being unable to seize whatever land he wants to build whatever he wants and pollute as much as he wants. By relaxing the laws or ignoring them or failing to pass stricter laws, he’s letting big business get away with murder because he thinks it will ultimately benefit him.

    The playbook for his vast array of other crimes, goes like this:

    1. I didn’t do it. My accusers are liars.
    2. If I did do it, it wasn’t a big deal.
    3. OK, I did it, but it wasn’t against the law.
    4. OK, it’s against the law, but I’m president, I’m above the law.
    5. If you try to hold me to the law, I will destroy you instead.

    There’s nothing complicated about Trump. He’s out to enrich himself and his family and loyal enablers. He doesn’t care who he harms or kills. He has no remorse. He has no grand master plan. He’s an idiot who stumbles through each day in a thickening fog, committing crimes on a scale so vast and breathtaking that this country’s laws and courts are struggling to catch up. When they finally do, Trump will be wishing Epstein had saved him some shoelaces (or whatever he used to hang himself with).

  5. MorganLF says:

    Well said as usual. I agree he’s losing his marbles, but cunning enough to dog whistle to the base.
    He’s stoopid so are they, they feel for once,a politician speaks for them. They are racists and fancy themselves Christian.
    Any black, jew, Muslim or real Americans who vote for this fatt bigot pervert need to dive into why Epstein was allowed to kill himself under toady Barr & trump’s watch….

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I saw something yesterday about Evangelicals being upset about Trump’s “blaspheming” against God, but they’re perfectly fine with his adultery, lying, killing, stealing, etc. Unthinking, weak-willed zombies who can be easily led by the nose, if not by some crazy preacher, then by a Trump. Desperate to feel superior to somebody (blacks, Jews, Muslims, women) because they can’t face the fact that they’re ignorant, hypocritical scum.

    The one person with huge motive to see Epstein dead is, obviously, Trump. Barr unrecusing himself to jump in with a shovel to cover Trump’s tracks is par for the course. Barr needs to be impeached and removed ASAP or the #TrumpBodyCount will only grow.

    Mentally, I think Trump’s hanging on by his toenails. He just caved on the Chinese tariffs with a YUGE admission that Americans are paying them and they will make Christmas shopping much more expensive this year. By association, he’s admitting he’s also screwing his beloved farmers. Hope those Midwestern morons connect the dots by the next election.

    Schumer is supposed to go in for another kill by asking Trump to give up $5 billion for his precious wall to fund a gun violence initiative.

    Trump’s slowly but steadily getting tangled in his own net and flailing in all directions, but there’s no escape now. He’s dug his hole too deep. I think a full mental meltdown is not too far off. I’d like to see him quickly deteriorate to the point where they won’t let him out in public. Then at least we’ll be spared the disgusting sight and sound of him. And he can take his tweets and shove them.

  7. Ida says:

    Hey, is it possible to follow you on instagram?

    As for Gordon Ramsay; I’m sure he’s an accomplished chef but I don’t think he comes across well on TV. Even when he tries to understand the locals, he comes across as colonial and ‘superior’. But I don’t understand why people compare his show to Bourdain’s. If anything, the format of Uncharted, is more a replica of the format already used by Jamie Oliver in his programmes where he travels in Italy and the US, and where he also ‘sets out to learn about locals’ through their way of eating and cooking, and then he has to learn how to cook a local dish and the locals then eat it and give their verdict.

  8. catsworking says:

    I have an account on Insta and you can follow me, but there’s nothing out there. I only use WordPress and Twitter. Oh, and I’ve got a YouTube channel (also CatsWorking) with a few kitten vids of Roc out there. Not enough hours in the day to do it all.

    Aside from Ramsay being a pompous asshole (on all his shows except MasterChef Junior), I think Uncharted suffers greatly in comparison to Bourdain for the uninspired narrative and the just adequate cinematography. He really highlights how far AB and the ZPZ evolved over the years to create some of the most poignant, gorgeous travel shows TV may ever see.

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